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NEW YORK, June 30, 1917. To the President and the Board of Managers of

The New York Catholic Protectory.


The ending of our fiscal year 1916-17 brings with it the pleasant duty of rendering your honorable body the Annual Report of the Boys' Department of the Institution-and as in past years, so too, in this, I am happy to tell you that all seems well with us here. This is due in a large measure, if not entirely, to the blessings of a kind Providence, that has kept us not only intact, but even progressive, notwithstanding the adverse economical conditions which affect not only beloved country but every other nation of the world.

To say that we have tried hard to economize would be but to utter the most evident truism, and therefore it is with a laudable pride that we say that we have successfully economized without detriment to the welfare of the children under our care.

We would never have been able to accomplish the immense task of making the improvements demanded by the Department of Health, upon the allowance granted us, were it not for the industrial and vocational training given here to our boys. Their skill in the various trades enabled us at a minimum cost to do what otherwise would have been impossible. To this fact must be added another equally important, viz., the zeal of the self-sacrificing members of our teaching staff, who give their valuable and laborious services for a merely nominal remuneration.

The complete renovation of the various large recreation halls, and the embellishment of the Senior club rooms have all been accomplished by our older boys from the different voca

tional classes, in conjunction with their respective instructors.

It is with grateful acknowledgment to our kind benefactors that we tell you we were enabled by their timely and much needed financial assistance to properly equip those halls with the requisite furniture.

The new wardrobes in all the dormitories, another gift from our generous patrons, meet all the requirements of the Board of Health, as do likewise the newly renovated toilets in the various departments. All the work just referred to was also performed by the various vocational classes.

Repaving and repainting the entire interior of the Junior Department have made almost a new institution, and this too, at a minimum cost, for the reasons already given.

Intensive gardening for kitchen truck has been carried on with zest and surprising success by our embryo gardeners, and has in no small degree been an element in the system of economy which has characterized the administration during the past year. At the present writing all the kitchen gardens give fair promise of outdoing the yield of such crops in the previous year. In a word, we are all "doing our bit” for the institution, boys and Brothers, and thus practically doing it for our country in its time of need.

The solaria which have recently been completed make a very welcome addition to our Infirmary. This work too was done by our young carpenters, painters and glaziers, and the materials were all donated by our generous benefactors. While speaking of our Infirmary, it is a pleasure to announce to you that from all our large family we have not lost one by death during the past year--a fact for which we are grateful to God, and we wish hereby to acknowledge with thanks the devoted services of our good Doctors, Droogan, Lynch and Xiques.

It is likewise a pleasure and a source of encouragement to state that the report of the last visitation by the State Board of Charities is very laudatory.

The exhibition of class work and industrial and vocational training was held in the Main Hall during the month of May. Thousands visited and inspected the various exhibits. Hundreds

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