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To the Honorable Speaker of the Assembly, Assembly Chamber,

Albany, N. Y..

SIR.— I have the honor to inclose herewith the "Report of the Board of Governors of the New York State Nautical School for the year ending June 30, 1917."


JOHN C. HATZEL, Chairman, Board of Governors.

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Capt. FELIX RIESENBERG, '97 Superintendent of the School, Commanding Schoolship Newport REPORT

The Board of Governors has the honor to submit the following report on the work of the New York State Nautical School from June 30, 1916, to November 30, 1917. Attention is called to the reports of the Superintendents, the Executive Officers, the Chief Engineer, and the Surgeon.

On June 8, 1917, Commodore J. W. Miller, Chairman of the Board of Governors, owing to growing outside interests, tendered his resignation as Chairman of the Board.

At the Board meeting on June 19, 1917, Commodore Miller's resignation was accepted, and Mr. John C. Hatzel, representing the Alumni Association of the New York State Nautical School, was elected Chairman of the Board.

On August 1, 1917, Capt. F. S. McMurray, Superintendent; Mr. C. E. Littlefield, Executive Officer; Mr. Thomas W. Sheridan, Navigating Officer, and Mr. F. R. Nichols, Junior Officer, resigned to enter the Naval Reserve.

In their places the following officers were appointed: Capt. Felix Riesenberg, '97, New York State Nautical School, Superintendent; Mr. C. E. Morgan, Executive Officer; Mr. Gershom Bradford, 2d, Navigating Officer. On August 29, 1917, Mr. E. R. Glosten, '08, New York State Nautical School, was appointed Junior Officer.

The bringing forward of the annual report from June 30, 1916, to November 30, 1917, is done in the belief that the Legislature will be interested in having a report brought as near to date as possible.

The influence of the war on our merchant marine and the increasing and insistent demand for officers has given the New York State Nautical School a new and increasing importance.

After several years of united effort by the National Board of Steam Navigation, Chamber of Commerce, Marine Society, Maritime Association, Board of Trade and Transportation, and the Alumni Association, the United States Steamboat Inspection

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