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Arronged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South,

*.* Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly au

thenticated, and sent free of Postage, are always thankfully received. Those are more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improvements of any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Facts relative to eminent or remarkable Characters recently deceased.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Witton Gilbert, Mrs. Isabella Scorer. IN pursuance of an act of parliament lately At Durham, Mrs. Elizabeth Waugh, relict

obtained, the town of Sunderland has un- of Robert W. esq.74.-Mrs. Margaret Adarti. dergone, and continues to receive various im- son, 84.-Iu the House of Correction, where provements. It, together with Bishopwear. he had been confined upwards of seven year:, mouth, is already lighted with lamps; com- under sentence of transportation for life, mon sewers are made, and a great number of Allen, a character well knowa, particularly in obstructions removed, so that the High-street Northumberland, where he was distinguished is rapidly becoming one of the handsomest in by the name of Jemmy the Duke's Piper. He the North of England.

'was capitally convicted of horse stealing atthe Married.) At Haughton, near Darlington, assizes held at Durham, in 1803, and received the Rev. Mr. Arrowsmith, to Miss Robson, sentence of death, but was afterwards pardoned of Burdon.

on condition of transportation for life: on acAc Newcastle, Mr. R. P. Anderson, son of count, however, of his age and infirmities, Mr. A. printer, to Miss Jane Clark, of Lon- this sentence was not carried into execution. don.

He had very nearly completed his. 89th year. At Hexham, Lieutenant Davison, of the At Berwick, Mirs, Wilkie. --Mrs. Marga. 85th regiment of foot, to Miss Mary Gibson. ret Ancrum-The Rev. J. W. Askew, fellow

At Sunderland, Mr. William Alexander, of University College, Oxford.--Mr. John to Miss Guest, of Bishopwearmouth.

Cummins, 74.-Mrs. Ann Tindale, 56.--Mr. At North Shields, Mr. John Cook, to Miss Robert Totherick, 53. Isabella Spoir.

At Roseden, near Wooler, Thomas, son of At Ryton, Mr. James Taylor, of the Folly, Mr. Thomas Chrisp, 2%. Durham, to Miss Margaret Benson, of Craw. At Harraton Staichs, Miss Mary Golightly. crock.

36. At Stranton, J. T. Mowbray, esĝ. of Hart. At Marwood Grange, near Barnard Cascle, waren, to Miss Sarah Goalbraith, of Seaton. Mr. Robert Atkinson, 71.

Died.] At Whickham, Mrs. Ann Taylor. At North Shields, Mrs. Cinnoway, relict At Sunderland, Mr. Thomas Paterson, 20. of Mr. Thomas C. jun.--Mrs. Mary Wake

Mrs. Metcalf, wife of Mr. Richard M.- field, sister of the late George W. esq. V. Mrs. Margaret Rowe, 53.-Mrs. Hardy, wife Bird, esq. one of the oldest master-mariners of of Mr. William H. 45.- Mr. Matthew Frank. this port. He was at the taking of Quebec, land.-Mrs. Waters, 66.

in 1759, and was one of those who supported At Hylton Ferry, Mrs, Mary Hall, widow the immortal Wolfe, when he fell. of Mr. Anthony H. 82.

At South Shields, Mrs. Chambers, wife of At Bistopwearmouth, Mrs. Davison, widow, Mr. Robert C. 39. Mrs Jane Beath. 67.-Mrs. Mary Hodgson, wife of Mr. Wil. At Newcastle, Mr. Thomas Ismay, liam H. surgeon, 45.

Mrs. Hannah Clarke, wife of Captain Tiomis At Shieldfield, Richard Burdon, esq. father C. of the Forfarshire militia, 55. Mr. Wilof the mayor of Newcastle.

liam Fielding, 82.-Thomasin Robinson, 111, At Mitford, near Morpeth, Mr. John She resided in Newcastle ever since her birth; Wardall, 78.

and when upwards of 100 had the misfortune At Bedlington, Mrs. Catcheside, 79. to break her thigh, of which accident, howe At Ryhope, Mr. Michael Willey, 99. ever, she perfectly recovered. ----Mr. Joseph

At Haverton Hill, near Stockton, Mrs. Walton, 20.- Mr. Joseph Reed, 53.-Mrs. Bamlett.

Barbara Hunter -Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson, At Bambro', Mrs. Foster, widow of George 66.-Mrs. Jane Stewart, wife of Mr. Williain F. csq.of Berwick, 65.

S. 56.-William Hawks, esq. whose life was At Darlington, Captain Joshua Burton, strongly marked by habits of industry and inte R. N. 24.

tegrity. The cheerfulness of his disposition At Sedgefield, Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw, wife will be remembered with pleasure by the wide of Mr. James S. 81.

circle of his acquaintance; and the character At Morpeth, Mrs. Elizabeth Clough, 90. of a kind parent and guod master, will remain At Alawick, Mr. Ralph Story, 80. deeply engraven on the minds of his family, and the numerous workmen of the extensive of its head to the extremity of its tail ; five iron manufactory, which had for its origin his inches across the shoulders; its skin is of a personal exertions.- John Lowes, esq. of Rid- very pale brown colour, and the scales on its ley Hall, 20.

tail are tinged with violet ; the hair, if it may CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND. be so called, on its head, is of a light green ? The Workington Agricultural Meeting was cast, it is attached to the crown of the head, numerously attended from all parts of the only hanging loose about the face, about foor kingdom, on the 26th and 27th of October, inches in length, very gelatinous to toe tosch, Amongst the experiments at the Schoose that and somewhat resembling the green sea weed attracted attention was the substitution of commonly growing on rocks; its mocih ig carth taken from the quarries of the most in- sina!l, and has no appearance of teeth. It ferior kind, impregnated with lime : this was delights much in swimming about in a large applied for raising potatoes. The produce was tub of sea-water, and feeds chiefly on mascles found to be two thirds of what was obtained and other shell-fish, which it devours with from upwards of seventy single horse carts of avidity : it also now and then swallows small dung. By proper attention in securing the portions of milk and water, when given to it drainage from horses and cattle, a great source in a quill. of manure may be varained. The manure Murried. At Carlisle, Mr. Robert Park, collected and made at the Schoose amounts to Miss Jane Robley, daughter of Mr. Joseph to upwards of 13,000 single carts, supposing R. of Cumwhinton. three to a ton, or 4,350 tons; in the carrying At Skelton, Mr. Thomas Davison, of Rain. of it out, the horses are estimated to travel house, second son of the late Captain D. ta full 20,000 miles. Of the experimental Miss Mary Queen, of Ellonby. wheats sent by order of Bonaparte to the Board At Kendal, Mr. Thoonas Atkinsa, to Mrs. of Agriculture, and distributed by them, none Ann Clarke, of the Pump Ion.-Mr. Thomas of those tried at the Schoose are likely to Dalrymple, to Miss Speight-Aged 72, Mr. answer ; they are all spring wheats, supposed Samuel Bolton, to Miss Atkinson, aged 90. to have been brought from Egypt; the ex. At Kirky Lonsdale, Mr. Arthur Foster, tensive trials made of spring wheat at the bookseller, to Mrs. S. Willoughby. Schoose have not succeeded. Friday morning At Whitehaven, Mr. John Brocklebank, to was spent in adjusting the premiunis for stock. Miss Watts.-Captain Potts, of the brig Elea The milch cows, which had been constantly nor, to Miss Edwards. Captain William Fasoiled for twelve months, were in a condition rish, of the Mona, to Miss Crosby. beyond uny thing that could have been sup. At Old Hutton, nea: Kendal, Mr. George posed. The mode of supplying milk for the Theubalds, to Miss Susannah Nebson. puur, was reported to have been adopted in Died.] Al Flimby, Mrs. Falcon, 71. various parts, in consequence of what had AC Ribton Hall, Mr. Jonathan Fawcett, been done at the Schoose ; and the result has 65. been every where the same, producing the At Whitrig Lees, Mrs. Bridget Sheppard, greatest benefit and comfort to the public. 94.

November 23d, about one in the morning, At Anthorne, parish of Bowness, Mr. John a dreadful fire was discovered at the cotton Pape, 64. mill of Messrs. Robson and Arthur Graham, At Appleby, Mary, wife of Mr. Marthew in Carlisle. le raged wiih such violence, Todd, 27. ebat, although every exertion was made to At Newton, near Penrith, Mr. John Rede subdue the Aames, the building was soon head, 77. reduced to ashes. Such was the celerity of At Harrithwaite, Mrs. Nicholson. the flam.s in reaching every part of the mill, At Egremont, Mrs. Elizabeth Bragse, 82. that no part of the machinery, or stock of cote At Stocklewath, Mr. Robert Larponby 70. ton in the warel,ouse could be saved.

At Nook in Nicholforest, Mr. Wm. GraTwo merchildren were lately discovered by ham, 91. three respectable tradesmen of Douglas, Isle At Kirkbeck's-cown, Bewcastle, Richard, of Man, during an excursion on the Call of son of Mr. John Armstrong, 21. Man, in quest of sea fowi. Attracted by a At St. Bees, in his 45th year, the Rev. sound somewhat resembling the cries of a John Barnes, near twenty years master of the young kitten, they found, on searching free grammar school at that place, and curate amongst the rocks, two small marine animals, of Lowes water.-Mrs. Gilmore 64. exactly resembling in their form that specics At Matterdale, Mrs. Martin, mother of the of creature so often described and known by Rev. Timothy M. 94. the pame of the merman. One of them was At Kendal, Mr. Edmund Harker.--Mr. dead, and much ulcerated by the violence James Wilson, 63.-Mr. Thomas Simpson, with which it had been driven on shore, du- many years in the service of Messrs. Wilson, ring a violent gale of wind on the preceding Cartmell, and Co. in which he had by care nigfit; the other was however conveyed to and frugality saved & considerable sum of Douglas, where it stiil remains, and seems money, 75. likely to do well. It is one foot eleven inches At Cargo Hill, acat Carlisle, Miss Jade

Jihree quarters in length, from the crown Richardson.

Ac Whitehaven, Mr. Nicholas Green, 85. of his Majesty having entered into the 51st -Mrs. Ornaby, 82.-Mrs. Plasket.

year of his reign, which were placed in a glass On his passage from Carlingford, Captain vessel, and covered by a brass plate, on which William Richardson of the Mona, of White- the following inscription was engraved : haven.

“ The first stone of this bridge was laid DeAt Brampton, Mr. Thomas Bell, of the cember 10th, in the year 1810, and in the Busb Inn.-Mrs. Burns.

fifty-first year of the reign of George the Ar Berkby, Mrs. Scaife, wife of Mr. Robert Third, by the Right Hon. George Peacock, S. 63.

Lord Mayor : Peter Atkinson, Architect At Penrith, Isabella, wife of Mr. William After which his lordship, in a neat and brief Hodgson, 81; and the next day, her husband, speech, congratulated his fellow citizens on the in bis 74th year. -Mrs. Dinah Nicholson, 53. magnitude and utility of a work which was

Ms. Workman.--Mrs. Adamson.- Isabella, to be of such great benefit to the public at wife of Mr. Joseph Smith, 77; and a few days large, and to the further aggrandisement of afterwards, her husband, in his 81st year. the ancient city of York. The procession

At Carlisle, Mr. John Barnfather, 68.- then returned to the Guildhall, in the same Mrs. King, 71.-Mr. William Taylor, 45 - order in which it had come. Jane, wife of Mr. John Wardrope, 23.-Mrs. Married.) The Rev. Stephen Allen, jun. Jane Carr, 81.-Margaret, wife of Mr. Thos. of Lynn, to Catherine, second daughter of Sergeant, 28.-Miss Frances Irving, 21. the Rev. Godfrey Wolley, of Hutton Bushe YORKSRIRE.

ell, About one o'clock in the morning of the At Thirsk, John Bentley, esq. to Miss M. 29th November, the Driggle Reservoir at Flintoff, daughter of Thomas F. esq. of the top of Stanedge in Marsden, about nine Thirkleby. miles west of Huddersfield, burst, and the Ac Sheffield, Mr. John Gascoigne, to Miss water flowing in an easterly direction, in Jane Saynor. undated the whole of the adjoining valley. Ac Hall, the Rev. John Simpson, of This reservoir, formed for the purpose of Hook Halt, near Howden, to Miss Robinson, supplying the Huddersfield canai, covered eldest daughter of Mr. Micbael R. about 28 acres of land, and such was the de. Ac Wakefield, Mr. 'Timothy Beaver, attorstructive impetuosity of the flood, that it ney, to Miss Auds ley. swept away a cottage occupied by James George Kelk, esq. of Sutton Hall, near Scholfield, standing on the declivity of a Bawtry, to Miss C. Fisher, of Selby. hüll, and his wife and four children perished At Leeds, Mr. Christopher Boliand, attorin the flood. Rushing forward in its fatal ney, to Eliza, daughter of the late W. Fearne, course, the water advanced to the mill of M. D. Messrs. Horsfall, and so completely inundated At Scrayingham, John Hutchinson, esq. tbc house of the miller, James Balmforth, that of Kayingham, to Miss Benson, of Howhimself and his wife were floated out of their sham. beds; he seized the stone-work in the win. Ac Paul, Edward Lorimer, esg, of Tunstall, dow, and for some time held his wife in his to Miss Frances Hardy, of Newton Garth, embrace; but she was at length forced from Holderness. him; and the next morning her lifeless body At Pontefract, Louis Lazenby Fox, esq. was taken up at a place called The Paddock, to Miss Atkinson, sister of Mrs. Rideal. two miles from Huddersfield; the husband, Diet.] At Summergangs, Mrs. Jane Davi. however, kept his hold of the window till the son, 79. water subsided, and by that means preserved At Swanland, Mr. John Westerdale, 67. his life. Besides these fatal accidents, in At Whitley Hall, Dear Huddersfield, which six lives were lost, many others of less Richard Henry Beaumont, esq. one of his consequence occurred.

Majesty's justices of the peace for the West December 10th, the first stone of the new Riding. He served the ofice of high sheriff bridge over the river Ouse, at York, was laid for the county in the year 1793, aged 61. with the formalities usual on such occasions At Sheffield, Mr. Thomas Regester.--Mr. by the Lord Mayor, attended by the city. Linsitt.-Mrs. Turner, relict of Mr. Jonathan officers, and the lodges of free-masons. T. 33.--Mr. Benjamin Scott, sen.-Mrs. The procession having reached the ground Dawes. Mrs. Mary Corker.-Mrs. Goald. where the ceremony was to take place, Mr. Mr. Samuel Broadley, 65.---Mr. Benjamin Peter Atkinson, the architect, presented to Smith. the Lord Mayor a pian and beautiful eleva. At York, aged 91, Mr. William Readshaw. tion of the intended bridge, and addressed his He served as common-councilman for Monk lordship in an appropriate speech. The Lord Ward upwards of 60 years, which office he Mayor having received the plan of elevation, resigned about two years ago. Mr. Readshaw which he described to the Provincial Grand was the youngest of twenty children. His Master, replied. He then proceeded to lay be grandfather lived to the age of 95; and his stone, and deposited therein the different and father to 84. He retained his faculties to the latest current coins of the present king, to- last; and has outlived all his relatives. gether with a pedal struck in commemoration Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Rydah, "nor of the city goal, 15.Mr. Champney, beck, widow of Mr. Samuel K. late master surgeon, 65.--Mrs. Hartley, 60.-Mr. Els of the Diana frigate; and next morning, la wick, 90,

the same house, her son-in-law, Mr. William At Halifax, Mr. Samuel Edwards, school- Crawford, aged 25. The case of Mrs. Kilmaster. In a fit of lunacy, he unfortunately lingheck was singular: for seven years sbe swallowed a large quantity of arsenic; the had been afflicted with a dropsical disorder, dreadful effects of which soon began to ope. for which she was tapped no less than twenty rate in a most melancholy manner; and it times; and the water taken from her, in the was a considerable time before his friends course of these operations, amounted to 175 could persuade him to declare the cause of his gallons. sutiering3: immediate assistance was procured,

LANCASHIRE. but too late to counteract the effects of the Married.) At Manchester, the Rer. The pernicious drug, and he died in about four mas Waters, of London, to Matilda, youngest hours after. He had formerly been a travel daughter of the late John Whittenbury, esq. Jing preacher in the connexion of the late -Mr. John Parker Hall, of Liverpool, to Mr. Westley, and was sincerely respected Miss Mary Shawcross.-Mr. George Bramal, and beloved by the methodists in general for to Miss Sarah Irlam, daughter of Mr. l. of the the uprightness and integrity of the principles Navigation Inn-Mr. Thomas Landor, of he inculcated, and for his good conduct during Rugeley, Staffordshire, to Miss Wilson, that period.

daughter of the late - W. esq. At Hull, Mr. John Kitchen, -54.-Mr. At Liverpool, Mr. T. Crompton, printer, Anthony Emmett, 65 Mrs. Jane Thornton, to Miss Agnes Musgrove. --Mr. Richard 70.--Mr. Thomas Bird, 80.-Mr. George Martcroft, printer, of Chester, to Miss Eliz. Dale, 58.--Mrs. Mary Charlesworth, 73.- Orom, of Wolverhampton.-Charles Rşan, Robert Garton, only son of Mr. Martin Fos. esq. of Demarara, to Miss Jesse Robinson. ter, 18.

Mr. George Burdy, of Durbam, to Sesan, At Ewes Farm, Mr. Paul Parnell, farmer, youngest daughter of Mrs. Back house, o grazier, and maltster, aged 76, of whom it is Brookfield Cottage, near Ormskirk.-William truly said, that in bis lite-time he quaffed out Cross, esq. of Goosnargh, to Miss Parkiasos. of one old family silver cup upwards of At Lancaster, Mr. James Bateson, of Li20001. sterling worth of genuine Yorkshire verpool, to Miss Stables. stingo, of which he was remarkably fond. Robert Sandland, esq. of Ellesmere, Salop, This was the ben vivant whom O'Keefe ce- to Mrs. Fielding, of Blackburn. lebrated in more than one of his Baccharalian At Warrington, Mr. Jos. Pownall, of Haie songs, under the appellation of Toby Phil Mount, near Altringham, to Miss Newton,

daughter of Mr. Peter N. sen. At Doncaster, Mrs. Mandall, wife of Mr. Died.) At Slyne, Thomas Greene, esa. Aldermaan M. 66.

At Manchester, the Rev. Ralph Harrisoa, At Hedon, Mr. John Bedel!, an alderman for 39 years one of the joint ministers of tbe of that corporation, and many years one of dissenting meeting in Cross-street, 63 [A the searchers in the customs at Hull, 73. further account will be given in our ecx.]

The Rev. John Alcock, rector of the second At Lancaster, Mr. James Hogarth, 9.mediety of High Holland, near Barnsley and Mrs. Lowther. In his 66th year, Rowland, Burnfall, near Skipton, 82.

Lord Viscount Fauconberg, one of the law - At Wakefield, Mr. John Stockdale, 79. catholic noblemen remaining of the ancient

At Attercliffe, Mary Eyre, 25. Atout stock of the peerage of England. As his two months ago she was so severely crushed lordship was never married, his title descenda over the body, while she was attempting to to bis brother, the Rev. Charles Belasyse, a rescue her child from the wheels of a waygon doctor in divinity, the only remaining male of that killed it before her face, in the public his family. highway, that the birth of another child At Forton Lodge, near Lancaster, Mrs. tuliowing so soon after, inevitably proved, as Brude, eldest sister of William and James B. was expected, her death.

esgrs. 67. At Bridlington, Mrs. Marshall, 48.

At Prescot, Margaret, third daugbrer ef At Sledmere, Mr. William Pontey, many Mr. Joha Jackson, 23.- Miss Wright.-Mr. years groom to Sir C. Sykes, bart.

Thomas Spencer, sen. 71. At Healaugh, near Tadcaster, Mr. Richard At Garstang, James, son of Mr. Stephen Archbell, 65.

Winder, of the Royal Oak lan, 20. At Nunnington, Mr. Richard Kendall, At Wigan, Mr. Thomas Rymer, 56.4 59.

Mrs. Collins. At Howden, Mr. Henry Pearson, 38. At Kirkdale, Mr. James Hargreaves, ses.

A Catwick, in Holderness, Eliza, second 75. daughter of the late George Gibson, eng. At Preston, Mrs. Fallowfield, wife of Mr. 19.

John F. sen. At Freeton, near Ro: herham, Mr. William At Aughton, near Ormskirk, Mr. William Rodgers, 66.

si Whitb', aged 53, Mrs. Mary Killing. At Walton Breck, Mr. W. Appleton, jun. 16.


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At Liverpool, Mrs. Judith Doyle, 49.- corded in our last number) was descended Mrs. Smallpiece.-Sarah Lucy, daughter of from an ancient, respectable, and opulent Mr. Richard Golighily.--Mrs. Eleanor family in Devonshire, near Totness ; which Clarke, mother of the late Capt. H. Kenne. borough his father represented in parliament. dy, 90 - Miss Fosbrook. --Millicent, young. In the course of a morning ride he called est daughter of Mrs. Blundell, 36.-Mrs. upon his friend Henry Crockett, esq. of Lit. Robbs, 50.-Mr. George Tou, managing tle. Own Hall, wishing to inspect some alter. partner of the house of Clarke and Tod's. ations now making there, when his horse took Mrs. Lowe.-Mrs. Carmichael.--Eleanor fright, threw him, and thus put a period to Mytton, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert his existence at the age of 89 years. He was Wood.-Mrs. Warrington - Mr. Michael endowed by nature with an acute and vigo. Boyle, 38.-Mr. David Shaw, 36-Mrs. rous understanding, which was greatly inAnn Redgate, 90.Ms. Thomas Gardner, proved by a good education and by classical surgeon, 27.-While on a visit to her daugh. studies : he was an excellent scholar, equally ter, Mrs. Boulton, relict of Joseph B. esq. free from the ostentation of the pedantic, and , banker, of Bridgnorth.

the empty parade of the superficial; his manCHESHIRE.

ners were polished, refined, and gentlemanly, By the report of the state of the Blue-coat neither fastidious or licentious: though na. Hospital, in Chester, from the 1st of January, turally warm in temper, he was most forgiv1809, to the 1st of January, 1810, it appears ing, kind, compassionate, and merciful. In that there are now educated in that seminary, friendship he was open, sincere, and generous, Blue boys - 25

neither disguising his real sentiments by P:obatiuners - 65

mere formal civilities, nor avowing friendly Green boys - 100

intentions witbout correspondent feelings.

At his table always plentifully supplied, his 190

friends and neighbours ever received a hearty

welcome : nor were the poor and the disThe blue boys are clothed, educated, and tressed forgotten by him, being ever ready fed ; and the probationers are elected from, and happy to relieve the wants of the former, the Green School.

and to mitigate the pains of the latler. His Married.] At Chester, R. W. Vyse, esq. travels into foreign countries were extensive of Stoke Place, Bucks, M.P. for Beverley, to and judicious, and being more than once re. Miss Frances Hesketh, second daughter of peated, had made him intimately acquainted Henry H. esq. of Newton.

with whatever is most curious, entertaining At Roast horn, Mr. William Newton, of or instructive in the finest portions of EuMartincroft, to Miss Newton, of High Legh. rope. From all these causes, his conversa

At Woodchurch, Mr. Daniel Smith, to tion was refined, amusing, and instructive, Miss Ann Warton, both of Oxon.

and ever made him a desireable and welcome At Astbury, Mr. Joseph Lounds, of Stock. guest in the best and most polished society; port, to Miss Mary Beckett.

• indeed such was the versatility of his talents, At Penkridge, Mr. John Stockley, of Kinand the variety of his acquirements, so elelet, Salop, to Sarah, only daughter of the late gant his manners, and so accommodating his Richard

rmerly of Eaton disposition and habits, that his company was House,

alıke courted and admired by every class, by Died.1 At Chester, Mrs. Bebbington, wife the young and by the old. His religious of Mr. B.-John, only son of Captain principles were in strict unison with those of Lowndes. -Edward Griffith, esq.

the church of England, neither debased by At Audlem, Mrs. Bailiss, third wife of deistical licentiousness, nor contaminated by Dr. B.

supercilious and impious fanaticism. The At Middlewich, Mr. Peter Jackson, 90. infirmities of old age had for some years rende Helsby, Mr. Thomas Hasseil, sen. 65. dered him unequal to the active duties of his

At Mach Hoole, Mrs. Barton, relict of sacred profession ; as a preacher, bis tone and Mr. Miles B. surgeon, late of Southport. manner were solemn and impressive ; his

At Winningion, near Northwich, Mr. enunciation clear and distinct his accent George Jackson.

and emphasis most correct and judicious; his At Rake Hall, near Chester, Mrs. Cheese- voice sonorous and audible. A chasm and borough, wife of the Rev. Mr. C. vicar of void is occasioned, which his friends and acStoke, 26.

quaintance will in vain attempt to fill up or At Nantwich, Mr. John Hyde.—Mrs. supply. Elwale.

DERBYSHIRE. At Lawton Hall, Mrs. Lawton, relict of A scheme has been proj cted for making a J.

canal over the High Peak, to open a nearer At West Kirby, Thomas, eldest son of the and more expeditious channel of conveyance Rev. Thomas Trevor, prebendary of Chester. berween the Metropolis, Manchester, and

The Rev. George Tayior, rector of Church Liverpool ; in the course of which canal, there Eaton, in the county of Staffordshire, and of are four miles and a half of tunnel through Al'ord, in this county, (whose death is re- limestone rocks, and numerous locks, con. MONTHLY MAG. No. 07.


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