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decided on. The difficulty of finding any patient was also much troubled with multiple of the quantity of oxygen which heart-burn, and with a scuse of weight may be supposed to exist in hydrogen, and uneasiness about the region of the that might be applied to explain the com- stomach, both of which symptoms likeposition of nitrogen from the same basis, wise disappeared. is against the simplest view of the subject. In another case the gentleman had “ But, still the phlogistic explanation, during four years occasionally voided that the metal of ammonia is merely a considerable quantities of uric acid in compound of hydrogen and nitrogen, or, the form of red sand, and had once that a substance which is metallic, can passed a small calculus. His urine was be composed from substances not in their generally more or less turbid, and after own nature metallic, is equally opposed taking any thing which disayreed with to the general tenour of our chemical the stomach, even in a slight degree, reasonings."

thered sand often made its appearance, Mr. BRANDE has laid before the Society He made trial of the alkalies, but without some observations, accompanied with success. He was now directed to take cases and experiments, on the effects of magnesia, in the dose of twenty grains inagnesia in preventing an increased every night and morning, in a little formation of the uric acid; with remarks water: for three days his bowels were on the composition of urine. Mr. Home's much relaxed, but they afterwards beenquiries into the functions of the sto. came regular. He persevered in its use mach led him to consider that the gene. six weeks, and during that period his rality of calculous complaints might pose urine was several times examined, and sibly be prevented, by introducing into was found to contain no superabundant the stomach such substances as are ca- uric acid, and he had not the slightest pable of preventing the formation of the return of his complaint, though he had uric acid, On putting this theory to the put himself under no unusual restraint of test of experiment, it was found, by an living. The other cases given in this examination of the urine, that, in several paper are cqually to the point; from which instances where there was an increased Mr. B. infers that the effects of magnesia formation of uric acid, nagnesia dimi- taken into the stomach are in many resnished it in a much greater degree than pecis different from those produced by had been effecied by ibe use of the alka- alkalies, in those patients in whom there lies. The paper read before the Royal is a disposition to form a superabundant Society contained the result of Mr, quantity of uric acid. Home's and Mr. Brande's labours, with We have now an account of some exa view to establish a fact of so inuch im. periments with soda, magnesia, and lime, portance in the treatment of those dise to ascertain the effects on healthy urine, eases, One case mentioned, is that of a when taken under the same circuma gentleman sixty years of age, who had stances. With respect to the soda, the been in the habit of indulging in the free effect of the alkali upon the urine was use of acid liquors, had repeatedly passed at its maximum in a quarter of an hour small calculi composed entirely of uric after it had been taken into the stomachi, acid; his urine at all times deposited a and in less than two hours, the whole considerable quantity of that substance alkali passed off. A similar conclusion in the form of red powder, and occasion. was drawn from the experiment where ally in larger crystals. The alkaline me. soda with an excess of carbonic acid was dicines were tried, without effect, though used. continued a year and upwards. The T he experiments on magnesia shew patient was directed to take fifteen grains that, eren in large doses, it neither proof magnesia three times a-day, in an in- duces so rapid an effect upon the urine, fusion of gentian : in a week the uric nor so copious a separation of the phose acid was found to have diminished in plates, as the alkalies; and on this its quantity, and the use of magnesia being value is a remedy in calculous disorders persevered in for eight months, there were seems materially to depend, The lime during that time no calculi voided, nor was found to be of but little use in come any material deposit in the urine. The plaints of this bort.


Passed in the 50th Year of the Reign of George Ill.

1. TOR continuing certain duties 12. To continue until 25th March,

T on malt, sugar, tobacco, and 1812, an Act, 46 of his present Majesty, snuff, in Great Britain, and on pensions, for permiting the importation of inasta, offices, and personal estates, in England; yards, bowsprits, and timber for naral for the service of 1810.

purposes, from the British colonies ia 2. For raising 10,500,0001, by ex- North America, duty free. chequer bills, for the service of Great 13. To continue an dict, 44th of his preBritain for 1810.

sent Majesty, for permiting the expor3. Ditto 1,500,0001. ditto.

tation of salt from the port of Nassau, in 4. To indemnify such persons in the the island of New Providence, the port United Kingdom as have omitted to qua- of Exuina, and the port of Crooked lify theinselves for offices and employ, Island, in the Bahaipa Islands, in Amements, and for extending the times ii rican ships coining in ballast; and amcat mited for those purposes respectively, and continue an Act, 48th of bis present until 25th March, 1811; and to permit Majesty, for permitting sugar and coffee such persons in Great Britain, as have to be exported from his Majesty's colos omitted to make and file aflidavits of the nies or plantations to any port in Euexecution of indentures of clerks tu ate rope to the southward of Cape Finisterre, tornies and solicitors, to make and file and corn to be imported from such port, the same on or before the first day of and from the coast of Africa, into the Hilary Term, 1811.

said colonies and plantations, until 25th 5. To prohibit the distillation of spirits March, 1813. from corn or grain in Great Britain, for 14. For the regulation of his Majesty's a limited time; and to continue, until Royal Marine forces while on shore. four months after such prohibition, an 15. To grant his Majesty duties upon act of last session of parliament, to sus spirits made or distilled in Ireland from pend the importation of British or Irish- corn; to allow drawbacks on exportation made spirits into Great Britain or Irethereof; to make further regulations for land.

encouragement of licensed distillers, and 6. To enable the Prince of Wales to fur ainending laws relating to distillery in grant leases of certain lands and pre- Ireland. mises called Prince's Meadows, in the 16. For further continuing, until 251h parish of Lambetli, in Surrey, for the March, 1811, an Act, 41st of his prescot purpose of building thereon.

Majesty, for prohibiting exportation from, 7. For punishing mutiny and deser- and permitting the importation into, Iistion, and for better payment of the army land, duty free, of corn and other proand their quarters.

visions. 8. For settling and securing a certain 17. To continue until 25th March, annuity on Viscount Wellington, and the 1811, an Act for regulating drawbacks (wo nest persons to whom the title shall and bounties on exportation of sugar descend, in consideration of his eminent from Ireland.

18. For further continuing, until 25th 9. To continue, until 25th March, March, 1811, bounties and drawbacks 1811, so much of an Act of the 47th of on exportation of sugar from Grea: Brie his present Majesty, as allows a bounty tain; and for suspendirg counterrailing on British plantation raw sugar exported. duties and bounues on sogar when the

10. For making perpetual certain of duties imposed by an Aci, 46th of his the provisions of an Act, 5 George I. for present Majesty, shall be suspended. preventing clandestine running of uncus. 19. For further continuing, until 25th iomed goods, and for frauds relating to March, 1811, an Act, 39th of his prethe customs,

sent Majesty, for prohibiting exportation 11. To continue, until 25th March, from, and permitting importation to, 1815, several laws relating to the en. Great Britain of corn, and for allowing couragement of the Greenland whale importation of other articles of provision, fisheries.

without payment of duty.


20. For removing doubts as to the tain cases of stamps spoiled or misused, power of appointing superintendants of and for explaining part of an Act, 4811 quarantine, and their assistants.

of his Majesty, for granting siamp duties 21. For amending, and continuing so in Great Britain. amended, until 251h March, 1812, an 36. For granting annuities to discharge Act, 45th of his present Majesty, for an additional number of exchequer bills. consolidating and extending several laws 97. For enabling bis Majesty to setrie in force, allowing the importation and an annuity on the Duke of Brunswick exportation of certain goods and mer

ertain voods and mer Wolfenbuttel. chandize into and from certain ports in 38. To extend the provisions of an the West Indies.

Act, 48th of his present Majesty, inti.' 22. For authorizing the Lords Coin tuled, “An Act to permit certain goods. missioners of the Treasury to purchase imported into Ireland to be warehoused Certain quays within the port of London, or secured, without the duties due on

23. For granting annuities to discharge the importation thereof being first paid," certain exchequer bills.

and to amend the same. 24. To amend an Act, passed last ses. 39. For repaying in certain cases the sion, for completing the militia of Great duly paid on the export of foreign plain Britain, and to make further provision linen. for completing the said militia.

| 40. For discontinuing the bounty on 25. To amend several Acts, relating to exportation of oil of vitriol, and allowing the local inilitia of Great Britain.

a drawback of a proportion of the duties 26. For granting a duty on foreign paid on the importation of foreign brimplain linen taken out of warehouse, and stone, used in making oil of vitriol. exported to foreign parts.

41. For placing the duties of hawkers 27. To continue, until 25th March, and pedlars under the management of the 1832, certain Acts made in the parlia. commissioners of hackney-coaches. ment of Ireland, for better regulation of 42. For consolidating the duties of the silk inanufacture.

custoins for the Isle of Man, and placing 28. For increasing rates of subsistence the same under the management of the to be paid inn-keepers and others, on commissioners of customs in England. quartering soldiers.

43. For maintaining and keeping in 29. To amend an Act of last session, repair, roads made and bridges built in for amending the Irish Road Acts. Scotland, under authority of the parlia

30. To regulate the fees payable to mentary commissioners for highland coroners in Ireland, upon holding inqui- roads and bridges. sitions,

44. To provide for a durable allowance 31. For augmenting the salaries of the of superannuation to officers of excise in Lords of Session, Lords Commissioners Scotland, under certain restrictions. of Justiciary, and Barons of Eschequer 45. For raising 12,000,0001. by way, in Scotland, and Judges in Ireland. of annuities.

32. To repeal certain parts of several 46. For encouraging the consumption Acts of the parliament of Ireland, so far of malt liquor in Ireland. as relates to limiting the number of per- 47. To extend and amend the pro. sons to be carried by stage-coaches or visions of an Act, 37th of his present other carriages; for enacting other lis Majesty, for relief and maintenance of mitations in lieu thereof; and for other insolvent debtors detained in prison in purposes relating thereto.

Ireland. 33. For enabling tenants en tail and 48. To repeal three Acts, 28th, soth, for life, and also ecclesiastical persons, to and 46th, of his present Majesty, for ligrant land for the purpose of endowing miting the number of persons to be car. Schools in Ireland.

ried on the outside of stage-coaches or 34. For allowing exportation of British other carriages, and to enact other reand Irish-nade malt, from one part of gulations for carrving the objects of the the United Kingdom to the other. said Acts into effect.

35. For altering the mode of collect- 49. To amend the laws for the relief ing the duty on insurances Against loss of the poor, so far as relate to the ex. by fire, upon property in his Majesty's amining and allowing the accounts of islands and possessions in the West In- church-wardens and overseers by justices dies, and elsewhere beyond the seas; and of the peace. for exempting certain bonds and receipts 50. To explain and amend an Act from stamp duty, for giving relief in cere made last session, relating to relief and ALONTHLY Mao. No, 207.

4 A

employıneut employment of the poor, so far as relate3 62. For more effectual prevention of to the more effectual carrying the same smuggling in the Isle of Man. into execution; and to extend the pro- . 63. To enable his Majesty to autho. visions thereof to parishes which shall rize the exportation of the machinery not have adopted the provisions of an necessary for erecting a mint in the Brazits. Act, 22d of his present Majesty.

64. To perunit the removal of goods, 51. To repeal so much of an Act, wares, and merchandize, from the port 7 James I., as relates to the punishment in Great Britain where first warehoused, of women delivered of bastard children; to any other warehousing port for expurand to make other provisions in lieu tationi. thereof.

65. For uniting the offices of surreyur52. To amend so much of an Act, 8th general of the land revenues of the and 9th William III. as requires poor crown, and surveyor-general of his Mapersons receiving alms to wear badges. jesty's woods, forests, parks, and chases.

53. For preventing frauds relating to 66. To authorize the Judge Adrucale exportation of British and Irish-made General to send and receive letters and malt, from one part of the United King- packets free from duty of postage. dom to the other.

07. For better preservation of hearb 54. To revive and continue, until 25th fowl, comiuonly called black game, in March, 1811, an Act, 39th of his present Somerset and Devon, Majesty, for more effectual encourage- 68. For raising 1,400,0001, by way of ment of the British fisheries.

annuities, for the service of Ireland. 55. To probibit importation of Italian 69. For raising 6,000,000l. by exche silk crapes and tiffanies, and to increase quer bills, for the service of Great Bri. shares of seizures payable to ofhcers in tain, for the year 1810. respect of foreign wrought silks and mia 70. To enable the commissioners of nixfactured leather gloves.

bis Majesty's treasury to issue exchequer 56. To explain and amend an Act bills, on the credit of such aids or sup passed last session, for continuing and plies as have been or shall be granted by making perpetual several duties of 1s. Od. parliament for the service of Great in the pound, repeated by an Act of last Britain, for the year 1810. session, on offices and employınents of 71. For appropriating part of the surprofit, and on annuities, pensions, and plus of the stamp duties granted 48th of stipends,

his present Majesty, for defraying the 57. To revive and continue, until 25th charges of the loan made and stock March, 1815, an Act, 23d of his present created in the present session. Majesty, for inore effectual encourage. 72. For improving and completing the ment of the manufacture of Max and cote harbour on the north side of the Hill of con in Great Britain).

Howth, near Dublin, and rendering it a 58. To amend several Acts for re. fit situation for his Majesty's packets. demption and sale of land-tax.

73. To alter, explain, and amend, the 59. For more ettectually preventing laws now in force respecting bakers reernbezzlement of money or securities for siding out of the city of London, or the money belonging to the public, by any liberties thereof, or beyond ten miles of collector, receiver, or other person en- the Royal Exchange. trusted with the receipt, care, or manage. 74. To grant huis Majesty additional ment thereof.

duties upon letters and packets sent by 00. For permitting exportation to the post within Ireland.' Newfoundland of foreign salt, duty free, 75. To grant bis Majesty an additional from the import warehouses at Biistol; duty on dwelling houses in Ireland, in and for repealing so much of an Act of respect of the windows or lights therein. last sessioii, as allows salt, the produce of 76. To repeal certain duties under the any part of Europe south of Cape Finis. care of the commissioners for managing terre, to be shipped in any port of Eue the stamp duties in Ireland, and to grant rope direct to certain ports in North new and additional duties, and to amend Anerica,

the laws relating to stamp duties in Ire01. For making sugar and coffee, of land. Guadaloupe, st. Eustatia, St. Martin, 77. For imposing additional duties of and Saba, liable to the same duty on customs on certain species of wood imimportation as sugar and coffee not of ported into Great Britain. the British plantations.' :

78. To repeal an Act, 47th of his pre


sent Majesty, for suppressing insurrec- Act, 39th and 40th of his present Ma. tion, and preventing disturbances of the jesty, as grants allowances to adjutants public peace in Ireland.

and serjeant-majors of the militia of Enya 79. For regulating the continuance of land, disembodied under an Act of the licences for distilling spirits froin sugar, same session. . in the Lowlands of Scotland.

92. For making allowances in certain 80. For reviving and further continue cases to subaltern officers of the militia ing, until 25ih March, 1811, several in Great Britain, while disembodied. laws for allowing the inportation of cer 9 3. For the improving and completing tain fish from Newfoundland, and the the harbour of Ilolyhead. coast of Labrador, and of certain fish 91. For granting his Majesty a suin of from parts of the coast of his Majesty's money to be raised by lotteries. North American colonies, and for granto 9 5. To enable the corporation for pre. ing bounties thereon.

serving and improving the port of Dube 81. To continue until 1st August, lin, to erect, repair, and maintain, light1811, certain Acts for appointing coin- houses round the coasts of Ireland, and missioners to enquire into the fees, gra- to raise a fund for defraying the charge tuities, perquisites, and emoluments, re. thereof. ceived in several public offices in Ireland, 96. To amend an Act passed this sese to examine into any abuses which may sion, intituled, “An Act for increasing exist in the same, and in the mode of re- the rates of subsistence to be paid tu ceiving, collecting, issuing, and account. innkeepers and others, on quartering ing for, public inoney in Ireland.

soldiers." 82. To amend the laws relative to the - 97. To continue until 6th July, 1811, sale of flax seed and henip seed, in Ire. and to amend several Acts for granting land.

certain rates and duties, and for allowing 83. To repeal several Acts respecting certain drawbacks and bounties, on goods, the woollen manufacture, and for indem wares, and merchandize, imported into nifying persons liable to penalty for and exported from Ireland; and to grant having acted contrary thereto.

bis Majesty until 5th July, 1811, certain 84. For auginenting parochial stipends, new and additional duties on the imporin certain cases in Scotland. S t ation, and to allow drawbacks on the

85. To regulate the taking of securities exportation, of certain goods, wares, and in all offices, in respect of which security merchandize, into and from Ireland. ought to be given; and for avoiding the '98. For raising 216,000l. by treasury grant of all such offices, in the event of bills for the service of Ireland for the such security not being given within a year 1810. time to be limited after the grant of such 99. To amend several Acts relating to office.

the making of malt, and the granting of 86. To amend two Acts, 39 and 43 permits and certificates, and the regulaof his present Majesty, for regulating the tions of braziers, and of persons employmanner in which the East India Companying more than one still in Ireland. shall hire and take up ships.

100. For respiting certain fines im87. To amend two Acts, relating to posed on stills in Ireland. the raising men for the service of the 101. Fot confirming an agreement for East India Company; and quartering the purchase of the prisage and butlerage and billeting such men; and to trials by of wives in Ireland, entered into by the regimental courts-martial.

commissioners of his Majesty's treasury 88. To make provisions, for a limited in Ireland, and the Earl of Oriond and time, respecting certain grants of offices. Ossory and his trustees, in pursuance of

89. For defraying, until 25th March, an Act, 46th of his present Majesty's 1811, the charge of the pay and cloth- reign. ing of the militia of Ireland, and for 102. For the more effectually preven, making allowances in certain cases to ting the administering and taking of unsubaltern officers of the said misstia du- lawful oaths in Ireland; and for protec. ring peace,

tion of magistrates and witnesses in crie 90. For defraying the charge of the minal cases. pay and clothing of the militin and local 103. For repealing several laws.relamilitia, in Great Britain, for the year wing to prisons in Ireland, and for re-en1810.

acting such of the provisions thereof as 91. To revive and continue, until 25th have been found useful, with ainendMarch, 18.11, and amend so much of an nenis.

104. For

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