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The present scone, the future lots,

65. To n person, no relation, he has left his Bis toils, bis wants, were all forgot; Cold disidence and age's frost,

landed property worth about 4001. Being rea

markably fond of dancing, he has bequeathed In the ful! tide of song were lost."

to three young women, good dancers, five The venerable object of this public testimony guineas each, to another his bed and bedding, of regard, retired about cleven o'clock, in and to his son, only his fiddle. the highest health and spirits, followed by At Dewsbury, Mrs. Jackson, and a few days the blessings and best wishes of all who were afterwards her husband Mr. J. druggist of present.

that place. The circumstances that led to Married.] At Temple Sowerly, John the premature death of this couple are partiRidley, esg, of Brunton House, Northum. cularly' awful and impressive. On Sunday, berland, to Miss Bridget Atkinson.

Sept. 2, Mr. Jackson paid a visit to a friend • At ll hitby, Richard Moorsen, jun, esg, to in Rothwell gaol. There he thoughtlessly Niss Jane Robertson, second daughter of the indulged too freely over the bottle, and on Rev. James R Thomas Benson, esq. to his setting out to returd home, in a state of Miss Sarah Barker, daughter of the late intoxication, had to pass near a methodis Joseph B. esq.

meeting-house. The people here being enAt Ecclesneld, Thomas Aldham Payne, gaged in their religious service, he judged it a esg. of Lorley, to Miss Parkin, daughter of fine frolic to ride in, and go near the pulpit the late John P. esq. of the Rin.

and disturb the congregation ; for which imAc Riccall, J. K. Lamb, esq. of York, to prudent ace he was taken into custody and Miss Wormley, only daughter of the late carried back to the prison, where he was Christopher W. esq.

kept in confinement during the night. Han At Birstall, Mr. George Tillotson, of ving appointed to meet Mrs. Jackson, (who Sheffield, to Miss Mary Knowles, daughter was on her return from the funeral of a of the late J. K. esa of Gomersall.

sister), at Wakefield chat evening to go home At Wakefield, Mr. Dawson, solicitor, to with her to Dewsbury, he scrawled a note to Mrs. Bass, niece of Timothy Topham, esq. her, which was unfortunately not delivered

At Hull, Mr. Francis Phillips, of London, till next morning. Sorrow for the loss of to Miss Travis, youngest daughter of lohn ber sister, and alarm at the non-appearance of T. ésq. of Cottingham.

her husband, preyed upon her mind during Died. At Intake, near Sheffield, Rebecca the whole of the night, nor was her anxiety Ward, 88. She has left 105 descendants in alleviated by the receipt of his letter. In cluding great great grand-children.

this state of mind, she proceeded in a chaise At Asenby, John Rockcliffe, esq. 2. for Dewsbury on Monday morning, where

At Halton East, near Skipton, the Rev. she arrived in a wretched situation, and was Robert Dynely, 32.

soon seized with the pains of premature laAt Beverley, Mrs. Robinson, wife of the bour. For several hours she was alone in the Rev. Bethell R. one of the officiating curates house, and in this terrible state, was she in the Collegiate Church of St. John

found in the evening almost in a state of At Leeds, Miss Scott, sister of Fenton S. exhaustion, by her wretched husband. All --- Elizabeth Hodgson, who had been tapped meang tried to save her proved ineffectualfor the dropsy 40 times, at which 140 gallons she languished till Thursday and then er. of water were taken from her.-Mr. Wm. pired. The melancholy event deprived her Clapham.-Mrs. Iveson, relict of the late husband of his senses, and derangement was Lancelot I. esq.

soon accompanied by a violenc fever, which At Stainforth, Mrs. Benson, 80.

put a period to his existence on the following At York, Nirs. Cholmeley, relict of Fran. Thurday. eis C. esg. of Brandsby: Mr. Montagu At his house near Richmond, aged 55, Mr. Giles, -- Mri. Sutheran, wifc of Mr. Henry s Thomas Field. He was a kind and liberal bookseller, 67.

parent, and an indulgent and excellent mare At Bradford, Edmund Pechover, esq. ter: his death is much regretted by an er. banker.

tensive circle of gentlemen of the turf; by Ac Highfield, near Sheffield, Mirs. Pearson, all of whom he was highly respected. Mr. relict of Mr. P. of Nottingham, 91.

Field was born at Melbourn, near Pocklinge At Crookes, near Sheffield, Mr. Isaac ton, and brought up in the late Mr. Went. Staniforth, 97.

worth's stables; he was many years one of At Castle, near Todmorden, Richard Ing. the leading jockies in the North, and his ham, esq.

riding the following races over the York Ac Elvington, near York, while on a visit course, besides several others, must ever be to the Rev. J. Mulcaster, lus son-in-law, Mr. remembered by sportsmen. There wereEyre, of Ferrybridge,

Mr. Pierse's Rosamond, against St. George, Al Thirsk, Mis. Beli, wife of John B., Ruby, Cayenne, and Overton, in 1794; Mr. cig. 39,

Gaiforth's Brilliant, against Bennington and At Acomb, Mrs. Hubback, wife of George Beningbrough, in 1795 ; Sir H. T. Vane's 26.

Hambletonian, against Bening brough, TrimAt Burton-PiJsea, David Tavender, aged bush, and Brilliant, in 1797 , Hambletoniang


against Dion and Timothy, in 1800; and the for anthority to fill up the dock called the bert day Cockfighter, (against Constancia, Old Duck, and in lieu thereof, at the expence &c.) who bolted at Middlethorp corner, and of the corporation of Liverpool, to enlarge Jost about 300 yards; after which, it was the Queen's Dock, and to extend the 'same allowed that Mr. Field displayed great judge and other docks and works into Tox'eth Park, ment and coolness, in bringing up his horse in the parish of Walton, in the said county; to his antagonist's, almost as it were inch by and also to extend the powers and authorities inch, which won him the race, though with contained in the said several dock acts for the much dithculty, but to the great satisfaction said town and port to the intended docks, of the sporting gentlemen present. Mr. quays, wharfs, works, and certain streets and Field, during his life, had been employed as places surrounding the same in Toxteth Park; rider or trainer (amongst many other bighly and to enable the common council to approrespectable characters) to the following gen- priate the scite of the present uld dock to tlemen: the lale Sir ... Dundas, bart. Sir. W. the erecting thereon a Custom house and Vavasour, bart. Sir T. Gascoigne, bart. Sir other commercial buildings, offices, and conJohn Webb, bart. Messrs. Wentworth, Corn- veniences; to make an additional market, forth, Wetherell, &c. also to the present and to form a street of communication from lard Dundas, Sir H. T. Vane, bart. Sir Jolm Pool-lane to Mersey-street; for altering and Lawton, bart. Messrs. Baker, Garforth, reducing the rates and duties authorised by Brandling, Shafto, W. Fletcher, W. Walker, the said acts to be taken on ships and vessels and for the last twenty years was allowed to frequenting the said port; for laying rates be one of the most skillul and best trainers of and duties on ships and vessels in certain race horses in England.

cases, not provided for by any of the said acts; A: Hull, Mr. Thomas Kaye, 79.-Mr. and for laying new rates and duties un certain jona Read, 42 years overlooker of the goods, wares, and merchandize, imported into, weichers in the customs, 79. Mrs. Dawe and exported from, the said port; and for too, relict of Mr. Mark D. 72.

power to reduce the size of the southernmost At Doncaster, Mrs. Downes, relict of of the docks intended to be built under the Licot.-colonel D. of the 1st dragoon guards. act of the thirty-ninth year of his present Mr. Price, apparitor to the Archbishop of majesty; and to establish a Dock Police Of. York. He was returning to Bishopthorpe fice and officers, and to widen several quays from York, on his ass, when just after pas. of the docks, and the avenues leading to them; sing the crown of Ousebridge, le perceived and also to purchase the present, and to erect the danger he was in, from the Trafalgar additional repairing or graving ducks, and to York and Leeds coach driving quickly behind lay rates for the use of the same ; and to prohim, and consequently endeavoured to urge vide shades, crancs, and other conveniences his ass to take the causeway, on the righe of for the merchant ; and to provide acconha. the bridges. Unfortunately they both came dation for ferry-boats and other craft plying down, and Mr. Price fell with his body across for hire on the river Mersey, and to make the bridge, when the wheel of the coach went bye-laws and regulations for the same, and over him, and occasioned his instant death. for the said graving docks; and also to pro

At Hedon, Mr. Nicholas Dring, an alder, vide shelter and accommodation for Liverpool man of that corporation, 71.

pilot boats on the coast of Anglesea. At Sheffield, Miss Atherton, daughter of Married.) At Liverpool, Captain Abra. Mr. John A. 15.- Miss M. A. Woollen, ham Adamson, of the ship Dominica Packet, eldest daughter of Mr. James W. bookseller, of that port, to Miss Forster. Richard Jeub, 19.-Mrs Eboral, mocher in-law of Mr. T. NI. A. of Tapton Grove, Derby, to Marianne, Rodgers, solicitor.-M13. Mary Atkinson. second daughter of Robert Johnson, esq. Miss Harriet Eadon, daughter of Mr. John E. Lieutenant colonel Douglas of the 98th regi19.

ment, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Tho. At Sunderlandwick Lodge, Mrs. Horner, mas Tattersall, esq. of Everton - Mr. Jones, wife of Simon H. esq. 76.'

printer, to Miss Margaret Davies --Captain * At Kippax, Mr. Jolin Clayton, jun, soli. James Tomkins, of the ship St. Michael, to citor and captain in the Morley local militia, Miss Jane Harrison, daughter of Mr. H. ar. 26.

torney.---William Jewer, esq. of Dublin, to At Fishlake, Mrs. Mary Wood, relict of Mrs. Hodgkins, widow of Thomas H. esq. of Mr. Mark W. 95.

Walsall. The Rev. James Hodgson, rector of Eur. At Child wall, Robert Holmes, esq. of Dube wick in Elmet, near Leeds.

lin, to Miss Lawrence, of Gateacre. LANCASHIRE.

At Bootle, John Benn, esq. of Middleton... Notice has buen given, that applicatioa is place, to Miss Hobson, oniy daughter of John intended to be made to Parliament in the en H. esq. of Hyton. kuing sessions, for leave to bring in a Bill or Died.] At Manchester, Ann Clarke, wita Bills for altering, explaining, amending, and of Isaac Clarke, bookseller, aged 63. & brging the powers and provisions of several At Preston, Mr. Thomas Dixon, of Kena Acts for making. improving, and supporting dal.-Mr. Peter Melling, attorney, 66. pre several docks in the port of Liverpool; At Lancaster, Mr. John Hodgson.

At Birkenbead Priory, Mrs. Lake, wife of At Eckington, Margaret, eldest daughter William Cbarles L. esq. of Liverpool. of Mr. J. Gillat, 18.

At Warrington, Mr. Enoch, Pierrepoint, At Park Hall, near Eckington, Mr. Joha 90.--Mrs. Adams, wife of Mr. Samuel A. Wilson. . Mr. Abraham Toothill, only son of Mr.T. At Buxton, Mrs. Mellor, wife of J. Mi dissenting minister, at Rainford. This pro- esq. solicitor of Ashton-under Line, Lancamising youth lost his life in one of the beau. shire. She arrived at Buxton only the day tiful lakes of Westmoreland.

before her death, which is supposed to have At Kirkdale, Mr. Richard Holden, of Li- been occasioned by the rupture of a blood. verpool.

vessel from plunging too precipitately into At Kirkham, Mrs. Margaret Shepherd. one of the baths.

At Poulton in the Filde, Mr. Thomas At Sudbury Ha!), the seat of Lord Vernon, Shrelfall, S4.

Mr. Joseph Bennett, who had been in his At Blackburn, Mr. Margerison.

lordship's service twenty two years, 44. At Liverpool, Mrs. Haywood, wife of Fran

NOTTINGHAMSRURL. eis H. esq. 40. -Aon, daughter of Captain Married.] At Nottingham, Thomas AI. Owen Lewis.Willianı, son of Mr. Joseph. brigbt, Esq. o Lancaster, to Miss Sarah Powell, 30.--Mrs. Ratclifie, 'relict of Mr. Whitlark, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Thomas R. 85.-Miss Walford. - Mr. John W.-Ms. William Trentham, to Miss Ta. Ecclesion.-Mr. Raiph Lowe, 82.-Mrs. tham. Aan Renshaw, of Altringham, 82.-Mr. At Newark, Mr. Lynn, to Miss Charlotte George Buchanan.-Mr. William Falk, jun. Drury. -Mr. William Jackson, to Miss Dan. 21.-Mrs Briscoe, of the George Inn.-Mrs. derdale. Mary Logan, 78.--Mrs. Pearce. Thomas At Stapleford, the Rev. T. Rogers, baptist Willoughby, cldest son of Mr. William Gib- minister, to Miss Adams. 800.--Mr. John Jones, stationer, 55.Mr. Died. At Nortingham, Ann, youngest James Eyres, several years' master of a coast- daughter of the late Mr. Ward, 20 - Mrs. ing vessel from this port, 6t.

Orchard. -Mrs. Kirkman, wife of Mr Wil. CHESHIRE

liam K.-Mr. A. Dodsley, Mr. George Married.] Ac Chester, Mr. Richard Wil. Slight, 21. liams, aged 93, to Miss Hannah Griffiths, 23, At Whatton, near Bingham, Mr. Walker, both of Mold, Flintshire.-Mr: J. Way, of 85. Barbadoes,'to Marý, eldest daughter of Mr. At Papplewich, Miss Robinson, daughter Pierce. Mr. Joha Neale, of Liverpool, to of James R. esq. Miss Ellen Eliza Lindsey.

At Winthorpe; near Newark, R. Pock. At Sandbach, Mr. George Dean, of Mid- lington, esg. dlewich, to Miss Pedry, of Wheelock Hall.

LINCOLNSHIRE. At Chrisleton, near Chester, Mr. Pickere Public notices have been given that in the 1:3, c: Liverpool, to Miss Hodson.'

next session of Parliament applicacions are Died.] At Southport, near North Meols, intended to be made for the following por. Mr. Miles Barton, patron of the sectory of poses :--1. For making a navigable canal Much Hoole, 86.

from the Leicestershire and Northamptonsbire At North Meols, Mrs. Silcock.

upion canal, near Great Bowden wharf, in A: Nantwich, Mrs. Scott, relict of the the parish of Great Bowden, Leicestershire, Bev. Jonathan S. of Mallock, Derbyshire, 64. into the river Welland, at the bridge, Stam

At Chester, Mrs. Monk, wife of Ms. M. ford, and for completing it from the Wellaad, compiroller of the customs.--Mrs.Colgreave, to the Nen, near Peterborough; also for wife of Mr. J. C. 35.--Mrs. Youde, wife of deepening, enlarging, and improving the Mr. Y.

Weiland, from Stamford to Spalding. 2. For At Frodsham, Mr. Bridge.

improving and completing the navigable con. At Saughall, near Chester, Mr. Samuel munication between Stamford, Boston, Peter. Woodfin. After eating a hearty supper, he borough, and Okeham, by altering, enlarging, went to bed about 9 o'clock, and about 11 was diverting, extending, making, and maintain found by his wife a corpse.

ing, a navigable canal or cut. 3. For build. DERBYSHIR B.

ing a pier or piers, or forming an additional Married.] At Chesterfield, Mr. Roberta dock, from the Lock at the dock of Grat. són, one of the managers of the Nortingham Grimsby, to low water mark in the river theatre, to Miss Maria Lynam.

Humber; and for paving, lighting, cleansing, At Eckington, Mr. Coupe, of Worksop, to watching, and improving, the streets, pass Miss Jane Harrison, of Spinckhill.

sages, and places within that borough ; for Mr. Anthony Hill, of Dronfield, to Miss

preventing obstructions and annoyances, and Parks, of Norton.

for otherwise improving the navigation and Diedy At Wheatiey House, Richard Pot- port of Great Grimsby. 4. For building → ter, esq. of Manchester

bridge across the lower part of the river Wel. Ar Derby, Mrs. Aucott, wife of Mr. Joba land, called Fosdyke Wash. 5. For inclosing A. of the Red Lion Inn, 42. .

the commons and waste lands in the parish of At Stavely, neas Chesterfield, Mr. J. Slags Skirbeck.


At a late meeting of the friends of the so. At Barkby, Mr. Chamberlin, surgeon, of ciety of the Lincolo Lunatic asyluar, it was Kegworth, to Miss Fisher, of Barkby Thorp. resolved to commence the building next Dica.) At Goadby, Miss Wagstaff, sister spring, but at present to finish only the centre of the Rev. Mr. W. and ne wing.

At Lucterworth, Mr. Chamberlain, attor. Married.] At Louth, Benjamin Dealery, ney. esq. of Gainsborough, to Miss Rosamond At Donington, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Go Phillips, daughter of the late J. P. esq. H. Robinson, 23.

Joseph Brackenbury, gent. to Diana, daugh At Leicester, Mr. Robert Gamble.-Mrs. ter of the Rev. William Brackenbury, of Ayscough, 83. Halton Holegate.

At North Kibworth, on his return from The Rev. Mr. Hardwick, rector of Out. Lutterworth Market, Mr. William Hopkins, well, Norfoik, to Miss Rawnsby, daughter of Marston Trussel, near Market Harborough. of T. R esa oi Bourn.

Mr. J. Kilburn. Henry Salmon, esq. of Chilcompton, near At Loughborough, Mr. William Palmer, Bath, to Mrs. Vaughan, of Barton upon Hum. upwards of thirty years master of the Plough

inn, from which he bad retired a few years Died At Gainsborough, Miss Heywood, since, 66. daughter of 1. 4. esq. 25. Mr. William At Kimcote, the Rev. John Wooton, forFrancis, 50.-Mr Dawber, 62.

merly master of the grammar school at TuxAt Lincoln, Mr. Baker, coach-proprietor. ford, Nosts, and curate of the former place.

At Stamford, Mrs. Jacksen, relict of Mr. Mrs. W. his wife, died only eight days before Matthew J. of the Roebuck inn, 53.-Aged him. 30, Alr. D. Rippe, lately of Stamford, grocer. At Countesthorpe, Mr. Richard Basset, 63, He had spent the afternoon cheerfully with At Smisby, near Ashby-de-la Zouch, Mr. some friends, and was on his way to London, W. Slater, 45. upon the box of the Stanford coach, but had At Enderoy, Mr. Gage, 65. proceeded no farther than Burghley Lodges,

STAFFORDSHIR L. when he requested the coachman would help Married.) At Fulford, Mr. John Billing. him down, for he was taken very ill; the ton, of Cobridge, to Miss Elizabeth Cartledge, driver complied with his request, and waited of the Bankhouse, near Burslem. N-ar a quirter of an hour, when a cart ar. At Barlaston, Mr. William Barlow, of rived, and Mr. Rippe was conveyed to the Lane End, to Miss Mary Ann Goodall, only George and Angel inn, where he died a few daughter of Mrs. G. of Waste Farm. hours after. A coroner's inquest sat on the At Eccleshall, Mr. Smith, to Miss S. So. boy, ard a verdict was returned of-Died by merville. ikke visitation of God.

Died.] At Tipton, Mr. Edward Fisher, At Spilsby, Mr. Robert Adlard, formerly a senior. respectable farmer at Scrimby.

At Loxley, Mrs. Elizabeth Fryer, late of At Alford, Mrs. Young, wife of Mr. Rio Uxbridge, Middlesex. chard Y. 27

At Madeley Wood, Mr. William Yates. At Castle Bytham, Mr. Thomas Beeby. At Lichfield, Mary Elizabeth, only deagh. At Louth, Mr. Charles Townshend, 40. ter of the Rev. Dr. Buckerroge, 13. At Leabe, Mrs. Plant, wife of Mr. Richard P.

WARWICKSHIRL. At Grantham, Mrs. Turner, wife of Mr. The number of cases relieved during the T. alderman elect for that borough.

last year, at the Birmingham Dispensary, Ai Dembleby, Mrs. Flower, wife of Mr. amounted to 4297 ; viz. sick 2203, midwifery Robert F. of stockwith, 34

336, and vaccine inoculation 1736 At Sleaford, Lieut. George Wynne, of the Married.] At Temple Balsall, the Rev. J. 15th regiment, 39.

Sleath, of Rugby, to Miss Couchman, of the LIICISTERSHIRE.

former place. Married. I AL Leicester, Charles King, At Congeston, the Rev. Thomas Ncale, caq. to Miss Bainbridge. Mr. Peckett, of rector of Sibstone, to Miss Glent, of Bilstone, London, to Harict, youngest daughter of in the county of Leicester. the late James Page, gent.--Mr. Henry At Coventry, Mr. George Strickland, cheHeighton, to Miss Beale. -Mr. Henry Miles, mist, to Miss Eliz. Riley. of Stoke Golding, to Miss Brown, daughter Died.] At Warwick, the Rev. Marmaduke of the late Rev. William B..

Matthews, vicar of St. Mary's, in that town, At Quorndon, Mr. Boyer, dissenting miand of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, nister of Hachern, to Mary, daughter of the and one of the justices of the peace for the late William Cartwright, esq. of Quorndon, county, 73.

George Charlton, esg. of Beescon, near At Brierly Hill, Mrs. Sarah Aston, who Nottingham, to Miss Clarkson, of Breedon.. for many years kept the Old Swan Ino, iis

At Hinckley, Mr. J. E. Pilgrim, of Lon. Dudley. don, to Cecilia, daughter of Mr. S. Craven. At Edgbaston, Mr. Thomas Harrison, 64.

At Najistone, Mr. R. Pool, of the Miure At Coventry, William Freeman, esq. 66. and Key ian, to Miss Cowlishaw.

-Mrs. Muris.---Mr. Edward Arnold, 41.

Ac At Tipton, Mr. Edward Fisher, sen. thence rather westward for Sned's Green, At Southam, Mr. Snow, surgeon.

and the effects of it were felt more or less as At Amblecoat, Mrs. Phoebe Rollason. far as Chaddesley.Corbett. The principal

While on a visit to her brother at Penton- sufferers are Sir John Pakington, Mr. Silvesville, London, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. ter, of Doverdale, and Mr. Saunders, of May. Joseph Bretteld, of Birmingham.

caux. Mr. Silvester had 200 trees on his At Birmingham, Mr. J. Bagnall.-Mr. farm either torn up by the roots, cut, or John Coxon. --Mr. Henry Mellin, 40.--Mrs. shattered through the middle, and carried Cotton. Mr Thomas Nickolds. The infant some 10, 15, and 20 yards from whence they daughter of the Rev. R. Kennedy.--Mrs, grew : most of them were pear trees in fuit Laugher, wife of Mr. Thomas ...

bearing. The width the whirlwind occupied SHROPSHIRI.

in its course was from half a mile to a mile; Notice has been given, that application is

the time it continued was about half an hour, intended to be made to parliament in the next

and it blew from south and south-east. In session, for leave to bring in a bill for making

the environs of Stourbridge the storm raged 3 turnpike road from Wem to Whitchurch,

with excessive violence; in a gentleman's" at a place called Quina Brook, in the town.

garden at Oldswin ford, the bail stones, of ship of Edstaston, to Pepper-street, in the

peculiarly large dinensions, broke nearly 200 same township ; and also a turnpike road from

panes of glass in the green house, &c. Other the said road from Wem to Whitchurch, at

parts of the country have likewise felt the

effects of this unexampled burricane. the point opposite the blacksmith's shop in Edstaston, till it unites with the Quina Brook

Married. | At Worcester, Francis Dinely, branch before mentioned.

esq. of Pershore, to Miss Williams, only • Married. At 1: bitchurch, Charles Greig, daughter of Joseph W, esq. of Laughern esq. of London, to Rebecca, fourth daughter

House.- Mr. Pearse, attorney, o. London, te of Edward Jukes, esq. of Stone Grove, Herts.

Miss H. Waiker, of Suckley. -Mr. J. Ihon, At Wem, Mr. Daniel Hanley, of Shrews.

of Broom yard, to Miss Westbury. bury, to Miss Lea, of the Heighfields.-Mr.

At Persbore, Mr. J. H. George, of Wor. S. Lacon, of Liverpool, to Miss iPatcliffe.

cester, to Aliss Jane Goodall, ot Perstore. At Cardington, Mr. Devear, of London,

At Oid Swinford, James Mason, esq. of to Miss Davies, eldest daughter of Mr. D. of

Hay Hall, to Maria, eldest daughter of J. Chatwell Lawn.

Pidcock, esq. of the Platts, near Stourbridge. At Moreton Corbet, Mr. Thomas Pidduck,

W. Taylor, esq. of Chalford, Glocesterto Miss M. Deakin, of Holbrook.

shire, to Charlotte Ann, fourth daughter of At Wellington, Mr. John Crump, of Had.

the Rev. Dr. Lucas, of Ripple. ley, to Miss Ellis, of the same place.

At Eldersfield, Captain Labbetts, of Swan. At Ludlow, Mr. Bishop, to Miss Elizabeth

sea, to Miss Hall, of Hanley. Hughes.

At Alvely, Thomas Crump, joo. esq. of At Bolas Magna, Captain Ridgeway, to

Chorley, to Marianne, eldest daughter of Mr. Mrs. C. Morris, widow of Charles M. esq. of

Southam, of Little Cocon, Salop. Newport, and daughter of the late Rev. Bor.

Died.] At Worcester, Robert Coker, esq. lase Winfield, of Meeson Hall, in this county.

one of the commissioners of the Hawker's Died.] At Lilleshall, Mr. Pinches.-Mr.

Office. Mr. James Ethersey, attorney.--Mr. Francis Doody.

Samuel Burrow. At Welwyn End, near Newport, Mr. Scott.

At Bromsgrove, Mrs. Page, wife of Mr. P. At Oldbury, Mr. S. Tonks, 62.

veterinary surgeon. Ac Wem, Mrs. Sarah Lee, 87.

At Moseley, Mr. Robert Pitt. At Shrewsbury, Mr. W. Hesketh, 75.

At Claines, Mr. Robert Edwards. Mrs. Mary Tannatt.-Mrs. Atcherley, wife

Ac Stourbridge, Mrs. Mary Bare, a lady of

unbounded charity, 88. of Ms. A. 28. At Wilbrighton Hall, near Newport, Mrs.

At Bransford, Mr. Hurdman.

At Pershore, Mr. William Whittell, son Willington.

At Severn Hall, Mrs. Jesson, wife of Tho. of Mrs. W. mas J. esq.

A¢ Berrington, near Tenbury, Mr. John Shreweburu M

i r Steward, 70., At Rossall, near Shrewsbury, Mary, wise of Mr. Phillip Gittins.

'At Sutton, near Tenbury, Mr. John Brit. At Whitchurch, Mrs. Nicholson, wife of

Nicholson wife of ten, formerly steward to the late Jonathan the manager of the theatre in chat town.

Pytts, esq. of Kyre House. At New Dale, Mrs. Eigham, wife of Mr.

At Cotheridge, Mrs. Gardner. E. of Wellington.

At Norton, Mr. Thomas Brewer,

4. Hanley Child, Mr. William Webb, 86. WORCESTERSHIRE.

At Leigh Court, Thomas, youngest son of On the 991 of September, in che afternoon, the late Captain Spooner, 12. a dieadiul whirlwind commenced near Fernal

HEREFORDSHIRE Heath, and took a direction due north through The late Hereford Music Meeting was no. Salwarp, Ombersley, Doverdale, and to the merously attended. The general selection catiemity of Hampton-Lovett, and from for the several days gave great satisfaction,

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