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and nourishment he pursued through the land Society of London, on the 21st instant, day, answered as follows:~" At half-past met to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle two o'clock in the morning, I take two of Alexandria, in the Freemason's Tavern. spoonfuls and a half of jalap, and then a This meeting was the most numerous and quantity of electuary; then I sleep till seven, splendid, without exception, of any which and repeat the dose of both jalap and elec ever took place. The chieftains, and most tuary; at nine o'clock I take 14 pills of of the members, wore Highland dresses, No 9, and 11 pills of No 10, to whet my richly ornamented, which had a most splenappetite for breakfast ; at breakfast I eat a

did and characteristic appearance.

The basin of milk; at eleven I have an acid and Duke of York took the chair as president, alkali mixture ; afterwards I have a bolus; supported by the Dukes of Argyle and and at nine at night I have an anodyne Athol, the Marquis of Huntly, and a num. mixture, and go to sleep.” After some ber of noblemen and gentlemen connected progress had been made in the evidence, a with the Highlands. The gallery was filled compromise took place, the plaintiff accept- with an assemblage of beauty, from the first ing a verdict for £450.

families in the country, many of them in the Old Coins.—A farmer at Bar-le-Duc, in Highland costume. His Royal Highness France, digging lately near the trunk of an the Duke of York, after two or three of the old tree, found seven pieces of large gold national toasts had been given in Gaelic coin, which bear the effigy of James VI. and English, explained, in a short address, king of Scotland (afterwards James I. of the occasion on which they were assembled, England). These were in circulation at - viz. to present, from the Highland SoBar, during the residence of James II. of ciety, a piece of plate to the 420 Regiment, England there, in 1712.

or Royal Highlanders, as an acknowledgThe ploughman of Mr H. Land, of Sea ment of the high sense entertained by the Street, Hearne, in Kent, last week ploughed Society of the distinguished services of that up, in one of his master's fields, a guinea regiment; and added, it was with peculiar coined in the reign of Charles II. in high satisfaction that, in the discharge of his preservation. Money of this denomination duty as chairman of the meeting, he now was first coined by that monarch, and called addressed himself to the Marquis

of Hunta Guinea, from being made of gold import- ly, its noble commander, on whom, and on ed from the part of the African coast which the conduct of the regiment in the various goes by that name.

parts of the world in which they had been en24.-Boat upset.-About one o'clock in gaged,

his Royal Highness passed an animated the afternoon of Thursday, the 13th instant, encomium. His Royal Highness then preas two fishing boats, belonging to the East sented to the Noble Marquis a richly chased Haven, were making for the Bell Rock to silver tripod, with fluted bowl; the legs of wards Arbroath, one of them, in consequence the tripod were ornamented with thistle foof carrying too great a press of sail, run liage, and altogether adorned with approdown, a short distance from that harbour, priate emblems. The Marquis of Huntly, and the whole crew, consisting of six per in returning thanks to his Royal Highness sons, were committed to the mercy of the and the society, said it could not but be waves, and one person only was saved. highly gratifying to himself, and the other

A hard Law.--At the Lincoln Assizes, officers of the regiment of Royal HighlandWm Nubert, and Ann, his wife, were tried ers, that, in so numerous and respectable a for a burglary. The evidence was clear, body as he saw assembled there that day, but Nubert declared he did it by the per. his Royal Highness, as commander in chief, suasion of his wife, which she acknowledged, had spoken of the regiment in such flatterdeclaring, “ I am the wretched cause of his ing terms. The vase having been presentcommitting the robbery, and if I only could ed, the Duke of York resigned the chair to be hanged I should be satisfied.” The judge the Duke of Argyle, who is president for observed, that, in point of law, Ann Nu. the year. A number of noblemen and bert could not be convicted of this crime, gentlemen were admitted as members. for, as she acted with her husband, the law When the Duke of Argyle withdrew, the regarded her as acting under his coercion. chair was taken by the Marquis of Huntly, “ You and I, who are married men (said who kept up that spirit of conviviality charhis lordship to the jury), know that this pre- acteristic of a Highland meeting, to a late sumption of the law is often wrong, and hour on Saturday morning. Every thing that the husband is too often coerced by the was conducted according to the ancient ban. wife. (A laugh.) I believe I have made quetting of feudal times. The great cup of myself intelligible, though perhaps my in- friendly pledge went round the hall. The formation may not be very palutable ; it is whisky was drank out of the shell. A celenot our business to inquire why the law is brated piper struck up “ The Gathering," so, but it is our duty to act as it requires ; as the head of each clan was toasted, whilst and therefore, gentlemen, you must acquit Gow's band roused the company with those the female prisoner.” The jury according- national airs which make the heart light. ly acquitted the wife, and found William 28.-Cobbetts Departure. A letter from Nubert guilty.

Liverpool, dated the 26th instant, says, that 27.-

The Highland Society. The High " Mr Cobbett and his two sons are arrived Vol. I.

2 E

here and have taken their passage for New from this yard for fifty years, which circumYork, in the Imported, Captain Hall

. She stance, added to the fineness of the weather, sails to-morrow,

if the wind permits, and is drew together an unusual concourse of specfull of passengers.

tators; and the ceremony of consigning her 29.---Ancient Coins..There have been to the waves was performed with all that lately found in the ancient manor of Ulches- coolness, regularity, and precision, which ter, Northumberland, nearly 1000 silver ever mark such occasions in this kingdom. coins, which appear to be pennies of the 31.-Sudden Deaths.--On Saturday afreigns of Stephen and Henry II.

ternoon, a woman dropped down dead in 29.-True Highlanders. Among the ad one of the streets of Leith; and about three dresses published in the last London gazette hours after, a porter, who had been relating to the Prince Regent, in consequence of the the circumstance in a shop on the shore, also late atrocious insult offered to his person, is suddenly dropped down, and instantly exone from the Society of True Highlanders, pired. in the Gaelic tongue. It is headed, “ Fame 31.--The Theatre. _On Saturday night, acquired by valour, the triumph of True the 29th instant, Mr Kemble took his final Highlanders,” and is signed by Colonel A. leave of the Edinburgh audience in Macbeth; Macdonnel of Glengary.

on which occasion he delivered a farewell 29.--Launch of the Agincourt.-The address, written by Mr Walter Scott. The Agincourt, a fine new seventy-four, was house overflowed to witness the last perforlaunched from Plymouth-yard on Wednes mance (here) of this great actor, and it was day last. It is remarkable, that she is the not easy to determine whether the emotion of only seventy-four that has been launched the audience or of Mr Kemble predominated.


Acts passed in the 57th Year of the Reign of George III. or in the Fifth Session

of the Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom.

CAP. I. To continue and extend the Pro at or upon the day on which this Act shall visions of an Act of the Forty-ninth Year receive his Majesty's royal assent, or after, of his present Majesty, for regulating the by warrant of his said Majesty's most honTrade and Commerce to and from the Cape ourable Privy Council, signed by six of the of Good Hope, until the 5th day of July said Privy Council, for high treason, sus1820 ; and also for regulating the Trade of picion of high treason, or treasonable practhe Island of Mauritius.-Feb. 24, 1817. tices, or by warrant signed by any of his

Trade to the eastward of the Cape of Good Majesty's Secretaries of State, for such Hope, to be regulated by Order in Council. causes as aforesaid, may be detained in safe -Goods imported or exported contrary to custody, without bail or mainprize, until Order in Council, forfeited, as also the ves the 1st day of July 1817; and that no judge sels. East India Company's rights not to or justice of the peace shall bail or try any be effected.

such person or persons so committed, with CAP. II. For raising the Sum of TWEN out order from his said Majesty's Privy TY-FOUR MILLIONS, by Exchequer Bills, Council, signed by six of the said Privy for the Service of the Year 1817.-Feb. 24. Council, until the 1st day of July 1817;

The Treasury may raise £24,000,000 by any law or statute to the contrary notwithExchequer Bills, in like manner as is pre- standing.--Act in Scotland of 1701, so far scribed by 48 Geo. III. cap. I.–Treasury as relates to treason suspended.-Persons to apply the money so raised.—To be pay committed there not to be tried, &c. withable out of the Supplies for the next Session. out such order as aforesaid, --From and af. -To bear an interest not exceeding 3d. ter the 1st day of July 1817, the said perper cent. per diem.--To be current at the sons so committed, shall have the benefit Exchequer after April 5, 1818.-Bank of and advantage of all laws and statutes in England may advance £15,000,000 on the any way relating to, or providing for, the credit of this Act, notwithstanding the Act liberty of the subjects of this realm.--Pri5 and 6 Gul. & Mariæ.

vileges of Members of Parliament not invaCAP. III. To empower his Majesty to lidated.--Persons against whom indictments securc and detain such Persons as his Ma. for high treason are already found, to be jesty shall suspect are conspiring against his tried thereon.--The Secretary of State may Person and Government.--March 4. order persons committed to be removed to

That all, or any person or persons, that any other gaol; but persons so removed, are or shall be in prison within that part of are not to be deprived of right to be tried or the United Kingdom called Great Britain, discharged.

Cap. IV. To extend the privileges of the or paying any such contributions as aforeTrade of Malta to the Port of Gibraltar. said.Bank of England authorized to adMarch 4.

vance a certain sum not exceeding three Cap. V. For continuing to his Majesty millions on the credit of this act. certain Duties on Malt, Sugar, Tobacco, Cap. VI. To make perpetual certain and Snuff, in Great Britain ; and on Pen. Parts of an Act of the Thirty-sixth Year sions, Offices, and Personal Estates in Eng- of his present Majesty, for the safety and land ; and for receiving the Contributions of Preservation of his Majesty's Person and Persons receiving Pensions and holding Government against Treasonable and SediOffices; for the Service of the Year 1817. tious Practices and Attempts ; and for the March 4.

Safety and Preservation of the Person of Sect. 38.-Whereas his Royal Highness his Royal Highness the Prince Regent the Prince Regent has been graciously pleas, against Treasonable Practices and Attempts. ed to direct certain sums to be contributed -March 17. and paid, from the Civil List revenue, in Cap. VII. To revive and make perpetuaid of the public service of the year 1817; al, Two Acts of the Thirty-seventh Year of and whereas many persons holding offices his present Majesty, the one in the Parliaand places in his Majesty's service, and ment of Great Britain, and the other in the others having or holding pensions or other Parliament of Ireland, for the better Preemoluments derived from the public, are vention and Punishment of Attempts to desirous of contributing proportions of their Seduce Persons serving in his Majesty's respective official incomes, salaries, pensions, Forces by Sea or Land from their Duty or other emoluments, for the same purpose ; and Allegiance to his Majesty, or to incite be it therefore enacted, that it shall be law- them to Mutiny or Disobedience.- March ful for the Commissioners of his Majesty's 17. Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great 37. Geo. III. c. 70, and 37. Geo. III. Britain and Ireland, or any three or inore (Irish) revived, and made perpetual. of them, or for the Lord High Treasurer Cap. VIII. To continue until the 5th day of the United Kingdom of Great Britain of April 1820, an Act of the Fifty-second. and Ireland for the time being, to issue Year of his present Majesty, to regulate the such directions, for one year, commencing Separation of damaged from sound Coffee, the 5th day of April 1817, to the officers of and to permit Dealers to send out any the Exchequer, and of the several depart- quantity of Coffee, not exceeding Eight ments of the Civil List of Great Britain re. Pounds weight, without a Permit.-March spectively, as may be necessary for giving 17. effect to the most gracious intention of his Cap. IX. For vesting all Estates and Royal Highness in such contribution, and Property occupied for the Barrack Service for executing the intentions of such other in the Comptroller of the Barrack Departpersons as aforesaid ; and no deduction shall ment, and for granting certain Powers to be made, or fee, emolument, or allowance the said Comptroller.-March 17. taken, by any person returning, receiving,


Colonel A. J. Dalrymple, for the borough of Weymouth, without opposition, and at the sole expense of the electors.

Hon. Charles Stuart for Bridport, vice William Draper Best, Esq. appointed a Welsh Judge.

Hon. Alexander Abercromby, for the shire of Clackmannan, vice the Hon. Sir John Abercromby, deceased.


The Earl of Errol to be his Majesty's Commis-
sioner to the General Assembly of the Church of

Mr G. D. Donald, writer in Glasgow, to be lerk of the Commissariat of Glasgow, in place of the late Mr Barton.

Mr George Agnew to be Sheriff and Commissary Clerk, and Deputy Keeper of the Register of Sasines and Reversions, for the county of Wigtoun, in room of his late father, Nathaniel Agnew, Esq. of Ochiltree.

Lord Combermere has been appointed Captain and Governor of Barbadoes.

The Earl of Macclesfield-Lord Lieutenant of the county of Oxford.

Sir Richard Richards-Chief Baron of the Exchequer, vice Sir Alexander Thompson, deceased.

Mr Alexander to be a Baron of Exchequer, vice Sir Richard Richards.

Mr Cooke to be a Master in Chancery, vice Mr Alexander.

Lieut. Steele of the Royal Marines, A. W. Crichton, and Colonel Sir Benjamin D'Urban, have received the honour of knighthood.

Members returned to Parliament. Alexander Maconochie, Esq. his Majesty's Advocate for Scotland, for the Borough of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, vice Richard Wellesley, Esq. who has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Presentations. James Moray, Esq. of Abereairny has presented Mr Alexander Maxtone, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Fowlis Wester, presbytery of Auchterarder, vacant by the death of the Rev. John Murray.

The Earl of Rothes has presented the Rev. John Cunningham, minister of Newtyle, to the church and parish of Kinglassie, presbytery of Kirkaldy, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr Reid.

Sir Jaines Colquhoun has presented Mr Peter Proudfoot, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Arrochar, presbytery of Dumbarton.

Sir John Dalrymple has presented Mr Welsh, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Heriot, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr Hunter,

The Earl of Aboyne has appointed, by mandate. the Rev. H. Burgess to be assistant and successor

to the Rev. George Brown, minister of Glenmuick, 2 Ft. Ensign T. Armstrong to be Lieut. vice presbytery of Kincardine O'Neil.

Wood, prom.

20th Mar. 1817. Lord Archibald Hamilton has appointed, by

George Campbell to be Ensign, vice Armmandate, the Rev.-- Russell to be assistant and


do. do. successor to the Rev. James Craig, minister of 78 Ensign W. J. Cockburne to be Lieut, vice Dalserf, presbytery of Hamilton.

Sutherland, dead

do. do. The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. Peter V. H. Mairis to be Ensign vice Cockburne. Chalmers to the second charge of the church and 83 J. F. Vane to be Ensign by purchase, vice parish of Dunfermline, vacant by the death of the

Cochrane, retires

do. do. Rev. John Fernie.

90 Lieut. J. Taylor, from h. p. 91 F. to be The Marquis of Abercorn has presented the Rev.

Lieut. vice Hind, dead

do. do. Peter Brewster to the second charge of the abbey 5 C. R. 2d Lieut. Alexander Scott, from 4 Ceylon parish of Paisley, vacant by the death of the Rev.

Regt. to be 2d Lieut. 25th April 1817 Mr Smith.

R. Art. Brevet Lieut. Col. J. S. Williamson to be Lieut.-General Campbell of Lochnell, M. P. has

Lt. Col. vice Foy, dead 24th Mar. 1817 presented the Rev. Hugh Fraser of Oban, to the Brevet Major J. Caddy to be Major, vice church and parish of Ardchattan, vacant by the


do. do. death of the Rev. George Campbell.

2d Capt. C. Bridge to be Capt. vice Caddy. The Duke of Gordon has presented Mr W. Cowie,

do. do. preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of 1st Lieut. W. Duncan, to be 2d Captain, Cabrach, presbytery of Alford, vacant by the death

yice Conroy appointed Adjut. 11th do. of the Rev. Mr Gordon.

P. V. England to be 2d Captain, The Town Council of Stirling has presented the

vice Close, ditto

do. do. Rev. George Wright of Markinch, to the first

W. B. Patten, to be 2d Captain, charge of that town and parish, vacant by the death

vice Blackley, ditto

do. do. of the Rev. Dr Somerville.

J. E. Maunsell to be 2d Captain, The Earl of Hopetoun has appointed Mr James

24th do. Macfarlane to be assistant and successor to the Rev.

W. K. Rains to be 2d Captain, Henry Sangster, minister of Humbie.

vice Terrell, dead

25th do. On Monday, the 17th March, the associate con

2d Captain John Conroy to be Adjutant to gregation of Kinkell gave a unanimous call to Mr

the Corps of Artillery Drivers 11th do. John Craig, pieacher of the gospel, to be their

Charles Close to be ditto, do. do. minister.

B. Blackley, ditto ditto do. do. On Sunday, April 6th, the members of the 2d congregation of Presbyterians in Belfast gave a

Exchanges. unanimous call to the Rev. Mr M‘Ewan of Killie. Brevet Lieut. Colonel Reynett, from 54 foot, with leagh to be their pastor, in room of the Rev. Dr Lieut. Colonel Mein, h. p. 52 Foot. H. Drummond, who was some time ago called to Captain Sanderson, from 46 Foot, with Captain Dublin.

Otway, h. p. 101 Foot.
Lieut. Hon. Ğ. Blaquiere, from 4 Dragoon Guards,

with Lieut. Slocock, h. p. 14 Foot.

2d Lieut. Walsh, from Rific Brigade, with Ensign Brevet Capt. J. Belches, h. p. 59 F. to be Major in Fennell, h. p. 90 Foot. the Army:

26th March 1817 W. Reid, Royal Eng. to be Major in

Resignations and Retirements. the Army.

do. do.

Lieutenant Harrison, 20 Dragoons. 15 Dr. Charles Jones, from h. p. to be Cap. Ensign Cochrane, 83 Foot. tain, vice Buckley, h. p.

25th do. 20 Cornet William Webster, to be Lieut. by

Superseded. purchase, vice Harrison, retires. 20th do. Ensign Murray, 30 Foot.

Major General.
Haviland Smith, late of 27 Foot.

Lieut. Colonels.
Foy, Royal Art. 23 Mar. 1817.
De Belleville, late For. Vet. Bn.

Williams, 86 Foot.
Peddie, Capt. 12 Foot.

Juxon, 3 Foot. 14 Mar. 1817.
Moir, 22 Foot.
May, 35 Foot.

Nealson, 6 Foot 28 Jan.
Schroen, ditto 31 Dec. 1816,
Thome, 80 Foot. 8 April 1817.
Terrell, Royal Art.

Haworth, 17 Dr. 11 Aug. 1816.

Grant, Foot.
H. Beaver, 19 Foot. 13 April.
F. Fitzgerald, 20 F. 6 Mar. 1817.
Murkland, 33 Foot. 1 April.
G. M. Ellis, 34 Foot.
Whitney, 66 F. 3 June 1816.

4 Sept.
M‘Lennon, R. Y. Ran. Ja. 1817.
Newman, York L. I. V. 1 Jan.
Wynn, Royal Art. 10 do.
W. H. Tyler, West London

4 April
Thornton, 19 F. 6 Sept. 1816.
C. Smith, 60 F. 16 Jan. 1817.
Lurting, R. York Rang. Jan.

Cor. Carey, 17 Dr. 25 Sep. 1816.

Ens. Curtis, 60 F. 30 Jan. 1817.

Quarter Masters. Harman, late of Coldstream Foot Guards.

25 Mar. 1817. Fitton, 35 F. 2 Jan. M‘Donald, 66 F. 17 April 1816.

Korb, h. p. 49 F.
Jones, Royal York Rangers.
Tomlinson, h. p. 1 Gar. Bat.

Assistant Surgeon.
Payne, 3 W. I. Reg. 19 Feb.1817.

Dr Wray, Phys. to the Forces.
E. O'Reilly, Surgeon to do.
G. M. Sears, Dep. Purs. do.

1 April.

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COLONIAL PRODUCE. Sugars.-The quantity of sugars lately arrived is very inconsiderable, and though the stock of old is understood to be much reduced, yet prices continue to decline, and the market is very dull. In Refined there has been little variation during the month ; of late some holders have shewn a disposition to reduce their prices, as the demand continues limited. Molasses heavy and declining. A public sale of East India Sugars was brought forward the 29th April ; low white, or fine yellow, all withdrawn at 45s. to 46s. ; much above the market price. Some Brazil Sugars, of uncommon fine quality, have been shewn by private contract; for fine white, very strong grain, 50s. was offered and refused. Coffee has been and continues in considerable demand, and large sales have been made principally for exportation. Cotton. In this article very extensive sales have been lately effected, and inquiries for exportation continue to be made. What appears a little singular is, whilst the raw material meets a demand exceeding that of any former period, and maintains a price nearly double its fair growing value, compared with that of every other production of the soil, the manufactured articles remain at prices unprecedentedly low. Indigo.-An extensive sale, by the East India Company, took place the end of last month ; the prices not generally so high as anticipated, but, on an average, may be rated at 9d. to 15d. per lb. above the previous sale. The quantity taken in, however, for account of the proprietors, was considerable, nearly a half of the whole sale. Tobacco. The contract advertised by the French government has excited much attention, and so soon as the particulars are more fully known, an advance in the price of this article is expected. \Run.--A very extensive transaction has taken place in this article, about 3000 puncheons of the strongest Jamaica, and of favourite marks, usually taken for home consumption, having been contracted for, to be taken on arrival. The particulars, of the sale have not transpired, but prices are reported to be from 4s. to 4s. 3d.--This extensive quantity, withdrawn from the market, with a short import, may probably affect the prices. Rice continues to decline, and is offered at very low prices.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE. Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. In these articles little variation, and the demand very limited. Oils.—Fish still scarce, and prices supported.---Cod has been sold at £32.—Olive very dull. Provisions.-Irish continue to go off readily; pork in considerable request. 17,000 Edam Cheeses, (round Dutch) lately brought forward for sale, went off at 40s. to 52s. chiefly 49s. to 50s. In British Manufactures the demand still continues such as to produce little improvement in prices. In a few parts of the country, we are, however, glad to hear, there is some appearance of revival. The commerce of the port of Newcastle is stated to have materially improved during the last two months, and very considerable exportations of manufactured goods are said to have taken place, not as formerly, upon speculation, but in execution of real orders from the Conti

We also learn from Staffordshire, that its trade and manufactories have revived very considerably of late, particularly the Iron works.

Premiums of Insurance. There has been little variation during last month at Lloyd's; the continental risks may however be stated a little lower; to Holland, the immediate coast of France, and to Hamburgh, &c. 10s. 6d. to 12s. Sd. per cent.

Prices of Bullion.--Gold in bars, £3:18: 6d. New doubloons, £3: 15: 6. Silver in bars, 5s. 1 d. per oz.

Course of Exchange.-2d May 1817. -Amsterdam, 38:6 B. 2 U. Hamburgh 35:5:2} V. Paris, 24: 90 : 2 Ư. Madrid, 35. effect. Cadiz, 35 effect. Naples, 398. Lisbon, 58. Dublin, 104 per cent.

Weekly Price of Stocks, from 1st to 30th April 1817.

22d. 29th.


888, 87

Bank stock,

shut. 257, 256 255, 255 251, 251 2511, 251} 3 per cent. reduced,

shut. 72, 713 723, 713 714, 713 71, 71 3 per cent. consols.

72, 713 73, 727 735, 721 724, 72} 72, 72 4 per cent. consols, shut. 914, 893 90, 891

89, 88 5 per cent. navy 100%, 100% 103, 102 1031, 102 1023, 1023 1021, 1025 Imperial 3 per cent. ann... shut. shut. shut. shut. shut. India stock,

shut. shut. 2084, 2071 2084 shut.

43, 42pm. 66, 65pm. 62, 60pm. 71, 72pm. 788. pm. Exchequer bills, 24d. 6, 5pm. 13, 11pm. 13, 10pm. 11, 13pm. 13, 10pm.

3d. p. day 13, 11pm. 23, 21pm. 20, 18pm. 21, 20pm. 20, 18pm. 3 d. 13, 5pm. 24, 14pm. 20,12pm. 14, 21pm.

Consols for acc.

73, 713
733, 72} 74, 73

733, 72

723, 727 American 3 per cents...

61 - new loan,6 p. cent.

101, 1015 French 5 per cents. mowane


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