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desultory speech, concluding with a string strument is to be shipped for India by the
of resolutions, having for their object to ob next outward-bound fleet.
tain annual parliaments and universal suf 13.-Union Canal.-On Saturday the
frage. The resolutions were then embodied 8th, the petition for leave to bring into Pat.
into the form of a petition, and carried by liament the Bill for the Union Canal was
acclamation. It was taken, by the chair. despatched to London, signed and sealed by
man of the meeting, down to the House of the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and
Comnions, with the view of putting it into having the subscriptions of a number of re-
the hands of Lord Folkstone to be present- spectable individuals of both cities, well-
ed. The crowd gradually dispersed. Mr wishers to that much wanted and most use-
Hunt paraded through several of the prin- ful undertaking.
cipal streets, with an immense mob follow 13.—Nero Coin.-The exchange of the
ing his tandem, but, though rather turbu new for the old silver coin commenced this
lent, no michief ensued.

day at the several banks and banking houses Mural Monument.--Soon after the com in this city and Leith ; and the issue is to pletion of the iron bridge at Bonar, in be simultaneous throughout the kingdom. the county of Sutherland, George Demp - The new coins are very handsome, conster, Esq. of Dunnichen, expressed a wish sisting of crowns, half-crowns, shillings, to be allowed to have placed, at his ex and sixpences. On the crowns and halfpense, in a conspicuous place at Bonar crowns is the head of his Majesty, with the Bridge, a mural inonument, or tablet of words Georgius III. Dei Gratia, 1816 ; on marble, with an inscription, expressive, the reverse, Rex. Fid. Def. Britanniarum, and as a lasting memorial, of the patriotic with the royal arms and motto encircled by exertions of the Commissioners for Highland the collar of the order of the Garter, surroads and bridges. The tablet, which is of mounted with a crown. On the shillings white marble, about four feet in height, and sixpences is his Majesty's head, with and three feet in breadth, with two pedestals the words Geor. III. D. G. Britt. Rex. of Portland stone, having been safely land

F. D. 1816. The arms on the reverse are ed at Bonar, the heritors, &c. of the coun encircled with the Garter, surmounted with ty of Sutherland, at their last Michaelmas the crown. The raised rim protects the imHead Court, directed that it should be forth- pressions, and each coin has a milled edge. with erected, agreeable to the wish of the 14 -Commitment to the Tower.Wat. patriotic donor, and voted thanks to Mr son, Preston, Ilooper, and Kean, alias Dempster for the handsome gift, which Kcarns, having been ordered to be commitwere communicated to him by the convener. ted to the Tower, four hackney coaches The inscription is as follows:

were procured, and one prisoner put into TRAVELLER!

cach, under the care of a king's messenger Stop and read with gratitude and a Bow Street officer. Sir Anthony The names of the Parliamentary Commis Conant rode in the first coach. They left the

sioners, appointed, in the year 1803, to Secretary of State's office about five o'clock, direct the making of about five hundred and proceeded to the Tower. As soon as miles of roads through the Highlands of the coaches had entered, the gates were Scotland, and of numerous bridges, par- closed, and the Deputy-Governor and Col. ticularly those at Beauly, Scuddel, Bonar, Sutton, the colonel of the guard on duty, Fleet, and Helmsdale, connecting those took charge of the prisoners, and conducted roads ;-yiz.

them to second rate apartments, which had Right Honourable Charles Abbot. been prepared for their reception ; each is Right Honourable Nicholas Vansittart. confined in a separate room. Two wardens Right Honourable William Dundas. (yeomen of the guard) are to be in each Sir William Pulteney,

room constantly with them; and at the Isaac Hawkins Brown, Esq.

outside of each room door there are two Charles Grant, Esq.

centinels. William Smith, Esq.

15.--Naval Monument.-A numerous To whom were afterwards added, meeting of the subscribers to the naval moArchibald Colquhoun, Esq. Lord Ad nument to be erected to the memory of the

late Lord Melville, was held at Oman's Charles Dundas, Esq.

Hotel, in Edinburgh, on Tuesday, when Right Honourable Nathaniel Bond. the state of the funds was laid before them ;This building was begun in September 1811, and it was unanimously resolved, that a

and finished in November 1812. committee be formed for carrying the said Thomas Telford, architect.

work into execution, and that they be inSimpson and Cargill, builders.

structed to tix upon a place for erecting the This stone was placed here by said monument, to procure plans, to decide GEORGE DEMPSTER of Dunnichen, in the upon the same, and proceed forth with in

the execution thereof. Organ.--A superb organ has just bcen 15.-County Meeting. -Yesterday, a built, at an expense of 4000 guineas, as a very numerous meeting of the county of present from the Countess of Loudon and Edinburgh was held in the Parliament Moira to the church at Calcutta. This in. House, when an address to the Prince Rę.



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year 1815.

gent, on the late outrages, was proposed, speech of considerable length, he read the and unanimously agreed to.

declaration, which stated the determination 18.-Dreadful Fire.The worsted mill, of the society to promote constitutional rebelonging to Messrs Edward and Joseph form in the Commons House of Parliament, Pease of Darlington, has been entirely de- and concluded in the following words; stroyed by fire. The damage is estimated “ Waving, therefore, the discussion of all at £35,000, and upwards of 500 people will particular tenets, and details of reform, rebe thrown out of employment for many sisting corruption on the one hand, and viomonths to come.

lence on the other, this meeting pledges itThe Gazette of this day contains a pro- self to leave no legal and constitutional means clamation, offering a reward of £500 for unexerted, for inducing the legislature to the apprehension of James Watson the take the grievances of the people into its younger; and likewise a reward of the early and serious consideration, and (by asame sum for the apprehension of Arthur mending the state of representation) to renThistlewood ; with a full description of their der the House of Commons, in fact, as it is persons.

of right, a control upon the executive go20.--The Queen's Birth-day.-- This day vernment, and an express image of the feelbeing appointed to celebrate her Ma- ings of the nation." Several gentlemen, jesty's birth-day, her Majesty held a draw, particularly Mr Curran, delivered their sening-room, which displayed a most magni- timents very freely, but all of them disclaimficent assemblage of rank and beauty. The ed the idea of annual parliaments and uniPrince Regent had commanded notice to be versal suffrage; and the meeting was congiven in the Gazette, that the celebration ducted with that degree of moderation which of the Queen's birth-day, and his own, should be an example to all the true friends should be considered as public court festi- and advocates of reform. vals, and that those who attended the court, Striking the Fiars. The act of sederunt should appear in dresses of British manu of the Court of Session (December 21, 1723) facture only; and he set a laudable example, constitutes the law with regard to the strikin ordering all his state officers, and others ing of the fiars; and as this is a subject of of the royal establishment, to appear in new great and increasing importance, we insert costly dresses, in which every article, not of the following short outline of its proviBritish manufacture, was strictly prohibit- sions : ed; which, as a pattern to the higher or Ist, Fifteen persons, who have “ knowders generally, will be a great benefit to ledge and experience of the prices and trade numberless industrious families. Indeed, of victual” (not fewer than eight of them all the company present shewed they had heritors) shall be chosen as a jury, to sit bebeen equally anxious to relieve their suffer. tween the 4th and 20th February. ing countrymen, by affording them employ 2d, Witnesses shall be examined, conment, which is the only permanently useful cerning the price at which victual has been mode of relief.

“ bought and sold, especially since the 1st 20.-A London Gazette was published of November immediately preceding,” and

this day. It consists of ten pages, and is also “ concerning all other good grounds i entirely filled with addresses of congratula- and arguments” for establishing the just

tion to the Prince Regent on his late happy fiar prices. escape.

3d, Any persons “ present in court,” may 24.--Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Such is “ offer information to the jury concerning the infatuation of the believers in the doc. the premises and the evidence adduced.” trines of that ridiculous old woman, Johanna 4th, The Sheriff, if necessary, may adSouthcote, that several persons in Leeds are journ to a subsequent day, but must proactually quitting comfortable situations in nounce sentence on or before the 1st of life, to embark on a pilgrimage to Jerusa. March. lem! where they are fully persuaded, they 5th, The Sheriff, if needful or customary, are to live without money, or labour, or may strike the fiars more than once every sorrow, or pain, for at least 1000 years !

year. 24.-Friends of Public Order.-A meet 6th, The fiars must be recorded in the ing of the friends of public order, retrench. sheriff books, and extracts shall be given ment, and reform, dined together on Sature by the clerk, when demanded, on payment day last, at the Freemason's Tavern. At of seven shillings Scots for each, and no half-past five o'clock, Mr Lucas took the chair, with the Hon. Thomas Brand on his 27.--Arresis at Glasgow.-On Saturday right, and Sir Francis Burdett on his left night, the 22d instant, about eleven o'clock, side. Amongst the company present were, eighteen men were taken up, under a Shethe Hon. Douglas Kinnaird, J. Philpot riff's warrant, in a small public house at Curran, Alderman Goodbehere, Mr Waith- the head of the Old Wynd, Glasgow, and man, Mr Phillips, &c. A declaration was lodged in jail for examination. it is unhanded by the chairman to his friend Mr derstood that they are charged with having Peter of Cornwall, with a request that he met for treasonable purposes.

On being would preface the reading of it with some questioned as to the object of their meeting, observations of his own; when, after a they declared, it was solely with the view

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of concerting measures for ascertaining the The proficiency of the pupils, forty-eight in question, how far they were entitled by law number, in all the branches of education, to parochial relief. A schoolmaster and a was calculated to give universal satisfaction; writer's clerk were in the company, the rest and it is scarcely possible to imagine a more were, apparently, very poor people. Seven truly gratifying spectacle, than the exhibimore men of the last description were taken tion of so many young persons, rescued from up by warrants in the course of the night, the most deplorable state of infirmity and and another on Sunday, making in all privation, and introduced, by the exertions twenty-six.

of enlightened benevolence, to all the use27. Attempt at Rescue.-On Tuesday, fulness and comforts of social life, and to the 25th instant, two men were apprehend- the enjoyments, the hopes, and the consolaed in Anderston, and committed to jail tions of rational and immortal beings. under similar charges with the above. On 4.-Hoarding of Silver,--Lately, an their way to prison, near the Broomielaw, old man, apparently poor, with a very a considerable

crowd collected, who attempt. clownish gait, was observed walking to and ed a rescue. The soldiers were obliged to fro before the British Linen Company's fire, but no person was hurt. Three of the bank at Dumfries; after considerable hesiringleaders of this mob were apprehended, tation he ventured in, and inquired for the and also lodged in jail.

head o' the house."-"I am the head of 28.--Petition of the Livery..A meeting the house,” said Mr C. ; " what was it you of the Livery of London was held in the wanted ?"-" I want to ken gif ye hae Common Hall, for the purpose of petition- power to tak the auld siller ?""Oh yes, ing parliament against the suspension of the I take the old silver ; how much have you? Habeas Corpus Act, when Mr Waithman, perhaps five pounds ?” -“ I hae mair than in a long speech, declared it as his opinion, that I hae five hunner punds !" that there were no grounds to warrant such 5. Curious Fact in Natural History. an encroachment upon the liberty of the Some time ago, at Lochmaben, two crows, subject ; and after ridiculing the contents of which had been accustomed to build on the the green bag, and the alarm which they same tree, being considered troublesome by had excited, a petition, founded upon reso consuming the seed-corn, were ordered to lutions which had been proposed by Mr be shot. Immediately after, a number of Favell, was unanimously agreed to. A si. crows assembled, and made a considerable milar petition was also unanimously agreed noise, apparently communicating with one to be presented to the House of Lords. another. 'I'wo of their number were then

deputed to attend the young brood belong

ing to the crows which had been killed, and 1.-Nero Village. The Earl of Fife has which duty they diligently performed, and generously offered to settle on his estates brought the young ones to maturity. various families of the western islands, who 5.--Robbery of the Mail. On the 3d inwere ready to emigrate to America ; and we stant, the mail between Edinburgh and observe, with pleasure, that he is building a Stirling was robbed of a parcel containing new village near Keith, where every encou bank notes amounting to £5000. The robragement is offered to the settlers.

bery must have been committed by three General Assembly.-.-The Right Hon. men, who had previously taken places. The Lord Napier having retired from the office parcel was sately lodged in the coach ; and of Lord High Commissioner to the General one of the men, having a greatcoat thrown Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the over his arm, got into the coach, and was Right Hon. the Earl of Errol is appointed shortly after followed by the others, who to that high station.

did not appear to have any knowledge of 3.-Violent Gale. This morning it blew each other. Just before the mail started, a strong gale of wind from the W.N.W. the man who first entered said, that he had It was high water at Leith 34 minutes past forgotten certain papers and documents, two in the morning, about which time the without which it would be fatal to his intide ran strong into the harbour ; for which terest to proceed on his journey, and he several vessels were obliged to make, owing quitted the coach with his coat across his to the violence of the gale ; some attempting arm in the same manner as he entered it, to go out at the same time, they ran foul of taking with him, however, (as it is supposed) each other, and great confusion and damage the parcel concealed under his coat. The ensued. Out of ten vessels thus circum. other persons quitted the coach before its stanced, no less than five sunk at the Fer arrival at Stirling, at which place the notes ry-boat Stairs, and, it is feared, will be to were made payable, and where the robbery tally wrecked. Several small boats were was discovered. Notwithstanding the most also dashed to pieces, but happily no lives diligent search, by officers from Bow Street were lost.

and Edinburgh, no traces of the delinquents 3.Deaf and Dumb Institution. The have yet been found. annual general meeting of the members of 6.-Melancholy Accident. On Sunday the Deaf and Dumb Institution, and public afternoon, the 2d instant, as Mr Perry, examination of its pupils, took place in the manager at Messrs Todd & Shortridge's Assembly Rooms on Monday, 24th, ult. printfield, with two boys, his children, was


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crossing the Leven in a boat, the chain, given to fit up proper apartments in Edinwhich is fastened on each bank, became burgh castle for their reception, to which entangled with the bow, and the boat ship- place they are to be removed. ped water and sunk. Mr Perry seized his Gas-light Company.--Arrangements have children, and for some minutes supported been made for the establishment of a gasthem in his arms. He was, however, com- light company in this city, and we have to pelled to quit them, and make for the shore; congratulate our fellow-citizens on the near but he became exhausted, and shared the prospect of a great improvement being made melancholy fate of his children.

in the lighting of the streets.

Political eco7.-Extraordinary Mendicant.-A man nomists are not, however, agreed, whether of the name of Brookes, who had for many or not the advantages arising from the genyears subsisted by begging in the borough eral use of gas-lights are sufficient to counof Southwark, lately died, worth upwards of terbalance the evil that will arise from the £4000 in land and houses.

Several years

corresponding diminution of maritime emago, he purchased, in another person's name, ployment in the whale fishery. a landed estate in the neighbourhood of 10.-Meeting at Manchester.On MonWoolwich--fearing, that if he had it con day the 3d instant, a meeting was held at veyed to himself, it might také wind, and Manchester, previous to which it was intialtogether destroy his favourite pursuit of mated, that the numbers to be collected on mendicity. At the time of his demise, that day would proceed to London, 'to prethere were four new houses, but not nearly sent a petition to the Prince Regent, for the finished, in the Borough-road, which were purpose of undeceiving him." Placards built with his money, but were prevented were stuck up, and handbills distributed. from being finished by an accident of a very The people of Stockport were invited to join serious result, and produced entirely by his those of Manchester on Lancashire Hill. original attachment to deception. The It was insinuated, that 25,000 stand of arms builder over-reached him in the contract ; at Birmingham might be secured. The arand, after obtaining £1200 of his money, rivals in the course of the day could not be refused to finish them, which preyed so less than from 60 to 70,000. Early in the strongly on his mind, that, in a fit of des- morning, the streets of Manchester were pair, he put an end to his life by firing a crowded by thousands, of whom a great pistol into his mouth.

part were prepared with blankets and bunEmployment of the Poor.-The Board of dles for the march to London. A temporary Agriculture, considering the public benefit stage was erected upon a cart at the place of which would result from increasing the em- assembly, and the instigators of the meeting ployment of the agricultural poor at this appeared upon it about nine o'clock, and juncture, and being desirous that as much delivered harangues of the most inflammainformation as possible should be collected tory kind. Members poured in in shoals and made known to the public, have resolv every minute, when it was deemed necessary ed to give the following premiums: to call in the civil and military power, as

To the person who shall draw up, and had been previously arranged by the magisproduce to the Board, the best essay on the trates, in conjunction with Sir John Byng, means of employing the unoccupied and the commander of the district: and by a industrious poor--the gold medal, or one quick movement, the cart was completely hundred pounds : to be produced on or be surrounded, and all who were upon the fore the 1st March 1818.

stage were conveyed to prison. About 200 To the person who shall, during the spring have been apprehended, and after the judi. of 1817, cause to be dug by hand, for the cious and compassionate permission of the production of any crop of corn or pulse, tur- magistrates, in suffering these poor deluded nips or cabbages, the greatest number of people to procure lodgings for the night, acres, not less than ten, never dug before, they quietly returned to their homes next the gold medal, or fifty pounds.

morning, without further alarm to the coun. For the next greatest number, not less try or peril to themselves. than five-twenty-five pounds.

Meeting of Catholics.-At an aggregate Certificates of the space of land dug, sort meeting of Roman Catholics, held in Člaof soil, and depth, and for what crop, and rendon Street chapel, on 6th March, resothe produce thereof, to be produced on or lutions were passed, declaring their decided before the 1st day of March 1818.

and conscientious conviction, that any power 10.-Coinmitments at Glasgow. After a granted to the Crown of Great Britain, of long and patient examination before the interfering, directly or indirectly, in the Sheriff, fourteen persons have been com- appointment of bishops for the Roman Camitted for trial, on the charge of conspiring tholic church in Ireland, must essentially against the government, and taking an un injure, and may eventually subvert, the lawful oath. Of those formerly in custody, Roman Catholic religion in this country. two have been liberated on bail ; namely, That they should not receive as a boon any an auctionecr's porter and a weaver. Ano. portion of civil liberty, accompanied by that ther bookseller has been examined, on a which the Catholic prelates and people of charge of publishing seditious pamphlets, [reland have condemned as essentially injuand admitted to bail. Orders have been rious, and probably destructive, to their

religion ; and do solemnly declare, that &c. on his way. He returned to London they infinitely prefer their present situation by the western road, passing through Care in the state to any emancipation which may lisle and the principal towns in that quarter. be directly or indirectly coupled with the The agreeable manners of this prince renveto.

dered him very popular in this part of the New Coinage.--It is not, perhaps, gene- kingdom, and he was pleased to express, rally known, that on all the new coin the on different occasions, his high satisfaction letters W. W. P. (the initials of the Right with the reception that he had everywhere Hon. William Wellesley Pole) are conspic experienced. cuously placed on the ornamental part round 20.-Commitments to the Castle.—Nine the royal arms, between the harp and the persons, apprehended at Glasgow, on susword • Honi.' On the opposite, also in picion of treasonable practices, have been the ornamental part, is the letter W. for lodged in Edinburgh castle, the gates of worker. The following is the exact weight which are shut, and the sentinels have orof each piece:

ders to exclude all but those belonging to, Dwt. Grs.

or having business with, the garrison. A crown 18 4 36-100ths

Melville's Monument.We hear that the A half-crown, 9 2 18-100ths committee of subscribers for erecting a moA shilling, 3 15 3-11ths


nument to the memory of the late Lord A sixpence, 1 19 7-11ths

Viscount Melville have fixed upon the 12.-Hampshire Meeting.–A meeting north-east corner of the Calton Hill, extook place yesterday at Winchester, in con actly overlooking the excise-office, and in sequence of a requisition to the High Sheriff. the line of George Street—a most excellent A loyal, constitutional, and dutiful address situation for such a structure. On Wedneswas moved by Sir C. Ogle, which accorded day last, in consequence of an application to with the views and sentiments of the great the Town Council by the committee, for and respectable body of the people of Hamp liberty to build on this spot, they unanishire. An amendment was moved by Lord mously agreed to their request. Cochrane. Mr Cobbett and Mr Hunt both Bonaparte.-A gentleman named Wallis, attempted to speak, but they were violently who touched at St Helena on the 9th of assailed with hisses and groans, and were December last, in the ship Fanny of Lonforced to quit the field without a single don, states, that the following is a correct huzza from the people.

account of the provisions allowed Bonaparte Mildew. The Rev. William Elliot, of and his attendants, which he receives daily Bishop's Stortford, Herts, and Mr James from Messrs Balcombe & Co. who are apLeader, of Dunmow, Essex, have lately pointed by Government to be his pu rs, addressed the public through a contempo viz. rary print, in recommendation of a friend 6 bottles claret of theirs, a gentleman of family and respect- 19 do. Cape do. 8 lb. butter ability, who has made one of the most im 6 do. Teneriffe 2 lb. lard portant discoveries ever yet offered to the 1 do. Madeira 2 lb. coffee agricultural world ; no less than a preven 1 do. Constantia { lb. tea tion of the mildew in wheat, with invariable 25 loaves bread, 5 lb. 5 lb. moist sugar certainty. He professes to be able to mil. flour

2 lb. white do. dew one land of wheat, and prevent the ad. 65 lb. beef Vegetables to £1. joining one from all such infection. He has, 36 lb. mutton Fruit 10s. in conversation, told several farmers, while 6 fowls

Sweetmeats 8s. looking over their crops, that he is in pos goose or turkey

35 candles ; session both of the cause and cure of mil. With a proportion of pepper, salt, oil, and dew. The method and expense quite within mustard ; the whole amounting to about any man's reach. A remuneration is ex £174 in fourteen days. pected, but not until after absolute convic Curious Case. At the Lincoln assizes, tion of success.

in an action, Wright v. Jessop, the plaintiff, 17.-Grand Duke Nicholas, -The Grand an apothecary of Bottesford, sought to reDuke Nicholas of Russia, accompanied by cover from the defendant, a bachelor of the Duke of Devonshire and several other opulence, residing near Lincoln, £787, 18s. distinguished personages, embarked at Do for medicine and

attendance during twentyver this morning, on board the Royal Sove- five years. By the statement of the plaintiff's reign yacht, for the continent. His Impe- counsel, it appeared that the defendant was rial Highness had been several months in of a hypochondriacal turn, and had taken the country, which he employed in visiting pills for a great number of years : he used the principal manufacturing towns, and to have from 600 to 2000 pills sent to him inspecting the most distinguished public at a time, and in one year he took 51,000! establishments of the kingdom. He arrived being at the rate of 150 a-day. There were in Edinburgh on the 16th of December, also thousands of bottles of mixture. From and was received with all the honours due the ravenous propensity of the patient for to his high rank. After remaining here a physic, it was deemed necessary to call in week, his Imperial Highness set off for two physicians, who, inquiring of the de Glasgow, visiting the iron-works at Carron fendant what was the course of medicine

30 eggs



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