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and driver and found by the public, eleven shillings per day; bacon, nine pence per pound; fresh pork, three pence per pound; pickled pork, six pence per pound; grass beef, three pence per pound; stalled beef, four pence per pound; pickled beef, four pence halfpenny per pound; dryed beef, six pence per pound; mutton, four pence half-penny per pound; for dieting a soldier, one shilling and six-pence per day; WestIndia rum, ten shillings per gallon; taffia, or continental rum, eight shillings per gallon; brandy, eight shillings per gallon; whiskey, four shillings per gallon; horse-hire, two shillings and six-perce per day; rye, three shillings per bushel; corn-meal bolted or sified, two shillings and six-pence per bushel; corn-meal bolted or sifted, six shillings per hundred weight; cornmeal not bolted, two shillings per bushel; corn-meal not bolted, five shillings per hundred weight; Indian pease, three shillings per bushel; lambs, ten shillings each; ferriages on public account, one half of what is allowed by law; biscuit, fifteen shillings per hundred weight; rice, three pence per poand; cyder and vinegar, one shilling per gallon; flour barrels, two shillings and six pence each; corn-tops in the stack, one shilling and three pence per foot; butter, one shilling per pound; horse-shoes, one shilling and six pence each; bran, seven pence half-penny per bushel; common labourers, two shillings per day; tradesmen or watermen, five shillings per day; rope, one shilling and six pence per pound; and stablage, four pence for twenty-four hours. And where any other articles besides those above enumerated shall be included in the returns made by any of the courts of claims, the auditors of public accounts shall grant their warrant accordingly, except where they may have sufficient reason to think such valuations excessive, in which case the auditors may reduce

And the said auditors, in their proceedings, Auditors not shall have regard to the value of horses as allowed by tificates for the present general assembly in their several resoludamagestions. done to hou.

III. And whereas there are large sums allowed by ses and plan the several county courts for damage done to houses cept where and plantations; allowed a. IV. Be it enacted, That the auditors of public acgainst the U. States,

counts shall not issue any certificates for such allow

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tious conveyance of the estate of such British subject ór absentee, since the nineteenth day of April, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, such escheator shall, and he is hereby empowered and required to summon, as well the trustee, or person to whom such estate may have been conveyed, as also such other persons as can give evidence thereon, to appear before a jury of inquest, and if the said jury upon examination of the witnesses, the oath of the party, or other suflicient evidence, shall find that such British subject or absentee, hath any present or future interest in the said estate, such interest shall be forfeited to the cominon

wealth for the purposes aforesaid: Payment of III. And be it further enacted, That so much of the British debts into the trea

act for sequestering British debts as authorizes the payButy revived ment thereof, be, and it is hereby revived and put in

full force. And all persons indebted to British subCréditos jects, and otbers, absentees as aforesaid, who shall anmay attach

nually in the month of May, pay into the public treasury, in specie, or in tobacco or hemp, at the prices to be fixed by the auditors, one teoth part or more of the debts they respectively owe to such British subjects or absentees, shall be so far exouerated from the same: Saving, however, to any bona fide creditors of such British sabjects or absentees, the right which by law they may have to attach such debts in the general court or court of any county where such debtor or debtors to any Britiski sabject or absentee resides. And the treasurer is hereby directed to sell at public auction, as soon as may be, for specie or the said certificates, all such tobaccoes or hemp, and the money arising therefrom, as also all sums as may be paid into the treasury by the said debtors, shall, in the inonth of June in every year, be applied to the discharge of the inters est due upon the said certificates, which said i: terest shall be computed to commence on the first day of January last. And sliould it so happen, that after the payment of the interest as aforesaid, there shall be reinaining in the treasury, on the first day of July for two years next to tome, any monies arising from the funds appropriated for payment of the interest and redemption of the said certificates, the same shall be paid

to the holders thereof in equal proportion. Sale of fogo IV. And be it further enacted, That no escheated or feited es.

forfeited estate shall hereafter be sold without three months previous notice thereof in the gazeite,


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3. V. And whereas the documents required by the au-
ditors of public accounts as legal vouchers for the set-

of the pay accounts of the officers and soldiers,
who liave served in the northero or southern armies, Officers and
or in the county of Ilinois, can never be produced, soldiers to
owing to the deaths of many individuals, and the una- pass their ac
voidable separation and other accidents which the e-counts on
vents of war have occasioned: Be it therefore enacted,
That the said officers who have served for any term
not less than one year prior to the year one thousand
seven hundred and eighty-one, shall be admitted to set-
tle their pay accounts with the public auditors upon
oath: And any soldier producing the discharge of his
captain or commanding officer, shall be entitled to the
arrears of cloathing and his pay for the time expressed
in the discharge, or in case of such time not being as-
certained, then shall be entitled to his pay for the term
of his enlistment. And the like certificates for the ba-
lances, if any shall appear to be due, shall be thereup-
on granted by the auditors to the said officers and sol

VI. Provided always, and it is hereby further enacted, That the more effectually to guard against the de

Guard an

gainst für preciation of the said certificates, the auditors of pub- iher depre. lic accounts shall, for the present, isste certificates for ciation. the one third part only of the several balances which may appear due to the respective officers and soldiers, and the remainder at sach times and in such proportions as hereafter may, to the governor in council, appear fit, opon the application of any three or more of the general and field officers heretofore appointed by the said officers to act for them in this behalf.

VII. And whereas it is necessary that the number Officers and of claims to any part of the lands appropriated for the soldiers to benefit of the said officers and soldiers should be speed- give in their

land claims, ily ascertained; Be it therefore enacted, That all persons having claims as aforesaid be required, and they are hereby directed, to transmit authenticated vouchers of the same to the war-office on or before the first day of January next; and if any person having such claim shall be without the state, he shall transmit the same on or before the first day of June next following.

VIU. And be it further enacted, That the register How their of the land-office be, and he is hereby empowered and land war. required to grant to the said officers and soldiers, war- be obtained

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rants for the lands allotted them, upon producing to the register a certificate of their claims respectively

from the commissioner of war, and no otherwise. pBounty in IX. And be it further enacted, That any officer or ind kor soldier who lixth riot been cashiered or superseded, year's, ser

and who hath 'served the term of three years succés

sively, shall hare an absolute and unconditional title Aaldition for to his respective apportionment of the land appropriasix years sa! - ted as aforesaid. And for every vear which every offivice.

cer or soldier ma: base' continued, or shall hereafter continu in service beyond the ierm of six years, to be computed from the tinie he last went into service, he shall be éolitied to one sixth part io addition to the quantity of the land apportioned to his rank respec

tively. No locations X. Providerl always, and it is hereby enacted, That within their no surveyor shall be permitted to receive any location hounds.

trpon any warrant for lands within the county reserved for the officers and soldiers, uatil the apportionment and draught for the same, as directed by the act intituled, "An act to adjust and regulate the pay and accounts of the officers and soldiers of the Virginia line on continental establishment, and also of the officers,

soldiers, sailors and marines in the service of this state, washing so and for other purposes."

XI. And be it further enacted, That the said offiTheir certi. ficates to be cers and soldiers certificates shall be received in lieu received for of any fees or other monies which may be hereafter due publicpatent to the public for patents for the lands assigned to the fees.

said officers and soldiers by law. Certain offin XII. And be it further enacted, That so many officers includ.


and soldiers in lieutenant-colonel Lee's legion, or edin pay & bounty.

any other corps, as are credited to the quota of troops required from this state and properly belonging to the same, as also all military staff officers appointed from, and acting in, the Virginia continental line, upon producing to the auditors a certificate in favor of any such officer or soldier from the commissioner of war, shall be allowed certificates for depreciation and arrears of pay, in like manner and upon the same terms as the other troops raised by this state. And the commissioner of war is hereby authorised and required to take the most effectual precautions which he may think proper, precisely to ascertain the claims of such staff ofüicers,

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