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how removed 537. Vestries to nor and council, by proclama-
Jay levies and provide for tion 329. Rules for observing

quarantine 329. Penalty for

breach 329.

Enquiry when
Notice to take depositions may vessels come from infected

be given to non-resident par places 329. Various penalties
ties, by publication 343. Prin 330. Expenses how defrayed
ter's fees 343.

Public lands in or near Rich. In militia, how appointed 486,

mond, except appropriated for QUITRENTS
the government to be sold, Due proprietor of Northern-neck
and proceeds applied to erec sequestered 128. Restored to
tion of the public buildings the proprietor 289. Not to be
399. Subscriptions to be o assessed, over and above the
pened in aid of other funds land tax 543.
400. Plan of capitol altered


or officers and soldiers of militia,

when in service 487. Of what
Act empowering judges of gene a ration to consist 488.
ral court to superintend and

regulate the public jail further Act for relief of persons injured
contained 108.

by destruction of records of

county courts, continued 72
How quakers and menonists ex Extended to all papers filed

empt from personal service, in in court 72: Clerks of county
the war 18. If drafted not coin courts not to remove records
pelled to perform duty, but a and papers out of the county
substitute provided at bis ex 465: In what cases they may
pense; if unable to pay, the be removed 465.
price to be levied on the whole

society 175, Exemptea from Prohibited from migrating into,
penalties for non-jurying 252. or becoining citizens of this
Their purchases confirmed 253 commonwealth 325.
Quakers exempted from at-
tending musters 389. Provided Form of register of vessel 259–

they produce testimonials of

Register of land office may
their being ineinbers of that

society 389. How they may

surveys, although war-
rant not returned 372: Fees

of land office to be paid into

treasury, and register placed
Quarantine in foreign vessels

on civil list; when to account,
may be prescribed by gaver and penalty for failure 443,

marry 504.

[blocks in formation]

444: Register of marriages,
how to be preserved 505:-
Pevalty for neglect 505.

See Taxes.
Treasurer to keep distinct ac-

counts of the revenue 12.-
Appropriation 12.

Letter from the Chancellors, on
the revision of the laws 547.

Town of Richmond incorpora-

ted, and to be stiled City of
Richmond 45: Qualification
of electors to ballot for officers
45: Mayor, recorder, alder-
men and common council 45:
Term of service 45: Vacan-
cies, how supplied 46: Oath
of office 46: Style of corpora-
tion 46: Corporate powers 46:
Power to erect public build-
ings 47: Market house 47:--
To regulate internal police 47
To impose taxes 47: To erect
wharves and impose duties on
vessels 47: To establish fairs
47: To fix fines on billiard
tables, &c. 47: And demand
fines on ordinary licences 47:
Common hall, how constitu-
ted and convened 47: Court
of lustings 48:

Civil juris-
diction 48: Criminal juris-
diction 48: Exclusive power
of licensing taverns and fixing
their rates 48: Clerk of mar-
ket, serjeant, constables 48:-
Assize of bread, &c. 48: Oath
of office 48: Judicial powers
of mayor, recorder, aldermen,
&c. 49: Territorial limits of
jurisdiction 49: Officers, how

removed 49: Property in trus-
tees of town of Richmond,
transferred to corporation 49.
Ordinary keeper in Richmond
incapable of serving as mayor,
recorder, alderman, or com-
mon council 50: Courts of
Henrico and Richmond au bo-
rised to adjourn their courts to
a day when the courthouse
will not be occupied by the
superior courts 153: Two ad-
ditional aldermen for city of
Richmond, how elected 156:
Six aldermen to be elected at
triennial elections 156: Court
of hustings, a court of record
156: Kestriction as to proof
of deeds and wills 156: Com-
mon seal, how affixed, and its
authenticity 156: Powers of
directors of pablic buildings
to improve the navigation of
Shocke creek, transferred to
corporation 157: Lottery au-
thorised 157: Charter of Rich-
mond explained 314: Addi-
tional common councilmen to
be elected; additional alder-
men, how chosen 315: May-
or, recorder, 6 aldermen, and

common council men, to be
elected at triennial elections
315: Criminal jurisdiction of
court of hustings 387: Public
lands in or

near Richmond,
except those set apart for pub-
lic use, to be sold 399: Pro-
ceeds appropriated to erection
of public buildings 399: Com-
missiners 399: Terms of sale
399: For money or certifi-
cates 399:

bow dis-
posed of 399: Subscriptions

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to be opened to aid in erection

of public buildings 400: Sales Provision for keeping the road
for certificates, may be on cre in repair over Rockfish Gap,
dit 400.

by the courts of Augusta and

Rockbridge 429.
Survey of roads, through the Rose, Anne and Margaret.

passes in the Blue Ridge, to Anne and Margaret Rose, slaves
the seat of government, or to of Walter Robertson, emanci-
seaport towns, and from one pated, and all his estate vested
seaport town to another, au in them agreeably to his will
thorised, at the expense of the 362.
parties employing the survey RUMSEY, JAMES.
ors 27, 28: Justices of Green- James Rumsey granted exclu-
brier county empowered to sive privilege of navigating
clear a waggon road from the boats against the stream 502:
Warm Springs in Augusta 131 Penalty for invading his pri-
Provision for keeping the road vilege 502: Right may be a-
over Rockfish Gap in repair, bolished by paying a certain
by the courts of Augusta and compensation to the inventor
Rockbridge 429.



Sailors and marines entitled to
Trustees of clearing Roanoke ri-

same emoluments as in land
ver 250: Their powers 251.

service 85: Tuey and their
May appoint a receiver 251.
Vacancies, how supplied 251.

representatives entitled to same

land bounty and other emolu-
Hedges, stone stops, &c. across

ments as in Virginia line on
the river, how removed 251.

continental establishment 162:
Penalty for obstructiug navi-

Tax on sailors, for a hospital
gation of Roanoke, by bridg-

161: Not more than one third
es, stone stops, &c. 506.

of crew of river or bay craft
ROBERTSON, WALTER. to consist of slaves 404.
Anne and Margaret Rose, slaves

of Walter Robertson, emanci- or inspectors of tobacco, at the
pated, and all bis estate vested

several warehouses 335, 346,
in them agreeably to his will

391, 392: Of register of land

office and his deputy 444: Of
ROBINSON, WILLIAM. judges and attorney of supreme
Certain entailed lands of Maxi-

court in Kentucky 398, 498.
milian Robinson, forinerly in

King George, now in West- Pay of scouts 181.
moreland, vested in William

Robinson, in fee 110.

Tax on seals of court 378, 439:

On seal of state 379, 440:-
On notarial seals 440.

See Sailors.
Their proportion of land bounty
85, 162:

Not more than one
third of crew of river or bay
craft to consist of slaves 404:
Suspension of art 404.

Return of election of senators and

delegates, when to be made
by sheriff's 387: Penalty for
neglect 387: Penalty on she-
riffs interfering in elections of
senators or delegates 387.

Further time allowed for record-

ing certificates for settlement
rights 91: For returning cer-
tificates for settlement rights
291, 376, 476: Certificates of
county courts, as to settlement
rights, not conclusive 508.

Sheriffs unable to give security,

a collector of taxes to be ap-
pointed 66. To give receipts
for taxes, and make distinct
returns 67. Sheriffs to contin-
ue to collect taxes, tho’ out of
office 70. When and how to
account 70. Receipis or certi-
ficates received by sheriff's for
taxes under existing laws to be
taken at the treasury 77. Da-
mages and interest remitted to
sheriff's who had offered to set-
tle 78. Sheriff's to make oath
as to certificates received by
them for taxes 78. Bonds to
be taken of sheriffs for collec-
tion of taxes 93. Certified co-

pies to be evidence 93. Sher-
iffs to account on oath, for ac-
tual sums received for taxes
94. When to collect and dis-
train for taxes 115. Property
liable tho' comprised in deed
or mortgage 115. Manner of
sale 115. As to lands seized
115, 116. Unreasonable dis-
tress, how punished 116. She-
riffs, when to account and

116. How to account 110.-
Power in the court to remit
damages and interest 117,-
Sheriff's to return a list of pay-
ments to the clerk 119. When
to collect and account for fees
of clerks of superior courts
163: Commissions for collec-
tion, and remedy against 163.
Allowance for conveying idi-
ots and lunatics to the hospit-
al 167. Sheriffs, how nomi-
nated and commissioned 168:
To give bond 168, 169. Co-
py sent to auditors, evidence
168: Penalty for refusing of-
fice 169. Executions against
sheriffs for taxes suspended 190
On what conditions 190: Ben-
efit of this act extended to all
sheriffs owing a balance to the
commonwealth 190: Distress
for taxes postponed 194.
Sheriffs to collect altho’ the
term of their appointment ex-
pired 194. How sheriffs fees
due in tobacco to be paid 237:
When distrained for 238:
When accounted for 239. Pro-
vision as to sheriff's bonds 269:
So much of former act as di-
rects connly courts to nomin-

Courts may

ate two persons, annually in of William Short, dec. by the
the commission of peace, one daughter of the said Kerr 149.
of whom to be commissioned

as sheriff repealed 278. Rates of silver paid for taxes
When courts are to nominate 117.
for sheriffs 278:

yet nominate sheriff's where Sale of lands mortgaged to him
they have failed 306: If sher by John Connolly, suspended
iffs fail to give security for 276: So much of aci estab-
taxes, a new sheriff to be ap lishing town of Louisville, as
pointed 307: When courts are affects lands of John Camp-
to recommend 307: Deputy bell and Joseph Simon, re-
sheriffs ineligible to assembly pealed 322: Lands of Con-
until two years after their qui nolly to be sold, and mort-
etus 308: Auditors to issue

gage paid off 475.
warrants to sheriffs attending

general court in criminal cases Slaves, horses and other proper-
which are receivable in taxes ty lost during the war, how
319: Sheriffs tobacco fees, how recovered 23: Persons having
payable in money 359: Re such property in possession,
turn of election of senators and to advertise in Virginia Ga-
delegates when to be made by zette 23: Penalty for failure
sheriffs 387: Penalty for ne 23: Proprietors may obtain
glect 387: Penalty on sheriffs warrants for taking their pro-
interfering in elections 387:

perty, giving bond and securi-
Penalty on courts failing to ty 24: Two justices may se-
nominate sheriffs 463: Sheriff

cure property suspected to be-
failing to give bond in two long to others, anknown 24:
months, clerk to certify such --Wandering slaves may be
failure in one month 463:-

committed to prison 24: Pro-
Nominated and failing to ap ceedings thereon 24: Penal-
ply for a commission in one ties, how recovered and ap-
month, executive may com propriated 25: Bona fide pur-
mission another 463: Execu chasers exempted from penal-
tive may remit damages a ties 25: Act not to extend to
gainst sheriffs for non-payment property taken by the enemy,
of taxes 463:

Sheriff having and re-taken in action 25:-
given bond, may collect taxes Act to authorise the manumis-
though his time expired 542.

sion of slaves 39: How slaves
SHORT, WILLIAM. may be emancipated 39:-
Staves of which George Kerr di Aged or infirm, to be support-

ed possessed, and supposed to ed by former owner 39: Or,
be escheated to the common expense levied on, by order of
wealth, vested in the children

court 39: Copy of instrument

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