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cation to be determined by lot PAPER MONEY. :
311. All the good lands on Further time allowed for return-
the Cumberland and Tenessee ing and funding paper money
to be first surveyed, then on 133 State or continental pa-
the north-west of Ohio, be per money to be received for
tween the Scioto and Little land warrants 133. Warrants
Miami 312.
Funds for pay-

in paper money, for property
inent of certificates and inter impressed, may be re-audited
est warrants apportioned a in specie 184. Act for calling
mong the holders 380. Pro-

in and funding paper money
clamation suspending the sur further continued 193, 397,
veying of their lands 447. 501. Except as to purchasing
Officers of militia, how ap land warrants 397.
pointed 481.

ORDINARIES. Granted to James Hughes, and
Court of hustings of Winchester Robert Smith, under sentence

to have exclsive power of li of death for treason 21. Par-
censing ordinances and regu don granted to Albridgton
lating them 84. Clerks to set Holland, Henry Norfleet,John
up lists 34. Ordinary keepers Caton and Levi Moore, con-
incapable of acting as judges vieted of treason, on condition
of hostings court of winches-

that they serve as soldiers du-
ter 34. So of Richmond 50. ring the war 129. James
So of Alexandria 51. 'Pax on Lamb and Joshua Hopkins,
ordinary licences 93,112,418, pardoned on condition that
Court of hustings of Peters they leave the state 129. Par-
burg, to have exclusive privi don granted to Demsey Butler,
lege of licensing ordinaries, & convicted of treason 152. To
regulating them 385. Ordi. John Holland convicted of
nary keepers ineligible as treason 253.,
mayor, recorder, &c. of Pe-

tersburg 386.

Allowance to wives, parents, and

families of poor soldiers 11.7
Liable for tobacco refused

burit 225.

Vestries of parish of Antrim in

Halifax and of Westover in
To be elected in several counties Charles city dissolved, and

on the dissolution of the ves. new vestries to be elected 73.
tries 62, 432. Their duty 63. Further time allowed to elect
Penalty on sheriff's 63. Suits vestries 112. Vestry of parish
by or against vestries or church of St. Anne in Essex dissolved
wardens saved 63. Vestries to 130. Vestry of parish of
account 63,

Lynnhaven in Princess Anne
county dissolved, and new ves-


try elected 279. Their pow vice 487.
ers 279. Vestry of parish of

Antrim, in Halifax, authorized Resolutions of Virginia, and of
to sell their glebe and pur Congress declaring any pro-
chase a new one 404. Boun position from the enemy for a
dary line between glebe land of separate peace, insiduous and
Manchester parish in Chester inadmissible 545, 546. Letter
field, and lands; of William from the secretary of foreign
Logwood altered 431. Vestry affairs, apnouncing the cessa-
of parish of Southfarnham dis tion of hostilities 548, Procla-
solved and a new vestry to be mation of congress declaring
elected 538.

the cessation of arms 549 -

Proclamation of the governor
Duty of commissioners of land of Virginia, on the same. sub-
tax in cases of alienations or ject 551.
partitions 143. List to be sur PENDLETON, SPICE
nished 143

Estate of Robert Williams vest-

ed in Mace. Freeland, Spice
Tax payable on patents, except

Pendleton and Elizabeth
for miitary bounties 121. Jones 65.
Lists of patents to be furnished PENNSYLVANIA.

commissioners of tax 144.- Report- of commissioners ap-
2 How persons claiming lands pointed to extend Mason's &

under certificates from com Dixon's lines and fix the south
missioners and also from cer west corner of Pennsylvania
tain companies are to obtain

554. -
patents 347. When tax on PENSIONERS.
patents payable 445. Patents Pensioners to be examined by
for pre-emption rights, and county courts, and state of
military bounties excepted their condition transmitted to

general assembly 146. Act

continued 316, 362, 446. Ex-
How appointed, their duty and ecutive authorized to place
compensation 489.

persons on the pension list

446. County courts to certify
Pay of cavalry 173. Of militia condition of pensioners to ex-
Å 181. Of scouts. 181. Audi ecutive instead of assembly

tors' to issue warrants for half 447.
pay to officers of state line and

navy 265. Pay to be advan- How granted by naval officers
ced to soldiers 267.. That 259. Bond and security 260.
act repealed, congress having PETERSBURG.
made provision 297. Pay of Towns of Petersburg, Bland-
militia, when called into ser ford, Pocahuntas, and Ra-

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powers 384.

venscroft united and stiled oath and duty 224. Their com-
Town of Petersburg 382. pensation 228. Penalty for be-
Boundaries 382. Annual?elec ing concerned in interest with
tions 382. Mayor, recorder, inspectors 528.
aldermen, and common coun-

cil how elected 383. Term of Act establishing pilots and reg.
service 383. Vacancies how ulating their fees 185. Certain
supplied 383. Oath of office persons appointed to examine
393. Incorporated 383. Style pilots, and grant branches 185
of corporation 383. Corporate Pilots to keep sufficient boats,

Power to erect under a penalty 186. No
public buildings, market house more than two persons to be in
&c. 384. To provide against partnership 186. Rules for
fire, regulate internal police, masters of ships and pilots 186
&c. 384. To impose taxes Pilots incapacitated and liable
384, Fairs 384. Fines on bil te damage for losing ships
liard tables, tippling houses 187. Rates of pilotage 187.
&c. 385. Tax on ordinary li-

Allowance for disappointment
cences 385. Common hall how 188. Pilot to have one white
constituted and convened, its apprentice at least 188. Pilots
powers 385. Court of bustings to carry with them and pro-
jurisdiction 385. Criminal ca duce a copy of this act 189,-
ses 335. Exclusive power of Branch pilots exempted from
licensing tavern keepers and milita duly 189. Rates of pi-
fixing their rates, appointing lotage increased 320. Four pi-
clerk of market, establishing lots may be in partnership 320
assize of bread &c. and ap Additional fees allowed to pi-
pointing constables, serjeants,

lots 507,
surveyors of streets &c. 385,

386. Fees of officers 386.- See Pork, Beef, &c.
Oath of office 386. Bond by. Act for inspection of, continued
serjeant 386. Mayor, record-

71.509. Inspectors' fees 71,
er, and alder men, same pow 195,510. Penalties and their
ers as justices of peace 386.- appropriation 71.
How removable from office

386. Court of hastings a court Court day of, altered 315.
of record 286. Rules in probats
of wills and granting adminis-

trations 386. Restrictions as Further time to return to land
to deeds 386. Ordinary keep office 92,291,376. All plats in
ers ineligible as mayor, recor Kentucky to be first lodged
der, &c. 386.

with the deputy register 292.

When plats and certificates of
Of tobacco, how appointed, their survey to be returned 355.
Voc. X1.


When and to whom plats to i
be delivered 356.

Additional poll-tax 93,113,418.

Overseers of the poor to be elec-

ter in several counties, on the
dissolution of the vestries 62,
432. Their duty 63. Penalty
on sheriff 63.

Suits by or a-
gainst vestries or churchwar-
dens saved 63. Vestries to ac-
count 63.
Pork, Beef, Tar, Pitch, and

Act for inspection of, continued

71,509. Inspectors' fees, 71,
195,510. Penalties and their
appropriation 71.

Town of Port Conway, in King
Geo. county established 363.

Foreign vessels restricted to cer-

tain ports 403. Ports desig-
nated 403. Duties payable at
those ports only 403. Penalty
for loading or unloading else-
where 403. Suspension of act

Potowmack company incorpo-
rated 510. Books to be

ed for subscriptions 510.-
Meeting of the subscribers 511
Amount of capital 511. In
case of an overplus subscrip-
tion, inode of reducing it 511.
Capital to be divided into 500
shares 512. Unless one half
of capital subscribed the whole
to be void 512. To be incor-
porated as a company 512.-
Style of corporation 512.-

Rules for electing officers 512
Authority of president and di-
rectors to make contracts 513
To appoint officers, and fix
their compensation 513. Bond
and security by treasurer 513.
Limitation of compensation
513. Mode of collecting a-
mount of shares, subscribed
for 514. May sell shares of
delinquent subscribers 514.-
May sue for deficiences aris-
ing on sales 514. Election of
officers 514. Vacancies sup-
plied 514:

Officers how re-
moved 515: Oath of office
515: Meetings of the compa-
ny 515: Property vested in
the holders of shares, as ten-
ants in common 515: Declar-
ed real estate 516: Exempt
from taxation 516: Tolls 517:
In case of refusal to pay loll,
passage of vessel may be re-
fused 519: Or, vessel seized
and sold 519: River and works
deemed a public highway 519:
Company may purchase lands
520: Or have them condemn-
ed by a jury 520: Proceed-
ings thereon 520: Further da-
mages, how estimated 520:-
Land whereon to erect build-
ings, how acquired 521: No
water to be used from canal,
but for navigation, without
consent of proprietors 521:-
Shares transferrable, in what
manner 522: Restriction 522:
Capital of company may be
encreased 523: Conditions on
which tolls payable 522:
Charter how forfeitable 524:
Treasurer to subscribe for fif-

esq. 525:

ty shares 525: Fifty shares duty on goods and prizes re-
vested in George Washington

pealed 171.

PORTSMOUTH. Of governor, suspending the ta-
Trustees of town of Portsmouth king possession of, or survey-

authorised to assess taxes on ing military lands, reserved
inhabitants 265: _To appoint for the officers and soldiers of
a collector 265: Power of dis the Virginia line, and the Illi-
tress 266: To erect a market nois regiment 447.
house 266: Hogs belonging

to inhabitants of the town not Property lost during the war,
to run at large therein 266: how recovered 23,24. Judg-
Public lands called Gosport, ment on inotion against per-
annexed to town of Ports sons indebted to, or having
mouth 407, 497: To be laid property of United States 32.
off into lots and streets, and Protestant Episcopal Church.
sold 407,497: Terms of sale Protestant episcopal church in-
497: Conveyances to purcha corporated 532. Style of cor-
sers 497:

Additional trustees poration 532. Corporate pow-
for town of Portsmouth to be ers 533. Questions decided by
elected 529.

a majority of votes 533. Mina

ister to have no negative 533.
Time tor locating pre-emption Power to acquire and dispose

warrants extended 91, 291, of property 533. Meetings of
376, 476: Pre-emption war society how convened 534.-
rants may be located on any Power of appointing and re-
waste lands, but to lose their moving officers 534. Vestries,
force of pre-emption 92: Pre how elected 534. Qualifica-
emption in favour of proprie tions of electors of vestrymen
tors of high lands, to which 534. Mode of conducting e-
swamps, marshes, and sunken lections 535. Churchwardens
grounds are contiguous, ex-

535. Vacancies, how suppli-
tended 372: Certificates of ed 535. Inventory of proper-
county courts, as to pre-emp ty and amount of revenue to
tion rights, not conclusive 508: be exhibited to county court

PRESTON, WILLIAM 535. If revenue exceed £ 800
Indemnified for assisting to sup-

per annum to be laid before
press a conspiracy against the the general assembly 536.-
state 134.

Church released from all re-
PRINCE GEORGE. straints imposed by former
Place of holding courts in Prince laws 536. All vestries dissolv-
George county altered 432. ed 536. Church, in conven-

tion, to regulate its own reli-
Act to enable congress to lay a gious concerns 536. Ministers

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