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[Ch. LXXIII in original.]


An act to repead so much of an act of

assembly as prohibits swine going at large in the town of Staunton.

So much of I. BE it enacted, That so much of an act of assemact as prohi- bly passed in May one thousand seven hundred and bits swine

seventy-nine, intituled, “ An act to displace the trusgoing at Jarge in

tees of the town of Staunton and for other purposes Staunton re- therein mentioned,” as prohibits any person or persons pealed. inhabitants of the said town, owners of swine, to suiter

the same to go at large within the limits thereof, sha!! be, and the same is hereby repealed.


CHAP. XXXIV. h original.]

An act to repeal an act intiluled An

act to vest certain escheatable lands

in trustees, and for other purposes. Preamble, 1. WHEREAS by an act of assembly, passed in

October one thousand seven hundred and seventyeight, intituled, "An act for vesting certain escheatable lands in trustees, and for other purposes,” reciting that Bryan Obanion, being seized in fee of two hundred and fifty-seven acres of land, lying and being in the county of Berkeley, adjoining the lands of Tully M.Kenney and major general Charles Lee, did, in and by his last will and testament devise the same in taille to Aaron and Francis Johnston, or the survivor of them, being natural children of the said Bryan Obanion; that the said Francis died an intant, whereby the said Aaron became seized of the whole of the said lands, and died so seized intestate and without issue; and the said lands were declared by the said act to be escheated and vested in trustees, to be sent, and the *

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money arising from the sale to be divided among cer-
tain persons and in particular portions, as by the said
Act will appear: And whereas by the will of the said

Bryan Obanion the elder, deceased, it appears that the 2 acto

이 said lands were limited over to Bryan Obanion, his going grandson, upon the death of the said Aaron and Frannion.

cis Johnston without issue; and the said Bryan Oba-
nion hath made application to this assembly to repeal

the said act, and thereby enable him to hold the said of

lands agreeable to the will of his said grandfather, and ndred and

it is judged expedient so to do; ce the trus

11. Be it therefore enacted, That the said recited act Certain es* purposes shall be, and the saine is hereby repealed, and the said lands vested

two hundred and fifty-seven acres of land vested in the in Bryan O. said Bryan Obanion, and his heirs, in fee simple.

banion, the ereof, sha!



or person

-, to suite

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lots of Bed

ind serents

vin escheata 's,reciting of two hun nd being ds of Toll

did, in an me in taik. urvivor o ryani



(Ch. LXXV.

in original.) An act to sell the late court-house, 'prison and lots of Bedford county.

J. WHEREAS it is represented to this present ge- The late neral assembly, that the late court-house and prison of court house, Bedford county are, by the division of the said county, prison and rendered useless;

ford county II. Be it therefore enacted, That Richard Stith, to be sola. Robert Ewing, John Calloway, William Hendersoir, William Leftwich, and Robert Clarke, gentlemen, or, any three of them, shall be, and they are hereby empowered to sell and dispose of the said buildings, together with the lots belonging thereto, to the highest bidder, on twelve months credit, after giving one month's notice of the time appointed for such sale, at the court-houses of the counties of Bedford and Camphell; and the said trustees shall, within one month after receiving the sum for which the court-house, prison and lots shall sell for, pay one nioiety thereof to the justices of each of the said counties, to be by them applied to the lessening their county levies,


of the said hout issue

| act to be

and the

II. And be it further enacted, That is the said trustees shall neglect or refuse to accoout for and pay the money so received, within the time limited by this act, to each of the said courts, agreeable to the besore-mentioned proportion, they shall be liable to the action of the party grieved for the money so received and all damages incurred by delay of payment, to be recovered in the general court. And the said trustees, or any three of them, shall be, and are hereby empowered to execute deeds of conveyance for the said houses and lots, to the purchasers thereof, in fee simple.


(Ch. LXXVI. in original.]

p. 162.]

[Chan, Rev. An act to amend an act for dissolving

several vestries, and electing overseers of the poor.

See May 1380, c. 21.


1. WHEREAS by experience it is found, that the act for dissolving several vestries and electing oversedrs of the poor in the counties therein named, hath greatly removed the inconveniencies for making provision for the poor in the said act recited; and the counties of Shanandoah, Henry, Monongalia, Ohio, and Berkeley, being subject to the same inconveniencies experienced in the aforesaid counties before the said

"act was passed: For remedy whereof, Be it enacted, Extended to other parish.

That where the above enumerated counties have any vestries or other bodies vested with powers to provide for the poor, the same shall, from and after the first day of October next, be dissolved.

II. And for the providing for the poor, and other parochial duties as have heretofore been exercised by

the vestries, church-wardens or other bodies of the reOverseers spective counties or parishes; Be it enacted, That the

sheriffs of the said counties of Shanandoah, Henry, elected.

Monongalia, Ohio, and Berkeley, shall take the same order in their respective counties to hold elections for

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how to be

overseers of the poor in all times coming, as the respective sheriffs in the above recited act are directed to do; and the overseers so elected, being first qualified as the said act directs, shall, in all things, have the same powers, be incorporated in the same manner and subject to the same rule and government as the overseers are in the above recited act: And the courts of

Their duty, the said counties of Shanandoah, Henry, Monongalia, Ohio, and Berkeley, in case of death, resignation, removal or refusal to act, of any overseer, shall supply such vacancy; and also shall direct their orders to the overseers so elected and qualified, in the same manner as the courts of the said counties in the above recited act are directed to do. And if any sheriff or sheriffs Penalty on of the said counties of Shanandoah, Henry, Mononga

sheriff. lia, Ohio, and Berkeley, shall fail or neglect his or their duty as directed in the aforesaid recited act, he or they shall be subject to forfeit and pay the same penalties, and in all things subject to the same forfeitures as the sheriffs in the said recited act are subjected


III. And be it further enacted, That where any suit Suits by and or suits are depending, in which the vestries or church- against veswardens are plaintiffs, by virtue of their office, no such churchwar. suit shall be dismissed in pursuance of this act, but the dens saved. overseers of the poor shall be taken and esteemed plaintiff's therein, and the suit or suits shall be perpetuated to a legal decision in the name of the said overseers. Provided also, That where any vestry or churchwardens hath suffered suit to be brought against them for breach of duty or neglect, the same shall be prosecuted against the said vestry or church-wardens, in the same manner as if this act had not been made.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the vestries of Vestries to the aforesaid counties of Shanandoah, Henry, Monon- account: galia, Ohio, and Berkeley, shall, on or before the first. day of January next, make up and settle their accounts with the overseers of the poor of their respective counties, of all monies or tobacco by them levied or

disbursed in virtue of their office.

V. And be it further enacted, That all penalties fines and forfeitures recovered by virtue of this act, shall be appropriated in the same manner as is directed in the above recited act.


(Chapter LXXVII in original]

(Chan. Rev. p. 163,]

An acl lo increase the reward for kill.

ing wolves in certain counties.


I. WHEREAS it is represented to this general assembly, that the giving further rewards in certain counties for the destroying of wolves will be attended witle

very great advantage to the inhabitants thereof; Be it Counties enacted, That from and after the passing of this act, aomed.

and during the continuance thereof, any person who shall kill any wolf within the counties of Henry, Pittsylvania, Bedford, Campbell, Botetourt, Montgomery, Greenbrier, Amherst, Buckingham, Louisa, Shanandoah, Frederick, Berkeley, Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun, Hampshire, Orange, Culpeper, Monongalia, Ohio, Rockbridge, Rockingham, Charlotte, Fauquier,

Norfolk, Princess Anne, Augusta, Washington, and Additional Albemarle, shall have an additional reward of one be levied in hundred pounds of nett tobacco for every young wolf the county. not exceeding the age of six months, and for every

wolf above that age, two hundred pounds of like tobacco, to be levied and paid in such counties wherein the services shall be performed; and the several county courts before named are hereby empowered and re

quired to levy the same in their annual county levy to Continuance the persons entitled thereto. This act shall continue

and be in force for and during the term of three years, and from thence to the end of the next session of as. sembly.

of act

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