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further continued 296. Fees
of office and state price for the
land, when to be paid 296,
Forfeiture on non-payment
296. Deputation of officers
to choose superintendants and
surveyors for locating and sur-
veying lands given to officers
and soldiers, on continental
and state establishments 310.
One sixth of surveyors' fees re-
served for William and Mary
college 310. When warrants
for bounty lands to be deliver-
ed 310. Limitation as to num-
ber of surveys 310. Warrauts
to be classed and drawn for by
lot 311. Priority of location
determined by loi 311. Loca-
tions and surveys to be made
under direction of superintend-
anis 311. Assignees of war-
rauts to pay one dollar a hun.
dred besides legal fees 311,
All the good lands on the
Cumberland and Tenessee riv-
ers to be first surveyed, then
on north-west side of Ohio, bez
tween Scioto and Little Miami
312. Governor, if necessary,
may furnish military aid 312.
Limitation thereof 312. Four
hundred cres of prime tract
on the Mississippi may be laid
off for a town 312. Commis.
sioners to adjust claims tor
lands granted to George Ro.
gers Clarke, his officers and
men 335. When claims to be
given in 335. Contribution
335: Surveyors and deputies
to be appointed 335. When
and how their lands shall be
surveyed, divided by lot, pa-

Tax on

178: Purchasers of lands from
sundry companies, entitled to
benefit of act 180:
lands, how regulated 269:-

County commissioners to cor-
rect mistakes of examiners

269: Lands or slaves escheat-
ed, in consequence of the act
for destroying entails, to go
according to the donation 271:
Not to restrain the tenant from
conveying, or 'exempt from
debts 272: Sale of certain
lands whereon town of Louis-
ville in Kentucky, is laid out,
escheated as the property of
John Connolly, but mortga-
ged to John Campbell and
Joseph Simon, suspended 276:
Escheated lands in Kentucky,
formerly vested in trustees for
a public school, transferred to
Transylvania seminary 282:-
Congress authorised to pro-
cure ten acres of land, for
the purpose of erecting a
magazine 288. Further time
allowed for entering certifi-
cates for settlement rights,
and locating warrants upon
pre-emption rights 291: Al-
so for returning surveys to
the register's office 2914
All plats in Kentucky to be
first ludged with the deputy
register 292. Affidavit to pre-
vent friendly caveats 292: Ca-
yeat dismissed it summons not
returned executed 292. List of
caveats ended, to be returned
to registers after general court
292: Act authorizing courts in
Kentucky to direct surveys to
poor persons, actual settlers,


tented and conveyed 335. commonwealth, vested in
Town of Clarkesville estab- Hampden Sydney college 392
lished within the grant 336.

Pablic lands in or near Richa
Persons claiming lands, under mond, except those set apart
certificates of commissioners, for use of government to be
and also by purchase from cer- sold 399. Proceeds appro-
tain companies, may return priated to erection of public
their surveys made in confor- buildings 399: Commissioners
mity with such certificates and 399. Terms of sale 399. For
obtain patents 347. But must money or certificates - 399.
pay the company £3 per hun- Proceeds how disposed 399;
dred and interest 347... After Sales for certificates may be
December 1784, distress may

on credit 400. Vestry of par-
be made of the land, for ar- ish of Antrim in Halifax au-
rears of purchase money, and thorized to sell their glebe and
forfeitures to cease 348, Pub- purchase a new one 404. Sale
lic to pay the expence of as- of public lands directed 405:
certaining titles before com-

Commissioners 405: Mode
missioners, since evicted by and terms of sale 405: For mo.
court of appeals 348.; Acts ney or certificates 405. Pro-
permitting lands and slaves to ceeds how recovered and dis-
be tendered on executious posed of 406: Palace lands
continued 349. Surveyors adjoining Williamsburg, the
how appointed, their duty as Vineyard, lands near James
to locating and surveying town, and lots in Williams-
lands, and fees 352, 358. So burg belonging to the public,
much of act for establishing vested in William and Mary.
land oftice, as gives proprietors college 406. To be disposed
of high lands, to which of under controul of visitors
swamps, marshes and sunken

406. Commissioners to re-
grounds contiguous, a pre- port to executive, and pay pro
emption of one year only, re-

ceeds into the treasury 406:
pealed 372. All entries for Their allowance 407: Rem-
such declared void 372. Pre- edy for non-payment 407.
emption extended 372. Pa-

Gosport lands adjoining
tents to be obtained for sunken Portsmouth, to be laid off in
grounds, as for surplus land to lots uniform with the town
372. Register may receive and sold 407 Mode and terms
surveys, although warrant not of sale 407. Proceeds how re-
returned 372: Further time covered and disposed of 407:
allowed to return plats and Act to ascertain quantity of
certificate of survey to the land land, the improvements there-
office 376. Certain lands of on and the number of people,
Spiers & Co, escheated to the within this commonwealth 415

Boundary line between glebe ditional land tax 93, 112, 418.
lands of Manchester parishi, Lands classed, hy counties, for
and lands of Williain Log. equalizing land tax 140. Ex-
wood altered 431: Limitation

aminers appointed to regulate
for surveying entries on the

tax by assessments 141. Their
western waters already made oath and compensation 141.
441. Of future entries 441. Standard tax of each class 141.
Forfeiture for neglect 441. Books for collection, how made
Fees of land office to be paid out and disposed of 142.
into treasury, and register and Commissioners of the tax to
his clerks placed on civil list be chosen for three years 142.
443: Governor authorised to Their oath 142.

Their duty
suspend, by proclamation, the in case of alienations or parti-
taking possession of, or sur- tions 143. Also in case of lands
veying the lands reserved for not before valued, or newly
the officers and soldiers of the patented 143. To correct for-
Virginia line and the Illinois mer errors 143. Lists of con-
reginent 447. The proclama- veyances and partitions to be
uon 447 note. Further time furnished county commission-
allowed to enter certificates ers 143. And lists of all pa-
upon settlement rights, and lo- tents 144. Certain alienations
cate warrants on pre-emption and partitions to be valued
rights 476, Public lands call- 144. Allowances to county
ed Gosport annexed to town commissioners 144. Penalties
of Portsmouth 497. Commis- on various officers for neglect
sioners how appointed 4973- of duty 144. Rules as to lots
To lay off into lots and streets in towns 145. Vacancies in
497: Sale directed 497: No-

examiners, how supplied 145.
tice of sale 497: On credit Land tax appropriated 247.-
497: Mode of recovery 497: County commissioners to cor-
Conveyances to purchasers rect mistakes of examiners, in
497: Sale for specie or certifi- extension of taxes 269, Courts
cates 497: Bond of commis- having failed to appoint com-
sioners 498: Majority may act missioners, for equalizing land
498: On trial of caveats, cer- tax, now to do it 526, Sher-
tificate of county courts, of iff's to collect the land-tax as if
settlement pre-emption requisitions of the former law
rights, not conclusive evidence had been complied with 526.
of title 508: Proof of testimo- Quit-rents not to be assessed,
ny on which certificates grant- in Northern Neck, over and
ed admissible 508:

above the land tax 543.

How lands distrained for taxes Military warrants and certificates

shall be sold 68,115,116. Ad- to be received for land war-


rants 22: How land warrants Buckner, late collector, & by
of officers and soldiers obtaine the people 539:
ed 83: Certificate from com-

missioner of war 84,133: Spe- Town of Lewisburg in Green-
cie certificates or warrants on brier eounty established 139:
the treasury, to be taken for Lots how disposed of 139:-
land 92: State or continental Conditions as to building 139
paper money to be received

Power of trustees 139. Vacan-
for land warrants 133: The cies how supplied 139. Privi-
last act repealed 397: Office leges of purchasers 140.
of commissioner of war abol-

ished, and duties transferred Town of Lexington, in Fayette
to executive, consequently county Kentucky, established
land warrants, for bounties, to 100: Trustees to make con-
be issued by executive 133. veyances to settlers 100: Pow.

er of trustees 100. Vacan-
Tax op 378, 439: To be paid cies how supplied 101, Privi-
down 440:

Jeges of settlers 101. Survey

and plat where to be recorded
Officers and soldiers in Lee's le- 101.
gion and others, credited to

this state, included in pay & Town of Liberty in Bedford
bounty 84:

county established 171. Lots

how disposed of 172. Condi-
Soldiers belonging to the two le- tions of building 172. Two

gions, raised for the defence acres reserved for public build-
of the state, authorised to en- ings 172: Powers of trustees
list in continental army 135: 172: Vacancies how supplied
May be discharged on relin- 172: Privileges of purchasers
quishing the bounty and pay
promised 135. Contineirtalar.

my may be recruited from col.
Dabney's legion 170: Execu: Academy incorporated 164.
tive may order it to eastern or

Style of corporation 165:Cor-
western frontier 170:

porate powers 165. Professors,

masters avd tutors 165: De-
How tobacco due for levies shall

grees conferred 165. Treasur-

er 165. Darb of officers 166:
be paid 237: When distrain-

Professors and students ex-
ed for 238: When sheriff to
account 239: "List of tithables

empted from militia duly 166,
to be taken for levies 290:-

How levies due in parish of Parties to be married must pro-
St. Thomas, in Orange coun- duce a licence or publication
ty, may be discharged by Wm of banns 281.


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LIGHT COMPANIES Campbell and Joseph Simon,
Of militia how organized 483. suspended 276: So much of

that act as affects their lands
New trustees for light house at repealed 322. Partition line

Cape Henry appointed 58. between Connolly and Camp-
Former duties appropriated 58

bell to be run 476-Es-
Directors to be trustees of the cheated lands of Connolly
cominon 58.

to be sold and mortgage to

Campbell and Simon paid off
Period excepted out of the act 475: Titles to purchasers of

of limitations 294. Proof of Jots in Louisville confirmed
deeds, within what time valid 475.
Act extending time for

proof of deeds repealed 340. Act making provision for idiots

and lunatics further continued
May be made with the clerk, 167. Annual appropriation to

where no surveyor 160: How be paid out of the treasory 167
surveyed 160: Entries in Allowance to sheriffs for con-
Northern Neck, how made veying idiots and lunatics to
160: How locations of lands the bospital 167.
to be made 353, 354: Within

what time to be surveyed, on Place of holding courts in Lu-
the western waters 44): For- nenburg county removed 31.
feiture for neglect 441.


Indemnified for assisting to sup-
Boundary line between glebe of press a conspiracy against the

parish of Manchester, and state 134.
jands of William Logwood MANCHESTER.
altered 431.

Trustees of town of Manchester

appointed 57. Boundary line
Corporation of Richmond, au- between glebe lands of parish

thorized to raise by lottery, a of Manchester, and lands of
sufficient sum to erect a stone

William Logwood altered 481
bridge over Shockæ creek MANUMISSION.
157Lottery for benefit of See Emancipation.
grammar school in Williams-

burg authorized 407.

Sailors and marines entitled to

same emoluments as in the

land service 85, 162. Tax on
Sale of certain lands whereon

marines for a hospital 161.
town of Louisville in Ken-
tucky, laid out, escheated as MARINE HOSPITAL.
the property of John Connol- Tax on sailors and marines for a
ly, but mortgaged to Join hospital 161.
VOT ri.


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