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pointed to lease out their lands

crop notes in exchange for

transfer 230. And at Sep-

tember court yearly, account
Injunctions and pleas to stay

and sell the tobacco for all
sales of eseheated property, to notes outstanding 230. Also,
be expedited 81.

tobacco gained by allowance

for shrinkage 230. To ac-

count with the treasurer, when
Inspectors liable for tobacco lost,

and how 231. To return an
except by fire, floods, or the
enemy. 95. To give bond for

account annually of all tobac-
collection of export duty 96.

co shipped 231. Iospectors
Their commissions 96. Re

ineligible to the general asa

sembly 233. Salaries of in-
medy against them by motion
96. To give receipts for to-

spectors 235, 346, 391, 392.

Method of detecting inspect-
bacco as delivered 97. In-

ors, who shall fail to do their
spectors of tobacco, how nom-
inated and commissioned 217.

duty. 236. New inspectors to
Additional inspector, when to

give their predecessors receipts

for tobacco in warehouse 243.
acı 218. No inspector to take
a reward for resigning 219-

Inspectors exempted from mi-
Penalty on giver and receiver

litia duty 246. Inspectors to

give bond for payment of du-
219. No inspector to vote in

ties 527. Penalty on inspect
recommendation 219. Inspec.
tors in office recommended,


concerned in interest with

pickers 528.
continue without new commis-
siop 219. Inspectors to give

bond and take an oath 219. On invasion or insurrection, how
Form of oath 220. Time in- militia to be called out 485,
spectors to attend 220. Pen- 487.
alty for neglect 221. Where

inspectors disagree 223, Jn- See Fee Taille, and page 271.
spectors or servants not to be
concerned in picking tobacco Interest on military certificates,

223. Remedy against inspec-
tors 227. Penalty on inspec-

where and how paid 105. In-

terest warrants receivable for
tors changing tobacco 228.-

taxes - 202. Funds for pay-
Or failing to deliver it when
demanded 228. To transfer

ment of certificates and inter-
crop tobacco 228.


est warrants apportioned a-
for delivering tobacco without

mong the holders 380.
order from proprietor 229.

And for delivering fictitious On invasion or insurrection, how
notes 229. Inspectors to give

militia called out 485, 487


subscribers 453: May sue for
Artificers employed at iron works deficiencies arising on sales
exempted from militia duty 21 454: Election of officers 454:

Vacancies, how supplied 454:
Act empowering judges of gene- Officers, how removed 454:-

ral court to superintend and Oath of officers 454: Meetings
regulate the public jail, sur- of company 454: Property
ther continued 108: Prisoners vested in holders of shares as
taken on civil or criminal pro- tenants in common 455: De-
cess in James City, may be clared real estate 455: Ex-
committed to public jail in empt from taxation 455: Tolls
Williamsburg 381.

455: On refusal to pay tolls,

passage may be refused 457:
Prisoners taken in civil or crimi- Or vessel seized and sold 457:
nal process in James City may Tolls


be reduced 457:
be committed to public jail of River, and works, deemed a
Williamsburg 381.

public highway 457: Compa-

ny may purchase lands 457:
Trustees appointed for improv- Or have them condemned 458

ing navigation of James River Proceedings thereon 458
through the south mountains Further damages, how com-
341. "James River Compa- pensated 458: Land whereon
nyincorporated 450: Books to erect buildings, bow ac.
to be opened for subscriptions quired 459: No water to be
450: Meeting of subscribers used from canal, but for navi-
451: Amount of capital 451: gation, without consent of pro-
In case of overplus subscrip- prietor 459: Shares transfera-
tion, mode of reducing it 451: ble, in what manner 459: To
Capital divided into 500 shares be first offered to the public
451: Unless one half of capi- 460: Capital may be aug-
tal subscribed, the whole to be mented 461: Conditions on
void 452: To be incorporated which tolls demandable 461:
as a company 452: Style of On failure, charter forfeited
corporation 452: Rules for 462: Treasurer to subscribe
electing officers 452: Authori- for 100 shares 462: And vote
ty of president and directors and receive tolls in proportion
to make contracts 452: To 462: One hundred shares vest-
appoint officers and fix their ed in Geo. Washington, esq.
compensation 453: Bond and 525. JEFFERSON.
security by treasurer 453: Jefferson county divided, and
Limitation of compensation Nelson county formed 469:-
453: Mode of collecting a- Boundaries 469: Court days
mount of subscriptions 453:- 469. Jones, Elizabeth.
May sell shares of delinquent Estate of Robert Williams vested

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in Mace Freeland, Spice Pen- courts in Kentucky to direct
dleton and Elizabeth Jones 65.

surveys to poor persons, ac-

tual settlers, farther continued
Act empowering judges of gene- 296: Fees of office and state.

ral court to superinteod and price of land, when to be paid
regulate the public jail, further

296: Forfeitures for non-pay-
continued 108.

ment 296 Provision for better

support of supreme court in
Tax on 378: Repealed 438: Kentucky 397:

Tax on law
Justices of the Peace process the same as in general
To take lists of taxable property

court 397: Certain taxes, fines.
annually 113: How lists made and duties appropriated 397:
out and returned to clerk 113. Naval officers for Kentucky
Penalty for neglect 114.

district 398: Salaries of judge

es and attorney 398: Salaries
Town of Kempsville in Princess

increased 498: To be paid by
Anne, county established 270:
Lots, how disposed of 270:-

deputy reg 999; Court-

house, &c. how erected 499.
Power of trustees 270: Privi- KING, WALTER.
leges of inhabitants 271: Pow-Slaves of Walter King escheated
ers of trustees enlarged 442. and purchased on behalf of

KENNON, WILLIAM. commonwealth, restored to
Certain lands belonging to estate

Walter King Cole 35.
of William Kennon, dec. to be

sold for the benefit of his chil-Town of Kinsale in Westmore-
dren 147.

land county established 369.

See District Court.

Pardoned on condition of leav-
District court established on the ing this state 129.

western waters, called the Ken- LAND BOUNTY.
tucky district, how constituted, Officers and soldiers to give in
its jurisdiction, and rules of their land claims 83: How
proceeding 85, 90. Books and their warrants are to be ob-
papers of Kentucky commis- tained 83: Certificate from
sioners, to be returned to land commissioner of war 84: Af
office 91: All plats in Kentuc-

ter abolition of that office from
ky to be first lodged with the executive 133, 184: Bounty
deputy register 292: Memori- for three years 84: Addition-
als.of deeds and certificates of al bounty for six years - 84:
administrations, to be trans-

-No locations within their
mitted by clerks of county

bounds 84: Officers and sol-
courts in Kentucky, to district diers in Lee's legion, and o-
court, and recorded 295.- thers, credited to this state, in-
Fees 295: Act authorising cluded in pay and bounty 84:-

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Navy officers, sailors and ma- à prime tract, on the Missis-
rines, entitled to same emolu- sippi, may be laid off for a
ments as in land service 85, town 312: Lands granted to
162: Land bounty to Dr. Wil- George Rogers Clarke, bis
liam Brown 106: Office of officers and men, how appor-
commissioner of war abolish- tioned, surveyed and patented
ed, and duties transferred to 335: Proclamation suspend-
executive; consequently, certi- ing the surveying of military
ficates for land bounties to be lands 447: Digest of laws on
ordered by executive 133, 134: the subject of land bounties
Officers of the navy, sailors, 559.
and marines, entitled to same

land bounty and other emolu- Fees of land office to be paid in-
ments, as officers and soldiers

to treasury 443: When regis-
in Virginia line on continen- ter to account 443: Penalty
tal establishment 162: Depu- for failure 443: Bond and
tation of officers to choose su- security 443: Fees to be paid
perintendants, for locating and down 444: Fees credited, to

sørveying lands granted to of- be accounted for, as if paid
1 ficers and soldiers on continen- 444: Register placed on the

tal and state establishments civil list 444: His salary and
3.- 309: One sixth of surveyor's that of his deputy 444: Va-

fees reserved for William and cancy in office of register, how
Mary college 310: Warrants

supplied 444: Fees on deter-
for bounty lands, when to be mination of caveats, how paid
delivered 310: Limitation as 444. LANDS.
to number of surveys 310:- Military warrants & certificates
Warrants to be classed and to be received for land-war-
drawn for by lot 311: Pri- rants 22:

Lands of Richard
ority of location determined Goodall, liable to escheat, ves-
by lot 311: Locations and ted in Parke Goodall 55.-
surveys to be made under the

Charles Carter re-vested of
direction of the superintendants certain entailed lands remain-
311. Assignees of warrants ing unsold, under a former
to pay one dollar a hundred,



e in


law 55: How lands distrained
besides legal fees 311: All for taxes shall be sold 68,115,
the good lands on the Cam- 116: Officers and soldiers to

berland and Tennessee rivers, give in their land claims 83:--
: to be first surveyed, then on How their land warrants are
the north west side of the Ohio, to be obtained 83,133: Boun-
between Scioto and Little Mi-

ty in lands confirmed 84: Ad-
ami 312: Governor, if neces- ditional bounty for six years
sary, may furnish military aid 84: No locations within their
312: Four thousand acres of bounds 84. Their certificates

e ob-






ud 0-1
te, in

Jy 84;



payment 150:

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to be received for public pa-
tent fees 84: Officers in Lee's
legion and others, credited to
this state, included in pay and
bounty 84: Navy officers, sai-
lors and marines, entitled to
same emoluments as those in
land service 85: Power of
commissioners for adjusting
titles to lands continued; and
time for locating pre-emption
warrants extended 91: And to
have certificates recorded 91:
Books and papers of Kentuc-
ky commissioners to be deli-
vered to register 91: Lands
saved if duties performed be-
fore caveat 91: Taxon liti-
gants before commissioners
92: Specie certificates or war-
rants to be taken for land 92:
Further time to return surveys
92: Pre-emption warrants
may be located on any waste
land, but to lose their force of
pre-emption 92: Certain en-
tailed lands of Maxiinilian Ro-
binson formerly in King Geo.
now in Westmoreland, vested
in William Robinson 110:-

on lands 93,
Additional tax?

per money to be received for
land warrants 133: The last
act repealed 397: Act for e-
qualizing land tax 140: Cer-
tain lands belonging to the es-
tate of William Kenyon, dec.
to be sold for the benefit of his
children 147: Recital of act
of May 1779 (Vol. 10; p. 47)
in favour of settlers on lands
surveyed for sundry compa-
Mies 149: Former act declara

ing forfeiture of land on now
payment repealed 149: Fur-
ther time allowed to make pay-
ment 150: Forfeiture on non-

Sales of two
lots in Falmouth, and a tract
of land in Stafford, made by
Andrew Wodrow, administra-
tor of Alexander Wodrow con-
firmed 150: Other lands of
Alexander Wodrow, remain-
ing unsold, subject to future
direction of general assembly
151: Lots of James Buchan.
an, in Falmouth, vested in l.
saac Hite, for the use of Anne
Buchanan his widow 155:-
Lots may be sold if personal
estate insufficient for

of debts 155: Certain persons
appointed to convey land ta
Edwin Gray, which he pur-
chased at a sale of the lands
of the Nottoway Indians 158;
Additional trustees appointed
to lease out their lands 159:-
Surveyors on the eastern wa.
ters may be non-residents 160:
Entries may be made with
clerk, where no surveyor 1603
Principal surveyor may ap-

in Northern Neck, how made
160: Officers of navy, sailors
and marines entitled to same
Jand bounty and other emolu-
ments as officers and soldiers
in Virginia line on continen-
tal establishment 162: Lands
may be tendered on judgments
178: How executions therefor
may issue 178: Proceedings
on such executions 178: New
execution, sf creditor evicted

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