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subscribers 453: May sue for
Artificers employed at iron works deficiencies arising on sales
exempted from militia duty 21 454: Election of officers 454:

Vacancies, how supplied 454:
Act enpowering judges of gene Officers, how removed 454:-

ral court to superintend and Oath of officers 454: Meetings
regulate the public jail, fur of company 454: Property
ther continued 108: Prisoners vested in holders of shares as
taken on civil or criminal pro tenants in common 455: De-
cess in James City, may be clared real estate 455: Ex-
committed to public jail in empt from taxation 455: Tolls
Williamsburg 381.

455: On refusal to pay tolls,

passage may be refused 457:
Prisoner's taken in civil or crimi Or vessel seized and sold 457:

nal process in James City may Tolls may be reduced 457:-
be cominitted to public jail of River, and works, deemed a
Williamsburg 381.

public highway 457: Compa-

ny may purchase lands 457:
Trustees appointed for improv Or have then condemned 458
ing navigation of James River Proceedings thereon 458-
through the south mountains Further damages, how com-
341. "James River Compa pensated 458: Land whereon
ny” incorporated 450: Books to erect buildings, how ac-
to be opened for subscriptions quired 459: No water to be
450: Meeting of subscribers used from canal, but for navi-
451: Amount of capital 451: gation, without consent of pro-
In case of overplus subscrip prietor 459: Shares transfera-
tion, mode of reducing it 451: ble, in what manner 459: To
Capital divided into 500 shares be first offered to the public
451: Unless one half of capi 460: Capital may be aug-
tal subscribed, the whole to be mented 461:

Conditions on
void 452: To be incorporated which tolls demandable 461:
as a company 452: Style of Ou failure, charter forfeited
corporation 452: Rules for 462: Treasurer to subscribe
electing officers 452: Authori for 100 shares 462: And vote
ty of president and directors

and receive tolls in proportion
to make contracts 452: To 462: One hundred shares vest-
appoint officers and fix their

ed in Geo. Washington, esq.
compensation 453: Bond and 525. JEFFERSON.
security by treasurer .453: Jefferson county divided, and
Limitation of compensation Nelson county formed 469:-
453: Mode of collecting a Boundaries 469: Court days
mount of subscriptions 453:-- 469. Jones, Elizabeth.
May sell shares of delinquent Estate of Robert Williams vested

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Navy officers, sailors and ma à prime tract, on the Missis-
rines, entitled to same emolu sippi, may be laid off for a
ments as in land service 85, town 312: Lands granted to
162: Land bounty to Dr. Wil George Rogers Clarke, his
liam Brown 106: Office of officers and men, how appor-
commissioner of war abolish tioned, surveyed and patented
ed, and duties transferred to 335: Proclamation suspend-
executive; consequently, certi ing the surveying of military
ficates for land bounties to be Jands 447: Digest of laws on
ordered by executive 133, 134: the subject of land bounties
Officers of the navy, sailors, 559.
and marines, entitled to same

land bounty and other emolu- Fees of land office to be paid in-
ments, as officers and soldiers to treasury 443: When regis-
in Virginia line on continen ter to account 443: Penalty
tal establishment 162: Depu for failure 443: Bond and
tation of officers to choose su security 443: Fees to be paid
perintendants, for locating and down 444: Fees credited, to
sørveying lands granted to of be accounted for, as if paid
ficers and soldiers on continen 444: Register placed on the

tal and state establishments civil list 444: His salary and
... 309: One sixth of surveyor's that of his deputy 444: Va-

fees reserved for William and cancy in office of register, how
Mary college 310: Warrants

supplied 444: Fees on deter-
for bounty lands, when to be mination of caveats, how paid
delivered 310: Limitation as 444. LANDS.
to number of surveys 310:- Military warrants & certificates
Warrants to be classed and to be received for land-war-
drawn for by lot 311: Pri-

rants 22:

Lands of Richard
ority of location determined Goodall, liable to escheat, ves-
by lot 311: Locations and ted in Parke Goodall 55.-
surveys to be made under the

Charles Carter re-vested of
direction of the superintendants certain entailed lands remain-
311. Assignees of warrants ing unsold, under a former
to pay one dollar a hundred, law 55: How lands distrained
besides legal fees 311: All

for taxes shall be sold 68,115,
the good lands on the Cam 116: Officers and soldiers to

berland and Tennessee rivers, give in their land claims 83:--
: to be first surveyed, then on How their land warrants are
the north west side of the Ohio, to be obtained 83,133: Boun-
between Scioto and Little Mi-

ty in lands confirmed 84: Ad-
ami 312: Governor, if neces ditional bounty for six years
sary, may furnish military aid

84: No locations within their
312: Four thousand acres of bounds 84: Their certificates




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to be received for public pa ing forfeiture of land on non-
tent fees 84: Officers in Lee's

payment repealed 149: Fur-
legion and others, credited to ther time allowed to make pay-
this state, included in


and ment 150: Forfeiture on non-
bounty 84: Navy officers, sai-

payment 150:

Sales of two
lors and marines, entitled to lots in Falmouth, and a tract
same emoluments as those in of land in Stafford, made by
land service 85: Power of Andrew Wodrow, administra-
commissioners for adjusting tor of Alexander Wodrow con-
titles to lands continued; and firmed 150: Other lands of
time for locating pre-emption Alexander Wodrow, remain-
warrants extended 91: And to ing unsold, subject to future
have certificates recorded 91: direction of general assembly
Books and papers of Kentuc 151: Lots of James Buchan-
ky commissioners to be deli an, in Falmouth, vested in I
vered to register 91: Lands saac Hite, for the use of Anne'
saved if duties performed be Buchanan his widow 155
fore caveat 91: Tax'on liti Lots may be sold if personal
gants before commissioners

estate insufficient for payment
92: Specie certificates or war of debts 155: Certain persons
rants to be taken for land 92:

appointed to convey land to
Further time to return surveys Edwin Gray, which he pur-
92: Pre-emption warrants chased at a sale of the lands
may be located on any waste of the Nottoway Indians 158;
land, but to lose their force of Additional trustees appointed
pre-emption 92: Certain en to lease out their lands 159:-
tailed lands of Maxiinilian Ro-

Surveyors on the eastern wa-
binson formerly in King Geo. ters may be non-residents 160:
now in Westmoreland, vested Entries may be made with
in William Robinson 110: clerk, where no surveyor 160:

may apo

point a 160: Entries
per money to be received for in Northern Neck, how made
land warrants 133: The last 160: Officers of navy, sailors
act repealed 397: Act for e and marines entitled to same
qualizing land tax 140: Cer land bounty and other emolu-
tain lands belonging to the es ments as officers and soldiers
tate of William Kenyon, dec. in Virginia line on continen-
to be sold for the benefit of his tal establishment 162. Lands
children 147: Recital of act may be tendered on judgments
of May 1779 (Vol. 10, p. 47) 178: How executions therefor
in favour of settlers on lands may issue 178: Proceedings
surveyed for sundry compa on such executions 178: New
pies 149: Former act declar execution, if creditor evicted

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