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conveying, nor exempt from
Two busts of the marquis De debts 272.
La Fayette to be procured

-$53. Inscription 553.

So much of act as discontinues
or inspectors of pork, beef, tar,

Lyuch's ferry repealed 38.

Shipwith’s ferry established,
pitch, and turpentine 71, 195,

and its rates 344. Penalty on
Repeal of act, reducing law-

When fees of
yers' fees 76.

private persons ferrying
clerks of superior courts to be

others' over for reward 344.
delivered to sherifis 163. When

Chowning's ferry over Rap-
to be collected 163. When ac-

pabanock to Urbanna estab.
counted for 163. Commis-

lished, and Shelton's ferry dis-

continued 370. New ferries
sions for collection 163. Rem-
edy against sheriffs 163. Act

established and their rates

4 of 1745, concerning officers
fees revived 152. How tobae- In the militia, for various delin-

co fees paid in money 183.
Act concerning attornies fees

quencies-491, 492
revived 183. How tobacco
due for levies and officers fees Intercourse with flag vessels,
shall be paid 237. When they from the enemy, how conduc-
may be distrained for 238. ted 136.
When sheriffs to account 239.

Fées of'naval officers 260. Ta-Flour may be tendered in pay-

ble to be set up in different ment of executions 76. Con-
languages 260.

Fees for re-

tents of barrel of flour 98.
gister of vessels 261. Fees for

Flour paid for taxes to be in-
marriage 281,-505. For trans- spected 98. Flour and hemp
mitting and recording memo- tendered on executions to be

rials of deeds &c. 295, 466. inspected 99, Warehouses for
Surveyors fees, iu tobacco flour and hemp may be rented
357. How payable in money 99. Fees for rents 99. Death
358. Clerk's sheriffs' and o- to counterfeit receipts for
ther officers tobacco fees, how benip or flour 99. Flour re-
payable in money 359 Fees ceivable

of land office to be paid into spectors of four to return lists
treasury 443.

monthly to the treasurer 119.

Courts to provide warehouses
Lands or slaves escheated, in

for heinp and flour 120. And
consequence of the act de-

appoiat receivers 120. Their
stroying entails, to go accord- duty 120. To give bond 120.
ing to the donation 271. Not Penalty for neglect 120
to restrain the tenant from Hemp and four how to be


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taxes 118.

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weighed 121. Act making risdiction of court of hustings
flour receivable in taxes re- 314,
pealed 289. Revived 299.


Estate of Robert Williams, vest-

ed in Mace Freeland, Spice
Recital of act of May 1779 (vol.

Pendleton and Elizabeth Jones
10, pa. 42, 47) ia case of set-

tlers on lands, surveyed for

sundry companies 149. For-
mer act, declaring forfeiture of Act empoweriug judges of gene-

ral court to superintend and
land, on non-payment repeal.
ed 149. Further time allow-

regulate the public jail further

continued 108. Special term
ed to pay their money 150.
Forfeiture on non-payment

to give judgments against she-

rif's 290. In wbat cases gen-,
150. Land may be distrained
for arrears of purchase money

erat court may award costs

but forfeitures, to cease 348.

Cests discretionary on

motions 293. Where costs
Executive may remit forfeited
estates of criminals to the wid-

governed by existing laws 293

Clerk of general court upon
ow and children 509.

affidavit filed, to issue commis-

sions for taking depositions
Forging or counterfeiting certifi-

cates issued by congress, or

this state, death without cler,

Estate of Samuel Gist a British

subject vested in Mary Ander-
Territorial limits of jurisdiction

son, his daughter and only

child 54.
enlarged 49. Court of hust-

ings declared a court of re-
cord 49. Proviso, as to proof Vestry of parish of Antrim in
of deeds and wills 50. Court

Halifax, authorized to sell

their glebe and purchase a new
of hustingsunay appoint attor-

one 404: Boundary line be-
ney, for commonwealth 50.

tween glele of Manchester pa-
Gun factory at Fredericks-

rish and lands of William
burg yested in trustees for an
academy 204. Power of trus- Logwood altered 131.
tees to raise funds and appoint of paid for taxes 117


Rates &
teachers 204. Further power
of trustees as visitors 204. If GOODALL, PARKE
pot converted into an academy Retribution to be made to Parke
in five years to revert to com, Goodall presumptive heir to
monwealth 205. Fairs in Richard Goodall, a British
Fredericksburg revived 314. subject, for amount of sales of
Gour-day altered 314. Ju- a tract of land in Caroline, 54

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8y 495.

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Lands in Caroline liable to es and appoint teachers 204.
cheat, as the property of Rich- Further power of trustees as
ard Goodall, vested in Parke visitors 204. If not converted
Goodall 55.

into an academy within five

years, to revert to common-
British goods found on land li- monwealth 205.
able to seizure and confisca-

tion 101: Proceedings to de- Mode of suing out and prosecu-
termine validity of seizure 102

ting writs of habeas corpus
Suspension of act 102: To go

408, 410.
into operation 162: Duty un

goods imported 122: All acts

Auditors to issue warrants for hall
and ordinances prohibiting

pay to officers of state line and
'importation of British goods

navy 265. Commutation of
repealed 195.

half pay for life,- for five years

full pay, by congress 556
Gosport lands adjoining Ports

mouth, to be laid off into lots
uniform with the town, 'end

Hampden Sidney academy in-
sold 407: Public land, ca!)-

corporated by the name of the

College of Hampden Sydney
ed Gosport annexed to town

272. Trustees appointed 273,
of Portsmouth 497. To be
laid off into "lots and streets

Style of corporation 273.
497: How sold 497:

Corporate powers 273. Pow-

er of trustees to confer degrees
veyances to purchasers' 497: ,

273. Caution to elect profes-

sors and masters attached to
Certain persons appointed to the principles of the revolution

convey land to Edwin Gray, 274. Treasurer for colleges
purchased at a sale of the

how elected and qualified 274.
lands of the Nottaway Indians Power of trustees to remove

officers 274. Vacancies, how
GALLE. supplied 274.-Meetings of
Town of Greensville at Buck- trustees,

how called 274. Oath
ingham court house establish- of officers 274. Certain lands
ed 29.

of Spiers & Co. escheated to

the cominonwealth, vested in
Executive may enlist guards for Hampden Sydney college 392

the public prison and stores Warmer, John and George.

Recital of conveyance from John
GUN FACTORY, Harmer to George Harmer, of
At Fredericksburg, vested in all has estate, real and person-
trustees for an academy 204. al, in his state 35. All the
Power of trustees to raise funds estate formerly belonging to


John Harmer, declared not walks 414. Refused, may be
subject to escbeat 36. George picked 414. Fees and oath'
Harmer authorised to recover of ipspector 414. Penalty on
said estate, and subject to debts courts for neglect of duty 415.
of John Harmer 36. So much

of former act as authorises the Courts of Henrico & Richmond,
goverior to draw warrants on authorised to adjourn their
the treasurer, in favor of Geo, courts to a day, when the su-
Harmer, repealed 257.

perior courts will not be set-

ting in the courthouse 153.
County, formed from Mononga-
lia 366.

Boundaries 366.

Peter Heron, a subject of his
Court days 367.

Most Christian Majesty, per-

mitted to enter his ship, tho':
Hemp may be tendered in pay- liable to seizure 254.

ment of executions 76. Flour High Court of Chancery.
and hemp tendered on execu- Notice to take depositions may
tions to be inspected.99. be given to non-resident par-
Warehouses for flour & hemp, ties, by publication 343.
may be rented 99. Fees for • Printers fees 343. Ordinary
rents 99. For inspection of trial by jury in chancery re-
hemp 90. Death to counter- pealed 344. Former mode of
feit receipts for flour or hemp trial revived 344.
99. Hemp receivable in taxes HOLLAND, ALBRIDGTON
118. Courts to provide ware-
houses for hemp and flour, and Pardoned, on condition of serye
appoint receivers 120. Their

ing as a soldier during the
duty and allowance 120.

war 129.

To give bond 120. Penalties

John Holland, convicted of trea-
for neglect 120. Hemp and
flour, how to be weighed 121.

son, pardoned 253.
Hemp receivable in taxes, and HOOMES, JOHN.
at what rate 191. Act mak- John Hoomes granted exclusive
ing hemp receivable in taxes, privilege of carrying persons
repealed 289. Revived 299. in stage coaches, between cer-
Warehouses for inspection of tain places 467 Rates 467.
hemp established 412. How Penalty for exceedinig tegal
erected 412. Inspector, his rates 467. Penalty for in-
appointment and duty 413.- fringing his privilege 467.-
Hemp to be prized in bales, To give bond 467.
and labelled 413. Not to be

transported till inspected 413. Pardoned, on condition of lenva'
: ---Nor manufactured at ropeeing the state 129.,

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påper money, for property.ima
Horses, slaves, and other pro- pressed, may be reaudited in

perty lost during the war, how specie 184, 192. Commis-
recovered 23, 24, 25. Addi- sioners to settle claims for pro-
tional on horses 93, 113, perty impressed for public ser-
On covering horses 113.

vice 191. To keep a register

of warrants issued and return-
Tax on sailors and marines, for it to auditors 192. Warrants
a hospital 161.

or certificates issued by com-
HUGHES, JAMES missioners receivable in taxes
Under sentence of death for trea- 192. County courts to adjast
** son, pardoned 21.

claims for a limited time, and

certify them to commissioners
See Lunatics.

192. Commissioners to grant
Act making provision for, fur- warrants 192. Act for adjust-
-ther continued 167..

ing claims for property ima

pressed for public service, fur.
bands granted the Minois regi- ther continued 337, 449.-

ment, how apportioned, sur- County courts authorised to
veyed and patented 335. act on certificates given by

continental officers 338. For
All acts and ordinances prohibit- militia, when called into ser-

Sing the importation of British vice 486.
goods repealed 195. Congress

empowered to restrict impor. Act to ascertain the quantity of
tation, in vessels of subjects of

land, the improvements there-
powers with whom we have

on, and the number of people
no commercial treaties 388.

within this commonwealih 415

Auditors to settle claims for pro- Indemnity granted to William

perty impressed for public ser-Preston, Robert Adams, jun.
vice 79. At what prices 79. James Callaway, and Charles
Not to grant certificates for Lynch, for suppressing a con-
damages done to houses and spiracy against the state 135.
plantations, except where al To those who committed in-
lowed against the U. States sult or injury against the per-
80. Power of auditors in ad- son of Joseph Williamson 373
justing claims for property

impressed 183. County courts Certain persons appointed to con-
to be allowed further time to vey land to Edwin Gray which
receiver claims 184. Sheriffs he purchased at a sale of the
permitted to pay taxes in such lands of the Nottoway Indian's
certificates 181. Warrants in 157. Additional trustees ap-:

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