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and December terms as well Penalty for giving their prio-
as at April and October 340: cipal more 353. mins
Tax, on deeds recorded 378:

DEER SKINS of public buildings authorized to
Receivable in payment of taxes change the plan of the capitol,
66, 128: Act repealed 289: : so as to furnish apartments un-
Revived 299.

der one roof, instead of sepa-

rate apartments 496. godine
To congress, not restricted to & DISTRESS -- men inte

three years service 31: Pro-Land distrained for taxes, how
vision for delegates 32: Iveli- sold 68,115,116: When sher-
gible to either house of assem- iff to collect and distrain for
bly 249: Delegates in con- taxes 115: Property diable tho
gress authorized to convey to comprised in deed or mort-
the United States, the north- gage #15: Manner of sale 115
* Western territory 326, As to lands distrained 115,
Conditions and reservations 116; Unreasonable distress,
327.. How many delegates to how punished 116: Arms of
attend congress 365. Creden- militia exempted from distress
tials 365: Wages 366. Return 493.
of senators and delegates to * DISTRICT COURT.
general assembly, when to be Kentucky district court estab-
made by sberiff's 387: Penalty lished 85:

-District describ-
for neglect 887: Penalty on ed 85; Supreme court 85
sheriffs interfering in electians Jurisdiction 85: Three judg-
of senators or delegates 387: es to reside in the district 86;

Their oath 86: Sessions 86:
Notice to take depositions may

Mode of adjournment 86:- Al-

lotment of business to different
be given to non-resident par-
ties, by publication 343: Prin-

days 86. Power as to deeds

and wills 86:Escheats and
ters fees 343: Clerk of general

forfeitures 87: Caveats and
* court, upon affidavit filed, to
issue commissions 343.

Jocal actions 87: Process 87:
May be sent out of

the district
DEPREDATIONS. in certain cases 87: Return
County courts to collect and days 87: Proceedings at rules,

state evidence of injuries to when to be regalated 87:
property from depredations of Grand jury 88: Trial of crim-
the enemy 27: Act continued inals 88: Their execution re-
109, 193, 317, 361.

spited 88: Suits now in the

chancery or general court,
Principal surveyor may appoint

transferred 88:Appearance
a deputy 160, 353: Their

day 88: Rule days 88: Dock-
power and compensation 353: et to be regulated 88: Judg-

ments to be final, except the Tomage ou vessels, explaina
- power of the court of appeals ed 70: Export duty on tobac-

89: To appoint clerk and jail- co 95: Tonnage duty on-ves-
or and superintend jail 89:- sels 121: Duty on spirits and
Build courthouse and prison wine iinported 121: On sugar
89; Jailor to impress guards & coffee 122: On other goods
89: Provide seals 89: Power 122: Masters of vessels, when
of one judge out of session 89: and how to report 122: Pen-
Attorney for commonwealth alty for neglect 122: Dutiable
$9: He and ibe judges to hold goods landed before entry,
their offices during good be- forfeited 122-Importation
haviour 89. General rules for by land to be entered with
court and officers 89: Tax on clerk of court 123: Direction
w process 90: How disposed of as to-casks 123: Penalty for

90: Present place of session a false entry 123: Collectors
90: Governor to make tempo- may seite goods on board a
sary appointments of judges vessel, if duty not paid 124:-
and attorney 90: Provision in Penalty on collector receiving
case judges do not attend 103: a bribe or conniving at a false
Return of process sent out of entry, and on the person offer-
district 103; Certain transito- ing it 124: Collector, by war-
sy actions provided for 103: rant, and with a constable, in
Provision for better support of the day time, may break open
supreme court in Kentucky dvors 124: Indemnified 125:
397: Tax on law-process, Proof to be on the claimant of
same as in general court 397: goods seized 125: Master may
Certain taxes, fines and duties detain dutiable goods consign-
appropriated-397: Salaries of

ed, till duty paid or secured
judges and attorney 397: Sal- 125: How goods entered may
aries increased 498: To be

be carried to another district
paid by deputy register of land 125: Bonded duties, how to
office 499: Courthouse, &c. be recovered 126: Allowance
how erected 499

to collectors 126: Penalty for

not accounting and paying
Drafts of soldiers for three years,

126: Act to enable congress
how made 15, 16.

to lay a duty on goods and

prizes, repealed 171: Naval

officers to be collectors of du-
Duties on ships and goods to ties 182: Tax or duty impos-

be paid to naval officers 67.- ed on particular goods vin-
If none, or importation by ported, in aid of funds for re-
land, to be paid to county demption of military certifi-
court clerks 67: Bonded du cates 196: Master of vessel,
ties recoverable on motion 68. when and how to report 197

**** Dutiable goods not be landed, vessels of Maryland repealed

till entry and payment, or se- * 289: Congress empowered to

curing the duties 197: For- levy a duty on goods imported
1 : feiture of goods otberwise and make regulations for col-

Janded 198: Contents of cer- lecting 350. Duty on particu-

tain casks ascertained 198:- Jar articles 350: Five per
# Penalty for false entry 198:- cent ad valorem on all other
» Officers may enter vessels and goods 351: "Appropriation
to bring away dutiable goods, if and continuance of duties 351:

duties not paid or secured 198: To be accounted for annually
* Proceedings tbereupon 199:- 351: Governor and council to
# Penalty on collector receiving appoint collectors, removable
* a bribe or conniving at a false by congress 35t: Commence-
entry, and on the person giv- it ment and continuance of act
ing or offering such bribe 199:-351: Collectors not to be car-
Collectors, by warrant, and ried for trial or compelled to
with a constable, in the day answer a suit out of the state
time, may break open houses 352: Other regulations 352:
to search for dutiable goods Trials for seizures here to be
pot paid for 199: Onos pro- in the court of admiralty, and
bandi, on whom 200: How appeals to the court of appeals

masters of vessels may secure 352: Additional daties laid on
is, duty on goods imported by o- certain goods 375: Appropri-

thers 200: Proceeding, where ation of duties 375.
imported goods transported

from one dist. to another 200: Separate electionis authorized ir
*** Bonded duties recoverable on

Monongalia county 317: Re-
motion 2018 Collectors com- turn of election of senators
missions 201: When to ac- ** and delegates, when to be
comnt 201: Penalty for failure made 387: ** Penalty for ne-
201: Duty on tobacco ex- glect 387. Penalty on sheriff's
ported 201: Doties appropri- interfering in elections 387
ated to payment of military Meetings of general assembly
certificates 201: Deficiency to be annual 388."
supplied by slave tax 202: ELIZABETH RIVER.

Proceeds of duties apportioned Trustees appointed to receive
su among holders of military subscriptions for cutting a na-

certificates 202: Payments to vigable canal from Elizabeth
be endorsed on certificates river to North river 332.
203: Export duty on tobacco EMANCIPATION.
202: Act imposing duties on How slaves may be emancipated
wine and spirits, and tonnage 39: Aged or infirm, to be sup-
of Virginia vessels, and small ported by former master 39:

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Or, expense levied on, by or- Limitation for surveying en-
der of court 39. Copy of in- tries on the western waters al-
strument of emancipation to be ready made 441. Of future en-
delivered to slave 39. Penalty tries 441. Forfeiture for ne-
for neglect, on the master 39.

glect 441.8
And on the slave travelling EQUALIZING.
out of his county 40. Libera-

See Land Tar.
ted slaves meglecting to pay le. Act for equalizing the land tax
vies and taxes to be hired out 140. County commissioners to
i to raise them 40. Saving the correct mistakes of examiners,
titles of all but the person e- in extension of taxes 269. Act
mancipating 40, All slaves en amended 526.
listed by appointment of their

masters, and serving their term
emancipated 308. And may

Slaves of Walter King, escheated

and purchased on behalf of
sue in forma pauperis and re-
cover damages, if detained in

commonwealth, restored to

Walter King Cole 35. So
slavery 309. Aberdeen, for

much of former act as gives
his long and faithful services,

Walter King Cole any com-
at the lead mraes emancipated
309. Anne and Margaret

pensation, except reasonable

İrires, while slaves, in public
Rase, slaves of Walter Robert-

service, repealed 35. All the
son emancipated 362.

estate formerly belonging to

Jolm Harmer declared not
Rules for obtaining embargoes subject to escheat 36. George

Hariner authorized to recover

said estate, and subject to debts
County courts to collect and of John Harmer 36. Injunc-

state evidence of injuries from tions and pleas to stay sale of
losses of enemy 27. How to escheated property to be expe-
report their proceedings 27.dited 81. Sale of escheated .
Act continued 109, 193, 317, property 92. Certain escheat-

able property of George Kerr

vested in children of William
Entries for land may be made Short 149. Lands or slaves es-
with clerk, where no surveyor cheated, in consequence of the
16. How surveyed 160. En- act destroying entails, to go ac-
tries in Northern Neck, how cording to the donation 271.
made 160. Naval officer to Not to restrain the tenant from
keep a book of entries and conveying, nor exempt from
elearances of vessels 261. How debts 272. Sale of certain
entries for lands, to be made Jands in and contiguous to
with the surveyor 353, 354. tower of Louisville, escheated
Vol X1.


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as the property of John Con- executions 179. New execu
nolly, suspended 276. Es- tion, if creditor evicted of land
cheated lands in Kentucky or slaves 179. Debtor may
formerly vested in trustees for be committed, on confessing
a public school, transferred to judgment in custody, or on
trustees of Transylvania semi- being surrendered 179. Pur- .
mary_282. Certain Jands of chasers of lands from sundry
Spiers & Co. escheated to the companies entitled to benefit
commonwealth, vested in of this act 180. What con-
Hampden Sydney college 392. tracts excepted 180. Act per-

mitting lands and slaves to be
County courts to collect and state tendered on execótions reviy-

evidence of injuries from de- ed 349. Arms of militia ex-
predations of the enemy 27, empted from execution 493.
109, 193, 317, 361. Certified

copies of sheriffs bonds, evi- | Offices of commissioner of war,
dence 93, 168. On trial of and commercial agent abolish-
caveats, certificates of county ed, and duties transferred to
courts, as to settlement or pre- executive 133. Executive au-
emption rights, not conclusive thorized to place persons on
evidence of titles 508. Proof the pension list 446. County
of testimony on which certifi- courts to certify condition of
cate granted, admissible 508. pensioners to executive instead

of assembly 447. Executive
Appointed to regulate land tax may remit damages against
by assessments 141. Their sheriff's for non-payment of
powers, duty and compensa- taxes 463. May remit forfeited
tions 141, 142. County com- estates of criminals to wife and
missioners to correct mistakes children 509.
of examiners, in extension of

taxes 269.

Who exempted from militia duty

21, 166, 175, 189, 246, 477.
Tobacco, hemp, and flour may

be tendered

in payment of ex- How a citizen may expatriate
ecutions 76. At what price 76. himself 323.
Judgments on future contracts

excepted 76. Flour and hemp Duty on tobacco exported 95,
tendered on executions to be 201, 203.
inspected 99.
Lands may

be tendered on” judgments | Expresses for military purposes,

How executions there- how procured -18.
on may issue 178. Proceed-

ings on such executions 178: Allowance to wives, parents, and
Slaves may be tendered on families of poor soldiers 11.

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