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in the commission, how sup- not to vote in elections, or hold
plied 44. Act for protection of offices 325. Not to contravene
Chesapeake bay, amended 161 treaty of peace 325. Protec-
Tax on seamen and marines, tíon to all, not prohibited com-
for a hospital 161. Wages of ing on lawful business 325.
seamen how paid 161. Land

bounty to officers, seamen, and Reservation of land, in north-
marines 162. Their fitness to

western territory, for general
be enquired into 162.

George Rogers Clarke, his of-

ficers and men 327. Lands
Proceedings of the court of Ches-

how apportioned, surveyed,
terfield, had in a house contig-
uous to the court house, lately

and patented 335. Town of

Clarkesville established with
burnt by the enemy, confirmed
154. Court day of Chesterfield

in the grant 336.

county altered 431.

Town of Clarkesville, in north
See Protestant Episcopal Church.

western territory, laid off 336.

Lots to be sold for the benefit
Protestant episcopal church in-

of the inhabitants 336. Subject
corporated 532. Various reg.

to the condition of building
ulations 532, 537.

337. And sold again if forfeit-

ed 337.
Presley Thornton, Philip Tur-

pin, and John Wormeley ad- or vessels, what shall be done
mitted citizens, ou taking the previous to 261. Naval offi,
oath of allegiance, but John cers to keep a book of entries
Wormeley ineligible to any of and clearances 261.
fice of trust or profit for four

years 316. Who shall be deem- Entries for land may be made
ed citizens of this common-

with clerks of court, where no
wealth-323. Citizenship how surveyor 160. When fees of
acquired 323. When they may

clerks of superior courts to be
hold offices 323. Exception

delivered to sheriffs 163.-
www as to those holding place or When to be collected 163.

pension ander foreign prince When accounted for 163.
or potentate 323. How a citi- Commissions for collection
zen may expatriate himself323 163: Remedy against sheriffs
Description of persons prohib- 163: How tobacco due for
ited from migrating into this clerks' fees shall be paid 237:
commonwealth, or becoming When distrained for 238:-
citizens 324. Refugees prohib- When sheriffs to account 239:
ited 325. All other former res- Clerk's tobacco fees may be
idents allowed to return, but paid in money at one penny

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half penny, per pound 359: Restrictions as to their trial
LOath of clerks of county 351.
courts and their deputies 464: COIN.

Penalty for acting without Rates of gold and silver coin
464: To give bond 465:- paid for taxes 1176
Not to remove records and

papers out of the county 465:
In what cases records may be Offices of commercial agent, and
removed 465: Every clerk

commissioner of war abolish-

ed, and duties transferred to
appointed since the 4th June,
1776, to reside in his county

executive 133: Books, &c. to..

be delivered to executive 134.

Trustees for the town of Cob- In the militia, how appointed

ham appointed 57.

Duty on coffee 122.

To grant warrants for land boup-

ties 83, 84: Office abolished

and duties transferred to exe-
Slaves of Walter King escheated

cutive 133.
s and purehased on behalf of

the commonwealth, restored to
Walter King Cole 35: So Appointed to settle accounts be-
much of former act as gives

tween this state and United
Walter King Cole any com-

States, authorised to summon

witnesses 33: For providing
pensation, except reasonable

for defence of Chesapeake bay
- hires, while slaves in public

39: Powers of commissioners
service, repealed 35.

for adjusting titles to lands

continued 91: Books and pa-
Sheriff not

able to give security, pers of Kentucky commission-
coa collector of taxes to be ap- ers to be returned to register
pointed 66: Collectors of du-

91: Tax on litigants before
ties, their powers 124, 199:- commissioners 91: Commis-
Allowance for collection 126, sioners of land tax to be ap-
201: When to account and pointed for 142:--

ree years
pay 126, 201: Penalty for Their oath, duties, and com-
default 126, 201: Penalty for pensation 142, 143, 144:
receiving a bribe, or conniv Commissioners to settle claims
ing at a false entry 124, 199. for property impressed for
Naval officers to be collectors public service 191: Their oath,
of duties 182: Collectors of duties and compensation 191,
certain duties, appointed by 192, 193: County commis-
governor and council, but re-

sioners to correct mistakes of
movable by congress 351:- examiners 269.

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COMMISSIONS , X where they claim also under
Allowed inspectors, for collect- certificates from commission-

ing duties on tobacco export- ers 347. Must pay principal
*ed 96: To sheriffs for fees of and interest 347. Land may
clerks of superior courts 163. be distrained for arrears of

purchase money, but forfeitures
Further time allowed to pay tax- to cease 348.

es, in certain enumerated com- CONFEDERATION.
modities 10: Deer skins to be Delegates in congress, from this
received for taxes 66: - New state, authorized to subscribe
places to receive articles 66: and ratify an amendment to
Tobacco, heinp, flour & deer the 8th article of the confede-

skins, receivable in taxes 118, ration, by declaring that the
128:- How received 118, 128. contributions of the states, to
Aet allowing commodities to the general treasury, shall be
be received jo "taxes repealed in the proportions of their free
289: Revived 299.

white population and three

fiifths of their slaves, instead
Tobacco, hemp, flour and deer- of the value of their lands and

skins, declared commutable improvements 401.
articles, and receivable in tax-.
Act allowing No future confiscations to be

es 118, 128.
commutables for taxes repeal-

made 446.
ed 289. Reviyed 299.

COMMUTATION, Limitation to three years service
Commutation of five years full of delegates to congress re-
pay, for half pay for life, res- pealed 31. Future provision
olutions of congress concern- for delegates 32. Act to ena.

ble congress to lay a duty on

goods and prizes repealed 171
Recital of act of-May 1719 (vol. Delegates to congress ineligi-

10, pa. 42, 47) in favour of ble to either house of assembly
settlers on lands surveyed for 249. Congress authorized to
sundry companies 149. For-

procure ten acres of land for
mer act declaring forfeiture of the purpose of erecting a mag-
land on non-payment repealed

azine 288. Congress empow-
149. Further time allowed to ered 10 prohibit importations
pay their money 150. For- from the West Indies, in Brit-
feiture on non-payment 150. ish vessels, &c. 313. Delegates
Purchasers entiiled to the be- in congress authorized to con-
nefit of the act for tendering vey to the United States, the
lands and slaves on executions north-western territory 326.
180. How grants obtained, Conditions and reservations

ing 557,


$27. Congress, anthorized to CONTINENTAL ESTABLISHMENT
Jay certaiu duties and appoint See Army.-Land Bountyot $
collectors 350 Limitations Deputation of officers te eboose

and restrictions 351,352. For- superintendants and appoint
mer acts concerning appoint-

surveyors, for locating and
ment and wages of members of surveying lands given to off-
congress repealed 365. Five

cers and soldiers on continent
delegates to congress to be an. waland state establishments 309
mually chosen 365. Three cou-arious regulations 310, 311,
stantly to attend 365. Creden- 312.

tials 365.. Those elected to

*supply vacancies, bow long to In what cases general court may

365. Wages 366. Con- award costs 293. Costs dis-
gress impowered to prohibit cretionary on motions. 293.
the importation and exporta- Where costs governed by ex-
tion of goods to or from this isting laws. 293. A
2 state in vessels belonging to

subjects of powers with whom Death to counterfeit receipts for
they have no commercial trea-
ty 388. Delegates in congress

flour or hemp 99. Or warrants

or certificates issued to army
authorized to subscribe and ra-
çify an amendment to the 8th

or navý 203. Or tobacco notes
article of the confederation, by

241. Forging or counterfeiting

certificates issued by congress
declaring that the contribu-

or this state, death without
tions to the general treasury
shall be in proportion to pop-

clergy 495.

ulation, instead of lands 401.

Monongalia county divided and
Sale of certain lands whereon

Harrison formed 366. Boun-
town of Louisville, in Ken-

daries and court days 366,367
tucky, laid out, and contigu-

Jefferson county divided, and
ous* thereto, escheated as the

Nelson formed 469.. Boun

daries 469. Court days 469.
property of John Connolly,
.but mortgaged to John Camp. COUNTY COURTS.
te bell and Joseph Sinon, sus-County courts to collect and
pended 276." So much of that state" evidence of injuries to

act'as affects their lands, 're- property, from depredations
* pealed 320. Surveyor to run of enemy 27. “ Act continued

dividing line between John 109, 193, 317, 361. Act for
Campbell and John Connolly relief of persons injured by
-** 322, 475. Éscheated lands of destruction of record's of coun-

Connolly to be sold and mori- ty courts, continued 74. Ex-
gage to Campbell and Simon tended to all papers filed in
paid of 475,

Court74. Any court whose court

house is burnt may sit else- county having been burnt,
where 275. Oath of clerk of proceedings of subsequent
county courts and their depu- court legalized 275. Any
ties 464. To give bond 465. court, whose i court house is
Not to remove records and burnt; may sit elsewhere 275.
papers out of the county 465. DABNEY, COLONEL
In what cases they may be Continental army may be re-
removed 465. Every clerk ap- cruited by enlistments from
pointed since the 4th of June col. Dabney's legion 170. Ex-
1776, to reside in his county ecutive may order legion to

defence of western frontiers, or

on board armed vessels, it wil-
See County Courts. District Jing to serve 170. Iflegiou re-

Da Courts. Witnes duced, horses to be sold 170.
Any court, whose court-house is

e burnt, may sit elsewhere 275. Power of court to remit interest
Act for establishing courts of and damages against sheriffs,
assize 421, 429.

for taxes 117. Executive may
COURTS OF ENQUIRY +remit damages against sheriffs
For assessment of fines on mili- 2 for non-payment of taxes 463
tia, how constituted 490.

Their powers and duty 491. Due the United States recovera-

COURTS MARTIAL. ble on motion 32. British
For trial of militia 487, 490. debts not recoverable, tho' as-

COVERING HORSES. signed, renewed or altered 76,
Tax on 113.

176. Acts revived and con-

tinued 349:
Citizens of this state, committing

crimes out of its jurisdiction, Tax on 378: Repealed 438.
how apprehended and surren-

dered 471. Crimes commit- Proof of deeds withiu what time
ted within the territory of any

valid 294: General court may
Christian nation, or Indian

receive probat of deeds at any
tribe, in amity witb United
States, how punishable 471,

term 295: Memorials of deeds,
Wherr offenders may be bound

to be transmitted by clerks of
to the good behaviour 472.

county courts, in Kentucky to

district court, and by clerks of

other county courts to general
Governor and council may re- court, and recorded 295. 466.

mit forfeited estates of crimin- Fees 295, 466: Act extending
als to the wife and children 509 time for proof of deeds repeal

ed 840: ' Geperal court may
Courthouse of Cumberland receive proof of deeds at June

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