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Daed of ces.



(L. S.)

JAMES MONROE, (1. s.) Signed, sealed, and delivered in



IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the United States have
caused their Great Seal to be affixed to this exemplifi-
cation. WITNESS, Charles Thomson, esquire, their
secretary and keeper of their Great Seal.

CHA. THOMPSON. [From the original, in the clerk's office of the house of delegates, among the governor's communication of 1784.]








record 156. Restriction as to Slave Aberdeen, for his long and proof of wills and deeds 156. faithful services, at the lead - Common seal, how affixed, eesmines, emancipated 309... and its authenticity 156. Court ACCOUNTS.

day altered 158. Jurisdiction Commissioners appointed to set- of court of hustings 314.

tle accounts between this state ALIENATIONS. and United States, authorised Duty of commissioners of land

to summon witnesses 33. lax, in cases of alienations or 4. ACTS OF ASSEMBLY. partition 145. Lists to be fúrTax on private acts of assembly nished 143. 127.

ALLEGIANCE. ADAMS, ROBERT JR. Penalty for administering oath Indemnified for assisting to sup- of allegiance to an alien enepress, a conspiracy agaiust the my, or British subject 138. state 134.

AMMUNITION, ADMINISTRATION. Militia to furnish themselves with Tax on grants of administration 478. A quantity to be im* 378, 439.

ported 494. ALEXANDRIA.

ANDERSON, MARY. Corporation of authorised to im- Estate of Samuel Gist, a British * pose a wharfage tax 44. Wa-1 subject, vested in Mary An* ter street and Union street to derson, his daughter and only

be extended . 44. Court of child 54. hustings to bave exclusive

ANTRIM. power of licensing taverns 50: Vestry of parish of Antrim, in

-Ordinary keepers incapable Halifax, dissolved, and a new of aeting as judges of court vestry to be elected 73. Furof hustings 51:

-Court of ther time allowed to elect yeshustings declared a court of try 112, Authorised to sell

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their glebe, and purchase a vided 494. If imported, to
new one 404.

come from France 494.
Tax on 378, 439.

APPROPRIATION. Three thousand troops for con-
See Taxes.

tinental army to be raised 14.
Appropriation of revenue 12.- Counties to be divided into
Land tax appropriated 247: classes 15. If not enlisted for
Slave tax 247. All other tax- three years or the war, to be
es 248. Tonnage duty 249. drafted for three years 15.-


and Officers of the line to receive
reduced into one act 433,- recruits 17. Bounty, pay and
Appropriation of the land tax emoluments 17. Quakers and
433: Of the slave tax 433. On menonists, how exempted from
the poll-tax and tax on person- personal service 18. Express-
al property 434. Of the duties es, how procured 18. Fines
on goods imported, and tobac- for delinquencies 19. Surplus

co exported 435. Or tax on of funds, in a class, how dis-
patents 436.

posed of 19. Furnishing a

recruit exempts the class 19.

and accoutrements belong- Counties failing to furnish the
ing to the state to be delivered former quotas, to be reported
up to commandants of regi- to the general assembly 19.
ments 132. Proclamation for Returns of officers resigned,
that purpose 132. Penalty on to be made 20. Act to pro-
those who detain them 132. vide more effectual funds for
County lieutenants to return the redemption of certificates
an account of arms received granted officers and soldiers
132. Penalty 132. Saving as 81. Injunctions or pleas to
to arms placed on frontiersstay sales of escheated proper-
132. Cavalry, how armed ty to be expedited 81. Frau-
173. Militia in counties most dułent conveyanees by British
exposed, and in Williamsburg subjects 81. Payment of Bri-
and Norfolk, to be armed 174. tish debts into the treasury re-
Arms, how disposed of 174. vived 82. Creditors may at-
-Fines for failing to return tach 82. Sale of forfeited es-

arms 174. Militia, how arm- tates 82. Officers and soldiers
es ed 479, 479. Arnis not lia- to pass their accounts upon
ble to execution or distress | oath 83. Guard against fur-
493. If lost in service, not ther depreciation 83. Officers
to be paid for, unless loser and soldiers to give in their
killed or disabled 493. Arms land claims 83. How their
and accoutrements to be pro- land warrants are to be obtain-




ed 83. Certificate from com- ARTICLES OF WAR.
missioners of war 84. Bounty Militia governed by when in ac-
in lands for three years service tual service 487.
84. Additional for six years * ARTIFICERS
84. No locations within their Employed at iron works, ex-
bounds 84. Their certificates empted from militia daty 21.
to be received for public pa-

tent fees 84. Certain officers Inspectors of tobacco ineligible
included in pay and bounty to the general assembly 233.
84. Navy officers, sailors and Delegates to congress ineligi-
marines, entided to the same ble to either house of the as-
emoluments as those in the sembly 249. Three fourths

and service, 85, 162. Sol- of the wages of the members
diers in state legions authoris- to be paid for the present 280.

ed to enlist in continental ar- Deputy sheriff'ineligible to as-
my 135. May be discharged, sembly, until two years after
on what terms 135. Legion quietus 308. Return of elec-
sa under col. Dabney may be en-dion of senators and delegates,
listed into continental array when to be made 387. Pen-
170. Executive may order

alty for neglect 387. Penalty
them to defence of western on sheriffs interfering in elec-
frontiers, or on board armed

tions 387. Meetings of assem-
vessels, if willing to serve 170. bly to be annual 388.
If reduced, horses to be sold

170. Three months pay to be Act for establishing courts of as-
advanced to the soldiers of this size 421. When and where
state, on continental establish- courts of assize to be held 422.
ment, late from the southern In suits depending in the gen-
army 267. That act repeal-eral court, issues to be tried at

ed, congress having made pro- the assizes, accordingly as the
sa vision 297. Monies levied för venue is laid 422, 423. Coun-
recruiting service to be paid ties assigned to each court of
into treasury, instead of to or- assize 423. Venue, in transi.
der of executive 280. Depu-tory actions, where laid 424.
tation of officers to choose su- What judges to attend assizes,
perintendants and appoint sur- and how allotted 424. Jaries
veyors, for locating and sur- 424, Verdicts certified to gen-
veying lands given to officers eral court 425, Judgment on
and soldiers on continental and postea, when entered 425.-
state establishments 309. Trials at bar 425 Clerks of

assize, how appointed, tenure
Of militia officers, 490. Militia, of office and duty 425. Dock-

when privileged from arrest ets 425. Depositions 426.-

Habeas corpus 426 Crimis

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