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dient aud necessary that the same should lie further con

tinued and amendeda Act for in- II, Be it therefore -enacted, That the act, intituled spection of

" Au act for the inspection of pork, beef, flour, tar, pork, becf, Hour, tar,

pitch, and wrpentine, except so much thereof as res. pitch, and tur pects the article of four, shall continue and be in force,

from and after the expiration thereof, together with this ther coutipu. ed.

act, for and during the term of ten years, and from thence until the end of tie next session of assembly, and no longer.

III. And be it further enacted, That the several inspectors appointed or to be appointed by virtue of the said recited act, shall receive the following fees in lieu

of those beretofore established, 10 wit: For everey barInspector's fees. rel of pork or boef inspected and stamped, four pence;

and for every barrel of tar, pitch, and torpentine, three pence,


. [Ch. LXXXH in original]

An act for opening and extending the

navigation of Potowmack river. Potowmack 1. WHEREAS the extension of the navigation of company in Potowmack river, from tide water to the highest place corporated.

practicable on the North branch, will be of great public utility, and many persons are williug 10 subscribe large sums of money to effect solaudable and beneficial a work; and it is just and proper that they, their heirs, and assigns, should be empowered to receive reasonable tolls forever, in 'satisfaction for the money advanced by them in carrying the work into execution, and the risk they run: And whereas it may be necessary to cut canals and erect locks and other works on both sides of the river, and the legislatures of Maryland and Virginia, impressed with the importance of the object, are desirous of encouraging so useful an an

dertaking: Therefore, Books to be

H. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Viropened for subscription. ginig, That it shall and may be lawful to open books

in the city of Richmond, towns of Alexandria and Winchester in this state, for receiving and entering subscriptions for the said undertaking, under the management of Jaquelin Ambler and John Beckley at the city of Richmond, of Jolin Fitzgerald and William Hartshorne at the town of Alexandria, and of Josepla Holmes, and Edward Smith at the town of Winchester, and under the management of such persons and af such places in Maryland as liave been appointed by the state of Maryland, which subscriptions shall be made personally or by power of attorney, and shall be paid in Spanish milled dollars, but may be paid in foreign 'silver or gold coin of the value; that the said books shall be opened for receiving subscriptions on the eighth day of February, next, and continue open

for this půrpose until the tenth day of May next, inclusive Meeting of and on the severiteenth day of the said month of May, the subyeyi there shall be a general meeting of the subscribers at bers. the town of Alexandria, of which meeting notice shall be given by the said managers, or any four of them, in the Virginia and Maryland Gazettes, at least one month next before the said meeting; and such meeting shall and may be continued from day to day until the business is finished; and the acting managers at the time and place herein after-mentioned, shall lay before such of the subscribers as shall meet according to the said notice, the books by them respectively kept, containing the state of the said subscriptions; and if one half the capital sum hereinafter-mentioned, should, upon examination, appear not to have been subscribed, then the said managers at the said meeting, are empowered to take and receive subscriptions to make up the defciency; and a just and true list of all the subscribers, with the sums subscribed by each, shall be made ove and returned by the said managers, or any four or more of them, under their hands, into the general court of each state;, to be there recorded; and in case more Amount of than two hundred and twenty-two thousand two hun, capital. dred and twenty-two dollars and two' ninths of a dollar, shall be subscribed, then the same shall be reduced in case of an to that su'm by the said managers, or a majority of scription, them, by beginning at and striking off a share from mode of redu. the largest subscription or subscriptions, and..con- cing it. tinuing to strike off a share from all subscriptions under the largest, and above one share, until the sum is reduced to the capital of two hundred and twem


ty-two thousand two bundred and twenty-two dollars and two-ninths of a dollar, or until a share is taken from all subscriptions above one share, and lots shall be drawn between the subscribers of equal sums, to de ter mine the numbers in which such subscribers shall stand, on a list to be made for striking off as aforesaid; and if the sum subscribed still exceeds the capital aforesaid, then to strike off by the same rule until the sum subscribed is redueed to the capital aforesaid, or all the subscriptions are reduced to one share: and if there

still be an excess, then lots to be drawn to deterCapital to be mine the subscribers who are to be excluded, to reduce divided into the subscriptions to the capital aforesaid, which stri

king off shall be certified in the list aforesaid, and the said capital sum shall be reckoned and divided into five hundred shares, of four hundred and forty-four dollars and four-ninths of a dollar each, of which every person

subscribing may take and subscribe for one or more Unless one whole shares, and not otherwise. Provided, That unhalf of capital less one half of the said capital shall be subscribed as the whole to aforesaid, all subscriptions made in consequence of this be void.

act, shall be void, and in case one half and less than the whole of the said capital shall be subscribed as aforesaid, then the president and directors are hereby empowered and directed to take and receive the sub scriptions which shall first be offered in whole shares as aforesaid, until the deficiency shall be made up, a certificate of which additional subscriptions shall be made under the hands of the president and directors, or a majority of them for the time being, and returned to apd

recorded in the general courts, aforesaid. fobe incor

III. And be at enacted, That in case one half of the pursted as a said capital, or a greater sum, shall be subscribed as company. aforesaid, the said, subscribers, and their heirs and as

signs, from the time of the said first meeting, shall be,

and are hereby declared to be incorporated into a comStyle of cor

pany, by the name of the " Potowmack Company," poration.

and may sue and be sued as such; and such of the said sụbscribers as shall be present at the said meeting, or a majority of them, are hereby empowerd and required to

elect a president and four directors, for conducting the Rules for e. said undertaking, and managing all the said company's lecting offi.

business and concerns, før and during such time, not exceeding three years, as the said sabscribers, or a majority of them, shall: think fit. And in counting the



votes of all general meetings bf the said companiy, each member shall be allowed one vote for every shiare, as far as ten shares, and one vote for every five shares a: bove ten, by hitn or her held at the time in the said company; and any proprietor, by writing under his dr her hand, executed before two witnesses, may de pute any other member or proprietor to vote and aet as proxy for him or her, at any general meeting.

IV. And be enacted, That the said president and directors so elected, and their successors, or a majority Authority of of them assembled, shall have full power and authority, directors, to to agree with any person or persons, on behalf of the make con said company, to cut such canals, and erect such locks, tracts, and perform such other works as they shall judge neéessary for opening, improving, and extending the navigation of the said river alove tide water, to the highest part of the North Branch, to which navigation can be extended, and carrying on the same from place to place, and from time to time, and upon such terms, and io such manner, as they shall think fits and out of the money arising from the subscriptions and the tolls, and other aids herein after given, to pay for the samey and to repair and keep in order the said canals, Jocks, and other works necessary thereto, and to defray all incidental charges; and also to appoint à treasurer, clerk, and such to appoint other officers, toll gatherers, managers, and servants, officers, and

fix their comas they shall judge requisite, and to agree for and set

pensation tle their respective wages or allowances, and settle, pass and sign their accounts; and also to make and establish rules of proceeding, and to transact all the other business and concerns of the said company, in and durióg the intervals between the general meetings of the same; and they shall be allowed as a satisfaction for their trouble therein, such sum of money as srally by a general meeting of the subscribers, be determined. Pro. uided always, That the reasurer shall give bond, in Bond and sesuch penalty, and with suéh security, as the said presi- curity, by dent and directors, or a majority of them, shall direct, for the true and faithful discharge of the trust reposed in him, and that the allowance to be made to him for Liis services, shall not exceed three pounds in the hun

Limitation of dred, for the disbursements by him made; and that no compensaofficer in the said company shall have any vote in the tion. settlement or passing of his own account,

asuing Vol. II.

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mount of

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V. And be it enacted, That the said president and

directors, and their successors, or a majority of them, Mode of col-shall have full power and authority, from time to time, lecting a

às money shall be wanted, to make and sign orders for shares, sub. that purpose, and direct at what time, and in what proscribe for. portion the proprietors shall advance and pay of the

suins subscribed, which orders shall be advertised at least one month in the Virgija and Maryland Gazettes, and the gare hereby authorized and empowered to demand and receive of the several proprietors, from time to time, the sum of mourey so ordered to be advanced for sarrying ou and exechting, or repairing and keeping in order the said works, until the sums subscribed shall be fully paid, and to order the said surns to be deposited into the bands of the treasurer, to be by him disbursed

and paidout as the said prezident and directors, or a mar May sell shares of de- jority of thene, sall order and direct. And if any of linquent sub- the said proprietors-strall refuse or neglect to pay their scribers.

said proportions, within one montlı after the same so ordered and advertised, as aforesaid, the said president and directors, or a majority of them, may selt at auction, and convey to the purchase the share on shares of such proprietor-só refusing or neglecting pay ment, giving at least one month's notice of the sale in the Virginia and Maryland Gazettes; and after retaining the sum due, and charges of sale out of the money prodąced tjèreby, threy shall refund and pay the overplus, i any, to the former owners and if such sale shall not prodice the full sum ordered and directed to be advanced as

naforesaid, with the incidental charges, the said presi: May sue for deat and directors, or a majority of them, may, in the deficiencies pražne of the company, sve for and recover the balance arising on

by-nction of debt, or on the casez and the said purchasales.

sér or purchasers, strall be subject to the same rules and regulations, as if the said sale and conveyance had been made by the original proprietors And to continue the succession of the said president and directors, and to keep up the same number

* VI. Be it enacted. That from time to time, upon the Election of oflicers.

expiration of the said teria, for which the said president and directors were appointed, the proprietors of the said company; at the wext general meeting, shall either continue the said president and directors, or any of them, or

shall choose others in their stead; and in case of the death, supplied, removal, resignatiòir

, or incapacity of the president, or


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