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ready appropriated, and as much of the unappropriated two-tenths, as may be sufficient.

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in original.) An act. to prevent the counterfeiling

certain certificates and warrants. I. BE et enacted by the General Assembly, That if any person within this commonwealth shall forge or

Forgery of

certificates counterfeit, alter or erase

any certificate or warrant is issued by con súed or to be issued by any person or persons authorized gress, or this for that purpose, either by the congress of the United state, death States or the legislature of this state, for the payment


without clerof money, or shall be aiding or assisting therein, or shall demand payment thereof, knowing the same to be forged, counterfeited, altered or erased, or shall transfer any such certificate or warrant, knowing the same to be forged or counterfeited, altered or erased, or shall forge or counterfeit, alter or erase, any certificate whatever for the purpose of obtaining a settlement of money from any person or persons authorized for that purpose, either by the congress of the United States or the legislature of this state, or shall be aiding or assisting thereiu, or shall require settlement thereon, or transfer the same, knowing it to be forged, counterfeited, altered, or erased; he or she so offending, and thereof legally convicted, sball suffer death without benefit of clergy, All and every act or acts of assembly made to prevent the counterfeiting of certificates, are hereby repealed.


Ch. LXX in 8

CHAP. XXXI. original.

An act giving further powers to the

directors of the public buildings. 1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to the general assembly, by the directors of the public buildings, that apartments can be provided for the use of the legislative, executive, and judiciary, to greater advantage, and with less expense, by uniting them under one roof,

than by erecting separate houses; Directors of II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That it public build- shall be in the discretion of the said directors to cause ed to provide apartmenss to be provided for the uses aforesaid under apartments one and the same roof; any law to the contrary notför legisla. withstanding. And whereas it is represented to the tive and jadi. general assembly, that two of the directors heretofore ciary, in the appointed by law are dead, and it is necessary that such capitol, in vacancy should be supplied; rece nu se pot That Jaquelin Ambler and William Hay, gentlemen, recting sepas III. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, ing's. shall, and they are hereby appointed directors of the Jaquelin Am-said publie buildings, with the same powers that by Hay appoint- law are given to the directors of the said public builded directors. ings.

Ch, Lxx

CHAP. XXXI. in original. An act to amend

an act, intituled Ant act

direcling the sale of cerlain pub

lic lands, and for other purposes.*** Preamble. 1. WHEREAS the commissioners appointed by an

act, intituled " An act directing the sale of certain public lands, and for other purposes," have found it difficult to procuire a meeting of a sufficient number to carry the said act into effect, by reason whereof the said lands have not been sold as by the said act is directed: For remedy whereof,

II. Be it enacted by the General Assemblys That Public landa,

, the public lands called and known by the name of Gos- called Gosport, shall be, and the same are bereby-annexed to the ed to town of town of Portsmouth; and the governor, with advice of Portsmouth. council, shall be, and he is hereby empowered and directed to appoint three or more commissioners, who commissionsvall lay off the said fand into lots not exceeding a pointed quarter

of an'acre each, with convenient streets, and to lay off inas nearly parallel to the streets in the said town of to lots and Portsmoath as the situation of the place will convenie streets. ently admit. And the said commissioners' so appointed, are bereby authorized and required to make sale of sale directed, the said lots, or so many thereof, as the governor, with advice of council, may direct, in manner and on the conditions herein after prescribed. The said commissioners shall give previous notice of such sale at least

Notice of sale sixty days in the Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania Gazettes, and shall dispose of the same by public sale on the premises, to the highest bidder, on the day appointed (if fair, and it not, the next fair day). for: twelve months credit, taking bond with two sofficient securities for the payment thereof;, which bonds, if not

On credit. paid when due, shall be recoverable in any court of rea cord within this commonwealth, on motion of the solia

Mode of recitor, or other person appointed by the executive for tliat purpose, provided notice of such motion be given in the public news-papers at least three weeks previous to such motion. The governor, with advice of his council, may authorize and appoint the said commissioners who conduct the sale of the said lands, or any other person or persons on behalf of the commonwealth, to convey to the purchasers thereof an estate in fer simple in the same; but such conveyance shall not be made Conveyances until the full consideration for which such lands have

to purcha. been sold shall be paid to the person or persons authorized by the governar, with advice of council, to receive suçh-payment. If any purchaser of the said land shall make payment for any part of the said land before such payment sball be due, he shall be entitled to a discount at the rate of ssix per centum per annum. The said lands shall be sold for current money of Vir- sale for spe ginia, payable in Spanish milled dollars at the rate of cie or certifie six shillings each, or in other silver or gold cain at a calen proportionate value, which payment shall be secured in mganer aforesaid; or for warrants drawn by the audio



Vol. XI.

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tors of public accounts, or other person appointed by law for that purpose, for payment of debts due by this . state to foreign creditors, which warrants shall express that the same are to be received in "payment for the Gosport lands, and shall be countersigned by the gove ernor or chief magistrate of this commonwealth. Al} the money arising under this act from the sale of the said Gosport lands, shall be applied to the payment of the debts dae to foreign creditors, in such manner as

the geveral assembly, shall direct. Bond of com

11. And be it further enacted, That the commismissioners, sioners to be appointed under this act, 'shall, before

they enter on the duty of their office," give bond to the governor or chief magistrate of this commonwealth and his successors, in the

suin of twenty thousand pounds, for the true and faithful discharge of their duty; for which services they shall be allowed two per centum on the amount of the sales by them made.

IV, And be it further enacted, That a majority of Majority may the commissioners appointed by this act, shall have

full power and authority to make sale of the said lands, and to carry the same into effeet in all other respects agreeable to the powers vested in them by this act. So much of any former act as comes within the purview of this act, is hereby repealed.


{Ch. LxXtf

CHAP. XXXIII. in original.]

An acl to amend the act For the bet

ter support of the supreme court in

the Kentucky district.

1. WHEREAS the salaries at present allowed to Preamble. 1

the judges of the supreme court in the Kentucky dis

trict are indequate to their services, and the funds out Salaries of of which they are to be paid insuficient; judges of su:

II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That in preme court "lieu of the salaries given to the said judges by the act, in Kentucky intituled " An act-for the better support of the supreme district, inde creased. court in the Kentucky district, they shall be allowed


annually, each, the sum of three hundred pounds: And in lieu of the funds at present destined for the payment thereof,

III. Be it enacted, That the deputy register shall To be paid pay in quarterly payments to each of the said judges, by deputy reor their order, the sum of seventy five pounds, and gister of land shall take receipts thereforz which receipts, after having preserved a duplicate thereof in his office, he shall transmit to the register of the land office, who in his settlement, as by an act of the present session of assembly, intituled "An act for appropriating the fees of the land office in aid of the public revenue, and placing the register and his deputy on the civil list," is directed, shall be allowed to pass the same as cash.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the several Courthouse, courts of the counties within the Kentucky district, be, other buildand they are hereby authorized and required, to aprange for su point two of their own body, who shall meet together preme court, at the place fixed on by the supreme court of the said how to be district, and determine on the sum of money necessary for building a court-house, prison, and other buildings necessary for the use of the said court, and shall apportion the said sum on the said several counties, according to such rule as they may judge most equitable; and each of the courts of the said counties are hereby authorized to levy the sums apportioned on their respective counties in the same manner as other county levies are raised within the same. The said buildings shall be erected at such place as the supreme court shall judge best, and by such persons, and on such terms, as the clerk of the said court, under the direction of the court, shall contract for. Any justice of the peace failing herein, shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty pounds, to be recovered by bill, plaint, or information, in the said supreme court; one half to the use of the informer, the other half to be applied to the purposes of this act.

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