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shall be, and the same is hereby repealed.

sequence of such determination, in order to obtain his
patent, shall be by the register paid to the person who
in the first instance upon the return of the survey hath
been compelled to pay the fees.

(Chap LII

in original.] An act to provide for the more effec

tual collection of the tax of five shil

lings per hundred acres on lands granted by patent, and to appropriate the money arising therefrom: I. WHEREAS the laws

directing the payment of Tax.on lands, the tax of five shillings per hundred acres on all landsk included n included in any patent where the same shall exceed Datents. when fourteen hundred acres, have been found imperfect: payable. For remedy whereof, II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That

Patents, for from and after the passing of this act, there shall be

preemption paid to the register of the land office the aforesaid tax right:, . mili. of five shillings per hundred acres on all lapds included tary bounties

excepted. in any patent, at the time of issuing the patent for the same, except on patents granted to persons entitled to lands by pre-emption or settlement rights, or for military bounties, or to those claiming under such persons entitled to pre-emption or settlement rights by marriage, marriage settlement, descent, or devise. : III. And be it further enacted, That the money aris-Appropria

ing from the aforesaid tax shall be appropriated to- tion of tax. wards the payment of interest due or which may here. after become due to the creditors of this state on the western waters, whose claims have been ascertained by commissioners appointed for that purpose, in such manner as 'the general assembly shall hereafter direct.

IV, And be it further enacted, That so much of any act or acts, as comes within the purview of this acts

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Chap. LIV in

CHAP. XV. original.

An act for further continuing the act,

intituled, An act concerning pen.

See ante p.

1. WHEREAS the act of asseinbly, passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two, intituled, "An act concerning pensioners," which has been continued by several subsequent acts, will expire at the end of the present session of assembly, and it is

expedient that the same should be further continued: Ast concern. II. Be it therefore enacted, That the act, intituled ing pension- 1 An act concerning pensioners,” shall continue and continued. be in force from and after the expiration thereof, for

and during the term of three years, and from thence to

the end of the next session of assembly, and no longer. Executive au III. And he it further enacted, That the executive thorised to

shall be, and they are hereby authorized and empow-
place persons
on the pen. ered, to put on the list of pensioners, with such allow-
sion list, ances as to them shall seem just, all regular or militia

officers and soldiers who have been wounded or other-
wise disabled in the service of their country, upon ap-
plication being made to them therefor. And whereas

the said recited act, intituled “ An act concerning pensioners," directs the courts of the several counties within this commonwealth to inquire into the bodily ability of all persons receiving annual pensions from the public, and to certify to the general assembly whether in their opinion they ought to be continued on the pension list; IV. Be it therefore enacted, That the said returns to certify con

County courts shall be made to the executive, who are hereby author- dition of penized to continue or discontinue the said allowances, as sioners to ex. to them shall seem proper.

So much of any act or stead of asa acts, as comes within the meaning of this act, is hereby sembly repealed.


1. WHEREAS it has been represented to the pre- Governor aus

thorised to sent general assembly, that the taking possession of, or

suspend, by * In consequence of this act, two proclamations were issued by the taking

proclamation, the governor, the one on the 6th of January, 1785, the other

on possession of, the 25th of January, 1787. The first cannot now be found; but

or surveying the last, which refers to it, is here inserted.

the lands re6C VIRGINIA, TO WIT

served forthe By &c. Governor of the Commonwealth.

officers and A PROCLAMATION.

soldiers of Whereas, in pursuance of the act of the General Assembly, in- the Virginia tituled, “ An act authorising the governor, with the advice of the line, and the council, to suspend, when necessary, the surveying of certain Illinois regilands in the Western country,” his excellency ihe governor with ment. the advice of the council of state, on the 6th day of January, in the year of our Lord, 1785, did suspend the taking possession and surveying of any lands on the north-west side of the Ohio, or below the mouth of the river Tenisee, until authority for that purpose should thereafter be given; it appearing that the tranquility of the government did at that time require such suspension; but whereas the United States in congress assembled, on

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formerly stood, upon Pianketank river, in the county of Middlesex, shall be, and the same is hereby revived; and there shall be paid and allowed to each of the inspectors fifteen pounds per annum. And whereas it is represented to this present general assembly, that a new inspection of tobacco on the lands of Jacob Rubsamen, in the town of Manchester, will be of public utility;

JII. Be it therefore enacted, That an inspection of Manchester tobacco shall be, and the same is hereby established on

warehouse, in

town of Man. the lands of the said Jacob Rubsamen, in the said town chester esta. of Manchester, which shall be called and known by the blished. name of Manchester; and the transfer notes issued by the inspectors thereof, shall be payable for public duies in the same manner as those of Rockey Ridge; there shall be paid to each of the inspectors at Manchester warehouse the sum of sixty pounds per annum.

And whereas, the situation appointed by law whereon the warehouse for the inspection of tobacco in the town of Portsmouth was to be erected, is found inconvenient;

Warehouse, IV. Be it therefore enacted. That the said warehouse

inPostmouth shall be built on the lands of Thomas Veal, in the said to be erected town, any law to the contrary notwithstanding. 00 land of

Thomas Veal:


Chap. LVII

in original. An act to revive an act, intituled An

act for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public service.

I. WHEREAS the act of assembly, passed in the

Act for adyear one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, inti- for property

justing claims tuled “An act for adjusting claims for property im- impressed for pressed or taken for public service,” which was contin- pub.icservice ued and amended by several subsequent acts, hath ex

revivech pired: And whereas there are many claims still due to the good people of this commonwealth, for property impressed or taken from them for public use, which cannot be liquidated and allowed, unless the said recited act is revived:

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