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practice in any inferior court for each court twenty shillings. And for the more effectual collection of the

said taxes, Taxes to be lit. Be it enacted, That no writ, subpæna, citation, paid down.

or any writ of error, supersedeas, certiorari, or habeas corpus, cum causa, shall be issued, or declaration in ejectment filed, by any clerk, unless the taxes hereby respectively imposed thereon be first paid down; that in all appeals, tro transcript of the record shall be delivered to the appellant by the clerk of the court, or forwarded by him to a superior court, before the tax imposed thereon be paid; that no certificate under the seal of any county or corporation, shall be granted until the tax therehn shall have been' first paid to the clerk keeping such'seal; that no attorney be admitted to take the oath required by law, or to appear in any suit in the court of appeals, in a superior court, or the court of the district of Kentucky, or in any county or other inferior court, until he shall have first paid the tax hereby imposed on such admission to the clerk of the court. Provided, That after an admission of an attor bey into any one of the superior courts, including the court of appeals, no tax shall be required for his ad mission 'into either of the other superior courts.

IV And be it further enacted, That the clerks of the Clerks, when

several courts aforesaid shall respectively, on or before the first day of April, and first day of October, in every year, account for ou oath, and pay into the publie treasury, all the monies which by this act they are authorized to receive, after a deduction of five per centuin therefroin, as a commission for the service bereby shall, on Co.of fraud herein by any clerk, he

, V. And be it further enacted, That there shall be fer of survey. paid two shillings and six pence for every transfer of a ors' certifi. surveyor's certificate for laud, to be collected by the

register of the land office before the issuing of the patent; for every attestation, protestation, and all otlier

instruments of publication from a notary public, under Notarial seals

lais seal of office, two shillings and six pence, to be collected and accounted for by the said notary pablic; and

six shillings for each certificate under the seal of the Seal of corti

commonwealth, to be collected by the clerk of the monwealth.

council before the delivery of sneh certificate; which last mentioned taxes shall be accounted for and paid in

to account

aud pay

Tax on trans



the like manner, and with the like commission for collecting, as is directed in the case of other taxes imposed by this act. This act shall commence and he in force. from and after the first day of March next.

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in original.) An act concerning entries and sura

veis on the western waters. 1. WHEREAS several persons, having early entries Preamble: and locations for large tracts of land, in order to procrastinate the charge of surveying and the payment of taxes, refuse or neglect to survey them, while others, who have adjacent entries and locations of later date, are desirous ió sue out grants and pay faxes for their lands: In aid therefore of the present means to compel surveys upon the said entries,

11. Be' it enacted, That all entries made in the coun- Limitation for, ty surveyors books on the western waters, other than surveying en. the entries made by virtue of officers and soldiers claims tries on west

eril waters, for military services, before the passing of this act, shall

already made be surveyed, and the surveys thereof returned as the - law directs on or before the first day of February, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six; and that all future entries on the said waters, shall be in like man

Of future en. ner surveyed and returned within one year after the date

tries. of every such entry. If any entry shall not be survey

ed and returned within the terms aforesaid, it shall be lawful for any person to enter for and locate the said Forfeiture, lands, in like manner as if such prior entry had not

for neglect. been made,

Vol, xi.



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(Chap. LA in original.]

An act appropriating the fees of the u land office in aid of the public reve. nue, and placing the register, his deputies and assistants, on the civil list.

1. THE profits accruing to the register of the land office being much greater than the legislature expected or intended at the appointment of that officer, and greater

than the duties of that office require; 11. Be it therefore enacted, That from and after the Fees of land first day of February next, all the fees thereafter to be office to be received by the register, deputy register, or any other paid into the

treasury. person, for services of every nature and kind whatsoever, to be performed in the land office, shall be accounted for with the auditors, and paid regularly into the treasury, at the end of every six months, in the fols. lowing manner: The deputy register shall account, on dath, with the register of the land office, for all fees by ter to ac

When regia him received from time to time, and the register of the count. land office shall in like manner account with the auditors of public accounts for the whole profits, making oath that the fees so aceounted for are the whole

profats accruing from the said office, so far as he knows or believes, up to the date of such account, and moreover his accounts of fees received shall be fairly stated, and compared by an auditor with the books of his office, before the account shall be passed. If the register of

Penalty for the land office shall at any time fail to account, ac- failure. cording to the directions of this act, for the space


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