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rected to superintend this business. The court of Au-
gusta shall also, at their ensuing February court, ad-
vertise that they will on the first Monday in March,
let the repairing of the said road to the lowest bidder,
and any three shall attend at that day on the spot for
that purpose. The magistrates of the said court shall
also, in the name of both counties, lake bond with good
security of the person or persons contracting to repair
the same, that it shall be done in such time and man-
ner as they may think best, and engage on behalf of
the said counties for payment thereof. And in case
the party contracting, shall fail to perform his con-
tract, the said court is empowered to proceed against
him as the law direets, and that the penalty arising
from such failure, shall be deposited in the hands of
the coin missioner aforesaid (who shall also be amena-
ble to the said court for the performance of his trust)
and applied to the purposes of this act. be

IV. And be it further enacted, That the aforesaid
county courts of Augusta and Rockbridge, shall,
whenever they shall find it necessary, levy

a sufficient sum on their respective counties, for the purpose of keeping the said road in repair; which sums so levied, shall be deposited as aforesaid, for the sole purpose of keeping the same in repair;

provided that the said tax so levied in each county shall be uniform, and that it

shall not on each tithable exceed the sum of four pence. vind Should any or all of the magistrates of the aforesaid.

counties, refuse, or fail to put this act into execution,
according to the intent and meaning thereof, they shall
severally forfeit the sum of fifty pounds; to be recover-
ed by bill, plaint, or information, in any court of re-
cord, one half to the use of the informer, the other to
be applied to the purpose of this act. They

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(Chapter XLII in ori.

ginal.] An act for altering the court day of

the county of Chesterfield. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That a Court day of coart for the county of Chesterfield shall

, from and after Chesterfield

county alter the first day of April next, be held on the second Thurs- ed. day in every month; any law to the contrary thereof not wühstanding


(Ch. XLIII in

original] An act for altering the boundary line

between the Gtebe lands of the pas
risk of Manchester, in the county

of Chesterfield, and the lands of Wii liam Logwood. 1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pres sent general assembly, that it will be mutually advantageous to the parish of Manchester, in tlie county of Chesterfield, and William Logwood, to straighten the line between the glebe lands and the land of the said Logwood, which are at present bounded by Isham's branch, and which from its meanderings makes upwards of forty courses in less than a mile; II. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly,. Boundary

line between That the vestry of the said parish shall be, and they

glebe of paare hereby empowered, to straighten the line between rish of Manthe said lands, and to exchange, by deed, to be record- chester, in ed in the court of the said county, such parts of the Chesterfield glebe land as will by this means be annexed to the lands of Willand of the said Logwood, for such parts of his land liam Logas will be annexed to those of the said glebes

wood, alteredy


[Chap XLIV in original.)


An act for altering the place of hold.

ing courts in the county of Prince

1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this assembly, that the situation of the court-house in the county of Prince George, is very inconvenient to a great part of the inhabitants of the said county:

II. Be it therefore enacted. That the justices of the
Place of hold.
ing courts in peace for the said county of Prince George, or a ma-
Prince Geo. jority of them, shall fix upon a place for holding courts
county, alter- in the said county, at or as near the centre thereof, as

the situation and convenience will admit of; and theộce-
forth the said court shall proceed to erect the necessary
public buildings at such place, and when sach build-
ings shall be completed, courts for the said county
shall be held at the said place.

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[Chap. XLV

CHAP VI. in original]

An act to amend the act, intituled, An

act for dissolving several vestries, and appointing overseers of lhe poor in certain counties. Not only to me

1. WHEREAS it is represented that in many counties within this commonwealth the sheriffs have neglected to hold elections of overseers of the poor at the time difected by the act for dissolving several ves

trie and electing overseers of the poor, and it is doubt Overseers of ed whether sneh élécwons can bp made at any other the popr to time within three years: Far remedy whereof, be elected in th se coun:

II. Be it enucted, That the sheriffs of the said coon ties, where ties wvbere such etections ought to have been made, the sher ff's have failed to

and were not,' shat proceed to elect overseers of the hold elec.

poor in like manger as is directed in the said recited
act; and the overseers so chosen, shall continue in of-


: OCTOBER 1784_9th OF COMMONWEALTH. 433 fice until the next general election of overseers of the poor før said counties; and have the same powers, and be subject to the same penalty, as if they had been elected at the tine prescribed by the said act. All proceedings had or done by the overseers of the poor, conformable to law, after the time of their continuancein office expired, and before a new election takes place, shall be as valid and effectual as if had or done within the time for which they were by law authorized to act. CHAP. VII.


in original. An act to amend and reduce the seve

ral acts for appropriating the pub*lic revenue, into one act.

1. WHEREAS it hath become necessary to amend the laws for appropriating the public revenue, and to tion of the

Appropria reduce the several appropriations thereof into one act; revenue. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the money arising from the tax of one aid an half

per centum on lands and lots, shall be applied as follows: One tenth part thereof shall be applied to the redemption of of the land the paper money funded agreeable to the recommendation of congress of the eighteenth of March, one thousand seven bandred and eighty; the interest arising on the paper mbbey' of this state funded, at the rate of one thousand pounds paper for one pound specie, shall also be made good out of the said tax, and so much thereof as arises froin lands and lots within the borough of Norfólk, shall be applied annually to the payment of a debt due from the public to the said borough, for public buildings belonging to the same, destroyed by order of convention, until the value of the same shall be fully paid; and all the rest of the money arising from the said tax on lands and lots, shall be paid to congress towards this state's quota of the debts due by the United States: One hall of the money arising from the tax Of the slavc on slaves, shall be applied to the redemption of the debt tax.

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Vob. II.

due to the army and navy of this state, agreeable to a act, intituled * An act for providing certain and ader; quate funds for the redemption of certificates granted to the officers and soldiers of the Virginia line, on continental and state establishmenis, for their arrears of pay and depreciation;" and so much of the other half thereof shall be paid to congress, as will annually make up, together with the land tax, the sum of four hundred

thousand dollars: The money arising under the reveOf the poll mue law from the taxes on free male tithables and taxtax, and tax

able property, shall forur a general fund, ten thousand on personal property. pounds of which per annum shall be at the disposal of

the executive, to defray the contingent charges of government; and five thousand pounds reserved, to be disposed of by votes of the general assembly, as the public exigencies may require; from the said fund shall also be paid the salaries to the officers of civil government and the wages of the members representing this state in congress, and five thousand pounds annually shall be taken out of the first receipts thereof to pay the pensions to wounded or disabled officers and soldiers; all warrauts to be drawn for payment of money leat the public, on the requisition of the general assembly in the session held in May, one thousaod seven hundred and eighty, or of Thomas Jeffersoir, esq. then governor of this commonwealth, shall be paid out of the said fund; the interest arising on the loan office debt registered in the auditors oflice before the passing of this act, or which shall be registered in the said office op or before first day of May next, shall also be made good out of the said fund, warrains for such interest being previously issued agreeable to law; all arrearages due to military pensioners, and all warrants heretofore drawn on the contingent or military funds, shall be made good out of the said general fund; and all sums of money voted by the general assembly during the present session to be paid out of the reverrie of one thousand sevev hundred and eiginy-four, and not otherwise provided for, and all former votes for the payment of money arising froin the two-teuths of unappropriated revenue, shall be made good out of the said general fund; the said lind shall also be charged with the interest of inoney due by the public for slaves that have been executed agreeable to law, warrants for which interest, at the rate of five per centum per annuni, shall

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