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said act, amarranted for interest arising on the same;

CHAP, XVII. See Mayp1783 An act to amend an act, intituled, An .ch. 8, sec. 1S. **

*** act. lo establish cerlain and adequate

funds for the redemptron of certifi. cates granted to the officers and soldiers for their arrears of pay and

depreciation Funds for payment of ***J. WHEREAS difficulties have arisen in carrying certificates & into execution so much of an'act, intituled, An act interest war to establish certain and adequate funds for the redemptioned among tion of certificates granted to the officers and soldiers holders, for their

arrears of pay and depreciation,” as respects The distribution of the money collected by virtue of the For remedy whereof,

11. Be it enacted, That the treasurer shall once at Jeast in every twelve months, and not oftener than once

in every three months, proportion the money in his or a hands appropriated by law for the redemption of the

aforesaid certificates and warrants, amongst the holders of the warrants for interest on the said certificates. properly ascertained, the treasurer shall cause notice to be given in the public Gazettes that such payment will be made to the holders of the said warrants who shall apply åt tlie Treasury for the same before a certain day to be named in the said notice; which day so appointed

for payment, shall not be' in less than forty nor more advertise.

than sixty days after such publication in the Gazettes. And the treasurer, on the day so appointed for payment, shall proportion and pay the aforesaid money in his hands amongst the holders of the aforesaid interest warrants, who shall have made application to him for the same between the day of publication aforesaid and the day preceeding that appointed for such payment; and if any overplus shall remain after making payment of the interest warrants aforesaid, the same shall be

applied in fair and equal proportion towards the pay.

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Treasurer to

Treasurer to

ment of the principal of the certificates aforesaid. Pro. Proviso.
vided always, That such payment shall not annually
exceed one-eighth of the amount of such certificates,
noting on such certificates the sums so respectively endorse pay.
paid. And should it at any time so happen that by mens,
means of a deficiency of money in the hands of the
treasurer, a partial payment shall be made of any in-
terest warrant, such partial payment shall in like man-
ner be poted on such warrant.

Holders to dll. And be it further enacted, That if the holders of receive in e any of the said iuterest warrants shall fail to apply for qual propora their proportion of the same at any period appointed by time altho? the treasurer for that purpose, it shall and may be lawful hove applied for the treasurer on fotare application for payment, ità for pavment, pay: such sum or sums of money to the holders of such

time adverti. warrants tendered to him, as will put ihem on the same sed. footing with those who have received payment at any former time which may have been appointed for such apportionment, reserving always a sufficient suin to pay those who have applied within the time appointed b public notification as aforesaid. * ** *1.5.byo

within the

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cess in James

An act concerning the goal in the clos
ty of Williamsburg. mnish keniruopvil or

* * * * tai eriminal pro1. BE Ut enaeted by the General Assembly, Thát al Cty may be persons taken on civilor criminal process in the county cotimited to of James City, may be committed to the publie giral in

he public jail the city of Williamsburg, ih like manner as if the same burg. Was within the limits of the said county. We

in Williams

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An aet for incorporating the town of
Petersburg, and for other purpos

Towns of L BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Blandford, the towns of Petersburg, Blandford, Pocabuntas, and Pocahuntas,

Ravenscrofts, shall henceforth be united and stiled the and RavensCrofts, united, town of Petersburg, and bounded as followeth, to wits and stiled

Beginning at the mouth of Poor creek, 'on-Appamats town of Pe. Kersburg

tos river; thence south eighteen degrees east two handred and five pole to the north-east corner of the church yard walk thence along the said wall to the south-east corner; thence along the front wall to the south-west

corner; thence west two hundred and sixey two pole to Houndaries.

a pine tree north of the oaks in or near the line between Robert Bolling and John-Tabb; thence south sixteet: degrees east two hundred & twenty seven pole; thence south seventy seven degrees west two hundred pole to the line of Joseph Jones; thence along his line and the line of Halcot Pride, north eighteen degree west two hundred and sixty-one pole, to the north side of the road that runs on the south side of Pride's race ground; thence along the said road to the west end of Banister's lane, where it corners above his dwelling-house; thence due north to Appamattox river; thence down the north bank of the said river until it strikes the west boundary of Pocahuntas; thence along the west and north boundary thereof to Charles Duncan's neck; thence along the north side of the high land in the said neck, until

it comes opposite to the mouth of Poor creek; thence Annual eles a direct line to the beginning. And on the first Wedtions,

nesday in September, in the present, and on the same day in every year afterwards, the freeholders of lots. within the said town, whether improved or not, vand whether such freeholders reside therein ar not, and the house-keepers and inhabitants of the said town, who shall have resided therein at any time for the space of three months, without the intermision of one twelve months, and possess in their own right within the same moveable or inmoveable property to the value of fifty pounds, shall meet at the house of William Durell, or at such other place as shall by a bye law be bereafter.

appointed, and shall then and there elect by ballot, twelve fit and able men, being freeholders and inhabitants of the said town, who, or a major part thereof, shall, on the same or second day thereafter, between the hours of eight and twelve in the forenoon, publicly Mayur, te. elect by ballot from among themselves, one person to corder, alder. act as mayor, another as recorder, and four others as man, 4 com. aldermen, of the said town, and the other six of whom how chosen. shall be common council. The services of the persons at any time elected; mayor, recorder, aldermen, or of the common council, shall not be continded longer than until other persons shall have been elected to those

Term of sero offices respectively, or than the expiration of the sea viee. cond day immediately following the said first Wednesday in September in every year, as the case may be, but they may nevertheless be re-elected, except that no person shall be capable of acting as mayor more

Vacances, than ouce in any term of three years, vacancies occa- how supplied sioned by death, disability, or resignation, at any time before the annual election, shall be supplied by the choice of the mayor, recorder, aldermen, and common council, in common hall assembled; that is to say, a vacancy in the office of mayor or recorder, shall be supplied out of the aldermen; a vacancy in the office of alderman, out of the common councils and a vacancy in the common councit, out of the freeholders and inhabitants of the said town. The mayor, recorder, and aldermen, to be elected for this present year, shall not enter upon the execution of their office, before they shall respectively take an oath or affirmation before Oath of office some justice of the peace for the county of Dinwiddie, for the faithful discharge of the duties thereof; and the mayor, recorder, and aldermen, to be elected after wards, shall take such oath or affirmation before they respectively enter upon the duties of their office, in presence of the court of hustings, or of some meeting of the common council hereafter mentioned.

II. And be it enacted, That the said freeholders, house-keepers, and inhabitants, and those persons who shall bereafier become freeholders, house-keepers, or inhabitants as aforesaid, shall be a body politic and corporate, by the name of the mayor, aldermen, and Incorporated commonalty, of the town of Petersburg, and by that style of cor. name have perpetual-succession and common seal., poration They and their successOTE, by the name aforesaid,

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shall be able and capable in law to have, purchase, Corporate receive, enjoy, possess, and retain to them and their powers.

successors for ever, any lands, rents, tenements, here-
ditaments, of what kind, nature, or quality soever;
and also to sell, grant, demise, alien, or dispose of the
sa me; and by the same ame to sue and implead, be
sued and impleaded, answer and be answered, in all
conrts and places; and from time to time under their
common seal, to make and establish such bye-laws,
rules, and ordinances, not contrary to the constitution
or laws of the rommonwealth, as shall by them be
thought necessary for the good ordering and govern-
ment of such persons as shall from time to time reside

within the limits of the said town, or shall be concerned
Power to è. in interest therein. That they and their successors, by
rect public

the name afdresaid, shall especially have power to market rent, erect, or repair work-houses, houses of correchouse, &c. tion, a court-house, prison, market-house, and hospi

tals, for the reception of persons infected with conta-
gious disorders, and otber public buildings for the ben-
efit of the said town; to pay the charges of removing
such infected persons to the hespital, to provide doc-
tors, nurses, and other necessary attendants, as well

as guards, to prevent the spreading of such disorders; To provide te purchase fire engines, to hire proper fire-men to keep against fire,

such engines at all times in good order, and to be rea-
regulate in.
ternal police, dy for service; to cause wells to be sunk, and pumps

provided; to appoint and pay watchmen; and to re-
pair and keep in order the streets and lands in the said

town; and to impose taxes on the white and black taxes. male tithables, and on the property real and personal,

within the said town, for the execution of all or any
the powers hereby given them, taking care however,
that no more than one third of the sum to be levied,
shall be levied on the tithables aforesaid; to make pro-
vision and regulations for collecting and accounting
for the taxes raised, by the appointing a collector, or
directing distress to be inade for delinquencies, or by
any other ways or means; to erect wharts, and to lay a
reasonable duty on the vessels coming to and using the
same, for the purpose of defraying the expence of
erecting and keeping in repair the wharfs so erected;

and to hold two fairs in each year, to wit, one on the Fairs.

second Thursday in October, and the other on the se-
cond Thursday in May; to fix fines upon every billiard

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To impose

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