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III. And be it further enacted, That one hundred acres of land, the property also of the said John Cox, and adjoining the said town, be, and the same is hereby vested in the said trustees, to and for the common use and benefit of the inhabitants of the said town. The said trustees, or the major part of them, shall have power from time to time to settle and determine all disputes concerning the bounds of the said lots, and to settle such rules and orders for the regular and orderly building of houses thereon, as to them shall seem best and most convenient; and in case of the death, removal out of the county, or other legal disability of any of the said trustees, it shall be lawful for the other trustees to elect and choose so many other persons in the room of those dead, removed or disabled, as shall make up the number; which trustees so chosen shall be, to all intents and purposes, vested with the same power and authority as those in this act particularly mentioned:

IV. And be it further enacted, That the purchasers of the lots in the said town, so soon as they shall have built

upon and saved the same, according to the conditions of their respective deeds of conveyance, shall be entitled to, and have and enjoy all the rights, privileges and immunities which the freeholders and inhabitants of other towns in this state not incorporated by charter have, hold and enjoy. If the purchaser of any lot shall fail to build thereon within the time before limited, the said trustees, or the major part of them, may thereupon enter into such lot and may sell the same again, and apply the money towards repairing the streets, or in any other way for the benefit of the said town.


(Chap. LIII,

in original] An act for altering the place of hold

ing courts in the county of Lunen: burg:

I. WHEREAS it is represented to this present ge- Place of hol neral assembly, that the situation of the present court ding courts house in the county of Lunenburg is inconvenient to

in Lunen

burg county the inhabitants thereof:

removed, II. Be it therefore enacted, That the justices of the said county of Lunenburg, or a majority of them, shall provide for building, as soon as may be, a court-house, prison, pillory, and stocks, on some convenient place at or near the centre of the said county; and that after such bnildings shall be compleated, a court for the said county shall be constantly held at such place, and that in the mean time, and until such buildings shall be compleated, the justices may hold their sessions at sucha place as they may think most convenient.

158. Vol. 10,


(Chap. LIV

in original.] An act to amend the several acts of as- [Chan, Reve

p. 158.) sembly for appointing and supporting our delegates in congress. 1. WHEREAS by an act intituled, “ An act to a. See vol. 9;P mend an act intituled, An act limiting the time for continuing the delegates to general congress in office and making provision for their support, and for other purposes," it is enacted, that no person shall thereafter be limitation to eligible to or capable of serving in congress for more 3 years serthan three years in any term of six years; and since vice to delethe passing the said law the confederation of the Uni- gates to con. ted States bath been compleated, whereby it is decla- ed.

gress repeab red, that no person shall be capable of sitting in con

p. 163,

gress longer than three years at any one time, and

thereby so much of the said recited act is become unFuture pro- pecessary.

And whereas the present mode of supvision for de legates.

porting the delegates in congress is inconvenient: Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That so much of the said recited act as limits the time of continuing the delegates in congress from this commonwealth, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed. And for providing a more certain and adequate mode of supporting and paying the delegates in congress from this state, in lieu of the former pay and allowance heretofore made them, they, and each of them, shall have and receive the sum of eight dollars per day for every day they shall be travelling to, attending on, and returning from congress, to be paid them quarterly out of such

public money as shall hereaster be set apart and apRepealing propriated for that use. All and every act or acts that clause. come within the purview and meaning of this act shall

be, aud the same are hereby repealed.

(Chap. LV in original [


p. 159.]

[Chan, Rev. An act for the speedy recovery of debts

or effects due and belonging to the United States.

I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That it Judgment; shall be lawful for any court within this commonwealth, by motion,

and they are hereby required, upon motion and legal against persons, indebt- proof to them made, to give judgment against every ed to, or ha- person or persons for the amount of all such sums of of, U, States. money as he or they shall owe or be indebted to the

United States; also upon motion and legal proof, to give judgment against all and every person or persons possessed of any of the effects or property belonging to the United States for such effects and property, togetiver with costs in either case, and to award execution thereupon: Provided ten days previous notice be

to the defendant rir defendants of every such mo-
and the party maling the same producing to the
proper power and authority to receive such

ects or property, in behalf of the said United Stres,

think ne



[Ch. LVI,

in original.] An act giving certain powers to the

(Chan. Rev. commissioners appointed to settle the p. 159.) accounts between this state and the

United States. T. 'BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Commissioncommissioners appointed or to be appointed by autho- ed il pettle rity of congress to settle the accounts between this state accounts be. and the United States, as well as the accounts of the tween this quarter-masters and commissaries, the hospital, clothier state and U. and marine departments, shall be, and they are here- thorised to by empowered to call before them and examine, upon summun wit. oath or affirmation, any witnesses they may cessary respecting the settlement of the said accounts. Every person called upon and refusing or neglecting Penalty on to appear before the said commissioners and give tes- witnesses. timony, not shewing good cause for such refusal or neglect, to be adjudged of by the court, shall forfeit and pay the sum of thirty pounds, to be recovered by motion in any court of record, with costs, and applied to the use of the commonwealth; Provided the party hath ten days previous notice of such motion.

Witnesses Their allow. thought necessary shall attend in consequence of a sum- ange. mon from the commissioners, and those residing with

the same county shall be allowed the same pay as witnesses attending the county court, and such as live in other counties shall be allowed the same pay as witnesses attending the general court.


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An aci to

lings within the borough or Win-
chester to license and regulate ar-
dinary keepers.

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Court of hus. I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the tings of

court of hustings for the borough of Winchester shall to have ter. have the sole and exclusive power of granting licenses clusive pow. to keep ordinaries within the said borough, regulating er of licens. the same, and restraining of tippling houses, in the ing ordina

same manner and under the like rules and regulations ries and regulating

as are prescribed for the justices of any county court them. within this commonwealth by an act intituled,

act for regulating ordinaries and restraint of tipling
houses." And that the court of the said county of
Frederick shall not exercise any jurisdiction in that
case as hath been formerly done.

Provided always,
That nothing in this act shall be construed to deprive
the court of the said county of Frederick of their juris-
diction where any indictment is or may hereafter be
found, any information filed, or action of debt brought

against any person for retailing liquors without license. Clerk to set

II. And be it further enacted, That the clerk of the up list of li said court of hustings shall, on the first Tuesday in censed ordi- May and November annually, set up in the court-house nary keep- of the said county a list of all licensed ordinary keep

ers within the said borough, for the information of the

grand jury. Ordinary JII. Provided always, and be it further enacted, keepers in. That all ordinary keepers shall be incapable of being capable of acting as

elected or acting as judges of the said court of hostings judges of hustings


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