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fore the court of his or her county, that he or she hath lost such warrant or certificate, as the case may be, and hath not directly or indirectly received any satisfaction for the same; and shall moreover enter into bond with sufficient security, in double the sum contained in such warrant or certificate, payable to the governor in behalf of the commonwealth, to indemnify the state against the warrant or certificate so lost; and where such bond and security shall be given in the county court, the same shall be transmitted, together with the certificate of the court, to the auditors.



CLXII in on An act authorizing the justices of the riginal.]

county of Monongalia to appoint a place for holding courts for the said county and for other purposes.

I. WHEREAS it is represented to this general asseinbly, that by the extension of the line called Mason's Court-house and Dixon's line, the court-house of Monongalia coun- lia having

of Monongaty has fallen into the state of Pennsylvania, and that fallen into the house of Zachwell Morgan is conveniently situated the state of for the present holding of courts:


nia, by the II. Be it therefore enacted. That the justices of the extension of said county shall, and they are hereby authorized, to Mason's and hold courts for the said county at the house of the said Dixon's line, Zachwell Morgan, at the time appointed by law, until be held at a court-louse shall be erected. And whereas since the the house of extension of the said line, the justices of the said coun


Morgan. ty have adjourned to, and held their courts at several places within the county, and it is reasonable that their proceedings should be confirmed:

VI. Be it therefore enacted, That all judgments ob- Proceedings tained, and other proceedings of the said court, had or of court, at done at the places to which the said adjournments were places,other respectively made, shall be held and deemed as good and valid in law in like manner as if the same had been confirinec

the court to

than the court-house

done at a place legally appointed for the holding of

the court of the said county. Justices of IV. And be it further enacted; That the justices of Monongalia the said county, or a majority of them, shall, and they fix on a place are hereby authorized and empowered, to meet at some for holding convenient place in the said county, within six months court, and to after the passing of this act, and agree upon a proper land where place for holding the court of the said county; and they on to erect are hereby authorized and empowered to purchase a public build- seat of land not exceeding ten acres, for the purpose of angs.

erecting a court-house, jail, and other necessary public buildings, and to levy the money necessary for that purpose, also for the purpose of erecting such buildings, on the tithable persons of the said county, in the same manner as other




(Chapter CLXIII" An act to alter the place of holding original.]

courts in the county of Brunswick. Justices of

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Brunswick the justices of the county of Brunswick, or a majority authorised of them, shall, and they are hereby authorized, to apto appoint a place for point a place for holding courts, at or near the centre holding the of the said county, as the situation and convenience court, near will admit, and to proceed to erect the necessary pubthe centre of the coun

lic buildings at such place; and until such buildings be completed, to hold courts at such place in the said county as they or a majority of them, shall appoint.



in originalo] An act to repeal so much of act inti

tuled, an Act to suspend in part the operation of the act, concerning escheats and forfeitures from British subjects, and for other purposes-as empowers the governor and council See vol. 10, to draw warrants on the Treasurer p. 301,371, in favor of George Harmer. I. WHEREAS by an act passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty, intituled, "An act to suspend in part the operation of the act concerning escheats and forfeitures from British subjects, and for So mueh of other purposes,” it was among other things enacted, former act as “That the governor, with the advice of the council, authorises should draw from time to time on the treasurer, for so

the governor

to draw wir much money as they should judge necessary for the rants on the support of George Harmer." And whereas it is im- treasurer in proper and unnecessary further to continue that part George Hage of the said act;

mer repeal II. Be it therefore enacted, That so much of the said ed. recited act as empowers the governor to draw warrants on the treasurer, for any sum or sums of money, in favour of the said George Harmer, shall be, and the kame is hereby repealed.

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p. 201.)


CHAP, XXI, CXLV In original]

An act to amend and reduce into one (Chan. Rev.

Act, the seceral acts of assembly for the appointment of Naval-Officers, and ascerlaining their fees.

I. WHEREAS, it is expedient and necessary to tricts, egl. amend and reduce into one act, the several acts of asblished sernbly for the appointment of naval officers, and as

certaining their fees. Be it therefore enacted, That there shall be a naval officer for each of the foHowing distriets, that is to say: For the lower district of James

Rjver, extending from Hampton, 19, the mouth of How natal Kythi's, or Lawn's creek; for the upper district of the officers to be

said viver, extending from Kyth's or Lawn's creek upappointed

wards; for the district of Elizabeth river, extending to Chuccajuek, ereeks for the district of Sonth Quay; for. the district of York river; for the district of Rappa hannock; for the district of South Potowmack, and a depnty for the said district to reside at Alexandria; and two for the district of the Eastern Shore, namely, one in the county of Accomack, and one in the county of Northampton; to be hereafter appointed, in case of vacancies, by joint ballot of bosh houses of assembly, and commissioned by the governor. The naval office for

the lower district on. James river shall be kept at: Where the Hampton; the one for the upper district at Barwell's. offices are to be kept, or

ferry; the one for the district of Elizabeth river at the office Norfolk; the one for the district of York river at York forfeited. Town; the one for the district of Rappa hannock at Ur

banna; the one for the district of South Potowmack at the mouth of Yocomico; the ope for the county of Accomack at Accomack Court-House; and the one for the county of Northampton at Bridge town. And if any naval officer shall not keep his office at the place herein fixed for the same, he shall forfeit his office, and another naval officer shall be appointed in like manner as is herein after directed in the case of death, resigna

tion, or other disability. Every naval officer, at the To give time of receiving his cominission, shall enter into bond bond and be with good and sufficient security, in the penalty of five

thousand pounds, for the dne and faithful discharge of

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his office according to law; and moreover to take the following oath, to be administered by the governor in council, to wit: "I A, B. do swear that I will be faith- The oath. ful and true to the commonwealth of Virginia, and will well and truly discharge the daty of naval officer for the district of

according to law, and the beet of my skill and judgment, without favor, affection, or partiality. So help ine God. Vacancies occasioned Vacancies, by the death, resignation, or other disability, of any

how suppli.

ed. of the said aaval officers, shall be supplied by the governor, with the advice of the council, to continue in office until the end of the next session of assembly. Every naval officer shall, upon application, grant à

Permite permit, under his hand and seal, to the owner or master of a vessel within his district, to export out of this commonwealth any commodities whatsoever. 2. II. And to prevent the dangerous consequences that Rules for our may arise from the breach and contempt of embargoes, serving em Be it further enacted, That every master of a ship or bargues, vessel, when he makes his entry, shall give bond with security, in the penalty of one thousand pounds, that he will not depart this commonwealth when an embargø is laid, during the continuance thereof; and every naval officer, upon receipt of the order for such embargo, shall forthwith give notice thereof to the masters of vessels within his district; and no bond given, resor pecting such embargo, shall be adjudged, deemed, or taken to be forfeited, unless notice be given as aforesaid. Every naval officer at the time of, and before clearing out any vessel, shall administer to the master thereof the following oath (and if à Quaker he shall affirm) that is to say: "I A. B. master of the vessel

do swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that Oath to be I will make diligent enquiry and search in my said ves- taken by sel, and will not knowingly or willingly carry or suffer masters of to be carried in my said vessel, out of this common- clearing wealth, without such pass as is directed by law, any person or persons whatsoever, that I shall know to be removing hence in order to defraud his or their creditors; or any servant or slave that is not attending his or her master or owner." And the master of every ves- and certitt. sel who unloaded ballast, shall, at the time of clearing, cates as to produce to the naval officer a certificate as herein after ballast pro:

duced. mentioned, that such ballast was unloaded and brought on shore according to law; and on failure thereof, he

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