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king on not being a ser Jurther enacted, That if any person,

the same shall bave been reviewed and inspected ac cordiog to the directions of this act; but that all tobacco whatsoever, to be received or taken on board any ship or other vessel, and to be therein exported, or lo be carried and put on board any ship or vessel for exportation as aforesaid, shall be received and taken op board at the several warehouses for that purpose here, in after mentioned, or some or one of them, and at go

other place whatsoever: And every master, mate, or Thale gaths of masters of boatswain, of any slip or other vessel which shall ar Vessels in, rive in this state, in order to load tobacco during the tending to continuance of this aci, shall, before the said ship or load with to. vessel be permitted to take on board any tobacco what

soever, make oath before the naval officer of the distu soit letrict wherein such ship or vessel shall arrive, which

* oath the said naval oficer is hereby empowered and

required to administer, that they will not permit any tobacco whatsoever to be taken on board their respective ships or vessels, except the same be packed in hogsheads or casks, stamped by some inspector legally iliereunto appointed; which oath they shall subscribe

in a book, to be kept by the naval officer for that purpenalties.

pose. And if any master shall cause any person wha is not legally and bona fide mate or boatswain, to

come on shore and take such oath, he shall, for the said No tobacco offence, forfeit and pay five hundred pounds: And if to be ta en any master or commander of any ship or other vessel, on board a shall take on board, or suffer to be taken on board the ny vessel i bulk or

ship or vessel whereof he is master, any tobacco brought cels. from any other place than some or one of the public

warehouses herein after mentioned, or any hogshead or cask of tobacco, not stamped by some lawful inspector, or shall suffer to be brought on board, any tobac

co, except in hogsheads or casks, stamped as aforesaid, Penalties. every such master or commander shall forfeit and pay.

fifty pounds for every hogshead or cask of tobacco which shall not have been brought from one of the said public warehouses, or which shall not be stamped as aforesaid; and moreover, every such hogshead or cask of tobacco shall be forfeited, one moiety thereof to the use of the informer, and the other moiety to the use of

the commonwealth. Further pen- II. And be it

II. And it , , alties for ta

slave, taking upon board tobac carry any tobacco to or from any of the said warga


Proviso, as er. Provided nevertheless, That it shall and may be rasqueake. Sorry their tobacco by water to the public warehouse

longing, to be recovered and applied as aforesaid. Pros Provisos for vided nevertheless, That it shall be lawful for the proprie. wundry puro toror proprietors to break any hogshead of tobacco aftet

it shall be passed and stamped, and to repack and prize
the same into’small casks for the convenience of stow
ing, provided it be done at the warehouse where the
same was inspected and weighed, marked, and stamp,
ed; and the inspectors shall particularize all such casks
in their manifests to be given to the masters or skip-

of the vessel in which such tobacco be laden. Pro-
vided always, That nothing herein before contained
shall be construed to prohibit any person from carry-
ing, or causing to be carried to the said ware-houses,
in any bat or other vessel, any tobacco in bulk or' par
cels, for the payment of his or her levies, debts, or o-
ther duties, or to prohibit any person to put or take on
board any boat or other vessel, any hogsheads or casks
of tobacco to be waterborn to any ware-house appointa
ed by this act, so as the game be not carried out of the
naval officer's district wherein the said tobacco shall
be made, nor to prohibit the owner of any tobacco to
transport his crops, or any part thereof, in hogsheads
or casks, from ove plantation to another, for the bet-
ter handling and managing thereof, nor any purchaser
of tobacco from bringing the same by water to be re-
packed, sorted, stemmed, or prized, before the same be
carried to the said ware-houses, so as such last mene
tioned tobacco be packed in hogsheads or casks; but
no tobacco, on any pretence whatsoever, shall be car-
ried or transported by water to be inspected out of the
district limited and appointed for the several naval of
ficers of this state, wherein the same shall be made, or
being so carried, shall not be inspected or passed by
any inspectors knowing the same to be made out of
such district, upon pain of forfeiting, by the owner of
such tobacco, and the inspectors who shall pass the

same, fifty shillings for every hogshead to the inform-
to fleet's
bay & War. Jawful for the inhabitants of Fleet's bay, on the south
rasqueake. side of Indian creek, in the county of Lancaster, to

at Indian creek; and the inhabitants at Warrasqueake.
bay, and the parts adjacent, to carry their tobacco to
be passed at any warehouse in the upper district of
James river.

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III. And be it further enacted, That every master

Masters of

vesses, iu of a ship or vessel wherein tobacco shall be laden, skall

e in upon at the time of clearing, deliver to the naval officer, a vath a mane fair manifest of all the tobacco on board his ship or rest of their

tobacca vessel, expressing the marks and numbers of every

when clear. hogshead or cask, and the tare and nett weight stamping out. ed thereoil

, the person by whom shipped, and from what warehouse, and shall make oath thereto, and that the same is a just and true account of the marks, punibers, tare, and nett weight, of each respective hogshead or cask, as the same was taken down by the person or persous appointed by him to take the same before the said tobacco was stowed away; and po ship or vessel shall be cleared by the naval officer before he shall have received such list and inanifest, which shall by the said vaval officer be transmitted to the treasurer of this commonwealth for the time being.

IV. And be it further euacted, That is the skipper Relanded ion of any boat or vessel, or the person or persons to whom pacco musé care and management ihereof shall be entrusted, be à sone

public wareshall land or put on shore any hogshead, cask, or pack- house. age of tobacco, put on board the same to be carried to any public warehouse at any other place or places than the warehouses by this act appointed for the reception and inspection of tobacco, or at some or one of them, or the wharls or other landing to such warehouse or warehouses belonging, or shall put the same on board any

other vessel, or suffer the same to be done, so as the same be not delivered at some of the said public. warehouses, without fraud or embezzlewent, or shali open any hogshead or cask of tobacco su as aforesaid waterborn and landed, and take thereout any tobacco before the same be received by the inspectors according to the directions of this act; or after the same has been viewed shall fraudulently open any hogshead or cask, and take thereout any tabacco, every such offence shall be judged selony, and the offender or offenders shall suifer as in ihe case of felony. Provided always, that or open

Penalty for That nothing herein before contained shall be constru- ing logs. ed to prohibit the landing or putting on shore any hogs- heads & taka head, cask, or package of tobacco, out of any boat or ing out to other vessel, which by distress of weather shall be forced Exception as on ground, or become leaky, so as such landing be re. to tobacco

landed in ally and bona fide for the preservation of the tobacco

distress of B 2



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