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goada pot ware-house, or store-house, to search for, seize, and paid for carry away, any wine, spirits, salt, hemp, cordage,

snuff, beer, ale, or porter, liable to a duty by this act, and for which the said duty shall not have been paid or secured to be paid as aforesaid; and if any collector, clerk, or constable, shall be sued or molested for any thing done in execution of the powers hereby given them, such collector, clerk, or constable, may plead the general issue, and give this act jo evidence; and if io such suit the plaintiff be nou-suited, or judgment pass agaiust him, the defendant shall recover double costs, and in all actions, suits, or, informations to be

brought, or where any seizure shall be made purstant Onus pro- to this act, if the property thereof be claimed by any bandi, on person as the owner or importer thereof; in such case whom.

the onus probandi shall lię upon the owner or claimer,

VII. And be it further enacted, That when any wine, How mas. ters of yngos spirits, salt, bemp, cordage, spuff, beer, ałe, or porter, sels may se. shall be consigned to any person, other than the mas, cure the du- ter or owner of the ship or vessel importing the same, im orted by every person to whom such articles shall be consigned, others. shall, upon the importation thereof, pay to the master or

owner of the ship or vessel imperting the same, the duty payable for such articles by this act; and if any person or persons to whom such articles shall be consigned as aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to pay the said duties, or give bond with security for the payment thereof, to the master or owner of the ship or vessel importing the same, at such time as the same shall be

come payable, it shall and may be lawful for the maseina ter or owner of such ship or vessel to detain such arti

cles until the duty shall be paid, or secured to be paid,

as aforesaid. Proceeding VIII. And, be it further enacted, That is any impor-, where im. portedgoods

ter of any of the goods, wares, or merchandize afore

said, shall desire to Transport the same from one disported from triet to another, within this commonwealth, he shall one klistrict before he depart out of the district where such articles, to another.

shall be laden or taken on board, make oath before a justice of the peace that the same were legally imported, and the duties secured according to law, and that he will not suffer any other goods to be taken on board. bis vessel; and the justice .will give him a certifieate thereof, specifying the marks and numbers of the said goods; and if any other goods shall be found on board

are trans

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ther use or purpose whatsoever; and if the said daties and customs shall not be sufficient to pay the interest becoming due annually on the said certificates, and als so to pay one eighth part of the principal of the same annually, the first payment of such principal to com

mence on the first day of January, one thousand seven ** 200 hundred and eighty-five, the full amount of such defi

ciencies shall be paid out of the fund arising from the

slave tax; and if the amount of such duties and customs Deficienerto shall at any time before the said first day of January, be supplied one thousaud seven hundred and eighty-five, exceed by slave tax, the amount of interest doe on the said certificates, all

such overplus shall be paid in discharge of part of the principal in just and equal proportion to the holders of

such certificates. Interest war XII. And be it further enacted, To ascertain and fants receiva establish the credit of the said certificates on the most able for tax. certain and permanent foundation, that all warrants

hereafter granted by the auditors for interest on the said certificates, shall be by them endorsed on the back of such certificate at the time of issuing such warrants, and shall be receivable by the several sheriffs or collec tors of taxes within this commonwealth in payment of all taxes whatsoever, and the treasurer shall receive the same of such sheriffs or collectors accordingly. And in order to prevent frauds and counterfeits, the said auditors shall make a fair and distinct entry of all such certificates and warrants by thiem granted, in a book to be by them kept for that purpose, and shall supply the treasurer, from time to time, as he inay require the same, with a fair and distinct account of all

certificates and warrants so issued. Proceeds of

XIII. Avd that equal justice may be done to the dutre suppor

holders of all such military certificates and warrants;

Be it enacted, That the treasurer shall, once at least in non holl

every six months, and not oftener than once in every exs x ilta.

three nonths, proportion the money in his hands, ariscätcs

sing from the said duties and customs, equally amongst the bolders of the said certificates or warrants, and shall give notice at least two weeks successively in the pub lic gazeltes of the proportion in the public treasury, to be paid on such certificates or warrants, and appointing a particular day for such payment, before which day, such proportion shall not be paid; and if any of the olders of sucli certificates or warrants shall fail to




CHAP. IX. CLIII in on ginal]

An act to vest the gun-factory and

public lands at Fredericksburg; in trustees for the purposes of an aca

demy. Gun factory, 1. WHEREAS all justitutions for the education of * Freder youth, and the advancement of science, have particular ksburg, claim to the encouragement and

patronage Veted in

of the le. trusees, for gislature; and it is represented to this present general en sademy, assembly, that the gun-factory at Fredericksburg, and

the lands belonging to the public thereto adjoining, will, if converted to the purposes of an academy for fre education of youth, and particularly of those whose. ind gence of situation will otherwise deprive them of that advantage, be of great public utility;

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said gun-factory and the lands thereto adjoining belonging to the public, together with all the buildings and appurtenan. ces theloon, be, and the same are hereby vested in Richard Henry Lee, Henry Lee, junior, Joseph Jones, John Skinler, William Fitzhugh, Charles Carter, Ed. ward Stevens French Strother, William Moore, Thomas Towles, Vann Page, Edmund Pendieton, and Thomas Lomax trustees, and their successors forever, to be by them, or any seven or more of them, applied for the purposes of establishing thereon an academy,

and fitting the same for the education and instruction

of youth. That the said trustees and their successors Power of have power to open sulascriptions to raise a fund for raise funds the establishment and support of the said academy, aod appoint and from time to time, to continue the same as shall be teachoras

found necessary, and to maintain suits at law for the recovery thereof. That the said trustees, or any seven or more of thein, be empowered from time to time, lo appoint a rector, masters, ushers, and other necessary attendants to the said academy; sebject, nevertheless, to be displaced at the discretion of the said trustees, for

neglect of duty or other misconduct. Further pox III. And be it further enacted, That the said trase

tees, and their successors, are hereby declared and appointed directors and visiters of the said academy, with

ers of trus: tees as viel

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