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Chap. CL

in original. An act to repeat the several acts of as:

sembly for seizure and condemna-
. tion of British goods found on land.

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That all All acte and
and every act and acts of assembly or convention, so
far as the same prohibit the importation of British importation
goods, wares, or merchandize, into this commonwealth of British
or as subject the same to any manner of forfeiture of goods re
condemnanion, or the person or persons importing them
to any damage or penalty whatsoever, shall be, and
are hereby repealed. And that all such goods, wares,
and merchandize, be admitted to entry with the naval
officers, and subject to the like duties and restrictions
imposed by law upon all other goods, wares, and mer-

II And be at further enacted, That this act shall have the force and obligation of law, from and after the shirteenth day of May, in the present year,


of the set



in original.) An act lo amend an act, intituled, An

Chan. Rev. act to continue and amend an act, p. 186.) for the inspection of pork, beef,

flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine. 1. WHEREAS by an act of assembly passed the Price for it sixth day of May, one thousand seven hundred and specting of eighty-two, intituled, "An act to continue and amend turpentine the act, ivtituled, An act for the inspection of pork, reduced, beef, flour, tar, pitch, and turpentine,” amongst other rates of inspection it is enacted, that seven pence half-start penny per barrel be paid for the inspection of tar, pitch, and turpentine; which said rate is found to be higher than the said articles of tar, pitch, and turpentine, will


bear: For remedy whereof, Be it enacted, That three pence per barrel only, be paid for the inspection of tar, pitch, and turpentine, from and after the passing this act; any law to the contrary notwithstanding.

CHAP. VIII. {Chap. CLII in original] An act to establish certain and ade

Chan Rey, quate funds for the redemption of pa. 186

certificates granted to the officers See October and soldiers for their arrears of 1780, ch. 27, and notes. pay and deprecialion. *********

I. WHEREAS the funds formerly appropriated by Preamble. law for the redemption of the certificates granted, or

to be granted, to the officers and soldiers of the Vir. ginia line, on continental and state establishments, for their arrears of pay and depreciation, have bitberto proved inadequate, and the finances of the state are at present in such circunstances that the same cannot be paid within the time limited by law, without greatly distressing the citizens thereof; And whereas certain

officers, deputed on behalf of the said officers and avec soldiers, have presented to this present assembly an e humble and dutiful memorial, expressing their sin

cere desire to prevent every embarrassment to the public during the present exhausted state of the country, and declaring their voluntary consent to postpone such payment for a reasonable time, in full confidence that the legislature will establish certain and adequate funds

for the redemption of such certificates, within the time Tax or duty which may be now appointed for the same: Be it thereimposed on fore enacted by the General Assembly, That in aid of the particular funds hitherto appropriated for the redemption of the goods in certificates granted, or to be granted, to the said officers aid of funds, and soldiers for their arrears of pay and depreciation, for redemp. the following duties shall be paid on the goods, wares, tion of milie and merchandize, herein after enumerated, which may

be imported, either by land or water, into this state; and the money arising therefrom appropriated to the sole

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penalty of MAY 1783-7ib or COMMONWEALTH. purpose of redeeming the said certificates, and the warrants already issued, or which may hereafier issue, for the interest of the said certificates, that is to say: Ou every bushel of salt, the sum of nine pence; on eve ry gallon of distilled spirits, the sum of four pence, on every gallon of wine, the sum of four pence; on every hundred pounds of hemp, the sum of iwo shillings; on every hundred pounds of cordage, the sum of one sliilling; on every gallon of beer', ale, or porter, the sum of four pence; on every pound of snuff the sum of one shilling

Il. And be it further enacted, That the master or Master or purser of every ship, or other vessel, importing any vessel when goods wares, or merchandize, liable to a duty by vip- and how to tue of this act, to any port or place within this com s'operta monwealth, shall, within forty eight hours after his arrival, make a true and just report, upon oath, with the collector of the duties in the said port or place; of the burthen, contents, or loading of such ship or vess sel, with the particular numbers of every cask or package therein laden, and containing any of the aforesaid goods, wareš, or merehandize, and of all parcels or quantities of any such goods, wares, or inerchandizes which may be laden or stowed in bulk on board such ship or vessel, and where, and in what pórt, the same feiting two hundred pounds córrent money; recovera- Penalty. ble on information in any court within this commonwealth, who shall-tliereupon enter judgment and award execution for the same, to be applied, one moiety to the use of the informer, and the other to the use of the commonwealth.

It And be it further enacted, That none of the Dutiable goods, wares, or merchandizes, liable to the said du- gośdsot 10 ties, imported or brought into this commonwealth by water, by any person or persons whatsoever, shall be and payment landed or put on shore until due entry made thereof or securing with the colleetor of the duties in such port or place, the duties and a true account of the numbers of eyery cask, and quaotity of distilled spirits, wine, snuff, ale, beer, or porter; and also the quantity of salt, hemp, or cordage, as aforesaid, at that port or place where the same was shipped or taken on board, given on oath before the said collector, who shall certify the same upon the back of the original invoice, or a true copy thereof to

till entry,

him produced, and thereupon such importer paying the duties laid by this act, or securing the payment

thereof within six months, shall obtain a permit onder Forfeiture of

the hand of such callector, for the landing and delivepoods other. ry of the same. And all spirits, wine, salt, liemp, wise landed, cordage, snuff

, beer, ale, or portes, landed or put on shore, or delivered, contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act, or the value thereof, shall be forfeited and lost, and may be seized or recovered by the said collector of the port or place where the same shall

be put on shore or delivered, or by any other person Goods im. or persons whatsoever; and the owner or importer of land, how to any of the aforesaid spirits, wine, salt, hemp corda be entered age, snuft, ale, beer, or porter, by land, shall, in like and duty manner, make due entry of the same, within tent days paid or se, after the importationwith the clerk of the county Gored.

court wherein they are brought, who shall receive the taxes or duties payable thereon, or take bond with good and sufficiept security from the importer, for the payment thereof within three months; and the said clerks shall, in case the owner or importer of the said articles shall fail to pay tbe duties inposed thereon, or give bond as aforesaid, proceed in like manger to

seize and sell the same as is directed in the case of seia Fontents of zures made by the collectors or naval officers. Prowie pertain casks

ded: always, That no person shall be required to give acertainech,

account upon oath of the true contents of any pipe or lesser cask of wine, or any hogshead or lesser cask of spirits imported, but shall have liberty to enter a pipe of wine or hogshead of spirits as aforesaid, at oge bon dred gallons, and all lesser casks after the same proportion; any thing in this act to the contrary notwiths

standing, Penalty for IV. And be it further enacted, That if any person false entry.

or persons whatsoever, shall willingly make a false entry, and be thereof convicted, such person or per sons shall forfeit and pay two hundred pounds current money,

and also surfeit the goods, recoverable on ins formation in any court within this commonwealth, who shall thereupon enter judgment and award execution for the same, to be applied, one mnojety to the use of the informer, and the other to the use of the common

wealth. Officers may V. And be it farther enacted, That the collectors of the bring the duties aforesaid, or any person by them appainen

ed, shall have full power and authority to go and en way dütiable

ter on board any ship or other vessel, and from thence goods, if duto bring on shore any articles whatsoever, liable to a br secured: duty by virtue of this att, if such duty be not paid ot agreed for within ten days after the first entry of such ship or vessel, or bond with good and sufficient security given for payñient of the same within three months next after such entry, which bond, if offered, the collector is hereby authorized and required to accept and take, and such articles so brought up shore to secure and detain until dur payment shall be made, or security given as aforesaid; and if such payment or security beno made or given within two days from the time of such seis zure, the collector of the duties aforesaid is hereby em: powered to sell the same, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to discharge the said duties, and five per cenfum for the charges of such seizure atid sale. Provided netertheless, That notice shall be given of such thereupon.

Proceeding sale, by advertizing the same two weeks in the Vita ginia Gazette; and they are also empowered to stay and remain on board such ship or vessel until all such wipes, spirit, salt, hemp, cordage, snuff, beer, ale, and porter, be discharged and delivered out of the sa me; and if any collertor or collectors of the said duties, or clerks of the county courts, or any other per son or person's deputed by them, or any of them, shall directly or indirectly take or receive any bribe, recompence, or reward, in any kind whatsoever, or shall connite at any false entry of the articles liable to a duty or custom by virtue of this act, the person or per• Penalty oí sons so offending shall forfeit and pay the sum of two collector rehundred pounds corrent money, and be forever disa- ceiving bled in his said office, and rendered incapable of hold bribe or coning any office or en ployment relating to the customs false entry within this com met wealth; and the person or persons and on per. giving or offering such bribe, reward, or recompence; son giving shall forfeit and pay two hundred pounds current mo- such bribe: ney.

VI. And be it further enacted, That it shall be la w- Collectors, ful to and for all and every collector and collectors of by warrants, the duties aforesaid, or clerks of county courts, by constable, id Warrant under the hand of a justice of the peace, which the day time warrant shall not be granted but opop an information may break made to bim upon oath, and accempanied with a con-open houses stable, to break openin the day time, any house ble

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