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payments without prejudice to the public. And where as it is just and reasonable that such sheriffs or collectors as are willing to make payments without loss to the public, should be relieved from the interest and damages accruing on the said judgments;

II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That unExecutions judgmens til the first day of August next no executiou shall issue against she. on any judgment against a sheriff or collector, and he Tiffs for taxi or they paying into the public treasury, before the said es, suspend. ed.

first day of August, the amount of such judgment in specie, civil list warrants, or warrants for interest dae to officers and soldiers, or in the commutable articles, and in the porportion and at the rate thereof as declar

ed by law, shall be acquitted of the interest and dama. Upon what ges on such judgment. Provided, That unless in the conditions. case hereafter provided, the amount of the warrants

and specie offered shall not exceed the sum or quantity thereof collected of the people for taxes; that the notes for tobacco or flour shall not be of a date elder than is allowed by law, on a computation from the time at which the payinent may be offered, except it shall appear by the oath of the party, or other evidence satisfactory to the treasurer, that the same notes had been before tendered to him in payment, and were at such tender within the period allowed by law. Provided also, Țhat the deerskins, notes for hemp or four, shall have been received of the people in payment of their taxes. Provided also, That any sheriff or collector may discharge in specie, and ai the rate established by law, any balance against him by reason of deerskins, for notes for hemp or flour, by him tendered to the

treasurer, and by him in pursuance of this aet refused, Benefit of And provided, That any sheriff owing a balance to the tended to all public, for which no judgment may have been rendera sheriffs owa ed, shall have the full benefit of this act. And whereing a bai.

as it hath been represented to this general assembly, ance to the that influenced by the apparent impossibility of comwealth. pleting their collections, several shériffs and collectors

have been induced to purchase, on their own account, quantities of hemp, the notes for which they are willing to pass in discharge of the taxes due from their counties;

III. Be it further enacted, That the treasurer shall receive any such notes at the rate of thirty-seven shil. tings and six per hundred, provided the quantity shal


Hot exceed the proportion thereof as by law declared. And provided also, That proof, by persons disinterested in such transactions, shall be made before two jus• Hemp res tices of the peace, one being of the quorum, and by

ceivable in

taxes, and them certified to the treasurer, tbat such hemp shall at what rate have been purchased before the first day of June in the present year, and for the purpose herein mentioned, and no other.

• IV. Antl be it further enactedl, That in all cases where judgments may on the said first day of August remain unsatisfied, executions shall immediately thereafter issve against every delirquent sheriff or collector, for the balance appearing to be due, and the interest and damages on the said balance, the whole amount thereof to be discharged in specie only.



in original, Ån act to amend the act, intituled, An act to amend the act

for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public service. 1. WHEREAS from the great variety of public bu

Preambie siness, in which the auditors of public accounts are necessarily engaged, it is found impracticable for them to settle and adjust the claims of all persons against this state, agreeable to the directions of an act, intituled, ** An act for auditing certain public claims," so as the public creditors may receive warrants for the same before the first day of August next, being the time fixed by an act of the last session of assembly for collecting tbe several taxes imposed by an act "For calling in and redeeming certain certificates:"

For remedy whereof,


ers to settle II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That two claims for commissioners be appointed, by joint ballot of both property in

pressed for houses of assembly, who, upon taking the following oath, to be administered by a justice of the peace, that vice

public set

turn it to au


is to say. “I, A. B. do swear that I will, to the best of my skill and judgment, faithfully and truly execute the duties required of me, by an act, intituled, “An act to amend the act. intitaled, An act to amend the act for adjusting claims for property impressed or taken for public service;' without favor, affection, or partiality. So help me God.” Shall have the same powers, and perform the like duties, as are given to, and required

of, the auditor's of public accounts, by the act for adTo keep a justing certain public claims. The auditors shall furregister of

nish the said commissioners, so soon as may be, with warrasts is all the certificates and other papers respecting the said sued, and re- claims returned and lodged in their office, distinguishditors.

ing upon which of them they have issued warrants; and the said commissioners shall enter in a book to be provided for that purpose, in alphabetical order, the of all

persons in each county to whom they shall issue warrauts, and the amount thereof, and return the said book to the auditors on or before the first day of

January next, and to expedite the said business, the Warrants or certificates

commissioners shall have power, and are hereby auissued by thorized, to appoint two clerks. All warrants signed commission. by the said commissioners shall be receivable in payers, receiva. ble in taxes.

ment of taxes in the same manner as if they had been

signed by the auditors of public accounts. County

III. Ånd be it further enacted, That it shall be lawcourts to ado ful for the county courts to receive and adjust the for a limited claims of all persons for articles impressed or taken for time, & cer public use, until the first day of October next, and no tify them to longer, to be certified and sent by the clerks of the said commission

courts to the commissioners appointed by virtue of this act. Where

any certificate shall be lost, or claim alCommission. lowed by the said courts, for which there shall be no ers to grant certificate, the commissioners shall adjust such claims

agreeable to the allowance of the courts, and issue their warrants for the same according to the prices fixed and

established by the act for adjusting certain public Auditors claims.

The auditors of public accounts shall, npon may re-audit waitants, in application for that purpose, re-audit warrants issued paper mo

by them for paper money on account of articles imney, & issue, pressed or taken for public use, and also for services them in spe- performed, and grant other warrants in specie, accord,

ing to the prices allowed by law for such articles, and such services respectively; any law to the contrary thereof notwithstanding. They shall also to the staff



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CXLVill in An act for farther continuing several original] pro acts of assembly.

[Chan. Rev.

p. 185. 1. WHEREAS three acts of assembly passed in the See Nov. years one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, and 1781, € 13, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two, the one intituled, " An act for calling in and funding the paper money of this state;" one other intituled, * An aet te gee May 1782 ascertain the losses and injuries sustained from the de-a 10, Uct. predations of the enemy, within this commoiwealth;" 1782, . 4,

Oct. 1783, . and ove other intituled, " An act to ascertain the number of people within this commonwealth,” will expire at the end of this present session of assembly, and it is

See May expedient and necessary that the same should be far- 1782, & 22, ther continued: Be therefore enacted, That the said & Oct. 1784, several recited acts shall continue and be in force from and after the expiration thereof until the first day of Décember 'next, and no longer, VOL. XI.


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** Chapter

CHAP. V. CXXIX in original.]

An act to suspend the operation of the

act, intituled, An aci to amend and reduce the several acts of assembly for ascertaining certain taxes and dulies, and for establishing a per.

manent revenue, into one act. Preamble.

w], WHEREAS it is found necessary for the ease
and convenience of the citizens of this commonwealth
in their present distressed state, that the operation of
the act, intituled, "An act to amend and reduce the
several acts of assembly for ascertaining certain taxes
and duties, and for establishing a permanent revenue,

into one act," be postponed to a future day: Distress

11. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, for taxes

That no distress for any tax imposed by the said act postponed.

shall be made before the twentieth day of November

III. And be it further enacted, That the several sher

iffs whose appointments will terminate in the month of
Sheriffs to
collect, ally November next, shall, nevertheless, have full power to
thigh the compleat the collection of the taxes aforesaid, which
term of their they are hereby required to perform; and shall have
ment expir-

right and authority to collect or distrain for the same
in the like manner as if their appointments bad not
then expired.

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