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Contracts, extend to any contract specifying in what maner the what kind excepted.

same shall be paid, unless the said contract specifies payment to be made in coin, which has been hereto-, fore in use in this country, nor to apy contract whatsoever, made or entered into since the first day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-two, for all which debts or contracts, judgment may be ubtained, execution issue, to be discharged in manner specified by the said contract, and no commutable article whatever be adınitted to pay the same. And all and every thing in the said act or any other act whatsoever, not compatible with the above and every part thereof, is,

and the same is hereby declared to be repealed. ProDebts under vided always, That nothing in this or any other act 5. excepted (except for British debts as aforesaid) shall prevent

the recovering by executions, debts under five pounds, but that the same shall be prosecuted ju like manner as if this or any other act to the contrary thereof, had never been made.

VIII. And whereas the settlers on Jands surveyed for sundry companies, which settlers, by an act intitu led - An act concerning the titles of settlers on lands surveyed for sundry companies," passed this present session of assembly, are to have the time prolonged, for the term of twelve models to pay the principal and

interest of the purchase.' money for their lands to the Land pure said grantees or agents; and it is just and reasora, chasers of able that the said settlers should be benefitted in the anndry com same manner as other debtors are: Be it enacted, 7 hat panies, in cluded in

the said settlers shall and may discharge the said printhis act cipal and interest, in the commutables mentioned in

this act, without any judgment or execution issuing at or before the end of the term limited for the said lands

to revert to the gravtees. Provided nevertheless, That Continuance

this act shall continue and be in force from and afier of act:

the passing thereof, until the first day of December one thousand seven hundred and eighty three.

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CXLI in ori-

ginal.] An act to regulate the pay of the mi

[Chan. Rey. litia heretofore called into service, p. 183.) in cases not provided for by law. 1. WHEREAS no provision is made by law for Pay of milithe pay of the militia heretofore called into service, tiacalled inexcept such militia shall have marched out of the state, to service, or joined the army acting within this state: For reme- continental dy whereof, Be it enacted, That all militia called into army. service since the first day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty, or who shall hereafter be called into service, whose rolls have not already been setiled, shall receive the same pay and rations as the officers and soldiers of the continental army; and the auditors of public accounts are hereby directed to grant printed certificates for the same. Provided neverthe- None for less less, That no militia officer or soldier shall be entitled than tendays to receive pay as aforesaid, except such officer or soldier shall have been on duty ten days.

II. And whereas the allowance to scouts employed for discovering the approach of Indian or any other enemy on the frontiers is inadequate to their fatigue Pay of scouts and trouble: Be it enacted, That every scout who shall hereafter be employed, as by law directed, shall be entitled to receive for every day he shall be so employed, the sum of five shillings per day, to be audited and paid in the same manner as the militia in this act is directed to be paid



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(Chapter CXLIL in original.

CHẬP, XLVII. [chan Rev. An act to empower the naval officers p. 183.)

to receive the duties in the severat districts.


Naval offi. 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That all cers to be duties and customs which now, or shall hereafter accollectors of duties on

crue due to this commonwealth, upon ships, vessels, ships, &c. goods, wares, and merchandizes, or any other articles

whatsoever, by virtue of any law of this commonwealth, may and shall be paid to the naval officer of the district where such duty or custom is directed to be paid. And the respective naval officers are hereby required to collect, account for, and pay into the public treasury, the amount of all such duties or customs, according to the several acts imposing the same, and under the pains and penalties therein contained.

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CHAP. XLVIII. in original. (Chan. Rok

An an to revive and amend an act, For p. 183.] the better regulating and collecting

See vol. 5, berlain officers fees, and for other P: 326; also this session,

purposes therein mentioned.

1. WHEREAS the act of assembly passed in the Act of 11745,

year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and concerning officers' fees forty-five, intituled, "An act for the better regulating revived, and collecting certain oflicers fees, and other purposes

therein mentioned," hath expired, & it is expedient & ne cessary that the same should be revived & amended: Be it therefore enacted, That the act intituled, " An act for

the better regulating and collecting certain officers fees, and other purposes therein mentioned,” be revived and shall continue and be in force from and after the passing of this act for and during the term of two



years, and from thence to the end of the next session
of assembly and no longer.

II. And be it further enacted, That all persons who How tobacco now are, or shall hereafter become chargeable with, fees paid in

money. aný tobacco fees for services mentioned in the said re ciled act, shall discharge the same in manner directed See October by the act of assembly passed in the year one thou- 1781, ch. 31. sand seven hundred and eighty-one, intituled, “An act for regulating tobacco fees and fixing the allowance to sheriffs, witnesses and venire-men.”

III. And whereas the act of assembly passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-one, inti- Attornies act tuled, " An act for regulating the practice of attornies,” revived. See

. hath expired, and it is necessary the same should be revived; Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That the act intituled, “ An act for regulating the practice of attornies,” shall be, and the same is hereby revived.

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(Chapter CXLIV in

original. In
An act to amend the act, intituled, An
act for adjusting certain public

on the in

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the power of the
auditors of public accounts, shall, and they are hereby ditors in ad.
empowered and required, to make such allowances for justing
covering or stud horses, and also for geldings and claiming for
mares, which have been impressed or taken for public impressed
use, as to them, having regard to the descriptions cer-
tified by the county courts, shall appear just and right,
so as the allowance for a covering or stud horse do not
exceed one hundred and fifty pounds, nor for a geld-
ing or mare for cavalry one hundred pounds, nor for
a waggon horse forty pounds, and to issue warrants
accordingly. That wherever the book of claims from
the respective counties and the vouchers or certificates
shall disagree as to the quantity of any article, the au-
ditors shall be governed by the vouchers or certificatori


And whereas there may be many clains for property impressed or taken, which have not hitherto been ad

justed and allowed by the county courts, County 11. Be it enacted, That the said courts may, and courts allow they hereby are required to receive and adjust all such time to re as may be presented before the first day of June next

, ceive further and certify the same, and return the vouchers to the claims. next session of assembly. And whereas certificates

were receivable in taxes for the years one thousand seven hundred and eighty, and one thousand seven hinn dred and eighty-one, which cannot now be audited; and it is just that the sheriffs or colleetors indebted to the public for balance of taxes in the said years should be allowed to pay the said certificates in discharge of

the said taxes: Sheriffs al II. Be it therefore enacted, That the several sherlowed to pay, iffs and collectors indebted for public taxes in the said takes in cer tificates.

years, are hereby authorized to pay rerüficates for ar

ticles impressed or taken for public use, and the auditors shall allow the same in discharge of such taxes.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the auditors of Warrants, in public accounts, shall, upon application for that par papermoney pose, re-audit warravts issued by them for paper mofor property ney on account of articles impressed or furnished for impressed, public use, and grant other warrants in specie, accord audited, in ing to the depreciation at the time such articles were specie.

impressed or furnished,

V. And be it further enacted, That the auditors of public accounts be, and they are hereby empowered and directed to employ so many temporary clerks (not exceeding two) as they shall judge necessary for the completion of the business in that office; provided that

such appointments do not extend beyond the end of the next session of assembly

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