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William Wilson, and their successors, are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name of Style of corthe rector and trustees of Liberty Hall Academy; and poration. by that name sliall have perpetuat succession and a common seal. And that they and their successors, by the game aforesaid, shall be able and capable it law to have, purchase, receive, possess, enjoy and retain to them and their sūccessors forever any Jands, tenements, rents, goods or'ehattels of what kind soever, which shall be given to, or purchased by thein, for the use of the said academy; and the same to selly grant, demise, alien, or dispose of, in such manner as to them may appear most for the advantage of the said academy: Aud by the same name to sue and in plead, besued and impleaded, answer and be answered in all courts of Corporate law or equity, and from time to time, under their com-powers. mon seal to make and establish sucir bye-laws, rules and ordinances, uot contrary to the constitution or laws of this commonwealth, as by them sball be thought necessary for the good order and government of the professors, masters and students of the said academy: That the said rector a ad trustees, or any six of them, are hereby authorized and required to ineet at the said academy, on some day to be appointed by the recios, before the first day of March next, and then and there Professors, elect and commission, under their common seal, such masters and

tutors. number of professors, masters and tutors as they may thiuk necessary for the instructiou of the students, and the same to remove for good cause shewn; provided. that no professor, master or tutor shall be admissible without first taking the oath of fidelity to the common- " wealth; and annually to grant to such students, as io *** their opinion merit the same, testimonials under the common seal, and sigured by the rector and three of Degrees the trustees at least, reciting their literary degrees.

conferred. The rector and trustees, or a majority of them, shall elect by ballot, a treasurer for the said academy, who shall give bond and security for the faithful discharge of his office and the trust reposed in him; and

Treasurer. shall, when required by the said corporation, render an account of all monies, goods and other chattels, received or expended on account of and for the use of the said acadeiny; and on failure or refusal, shall be subject to the like proceediuğs as is prescribed by law

in the case of sheriffs failing to account for and pay the public taxes. The said trustees, or a majority of them, are hereby empowered, upon good cause to them shewn, to remove or suspend the rector, and supply such vacancy. Upon the death, resignation or refusat to act, of the rector or any of the said trustees, it shall be lawful for the remaining trustees, or a majority of them, to supply such vacancies and the rector and trustees so elected, shall have the same powers and ada thority as those particularly named in this act. The rector, with the advice of three of the trustees, shall have power to call a meeting of the trustees. The rector and trustees, before they enter upon the execution of the trust reposed in them by this act, shall sex verally take the following oath or affirmation, to be administered by a justice of the peace of the said county of Rockbridge, and by him certified to the court of the said county, there to be recorded, that is to say,

"I A. B. do swear (or affirm) that I will to the best Oath of offiof my skill

and judgment, faithfully and truly discharge the duties required of me by an act, intituled, An art for incorporating the rector and trustees of Liberty Hall Academy,' without favor, affection, or partiality So help me God."

II. And be it further enacted, That the rector, proProfessora fessors, masters and tutors, duly elected for, and bona in that, and fide acting as $uch in the said academy, and in all 0-4 in all other ther seminaries and public schools, and also all students seminaries,

thereof, ander the age of twenty-one years, shall be, and public schools, ex. and are hereby exempted from military duty. All empted from property, real avd personal, now belonging to the said military du- academy, is hereby transferred to, and vested in the

said corporation for the benefit of the said academy.


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(Chapter cxxxili in original]

(Chan. Rer

An act for further continuing and da

mending the act to make provision p. 181.) for the support and maintenance of idiots, lunatics, and persons of unsound minds.

1. WHEREAS the act of general assembly passed in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy*-nine, intituled, " An act to make provi- -*Should be sion for the support and maintenance of ideots, luna- 1769, see tics, and persons of unsound minds," which hath been vol. 8, p 378 continued and amended by several subsequent aets, will expire at the end of the present session of assembly, and it is expedient and necessary to continue and amend the same: Be it therefore enacted, That the said Act concern act shall continue and be in force from and after the ing ideots &

Tunatics fur. present session of assembly, for and during the term of

ther contiti. ten years, and from thence to the end of the next seg ned. sion of assembly.

Want * If. And whereas great inconveniencies have arisen

Annual apa from the want of proper funds to support the hospital,

propriation established for the purpose of providings for such an to be paid fortunate persons, Be it enacted, That the treasurer out of the for the time being, upon the governor's warrant to the treasury. court of directors, is hereby empowered and required to pay annually, not of the treasury, such sum or sums of money as shall be by law appropriated for the tea pairing the said hospital, the payment of salaries to the keeper and matrous, and also to the nurses, guards, physicians, or surgeons, that

be employed by the said court of directors, and any additional sum not exceeding twenty-five pounds per annum, for the support and maintenance of each person that shall be confined in the said hospital. And the sheriff, or other officer, conveying such unfortunate persons to the said hospic

Allowance tal, agreeable to the directions of the said recited act, to sheriff før shall receive from the treasurer such compensation for conveying his trouble and expences, as to the court of direétors ideots and shall seem reasonable, to be certified by them to the the hospitai. auditors of public accounts, wheredipon a warrant shall

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issue to the treasurer for the payment of the same, whe * hereby authorized to pay the amount of sucb warranito such sheriff, or other officer, out of such money as shall

be by law appropriated for that purpose. All and every act or acts, coming within the purview and meaning of this act, shall be, and the same are hereby repealed.

pa. 181.


CHAP, XXXIX. CXXXIVc in original) An act concerning the appointment Chan." Rev.

of sherifs I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Sheriffs, how court of every codnty within

this commonwealth, shall, nominated & annually between the last day of March and the last commissioned.

day of May, uominate to the governor, or chief inagis trate for the time being, iwo persons named in the commission of the peace for their county, one of which per: sons so nominated shall be commissioned by the governer to execute the

office of sheriff of that county, and shall qualify to his commission at the court to be held for the county in November, or if no court shall be then held, or he shall be unable to attend, at the next succeeding court Every person accepting the

commission of sheriff, shall, before his being sworn inbond.

to or executing his office, enter into bond before the justices of his county court, with good and sufficient security, in the sum of ten thousand pounds, for the true and faithful collecting, accounting for, and paying the taxes imposed by law i his county, which bond every county court is hereby empowered and required to demand, take, and cause to be acknowledged before

them in open court, and recorded; and an attested copy Copy sent thereof shall be transmitted by the clerk, to the audito auditors, tors of public accounts, at the same time that be deli evidence,

vers to the said auditors a copy of the list of the taxa sains ble property in his said county, wbich shall be admit#ted as evidence in any svit or proceeding founded there

90. Any person recommended as aforesaid, or ap

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pointed sheriff, refusing to accept and execute such' Penalty for commission to him directed, shall forfeit and pay the refusing ofsum of fifty pounds, for the use of the county where such refusal shall be; to be recovered with costs, by action of debt or information, in any court of record, except as is excepted in the act, intituled, " An act prescribing the method of appointing sheriffs, and for limiting the time of their continuance in office, and directing their duty therein." So much of the said recited act as comes within the purview of this act is hereby repealed.



CXXXV in " An act to amend the act for calling in original.]

and redeeming certain certificates.

1. WHEREAS it is represented to this general as- See May sembly, that it will be impracticable for the auditors 1782, C. 46,

50. of public accounts to adjust and settle the claims of all persons against this state, agreeable to the directions of an act, intituled, “An act for auditing certain public claims, so as the public creditors may receive warrants for the same, previous to the time appointed by Jaw for collecting the several taxes imposed by an act, intituled, An act for calling in and redeeming certain certificates."

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the collection of Collection of the taxes imposed by the said act be postponed until taxes post the first day of Avgust next; and that where any sher- poned. iff hath not given security for collecting and paying the same, the courts of the several counties shall, in or before the month of May next, take bond and security of the sheriff in the manner by the said act directed; Sheriffs to and the said sheriff shall, from and after the said first day where not of August next, collect, receive, distrain for, and pay already the taxes by the said act imposed, in his county, under done. the like rules, regulations, allowances, and penalties, as are prescribed by the said act.

Vol. XI.

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