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in original. An act to suspend in part the opera

tion of the laws Concerning es-
cheats and forfeitures from British
1. WHEREAS it is represented to this general as-

Lots of Jas, sembly, that James Buchanan, late of the town of Fal- Buchanan, mouth, in the county of Stafford, merehant, was seized in Falmouth, in fee simple of and in two improved lots in the rested in said town; that in the year one thousand seven bun, for the use dred and seventy-seven, the said James Buchanan died Atine intestate, and without issue, his heir at law being a Buchanan,

his widow: subject of Great Britain, whereby the said lots became escheatable to the commonwealth; that Anne Buchanan, the widow of the said James Buchanan, aber nicht was at the time of bis death, and yet continues in a very infirm state, both of body and mind, and that the administration of the said James Buchanan's estate was granted by the court of the said county of Staford, to Mr. Isaac Hite of Frederick county, who has proceeded in part to execute the trust committed to him, but not having made a final settlement of his accounts, it remains uncertain whether the personal estate of the deceased, will be sufficient to pay his debts; and it being reasonable that the widow should be supported out of the estate of her deceased husband, and that his just debts should be paid:

II. Be it enacted, That the several laws concerning Lots may be escheats and forfeitures from British subjects, so far soual estate as the same respect the said lots, shall be suspended insufficient during the life of the said Anne Buchanan; and that for paymenti the said lots shall be vested in the said Isaac Hite and

of debts. his heirs, for the use of the said Anne Buchanan, during her life.

Provided always, That the said Isaac Hite or his heirs, shall be authorized and empowered, in case the personal estate of the said James Buchanan shall prove insufficient to pay his debts, to sell so much of the said lots as shall be sufficient for that purpose, and to convey the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, in fee simple; saving to all persons, hodies politic and corporate (other than this common


& Swealth, or the heirs of the said James Buchanan, (be

* ing British subjects) all their right and title to the said

Jots, and to every part of them,


CHAP. XXXI. "CXXVI in original . ] An act for giving certain powers to

the corporation of the city of Rich Tuinmond, and for other purposes. Two addr 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That it tional alder shall and may be lawful, and the mayor, recorder, and men, for city aldermen, of the city of Richmond, are hereby requirhow elected, ed to elect, by ballot, two of the common councilmen Sixaldermen of the said city, to the office of aldermen; who upon ed at trien taking an oath or affirmation before the court, for the nialelections faithful discharge thereof, shall have the same powers

and authority as tbose already elected to that office. That in all triennial elections, as directed by the act “For incorporating the town of Richmond," there shall

be elected six aldermen. The court of hustings in the Court of hus. tings f Rich- city of Richmond, and court of lastings in the town of mond & A. Alexandria, shall be, and are hereby constituted, courts lexandria,

of record, and as such to receive probate of wills and declared coorts of re, deeds, and grant administrations, in as fall and ample cord. manger as the county courts by law can, or may do.

II. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That Restriction na to prook no will shall be admitted to proof or record in the said of wills and courts, hor shall the said courts grant administration, deeds. unless the testator, or intestate, as the case may be, was

resident within the limits ef the jurisdiction of the said courts at the time of his or her death; nor shall any deed, whereby lands are conveyed, be admitted to

proof or record in the said conrts, unless such lands Commonseal lie within the limits as aforesaid. of Richmond III. And be it further enacted, That the mayor and and Alexan- commonalty of the said city and town respectively, are dria, how af hereby anthorized to affix their

their common seal to all authenticity, transactions, and that due faith and credence shall

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houses or parts of houses for widening and

extending the said streets, before the first day of May, one thouJurisdiction sand seven hundred and ninety: That the court of husof court of hustings of

tings in the said borough shall have jurisdiction of all Norfolk in criminal cases arising within the said borough, in as criminal ca- full and ample manner as the county courts. sense ** VIII. And be it further enacted, That five acres of Certain lots land adjoining the borough of Winchester, the propera of Thomas ty of Thomas Edmondson, shall be, and the same are Edmondson, hereby annexed to the said borough, and shall be laid annexed t town of Win.

off into lots of half an acre each, and sold and canyey. chester, ed by the said Thomas Edmondson, subjeet to the

rules, orders, regulations and laws of the corporation of the town of Winchester.

IX. And whereas the day appointed for holding court of hustings in the town of Alexandria, is found inconvenient to persons attending the said court;

X. Be it therefore enacted, That from and after the Court day of first day of February next, a court of hustings shall be court of A, held in the said town on the Thursday next after the lexandria al- third Monday in every month. So much of all and terade every act or acts as is contrary to, or within the purs

view of this act, is hereby repealed,



CHAP. XXXII. CXXVI in original i

An act to appoint persons to convey

certain lands to Edwin Gray, and

for other purposes. Certain pèr 1. WHEREAS by an act of general assembly, sonsappoint: passed under the former goverument, trustees were apland to Ed. pointed and empowered, together with the Nottoway Win GtayIndian chiefs, to sell and convey all the lands belongpurchased at ing to that tribe of Indians, lying on the north side of á sale of the Nottoway river. That at a sale of the said lands EdNottowayın. win Gray became the purchaser of thirty acres, which Hansa remained after laying off a certain number of lots, and

for which no conveyance was executed before the death of the trustees. And the said Edwin Gray hath made


application to this assembly to pass an act, appointing persons, in the room of the trustees so dead, to execute a conveyance for the said thirty acres of land.

II. Be it therefore enacted, That John Thonjas Blow, Henry Westbrooke, and Thomas Edmunds, or any two of them, shall, and they are herehy authorized and required, together with the surviving Indian chiefs of the Nottoway tribe, to execute a deed of conveyance for the said thirty acres

of land, to the said Edwin Gray, in fee. And whereas by one other act of assembly, passed under the former government, persons were appointed to lease certain lands belonging to the said Indians, and to receive and lay out the rents arising therefrom, for the benefit of the said Indians: And it being represented that all, or the major part of the said trustees, are dead, and that it is necessary to appoint others:

TU. Be it therefore enacted, That the said John Additional Thomas Blow, Henry Westbrooke, and Thomas Ed= trustees ap munds, shall be, and they are hereby appointed, irus- pointed to tees also for receiving annually the said rents, and lay- lands of Nota ing out the same, for the benefit of the said Indians, toway IndiThat upon the death of any of the said trustees, the ans, court of the said county of Southampton shall have power, and they are hereby required to appoint others, who shall have the same powers, in collecting and laying out the said rents, as those particularly named in this act.



CXXVIII An act concerning surveyors, lettin

on original.] the next county surveyor survey p. 179.

(Chan. Rara when the county-one cannot be had.

1. WHEREAS by the laws of this commonwealth, Preamba do entry for vacant and unappropriated lands can be made with any person except the principal surveyor of the county in which such vacant and unappropria red land lies, and in many

of the counties on the ef

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