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Be it therefore enacted, That so much of the said recited act, as respects the forfeiture of the titles of settlers or Jands surveyed for any company, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed; and the time limited as above

for the settlers to pay the price of their lands, shall be Farther time and hereby is prolonged for twelve months, at the end allowed to of which time, the said setilers shall be liable to pay

the principal and interest due for their lands, upon money.

good and sufficint titles being tendered or made to Forfeiture, them, and on failure of such payment, the said land on non-pay. shall be forfeited and revert to the grantees.

pay their


CHAP. XXV. {Chapter CXX in ori ginal] An act to confirm the sale of certain

lots and land made by Andrew Wodrow, administrator of Alexan. der Wodrow, deceased, and for O

ther purposes. Sales of two I, WHEREAS Alexander Wodrow, in, and by his lots in Fala last will and testament, bearing date the thirty-first day mouth.& a, of October, one thousand seven hundred and seventyin Stafford, one, among other things directed that tuis executors made by An- should dispose of his whole estate, both real and per drew Wod. sopal, except his wearing cloaths and riding horse, and row, admin. from the sales thereof to pay, in the first place, his just

debts, and the residue to apply as in the said will is Wodrow, particularly directed: And whereas it is represented to confirmed.

this present assembly, that the executors named in the will of the said Alexander. Wodrow, severally refused to take upon them the execution thereof, whereupon administration with the will annexed, was in due form granted to Andrew Wodrow, who hath since sold the personal estate, and also a moiety of two ļots in the town of Falmouth, and a tract of land containing two hundred and twelve acres, lying on Rappahaņnock ri

in the county of Stafford, belonging to the said Alexander Wodrow, deceased, and hath applied, money arising from such sales, towards' the payment





of his debts! And whereas the said Andrew Wodrow
not being authorized to make conveyances to the pur-
cbaser or purchasers of the said lots and land, hath
made application to the asseinbly to pass an act to ena-
ble him to do

ll. Be it therefore enacted, That the said Andrew
Wodrow shall, and be is hereby authorized and em-
powered to execute one or more deed or deeds, for
conveying the said lots and land, so as aforesaid sold,
to the purchaser or purchasers in fee. Saving to all
persons, bodies politic and corporate, other than those
claiming under the will of the said Alexander Wodrow,
all such right, title, and interest, which they, or any of
them, could or might have to the said lots and land
had this act never been made. And whereas the said
Alexander Wodrow died seized of other lots and lands
which by his said will were directed to be sold, and
the money arising therefrom to be applied to the

ment of his debts, and the residue to be paid, in certain
proportions, to persons residing in Great-Britain, and
it is judged expedient that the said lands should re-
main subject to the future direction and disposition of other lands
the general assembly:

of AletanM. Be it therefore enacted, That the said lots and der Wodrow lands of the said Ålexander Wodrow, deceased, so re- unsold, sube maining unsold, shall be, and the same are hereby ject to fuvested in the said Andrew Wodrow, subject, neverthe

ture direc less, to the future direction of the general assembly.stal assembly,

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pode 1 (Ch. CXXI

in original] An act to vest the capitol square, with

the buildings thereon, in the city of
Williamsburg, in the mayor, recor.
der, aldermen, and common coun-
cil of the said city.
1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pre-

Capitol sent general assembly, that the public lands, with the square and

buildings in buildings thereon, in the city of Williamsburg, com- Williams

burg, vested monly called the capitol square, may be usefully empie in the corpos ployed as a residence for a grammar master, and as a

, years, for a

place fit for the tuition and instruction of youth: grammar 11. Be it therefore enacted, That the said lands and school,

the buildings thereon, shall be, and the same are here by vested in the mayor, recorder, aldermen and common council of the city of Williamsburg, for the termi

of ten years, and from thence to the end of the next Except the session of assembly, for the purpose of accommodating room for the court of ad. a grammar inasteri, and fitting it for the education and miralty

instruction of youth, except the room commonly used for the court of admiralty to hold their sessions in, which is still reserved for the public use hereby em!


(Ch. CXXII in original.]

An act granting pardon to Demsey

Pardon gran

1. WHEREAS Demsey Butler, being under sented to Dim. tence of death, and to remain in the public jail until sey Butler,

the next session of assembly: convicted of treason, in

II. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the

said Demsey Butler, convicted of treason by judgment quence of a of the general court, at their session in October last, is pardon hav. ing been hereby pardoned and exonerated from the penalties of promised the said judgment, in consequence of a promise of parhim by col. don granted him by colonel Josiah Parker, in July Josiah Parker.


one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, who at that time commanded the militia on the south side of James river.

CHAP. XXVII. pic on Ch. cxx

in original An act to authorize the adjournment

of the courts of Henrico and of the
city of Richmond, in certain cases --
and for other purposes.

1. WHEREAS the courthouse of the county of Preamble, Henrico, in the city of Richmond, hath been appro

reciting the priated by the directors of the public buildings,

agree of the courtable to the act "For the removal of the seat of govern- house, in ment,” to the holding of the sessions of the superior Richmond, courts, and the several periods affixed by law for hold-rior courts. ing the said sessions, are found to interfere with the monthly sessions of the county and corporation courts, and otherwise to produce detay and inconvenience in the business of the said county and city: 11. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly,

Co urts of That the respective courts of the county and city shall, Henrc and at the first, or any succeeding court, after the passing city of Richof this act, ascertain court days throughout

mond autho

rised to ad the year,

the sessions of the said superior courts will journ their interfere with their respective sessions, and thereupon, courts to by order entered of record, direct public notice to be day, when given in the said city and county of the same, and that house will their sessions on the said days respectively will be held not be occuin such place, within the said city, as the said courts pied by the

sup, courts may appoint and

adjourn to, and shall be in such order particalarly named. Provided, That the said courts medite vy respectively shall, in no case have or exercise such inte power of adjournment, except where the periods fixed by law, for holding the sessions of the superior courts, shul actually happen on the days appointed for the holding of their respective courts. And whereas the court-house of the county of Chesterfield, was burnt by the enemy, at a time when the executive council was obliged to remove to the frontiers of this state, and all bųsiness with them, suspended for a considerable time; but the affairs of the county making it indispensably necessary that the justices of the said county should meet, to do the duty of their appointment, they were under the necessity of transacting such business in a house ás nigh to their usual place of meeting as they Vob.




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1971." could procure, and doubts may arise whether they kedi ghot could hold a court in any other place but where they

had been accustomed to sit. Proceedings

III. Be it enacted, That all proceedings of the said of the court court shall be as valid, and have the same effect, as of Chester: they would, or might have had, if the said courts had a house con sit in the house

formerly made use of for holding courts, tiguous 10 and that it shall and may be lawful for the said justices the court to continue to hold their courts, in the same place, or burnt by the any adjoining place, until their court-house shall be enemy, con, re-built, and then to remove their session into it. firmed:

in priginal.
An act concerning John Younghuse

1. WHEREAS it is represented that John Young-
John Young
bushand, a

husband, a native of Great-Britain, manifested at ani native of G early period of the present war, a firm attachment to ing evinced the cause of the United States of America, and treated an early at some of the citizens of this commonwealth, while in tachment to captivity and distress, with hospitality and friendship; the cause of

and he hath "petitioned this assembly for permission to the United States, and reside in, and become a citizen of this state; treated some I. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, citizens of That the said John Younghusband shall, upon taking monwealth, the oaths of allegiance and fidelity to the commonwhile in cap. wealth, be entitled to, and have and enjoy the same tivity and Jastreh previleges, inmunities, and advantages, as the other hrspitality citizens of this state. and friend ship permitted trire. turn and be. come a citi zen.

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