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of the county courts, the sum of fifty pounds each
and the justices of the several counties failing to make
the appointments by this act required, shall forfeit and
pay the sum of fifty pounds each: All which forfeit-
ures shall be one half

to the informer, the other half to
the use of the county where the offences shall be com-
mitted, to be recovered by information, in any court
of record, giving ten days previous notice,

VI. And be it enacted, That the valuation of lots in Rule as te the cities, boroughs or towps, shall (except where man- lots in town, ifest inequality may have taken place) stand and remain as they now are; and in cases where fots may be added to any city, borough or town, or where new towns may be established, or where alienations or partitions may take place, or where mistakes may have been made in foriner valuations, the county commissioners aforesaid shall be governed by the same rules and regulations as by this act are established with regard to land in like cases. VII. And be it further enacted, That in case of the Vacancies,

mesin examiners death, disability or refusal to act of the examiners ар

how supplie pointed by this act, or either of them, it shall be lawful ed. for the governor with advice of council, to fill up the vacancy occasioned thereby.

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(Chapte CXV in

original.) An act to secure the estate of Maurice

Wheeler to Lettice Wheeler his widow, and four children. I. Be it enacted by this present General Assembly, Estate of That the whole estate, both real and personal, of Mau. Maurice rice Wheeler, who was convicted of murder at the ses conviced of sion of the general court in October last, and executed murder, and accordingly, be, and the same is hereby vested in, Let- esecuted,

vested in hig tice Wheeler his widow, and four children, to be divi

widow and T



ded amongst them agreeable to the act of assembly for the distribution of intestates, estates; subject, neverthes, less, to the debts of the deceased...

tion trans

[Cháp. Cxy

CHAP. XXI in original)

An act.concerning Pensioners.

BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Pensioners courts of the several counties are hereby empowered to he examia and required, in the months of April and May next, ned by Coun

to enquire into the condition and state of the bodily ty couple a state of

ability of all pensioners, and persons receiving an antheir condi- mual allowance from the commonwealth in consideramitted to the

tion of wounds, and to report their proceedings to the generat

next session of asseinbly. The county lieutenant, or sembly.commanding officer of every county, shall cause this

aet to be read to the militia at the general musters next after the passing of this act. All pensioners, or others, receiving such annual allowances, failing to attend, or in case of inability to represeut by good proof to the said courts, a true state of their bodily ability as aforesaid, shall forfeit such pensions or allowances. The commanding officer, and the justices of every county, failing to perform their duty herein, shall each forfeit and pay the sum of aliy pounds, to be recovered with costs, by information, in any court of record, to-the use of the informer

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in original] An act to sell certain lands belonging

to the estate of William Kennon, deceased, for the benefit of his children. 1. WHEREAS it is represented to this present gen. Certain lands eral assembly, that William Kennon, being in his life, belonging to time seized in fee of about two thousand two hundred the estate of acres of land, lying in the county of Charles City, and William

Kennon de dying so seized, leaving several daughters to whom the

ceased, to be said Tands descended as colieiresses; And whereas it? for the is represented that the said daughters have not any

benefit of

his children, slaves to work the said lands, and that the reits arising therefrom are not sufficient to supports and maintain those daughters under age, and that it would be greatly for their benefit if the said lands were sold; and application being made for that purpose, as well by the daughters who are of age, as the guardians of those who under age:

II. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That the said tract of land of which the said William Kennon died seized, in the said county of Charles C1ty, countaining about two thousand two hundred aeres, be, and the same is bereby vested in, John-Tyler, Wil liam Randolph, and Benjamin Harrison (of Brandon) geintlemen, trustees, to be by them, or any two of them, sold at public auction, in such parcels or lots as they may judge best; the time and place of which sale, to be previously advertised in the Virginia Gazette iwo months. And the said trustees, or any two of them, áre hereby empowered to convey the saiď lands to the purchaser, or purchasers, in fee simple; who shall thenceforth hold and enjoy the same, free from the claim of the daughters of the said William Kennon, or either of them, or their heirs, forever. “And the said trustées, or any two of them, shall render an account of the sales of the said lands to the county court of Charles City, to be there recorded. And the money arising from such sales shall be paid in equal proportions, after de dueting the expences of the safe to those who are of age, and to the guardians of those who are under age



to be by them placed out to interest, on good and suf-
* ficient landed security, to be approved of by the court
stryd te of the said county of Charles City. Saving to all per-

sons and bodies politic or corporate, their heirs or suc-
cessors, other than the daughters of the said William
Kevinon, or those claiming under them, all such right
or title as they, or any of them, would have had in or
to the said lands, had this act never been made.


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Tch. CXVII in original]

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An act to vest certain escheatable pro.

perty in the children of William
Short, deceased.

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iChap. CXIX

in original. An act concerning the titles of settlers

Cban. Rev. on lands surveyed for sundry com- pa. 179. panies.

1. WHEREAS by the act of assembly intituled, Preamble, “An act for adjusting and settling the titles of claim - reciting pro. ers to 'unpatented lands, under the present and former of Vav 1779, government, previous to the establishment of the com- ch. 12, in fa. monwealth's land office,"

" the title of settlers on land sur vous of seto veyed for sundry companies by orders of council, were lands, sår. to be adjudged by certain commissioners appointed for *eyed for that purpose; and that if the parties, their heirs or sundry comassigas, to whom such titles shall be adjudged, shall panies. not within six months at farthest, from the time of their respective judgments in their favour, pay or tender to the company to whom the same is due, or their agent, the price and interest so fixed by the commissioners, the title of every person so failing, shall be forfeited, and to all intents and purposes, null and void.

IL. And whereas it is represented to this present Former act, general assembly, that from the great scarcity of spe- declaring cie, the persons to whom such titles have been adjudg- forfeiture of

land on noned, have not been able to pay the price of their lands

payment, reand interest within the time limited by the said act: pe


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