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rish of Saint

(Chap. CV in

CHAP. X. original.]

An act for dissolving the Vestry of the

Parish of St. Anne, in the county
of Essex.

1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pre-
sent general assembly, that the present vestry of the pa-
rish of Saint Anne in the county of Essex, have not
been elected by the freeholders and house-keepers of
the said parish, but as vacancies have happened there-
in they have been supplied by the vestrymen them-

selves: For remedy whereof,
Vestry of pa. II. Be it enacted, That the vestry of the said parish
Ante, in Es. of Saint Anne be, and the same is hereby dissolved.
sex cnunty, Ill. And be it further enacted, That the freeholders

and house-keepers of the said parish of Saint Anne,
shall, before the first day of May next, meet at some
convenient time and place, to be appointed and public-
ly advertised by the sheriff of the said county of Essex,
at least one month before such meeting, and then and
there elect twelve of the most able and discreet persons,
being freeholders and residents in the said parish, for
Vestrymen, which vestrymen so elected, having in the
court of the said county of Essex, taken the oaths pre-
scribed by law, shall, to all intents and purposes, be
deemed and takes to be the vestry of the said parish
of Saint Anne.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the vestry of
the said parish of Saint Anne, to be elected by virtue
of this act, shall levy and assess upon the tithable per,
sons of the said parish, all such sums of money and
quantities of tobacco as ought to have been levied and
assessed by the said vestry:.

Provided nevertheless, That notwithstanding any thing in this act contained, any suit or suits brought by or against the vestry or churchwardens of the said parish, and now depending, may be prosecuted in the same manner as if this act had never been made.


[Chap, cVÌ

in original] An act to empower the justices of

Greenbrier county to clear a wag. gon

road from the Warm Springs in Augusta.


and open

1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Court of justices of the county of Greenbrier, or a majority of Greenbrier them, shall have full power to appoint three or more

couuty, all. proper persons, who being first sworn, to view and clear a wagmark a way for a waggon road from the Warm gon road Springs in Augusta, to the Savanna; a report where

from the of being returned to, and approved of, by the said Springs, in court of Greenbrier, they, or a majority of them, are Augusta, to empowered to employ a person, or persons, to clear the Savanna:

the same, agreeable to the said report, upon the best terms they can, and to levy the expense of clearing and opening the road upon the inhabitants of the said county at large, to be paid according to the value of their estates, agreeable to the assessment made in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty two, and be collected by the sheriff in the same manner as the public tax for the same year. Provided always, That the said inhabitants shall have the alternative of paying the said tax in money or clean merchantable hemp, to be delivered at the court-house of the said county, to such person as the sheriff or collector

may appoint to receive it, according to the price of hemp at Richmond, allowing the deduction for carriage. And provided also, That no distress shall be made for the said tax before the first day of March, one thousand seven bundred and eighty four. All acts of as, sembly contrary to the purview of this act are hereby repealed

ur to com


CHAP. XII. in original.] (Chan. Rev. An act for the recovery of arms and p. 176.]

accoutrements belonging lo the state.

1. WHEREAS sundry arms and accoutrements belonging to the public are in the bands of individuals, who have neglected to return them to the proper officers; and it is necessary that such arms and accoutre

ments should be recovered as speedily as possible: Arms, &c. U. Be it enacted, That the governor do, on the belging to passing of this act, issue his proclamation, eiŋoiming the tate, 'n

all be delivered

persons having in their possession, any' arms or ac

coutrements whatsoever, belonging to the state, to demandants of liver them without delay to the lieutenant or commandregiments.

ing officer of the county for the time being; and the

sheriff of each county within his commonwealth, shall Proclama. cause copies of the said proclamation, which shall be tion for that transmitted to him by the executive, to be fixed up in purpose. the most public places in this county, and if after one

month from such public notice having been given, any person possessing any such public arms or accontrements, shall be convicted of having failed to deliver

them up as aforesaid, such person shall, upon every Penalty on such conviction, be liable to the penalty of twenty those who pounds, to be recovered by actiou of debt, bill

, detain them

plaint, or information, in any court of record within this commonwealth, one half of which penalty shall go to the informer, on conviction of the offender, and the other half shall be applied in aid of the county

levy where such offender shall reside. And the lieuCounty lieu. tenants to

tenant, or commanding officer of each county, shall return an ac. make returns from time to time, to the executive, of all count of

arms and accoutrements so delivered to him, and also arms receiv. deliver them to the order of the executive, under the ed Penalty.

penalty, if he fail in all or any part of this duty, of

fifty pounds, to be recovered as aforesaid, and applied Saving as to in diminution of the county levy. Provided always, arms placed That where muskets and bayonets have been by order on frontiers. of government placed in any county on eastern or

western frontier for defence against incursions of the enemy, it shall be lawful for the lieutenant or commanding officer to return such muskets and bayonets to the militia, taking a receipt from each person for what shall be so returned.



in original.] An act to amend the act for calling in Chan. Rev.

and funding the paper money of p. 177.) this State.

See Nov.

1781, c. 13. I. WHEREAS the time limited by an act for calling in and funding the paper money of this State hath been found 100 short, and many of the citizens have, from their remote situation, been precluded from an opportunity of sending their money to the public treasury: for remedy whereof,

ii. Be it enacted, That the treasurer shall be, and further he is hereby authorized and required to receive the pa- ed, for re per monev issued by this state, and

grant certificates

turning and for the same in manner prescribed by the said recited funding paact, until the first day of June next, and no longer; per money. any law to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.

II. And be it further enacted, That any person State or conpossessed of, or holding any money emitted by con- tinental pa. gress, or by this state, shall be at liberty to lay out per money, the same in the purchase of warrants for unappropria- ed for land ted lands, at the price now established by law, at any warrants, time before the said first day of June.


(Chap. CIX

in original. An act to repeal the several acts of

assembly respecting the commissioner of the war-office, and the commercial agent. I. WHEREAS in these times of public distress it behoves the legislature to be as oeconomical as possi- Duties of ble in the expenditure of public money:

commission II. Be it therefore enacted, That so much of the act er of war

office, to be of general assembly, passed in the May session one

performed thousand seven hundred and eighty, intituled "An act by executive to repeal an act establishing a board of war, and one other act establishing a board of trade, and authorizing the governor and council to appoint a commissioner of the navy, a commissioner of the war office, and a commercial agent, as relates to the appointment of a commissioner of the war office and a commercial agent,” shall be, and the same is hereby repealed.-And also the act of general assembly passed in the May session, one thousand seven hundred and eighty one, intituled, "An act to regulate the department of the war office," is hereby also declared to be repealed, and henceforward the duties appertaining to the said commissioner of the war office's department, shall be exercised and performed by the executive, or such other public officers into whose line they may in the opinion of the governor and council more properly fall; any former act or acts of assembly to the contrary notwith

standing Books, &e. III. And be it further enacted, That the said comof commis- missioner of war and commercial agent, respectively, sioner of war and com

sball deliver to the governor and council, all bookis, mercial a- papers, accounts, and vouchers in their possession, and gent, to be, which may respect their departments; and also acdelivered to executive.

count for, and deliver to the order of the governor and council, all public property and effects in their hands.

CHAP. XV. (Chapter CX in origia tral. An act to indemnify certain persons

in suppressing a conspiracy against this state.

1. WHEREAS divers evil disposed persons in the year one thoasand seven hundred and eighty, formed a conspiracy and did actually atte npt to levy war against the commonwealth; and it is represented to the present general assembly, that William Preston, Robert Adams, junior, James Callaway, and Charles Lynch, and other faithful citizens, aided by detachments of volunteers from different parts of the state.

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