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the duties aforesaid, or clerks of county courts by war rant. under the hand of a justice of the peace (which warrant shall not be granted but upon an information made to him upon oath, and accompanied with a conti statite) to break open in the day time any house, wares hønse, or storehouse,' to search for, seize, and carryras way, 'any wine,' spiriis, sugar, coffee, and other mer chandize, fiable to a duty by this act, and for which he. Ek the said duty-shall not have been paid or secured to be paid as aforesaid, and if any collector, clerk, or constable shall be sued or molested for any thing done in execution of the powers hereby given them, sachi Indemnifieds colleetor, clerk, or constable may plead the general: issuer and give this aet it evidence, and if in such suit the plainit be 'non-suited or judgment pass against him, the defendant shall recover double costs; and in all actions, suits, or informations to be brought, top! where any seizure shall be made pursuant tQ this act, Pronf te lie if the property thereof be claimed by any person as on the claims the owner or importer thereof, in such case the onus, ant of goods

seized. probandi sball lie upon the owner or claimer.

XIV. And be it further enacted, That when any Master may wine, spirits, sugar, coffee, or other merchandize, shall detain dutis be consigned to any person other than the master or ble goods owner of the ship or vessel importing the same, every till dd y paid pesson to whom such articles shall be consigned, sball, or securech upowi the importation thereof, pay to the master or own er of the ship or vessel importing the same, the dutya payable for such articles by this act, and if any person or persons to whom sach articles shall be consigned as aforesaid, shall neglect or refuse to pay the said duty; or give bond with security for the payment thereof tol the master or owwer of the ship or vessel importing the same, at-such time as the same shall beopme payable, it shall and may be-Fawful for the masteri or owner of such ship or vessel to detain such articles until the důl ty ishall be paid, or secured to be paid as aforesaidmp4 -XV. And be it further enacted, That if any importer

How goods of wines, spirits, sugar, coffee, or other merchandize entered may shall desire to transport the same from one district to be carried to another, within this commonwealth, he shall, before he another dis. départ out of the district wherein such articles shall be trict. laden or taken on board, make oath before a justice of the peace that the same were legally imported, and the daties secured according to Jaw, and that he will not

suffer any other goods to be taken on board his vessel, and the justice shall give bim a certificate thereof, spes. cifying the marks and numbers of the said goods, and if any other goods shall be found on board sih vessel they shall be forfeited, to be recoverable on information in any court of record, one half to the use of the

commonwealth, and the other half to the inforner. Bonded du. XVI. And-be it further enacted, Thiat it shall and ties how to be recover

may be lawful to and for the said collectors and clerks ed. to recover the said duties só bonded by motion mader

in the general court, or the county court wherein the principal or either of his securities respeetively reside, and such court shall give judgment for the sam due om such bonds, with costs and interest of tiye per cenuum on the same until paid, ' Provided always ten days. previous notice in writing shall be given by such col.

lector or clerk, to the person or persons so to be moved Allowance

against . And the said collectors and clerks respectives to collectors: ly, shall be allowed for collecing accounting for and

paying the said duties imposed by this act ivlo the treasury of this commonwealth, the sum_of, five, per

centum en the money se collected by them or any of Penalty for them; and they are hereby required to-account for, and not account- pay into the treasury aforesaid, every half year, to wide ing and pay. On the tenth day of April, and the tenth day of The 10g.

ber in every year, or within ten days afterwards, alk: money received by them respectively, on public -ac, count, pursuant to this act, upon pain of Sorteiring øye. half of their commissions, to be carried to the credit of the public treasury, and of being suspended from their: said office of collector or clerk until such payment be

made. Certificates, XVII: And be it further enacted, That no certif

, what not to calés, receipts, or warrants for miliția, or military serbe received viee, except receipts given under the act for supplying... for taxes.

the southern army with waggons, and horses, except also çertificates granted for money advanced, agreea ble to a requisition of the governor and council of the twenty-eighth of Febưuary, one thousand seven hun

dred and eighty-two, and except also so myeb of the * * . $*** certificates issued, or to be issued to the officers and

soldiers of the Virginia limes, en account of pay atid depreciation, as shall pay the taxes on the property of! every such officer and soldier, and the ceruficates or warrants for interest,

due to the said officers or soldiers

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as herein áster mentioned; in manner prescribed by an det passed this present session of assembly, intituled, * An act concerning the certificates issued to the offierest and soldiers of the Virginia line shall be receive ed in discharge of the taxes imposed by this act.

XVIH. And be it further enacted, That warrants What certifiAssued by the auditors of public accounts for allarrears cares to be of wages, or salaries allowed by law, to the governor,

received in the members of the privy Council, the delegates to congress the speaker of the senate, and of the house of selegates, the members of the general assembly, and the officers of every denomination attending thereon judges of the brigh Court of chancery, judges of the general court, judges of the court of admiralty, the treasurer, attorney generala anditors for public saccounts, solicitor generale commissioners of the navys clerks 40-the council, to the treasurer, to the auditors, to the solieiter general, to the assistant commissary of stores, the keeper of the public jail, tbe public armo: *Yow, the commissioner of the gun manufactory at Exedericksburg, the director of the hospital, the pub lic printer, the door-keepers to the council, the clerk, of the superior courts, and other officers attending thereon, also all warrants issued by the auditors for in terest due on the certificates granted, or to be granted to the offieers and soldiers, both land and naval, of the

Virginia lines, on continental and state establishments, shall be receivable in discharge of taxes imposed by this act, and the several sheriffs or collectors, shall be allowed a discount with the treasurer in their settlements for the said taxes, for all warrants so by them received. R-XIX. And be it further enaeted, That the court of Powers of bøstings in the city of Williamsburg and borough of courts and Norfolk, and the serjeants, for the said seity and bad serjeants

, in rough, shall have the same power-to proceed in the burg and expeution of this acty-and be subject to the same pen- Norfolk. alues and forfeitures, and recoverable in the same man net as the county coarts, and the respective sheriffs.

XX. And be it further enacted, That on all private Tax on pria arts which shall hereafter pass the general assembly, vate acts of the party or parties applying for the same, and bene fited thereby, shall pay down to the clerk of the house of delegatesy for the use of the

public, the sum of ten pounds, before the same shall be egned by the speak

con muta

er of either housez for which the said clerk shall, at the end of each session of assembly, account on oath and pay into the public treasury, under penalty of being incapacitated from his said. office, for failure

hereins, i Forfeitures XXI. And be it further enacted, That the several appropria forfeitures and penalties which shall or may arise in ted.

duy wise by virtue of so much of this act as relates to the collection of duties on wines, spirits, sugar, coffee, and other merchandize; and on tonnage, shall be one half for and towards the raişinig and supporting the hospital for aged and disabled seamep, and the other bati' to the use of the informer, to be recovered upon

inforovation in any court of record. Peer skins -- XXII. And be it further enacted. That skins of added 0 deer, well dressed and fouted for the purpose of making bles.

breeches, be added to the specifics made commutable with specie in payment of taxes, that onland excepted, by the said act. That the skins so to be paid, shall be received at the places appointed for the reception of other specifics, and at the price of eight shillings per

poand for every deer-skin. This act to

XXII. And be it further enacted; That the presibe given

siding magistrate of the respective courts to be held in in charge to the months of May aid Novenrber annually, sball give the grand jury

this acť in charge to the grand fury; and the vlerk of the court shall also furnish the said jury with a list of the taxable property taken by the jostices of the county, for their inspection and information. All and every act or arts; matter or thing, contrary to and not with

w the purview of this act, are hereby repealed. Northern XXIV. Aod whereas no provision is made by this Neck quit act, or by the act for equalizing the land tax, to credit questered the citizens in the Northern Neck for so much of the

lavid-tax as their respective quitarents may amount to: i And whereas, since the death of the late proprietor of the Northern Neck, there is reason to soppose the said proprietorship hath descended upon aliep enemiese

Be ti therefore enacted, That persons holding land in cols the Northern Neck, shall retain sequestered in their

hands, all qurt-repts #bich are now due; until the right of descent shadl be more fully ascertained, and the general assembly shalt make final provision thereon; and all quit-rents which may hereafter become due within the limits of the said Northern Neck, shall be paid in

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to the public treasury under the operation of the laws of this session of assembly, for which quit-rents the inhabitants of the said Northern Neck shall be exonerated from the future claim vi the proprietor.

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(Chap. CIV in original.]

An act granting a conditional pardon

to certain offenders.

Teason, on

I. WHEREAS Albridgton Holland, Henry Nor

Pardon fleet, John Caton, and Levi Moore, now under sen- granted to tence of death for acts of treason against this state, Àlbrigron have made application to this assembly to be pardon- He


Henry Nor. ed for their said offence:

fleet, John 11. Be it therefore enacted, That the said Albridg. (aton, and ton Holland, Henry Norfleet, John Caton, and Levi Lev. Moore,

convicted of Moore, shall be, and they are hereby pardoned, and execution of the sentence shall not be made. Provid- condition ed the said Albridgton Holland, Henry Norfleet, John that thev

serve as old Caton, and Levi Moore, do serve as soldiers in the

diers during continental army during the war.

DJ1. And be it further enacted, That James Lamb ames Lamb and Joshua Hopkins, who severally stand convicted of in

and Joshua

lopkins, treason, by judgment of the gereral court, at their ses- pardoned, sion in June last, shall be, and each of them are here- on codition by declared to be pardoned and exonerated from the that they penalties of the said judgment, upon condition that state. they, and each of them, do within two months depart this commonwealth, and not return into the same during the present war,

the war

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