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Divine Decrees being the Rule of Ministerial Conduct, are carefully examined. 8vo. 1809.

23. The CHRISTIAN MINISTER's MAIN STUDY ; a Charge delivered at Aldermanbury Postern, London, May 30, 1810, at the Ordination of the Rev. John HAWKSLEY. 8vo.

24. APOSTOLIC BENEVOLENCE TOWARDS THE JEWS, recommended for Imitation ; a Sermon addressed to the London Society, June 5, 1811, at the Jew's Chapel, Spitalfields, London. 8vo.

25. The WORKS of PRESIDENT EDWARDS, complete. Including Memoirs of the Life, Experience, and Character of the Author, by Dr. Hopkins, reviewed, corrected, and enlarged; a Sketch of Mrs. Edwards's Life and Character; a Brief Account of their Daughter, Mrs. BURR; the Life and Character of the Author's Son, Dr. JONATHAN EDWARDS; with Occasional Notes on Controverted Subjects, and an accurate, copious Index. 8 yols. Syo. royal.

26. The PARENT'S HELP; or, the Young Child's First Cathechism, founded on familiar Scripture Characters. 18mo. Seventh Edition.

27. The UNION CATECHISM; First Part, the Church Catechism abridged, and adapted to the capacities of young children ; Second Part, the Assembly's Catechism abridged, and adapted to the capacities of

children. 18mo. Sixth Edition.

young children.

28. The OLDER CHILD's CATECHISM; founded on Scripture Characters and Important Facts.

29. An EXPOSITION of the Assembly's Catechism, comprehending a concise body of Divinity. 18mo.

30. SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS; containing a familiar Introduction to the Divine Dispensations, from the Beginning of Genesis to the End of Revelations ; accompanied with engraved charts, chronological, bistorical, and biographical; and an explanation of the charts. 18mo. 18mo. Second Edition.

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Hughes, Printer, Maiden-Lane, Covent-Garden, London,

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