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by packet boat, all which said respective letters shall be charged and chargeable with the same rates of postage as are now chargeable and payable thereon, and as if this present Warrant had not been made.

5. The terms and expressions used in this Warrant shall be construed to have the like meaning in all respects as they would have had if inserted in the said recited Warrant of the nineteenth day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.

6. This Warrant shall come into operation on the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine.

7. The Commissioners for the time being of Her Majesty's Treasury may, by Warrant under their hands duly made at any time hereafter, alter, repeal, or revoke any of the rates of postage hereby altered or the regulations hereby made, and may make and establish any new or other rates or regulations in lieu thereof, and from time to time appoint at what time the rates which may be payable are to be paid.

Whitehall, Treasury-chambers, the twentyseventh day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine.


IV. E. Gladstone.

Local Government Act, 1858.

Notice is given, in this Gazette, by the Right Honourable Sir G. C. Lewis, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for the Home Department, that a petition against the adoption of the Local Government Act, 1858, by the borough of Scarborough, is dismissed, and that the said Local Government Act, 1858, shall, from and-after the 7th day of July, 1859, have the force of law within the said borough of Scarborough, in the county of York. Dated the 25th day of June, 1859.

Also, that the following portions of the Local Government Act, 1858, have been duly adopted by the Burnley Improvement Commissioners, acting under "The Burnley Improvement Act, 1854," namely, sections I, 2, 4, 7, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 61, 76, 81, 34, 35, 36, 39, 41, 50, 53, 75 and 77, of the aforesaid Local Government Act, 1858.—Dated the twenty-seventh day of June, 1859.

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