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Art. I. — 1. I-listoire de la Poesie Provencale. Cours fait ;i la
Faculte des Lettres de Paris. Par M. Fauriel. Paris:

1846. 3 vols.

2. Essais Historiques sur les Bardes, les Jongleurs et

les Trouveres Normands et Anglo-Normands. Par

M. lAbbe De La Rue. Caen : 1834. 3 vols.

3. Les Trouveres Cambresiena. Par M. Arthur

Dinaux. Paris: 1837. 1 vol.

4. Observations sur la Literature Proven9ale : Essais

Litteraires et Historiques. Par A W. Von Schlegel.

Bonn: 1842. 1 vol.

5. Leben und "Werke der Troubadours. Ein Bey-

trag zur naherer Kenntnisse des Mittelalters. Yon

Frederick Diez. Zwickau: 1829. 1 voL, . . 1

IL — The History oP Egypt from the Earliest Times till

the Conquest by the Arabs, A.d. 640. By Samuel

Sharpe. London, 1846, . . . .32

III. — 1. Narrative of Events in Borneo and Celebes, down

to the Occupation of Labuan; from the Journals of

James Brooke, Esq., Rajah of Sarawak and Gover-

nor of Labuan. Together with a Narrative of the

Operations of H. M. S. Iris. By Captain Rodney

Mundy, R. N. London: Murray, 1848.

2. Narrative of the Voyage of H. M. S. Samarang,

during the Years 1843-6, employed surveying the

Islands of the Eastern Archipelago; accompanied

by a brief Vocabulary of the Principal Languages.

Published under the Authority of the Lords Com-

missioners of the Admiralty. By Captain Sir Ed-

ward Belcher, R. N., C. B, F. R. A. S, F. G. S,

Commander of the Expedition. With Notes on the

Natural History of the Islands. By Arthur Adams,

Assistant Surgeon. London: Reeve, Benham, and

Reeve, 1848, . . . . .63

IV.—Der Romantiker auf dem Throne der C'iisaren, oder

Julian der Abtrunnige. Ein Vortrag von David

Friedrich Strauss. Mannheim: 1847, . . 94

V.—Results of Astronomical Observations made during

the Years 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837, and 1838, at the


Cape of Good Hope, being the Completion of the

Survey of the whole Surface of the Heavens, com-

menced in 1825. By Sir John F. W. Herschel,

Bart., K. H., &c. &c. 104

Art. VI.—1. I Lutti di Lombardia. Di Massimo d'Azeglio.

12rao. Firenze: 1848.

2. Austrian Assassinations in Lombardy. By Mas-

simo dAzeglio. Edited by Fortunato Prandi.

Translated from the Italian. 8vo. London:

Newby, 1848.

3. B ventidue Marzo, primo Giorno dell' Indipen-

denza Lombarda (a daily newspaper). Fol. Mi-

lano: 1848.

4. Lombardy, the Pope, and Austria. By George

Bowyer, Esq., D. C. L., &c. London: Ridgways,

1848, . . . . . .143

VII —1. Oxford University Statutes. Translated by G. R.

M. Ward. Vol. I. 8vo. (With a Preface on

University Reform.) Pickering : London.

2. The Constitutional History of the University of

Dublin. By D. C. Heron, Trinity College, Dublin.

Dublin: 1847, . . . . .163

VHI.—The Life and Adventures of Oliver Goldsmith. A

Biography, in Four Books. By John Forster, of

the Inner Temple, Author of the 'Lives of States-

'men of the Commonwealth.' Bradbury & Evans, 193

IX.—Le Moniteur Universel. Journal Officiel de la Re-

publique Francaise. March—July, 1848, . . 225

X. — 1. Statistik ofver Sverrige. [Statistics of Sweden.]

By Forsell. Stockholm: 1844.

2. Smarre Skrifter. Af E. G. Geijer. [E. G. Geijer's

Minor Writings.] Stockholm: 1842.

3. Lund Upsala og Stockholm med et Tilla?g om 'den

'Skandinaviske Eenhed.' Af C. Molbech. [Lund,

Upsala, and Stockholm, with an Appendix on 'the

• Scandinavian Union.' By C. Molbech.] Copen-

hagen: 1844.

4. Finnlands Gegenwart und Zukunft. [The present

and future State of Finnland.] Stockholm: 1844.

5. Das Herzogthum Schleswig in seinen geschichtli-

chen Verhaltnissen zum Konigreiche Danemark

und zu Holstein. Von C. Molbech. [The Duchy

of Schleswig, in its historical Relations to the King-


dorn of Denmark and to Holstein. By C. Molbech.]

Copenhagen: 1846.

6. De la Succession dans la Monarchie Danoise con-

sideree, principalement sous le Point de Vue du

droit Public. Paris: 1847. / A

7. Preussiche Zustünde dargestellt von einem Preussen.

[The Condition* of Prussia depicted by a Prussian.]

Leipzig: 1840.

8. Germany Unmasked; or, Facts and Coincidences

explanatory of her real Views in seeking to wrest

Schleswig from Denmark. With an Appendix con-

taining Remarks on the Chevalier Bunsen's Memoir.

London: 1848.

9. Die wahrhaftige Geschichte von Deutschen Michel

und seinen Schwestern. [The veritable History of

the German Michael (German John Bull) and his

Sisters.] Zürich: 1843.

10. Die Religion der Zukunft. Von Friedrich Feuer-

bach. [The Religion of the Future. By Frederick

Feuerbach.] Zürich: 1843.

11. Anekdota zur neuesten Deutschen Philosophie

und Publicistik. Herausgegeben von Arnold Rüge.

[Unpublished Treatises respecting the latest Ger-

man Philosophy and Journalism. Edited by Ar-

nold Ruge.] Zurich: 1843.

12. Annehmen oder Ablehnen? Die Verfassung vom

3^° Februar 1847. Von Heinrich Simon. [Accept

or refute? The Constitution of February 3d, 1847.

By Henry Simon.] Leipzig: 1847.

13. Ein Ehrengerichtlicher Prozess. Von F. Anneke.

[The Proceedings in a Court of Honour. By F.

Anneke.] Leipzig: 1846.

14. Die Europäische Pentarchie. [The European

Pentarchy.] Leipzig: 1839.

15. Die Europäische Triarchie. [The European Tri-

archy.] Leipzig: 1841.

16. Slawen, Russen, und Germanen. Bire gegensei-

tigen Verhältnisse in der Gegenwart und Zukunft

[Sclavonians, Russians, and Germans. Their re-

spective Relations for the Present and the Future.]

Leipzig: 1843.

17. Oestreichs Zukunft. 2U aufläge. [Austria's Fu-

ture. 2d edition.] Leipzig: 1847, . . 237

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