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Breislak, Scipione-cont.
Osservazioni sulle Rocce Pirigene della Valle di Fiemme. 8° 1.p..

1823. (Murch. P.-53.) Sulle Osservazioni fatte da alcuni celebri Geologi posteriormente a

quelle del Sig. Conte Marzari intorno alla giacitura de' graniti nel Tirolo meridionale. 80 Milano, 1824. (Murch P.-2 R.)

Tirolese Italy.

Breithaupt, August.

Kurze Charakteristik des Mineral-Systems. 8° Freiberg, 1820. Vollständige Charakteristik des Mineral-System's. 2nd edition. 8° Dresden, 1823.

3rd edition. 80 Dresden, 1832. Die Bergstadt Freiberg im Königreiche Sachsen, in Hinsicht auf

Geschichte, Statistik, Kultur und Gewerbe, besonders auf Bergbau

und Hüttenwesen skizzirt. 8o Freiberg, 1825. Die Paragenesis der Mineralien. Mineralogisch, geognostisch und

chemisch beleuchtet, mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Bergbau. 80

Freiberg, 1849. Die Charaktere der Klassen und Ordnungen des Mineral-Systems. 2nd edition. 8° Freiberg, 1855. (Mus. P.-23.)

See Hoffmann, C. A. S. Bremiker, Dr. See Vega, Baron von. Brenchley, Julius L. Jottings during the Cruise of H.M.S. “ Curaçoa” among the South

Sea Islands in 1865. go London, 1873. Brendelius, Zacharias. Chimia in Artis Formam redacta . ... disquisitio de famosissima

præparatione Auri Potabilis instituitur, post obitum Autoris con

silio Werneri Rolfinck. 12° Lugd. Bat., 1671. Brenton. See Trials at Law. Bresmal, J. F. La Circulation des Eaux, ou l'Hydrographie des Eaux Minérales

d'Aix et de Spa. 12° Liége, 1718. Brewster, Sir David. A Treatise on New Philosophical Instruments for various Purposes

in the Arts and Sciences. With Experiments on Light and Colours.

8° Edinburgh, 1813. Glaciers. (From the North British Review.) 80 n.p., 1859. (Murch. P.-64.)

See Journals-Edinb. Journ. Sci. ; Edinb. Philos. Journ. ;

Stevenson, D. and T. Wheatstone, Prof. Breynius (Breyne], Johann Philipp. Epistola de Melonibus petrefactis Montis Carmel vulgo creditis, cui

annexæ binæ epistolæ altera de Aquis martialibus Olonicensibus,

altera de Pseudo-succino. 4° Lipsiæ, 1722. Historia Naturalis Cocci radicum Tinctorii, quod Polonicum vulgo

audit. 4° Gedani, 1731. Dissertatio Physica de Polythalamiis, cui adjicitur commentatiuncula

de Belemnitis Prussicis. 10 Gedani, 1732. Brice, Seward W.

The Coal Field of North Somersetshire. 80 London, 1867.

Bridgewater Treatises. See Bell, Sir C. Buckland, W. Prout, W.

Shaw, A. Whewell, W. Briegleb, H. Über die Einwirkung des phosphorsauren Natrons nuf Flussspath in

der Glühhitze. 80 Göttingen, 1855. (Mus. P.-24.) Brigg, John.

The Industrial Geology of Bradford. 80 Leeds, 1874. (Mus. P.-43.) Briglia. Sulla Fonderia del Rame alla Briglia in Val di Bisenzio presso Prato;

raccolta di Pareri, Reclami, Documenti, &c. Con una Carta Geogra

fica della Valle prenominata. 4o Firenze, 1848. Brion, le Marquis de. Réflexions extraites d'un Mémoire inédit sur les Lois qui régissent les

Fleuves et les Chaînes de Montagnes Primordiales et Secondaires.

40 Paris, 1830. (Mus. P.-I.) Brisson, Mathurin James. Elements of the Natural History and Chemical Analysis of Mineral

Substances. 8° London, 1800.
Bristow, Henry William.
A Glossary of Mineralogy. 8° London, 1861.

See Geological Surveys-British Isles. Museum of Practical

Geology. Simonin, L.
Bristow, Henry William, and Etheridge, Robert.

Table of British Sedimentary and Fossiliferous Strata. London, 1872.
British Manufacturing Industries.
British Manufacturing Industries. Edited by G. Phillips Bevan.
3 vols. 8° London, 1876.

Brass-founding, Tin Plate and Zinc Working. By Walter Graham.
Building-Stones. By Prof. Hull.
Coal. By A. Galletly.
Copper-smelting. By J. Arthur Phillips.
Explosive Compounds. By W. M. Williams.
Furniture and Woodwork. By J. H. Pollen.
Glass and Silicates. By Professor Barff.
Iron and Steel. By W. Mattieu Williams.
Metallic Mining and Collieries. By W. W. Smyth.

Pottery. By L. Arnoux.
British Museum.
Museum Britannicum ; or, a Display, in Thirty-two Plates, in

Antiquities and Natural Curiosities, in the British Museum ; after Original Designs, by John and Andrew van Rymsdyk.

2nd edition. Revised by P. Boyle. folio. London, 1791. Description of the Collection of Ancient Terra-Cottas ; with en

gravings. folio. London, 1810. Description of the Collection of Ancient Marbles ; with engravings.

folio. 11 parts. London, 1812-61.
List of Donations and Bequests. 3 vols. 4° 1830-31.
List of Additions to the Collections. 1831-40. 6 vols. 8°

Catalogue of Printed Books. Vol. 1. folio. London, 1841.
A Catalogue of the Greek and Etruscan Vases. 8° London, 1851.
Statutes and Rules ; revised to 7th June 1856. 8° 1856.

British Museum-cont.
Synopsis of Contents. 62nd edition. 12° 1855.

63rd edition. 12° 1856.
A Guide to the Exhibition Rooms of the Departments of Natural

History and Antiquities. 8° 1863, 1874, 1877. MINERALOGY.

Catalogue of Minerals. 80 1863.

Catalogue of Meteorites. By Nevil Story Maskelyne. 4o 1863.
I. Vertebrata.

List of Mammalia. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1843.
Catalogue of Mammalia, Birds, &c. of Nepal and Thibet. By
J. E. Gray. 12° 1846.

2nd edition. 12° 1863.
Catalogue of Mammalia.-1. Cetacea; 2. Seals ; 3. Ungulata

Furcipeda. By J. E. Gray, 3 vols. 12° 1850-52.
Catalogue of Mammalia and Birds of New Guinea. By J. E.

Gray and G. R. Gray. 8° 1859.
Catalogue of Bones of Mammalia. By E. Gerrard. 80

Catalogue of Carnivorous, Pachydermatous, and Edentate

Mammalia. By J. E. Gray. 8° 1869.
Catalogue of Monkeys, Lemurs, and Fruit-eating Bats. By

J. E. Gray, go 1870.
Supplement to Catalogue of Seals and Whales. By J. E. Gray.

80 1871.
Catalogue of Ruminant Mammalia. By J. E. Gray. 8° 1872.
Hand-List of Edentate, Thick-skinned,'and Ruminant Mammals.

By J. E. Gray. 8° 1873.
Hand-List of Seals, Morses, Sea-lions, and Sea-bears. By

J. E. Gray. 8° 1874.
List of Quadrupeds brought by Mr. Burchell from Southern

Africa. 8° 1817. (Murch. P.-38.)
Catalogue of Osteological Specimens. By J. E. Gray. 120

List of Birds.-1. Accipitres; 2. Fissirostres ; 3. Ramphas-

tidæ, Psittacidæ, Capitonidæ, and Picidæ ; 4. Columbæ ; 5. Gallinæ. By J. E. Gray and G. R. Gray, 6 vols.

12° 1848–68. [Vol. 1 is 2nd edition.] Catalogue of Genera and Subgenera of Birds. By J. E. Gray.

12° 1855.
Catalogue of Birds of the Tropical Islands of the Pacific Ocean.

By G. R. Gray. 8° 1859.
Hand-List of Genera and Species of Birds. By G. R. Gray.

3 vols. 8° 1869-71.
Catalogue of Birds. By R. B. Sharpe. 3 vols. 8° 1874–77.
Catalogue of Tortoises, Crocodiles, and Amphisbænians. By

J. E. Gray. 12° 1844.

British Museum-cont.
1. Vertebrata-cont.

Catalogue of Lizards. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1845.
Catalogue of Snakes. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1849.
Catalogue of Amphibia.-1. (wanting); 2. Batrachia, Gra-

dientia, &c. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1850.
Catalogue of Shield Reptiles. By J. E. Gray. With Supple-

ment and Appendix. 4 parts. 40 1855–72.
Catalogue of Colubrine Snakes. By A. Günther. 12° 1858.
Catalogue of Batrachia Salientia. By A. Günther. 8° 1858.
Hand-List of Shield Reptiles. By J. E. Gray. 8° 1873.
List of Fish.—1. Chondropterygii. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1851.
Catalogue of Fish. By L. T. Gronow. 120 1854.
Catalogue of Lophobranchiate Fish. By J.J. Kaup. 12° 1856.
Catalogue of A podal Fish. By Dr. Kaup. 8° 1856.
Catalogue of Fishes. By A. Günther. 8 vols. 80 1859–70.
Catalogue of the Fossil Reptilia of South Africa. By R.

Owen. 4° . London, 1876.
II. Annulosa.

List of Myriapoda. By G. Newport. 120 1844.
List of Hymenopterous Insects.-1. Chalcidites. By F. Walker.

12° 1846.
List of Crustacea. By A. White. 12° 1847.
Nomenclature of Coleopterous Insects.-1. Cetoniadæ ; 2. Hy-

drocanthari ; 3. Buprestidæ ; 4. Cleridæ (by A. White); 5. Cucujidæ; 6. Passalidæ (by F. Smith); 7 and 8. Longicornia (by A. White); 9. Cassididæ (by C. H. Boheman).

9 vols. 12° 1847–56. List of Lepidopterous Insects.-1. Papilionidæ; 2. Erycinidæ,

&c.; and Appendix. By G. R. Gray. 12° 1847–56. List of Dipterous Insects. By F. Walker. 7 vols. 12° 1848–

1855. List of Homopterous Insects. By F. Walker. 5 vols. 120

1850-58. List of Hemipterous Insects. By W. S. Dallas. 2 vols. 120

1851-52. Catalogue of Lepidopterous Insects. By G. R. Gray. 40

1852. Catalogue of Neuropterous Insects.—1. Phryganides-Perlides ;

2. Sialida-Nemopterides ; 3. Termitidæ-Ephemeridæ. By

F. Walker. 3 vols. 12° 1852-53.
Catalogue of Entozoa. By Dr. W. Baird. 12° 1853.
Catalogue of Hymenopterous Insects. — 1. Andrenidæ and

Apidæ ; 2. Apidæ ; 3. Mutillidæ, and Pompilidæ; 4. Sphe-
gidæ, Larridæ, and Crabronidæ ; 5. Vespidæ; 6. Formicidæ;
7. Dorylidæ and Thynnidæ. By F. Smith. 7 vols. 120

British Museum-cont.
II. Annulosa-cont.

List of Lepidopterous Insects.—1 to 7. Lepidoptera Hetero

cera ; 8. Sphingidæ ; 9 to 15. Noctuidæ; 16. Deltoides ;
17 to 19. Pyralides ; 20 to 26. Geometrites ; 27. Crambites
and Tortricites ; 28. Tortricites and Tineites ; 29. Tineites.

By F. Walker. 29 vols. 12° 1854-64.
Catalogue of Recent Echinida. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1855.
Catalogue of Crustacea.-1. Leucosiadæ. By T. Bell. 120

Catalogue of Myriapoda.—1. Chilopoda. By G. Newport.

120 1856.
Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects of Madeira. By T. V.

Wollaston. 8° 1857.
Catalogue of Neuropterous Insects.--1. Termitina. By H.

Hagen. 12° 1858.
Catalogue of Hispidæ. By J. S. Baly. 8° 1858.
Catalogue of Orthopterous Insects. By J. O. Westwood. 40

Catalogue of Halticidæ. By Rev. Hamlet Clark. 80 1860.
Specimen of a Catalogue of Lycænidæ. By W. C. Hewitson.

40 1862. Catalogue of Amphipodous Crustacea. By C. Spence Bate.

80 1862.
Catalogue of Coleopterous Insects of the Canaries. By T. V.

Wollaston. 8° 1864.
Synopsis of the Species of Starfish. By J. E. Gray, 40 1866.
Catalogue of Heteropterous-Hemiptera. By F. Walker, 8 vols.

80 1867-73.
Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera of the Family of Satyridæ.

By A. G. Butler. 80 1868.
Catalogue of Blattariæ. By F. Walker. 8o 1868.
Catalogue of Diurnal Lepidoptera described by Fabricius.

By A. G. Butler. 8° 1869.
Catalogue of Dermaptera Saltatoria. By F. Walker. 5 vols.

go 1869-71.
Illustrations of Typical Specimens of Lepidoptera Heterocera.

Part 1. By A. G. Butler. 4° London, 1877. III. Mollusca. - Catalogue of Mollusca.-1. Cephalopoda Antepedia ; 2. Ptero

poda ; 4. Brachiopoda Ancylopoda, or Lamp Shells. Bi. valve.-1. Placentada and Anomiadæ. By J. E. Gray.

4 vols. 120 1849–53. Nomenclature of Molluscous Animals and Shells.-1. Cyclo

phoridæ. By J. E. Gray. 12° 1850. Catalogue of Phaneropneumona. By L. Pfeiffer. 120 1852. Catalogue of Marine Polyzoa. By G. Busk. 3 vols. 120

and 8° 1852–75. Catalogue of Conchifera.-1. Veneridæ, Cyprinidæ, and Glau

conomidæ. By M. Deshayes. 12° 1853. List of Shells of Cuba. By A. D'Orbigny. 12° . 1854. List of Shells of South America. By A. D’Orbigny. 12° 1854.

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