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Agricola, Georg-cont.

De Re Metallica, libri duodecim. folio. Basileæ, 1556.
Vom Bergwerck xij. Bücher. Woodcuts. folio. Basel, 1557.
Bergwercks-Buch. folio. Franckfort a. M., 1580.

Another edition. folio. Basel, 1621.
Gespräch vom Bergwesen; mit einem ganz neuen Zusatze von

klüglicher Anstellung des Bergbaues, u.s.w. Von J. G. Stör. 8°

Rotenburg, 1778. Agricultural Surveys. Agricultural Surveys of the United Kingdom. Reports drawn up

for, and issued by, the Board of Agriculture and the Dublin
Society. 72 vols. 8o and 8 vols. 4o. London, &c., 1794–1832.

Bedford. By Thomas Stone. 4° London, 1794.

By Thomas Batchelor. 8° London, 1808.
Berkshire. By William Pearce. 4° London, 1794.

By William Mavor. 8° London, 1809.
Cambridge. By Charles Vancouver. 4° London, 1794.
Cheshire. By Henry Holland. 8° London, 1813.
- By Thomas Wedge. 4° London, 1794.
Cornwall. By G. B. Worgan. 8° London, 1811.
Cumberland. By J. Bailey and G. Culley. 8° London, 1805.
Derbyshire. See Farey, John.
Devon. By Charles Vancouver. 8° London, 1808.
Durham. By Joseph Granger. 4° London, 1794.
Essex. By Messrs. Griggs. 4° London, 1794.

By Arthur Young. 2 vols. 8° London, 1807.
Gloucester. By Thomas Rudge. 8° London, 1807.
Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight. By Charles Vancouver. 8°

London, 1813.
Hants. By Abraham and William Driver. 4° London, 1794.

- , Isle of Wight. By the Rev. Mr. Warner. 4° London, 1794.
Hereford. By John Duncumb. 8° London, 1805.
Hertfordshire. By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1804.
Huntingdon. By R. Parkinson. 8° London, 1811.
Kent. By John Boys. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1805.
Lancaster. By John Holt. 8° London, 1795.
Leicester. By William Pitt. Two editions. 8° London, 1809, 1813.
Lincolnshire. By Arthur Young. Review of, by Thomas Stone. 8°

London, 1800.
Middlesex. By John Middleton. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1807.
Monmouth. By Charles Hassall. Two editions. 8° London, 1812,

Norfolk. By Nathaniel Kent. 8° London, 1796.

- By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1804.
Northampton. By William Pitt. 8° London, 1809.
Northumberland. By J. Bailey and G. Culley. 8° London, 1805.
Nottingham. By Robert Lowe. 8° London, 1798.
Oxfordshire. By Richard Davis. 4° London, 1794.

- - By Arthur Young. 8° London, 1809.
Rutland. By Richard Parkinson. 8° London, 1808.
Salop. By J. Bishton. 4° Brentford, 1794.
Shropshire. By Joseph Plymley. 8° London, 1803.
Somerset. By John Billingsley. 4° London, 1794, and 8° Bath,

Stafford. By William Pitt. 8° London, 1808.
Suffolk. By Arthur Young. 3rd edition. 8° London, 1804.
Surrey. By William Stevenson. 8° London, 1809. See Malcom,

Sussex. By Arthur Young. 4° London, 1793, and 8° London,

Warwick. By John Wedge. 4° London, 1794.

- By Adam Murray. 8° London, 1813,

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Agricultural Surveys-cont.


Westmoreland. By A. Pringle. 8° London, 1805.
Wiltshire. By Thomas Davis. 4° London, 1794.

-- By Thomas Davis. 8° London, 1811.
Worcester. By W. Pitt. 8° London, 1813.
Yorkshire (East Riding). By H. E. Strickland. 89 York, 1812.

- (North Riding). By John Tuke. 89 London, 1800.

- (West Riding). By Robert Brown. 8° London, 1799.
Anglesey, Caernarvon, Denbigh, Flint, Meirionydd, Montgomery,

By Walter Davies. 8° London, 1810.
Brecknock. By John Clark. 4° London, 1794.
North Wales :— Flintshire - Anglesey — Caernarvonshire --- Mont-

gomeryshire-Merionethshire- Denbighshire. By George Kay.

4° Edinburgh, 1794. .

Aberdeenshire. By George Skene Keith. 8° Aberdeen, 1811.
Argyle. By John Smith, D.D. 8° London, 1805.
Ayr. By William Aiton. 8° Glasgow, 1811.
Berwick. By Alexander Lowe. With Appendix by Arthur Bruce.

4° London, 1794.

- By Robert Kerr. 8° London, 1809. Caithness. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch. P.

---2 M.)
- - By Capt. John Henderson. 8° London, 1812.
Clydesdaie. By John Naismith. 8° Glasgow, 1798.
Cromarty. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch.

P.-2 M.)
Dumbarton. By Andrew Whyte and Duncan Macfarlan. 8° Glas-

gow, 1811.
Dumfries. By Dr. Singer. 8° Edinburgh, 1812.
Fife. By John Thomson. 8° Edinburgh, 1800.
Galloway (comprehending the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and Wig-

tonshire.) By Samuel Smith. 8• London, 1810.
Inverness. By James Robertson. Two editions. 8° London, 1808,

1813. Kincardineshire, or the Mearns. By George Robertson. 8° London,

n.d. (about 1808.) Lothians (East-Lothian). By Robert Somerville. 8° London, 1805.

- (Mid-Lothian). By George Robertson. 8° Edinburgh, 1795.

- (West-Lothian). By James Trotter. 8° Edinburgh, 1811. Nairn and Moray. By William Leslie. 8° London, 1811. Orkney. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch.

P.- 2 M.)
- - Carse of Gowrie. By James Donaldson. 4° London, 1794.
Perth. By James Robertson. 4° London, 1794, and go Perth,

Ross. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795 (Murch. P.-2 M.)
Roxburgh and Selkirk. By Robert Douglas. 8° London, 1798.
Shetland. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch.

P.-2 M.)
Sutherland. By Sir John Sinclair. 4° London, 1795. (Murch.
P.-2 M.)

- By Capt. John Henderson. 8° London, 1812.

See Scotland. Transactions-Edinburgh.

Antrim. By Johu Dubourdieu. 2 vols. 8° Dublin, 1812.
Armagh. By Sir Charles Coote. 8° Dublin, 1804.
Clare. By Hely Dutton. 8° Dublin, 1808.
Cork. By Horatio Townsend 8° Dublin, 1810.
Donegal. " By James M’Parlan. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Down. By John Dubourdieu. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Galway. By Hely Dutton. 8° Dublin, 1824.

Agricultural Surveys-cont.


Kerry. By Thomas Radcliff. 8° Dublin, 1814.
Kilkenny. By William Tighe. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Leitrim. By James M’Parlan. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Londonderry. By G. Vaughan Sampson, 8° Dublin, 1802.
Mayo By James M’Parlan. 80 Dublin, 1802.
Meath. By Robert Thompson. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Roscommon. Ry Isaac Weld. 8° Dublin, 1832.
Sligo. By James M’Parlan. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Tyrone. By John M'Evoy. 8° Dublin, 1802.
Wexford. By Robert Fraser. 80 Dublin, 1807.

Wicklow. By Thomas Radcliff. 8° Dublin, 1812.
Islands on the coast of Normandy. By Thomas Quayle. 8° London,

Origin of Board of Agriculture. See Sinclair, J.

Report upon Farms. ' See Robertson, T. Agriculture. Della Marna e di alcuni altri Fossili atti a render fertili le Terre.

4° Venezia, 1768. Guano Streams. An attempt to suggest a method of preserving the

refuse of the drains of towns for the purpose of manure. 80

London, 1845. (Mus. P.-11.) Speeches at the Agricultural Meeting at Drayton Manor. 8° London, 1847. (Mus. P.-11.)

See under Transactions. Agrippa, Henricus Cornelius.

De Occulta Philosophia libri tres. folio. 1533. Cologne (?) Ahrenberg, Henrik E. Stämpelbok för Svenska Jernverken ; utgifven år 1864. 80 Göteborg,

1864. Aikin, Arthur. Proposals for a Mineralogical Survey of the County of Salop, and of

some adjacent districts. 4° n.p., n.d. (Mus. P.-B.) Journal of a Tour through North Wales and part of Shropshire ; with

observations in Mineralogy, &c. 8° London, 1797. A Manual of Mineralogy. 8° London, 1814.

Illustrations of Arts and Manufactures. 8° London, 1841. Aikin, Arthur, and C. R. Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy. 2 vols. 40 London,

1807. Aillaud, J. P. See Dictionaries—Portuguese. Aimé, G. See Algeria. Ainsworth, William. An Account of the Caves of Ballybunian, County of Kerry; with

some Mineralogical details. 8° Dublin, 1834. Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldæa ; forming part of the labours of the Euphrates Expedition. 8° London, 1838.

See Journals-Edinburgh Journal of Natural Science. Airy, Sir George Biddell. Address to the Members of the Neath Philosophical Institution. 120

Neath, 1837. (Murch. P.-39.)

Airy, Sir George Biddell-cont.

A Treatise on Magnetism. 8° London, 1870.
On Sound and Atmospheric Vibrations ; with the Matheniatical

·Elements of Music. 2nd edition. 8° London, 1871. Aitchison, The Discovery and History of the Mines in Scotland. (Contains also “ Metals in Scotland, Testacea Marina, Discoveries by Scotsmen,

Celebrated Scotsmen,” &c.) folio. MS.
Aitken, Captain. See Newbigging, T.
Aiton, William. See Agricultural Surveys—Scotland : Ayr.

Aiton, Wilme of the Secou go London

An Epitome of the Second Edition of Hortus Kewensis; for the use

of practical Gardeners. 8° London, 1814. Ajasson de Grandsagne. See Plinius. · Akerly, Samuel. An Essay on the Geclogy of the Hudson River. 120 New York,

1820. Åkermann, Richard. Studien über die Wärmeverhältnisse des Eisenhohofenprozesses.

Uebersetzt von P. Tunner. 8° Leipzig, 1872. Alaman, T. See Septien, J. M. Alberi, Eugenio. Una Visita alla Manifattura di Porcellane di Doccia. 80 Firenze,

1840. (Mus. P.-19.) Albers, loann. Christ. Malacographia Maderensis, sive Enumeratio Molluscorum quæ in

Insulis Maderæ et Portus Sancti aut viva exstant aut fossilia

reperiuntur. 4° Berolini, 1854. Die Heliceen. 8° Berlin, 1850.

2nd edition. By Eduard von Martens. 8° Leipzig, 1860. Albert, Die Bergwerks-Verwaltung des Hannoverschen Ober-Harzes, in den

Jahren 1831–36. 8° Berlin, 1837. Alberti, Friedrich von. Die Gebirge des Königreichs Württemberg, in besonderer Beziehung

auf Halurgie. Mit Anmerkungen von D. Schübler. 80 Stuttgart,

1826. Beitrag zu einer Monographie des Bunten Sandsteins, Muschelkalks

und Keupers, und die Verbindung dieser Gebilde zu einer Forma

tion. 89 Stuttgart, 1834. Halurgische Geologie. 2 vols. 80 Stuttgart, 1852. Ueberblick über die Trias, mit Berücksichtigung ihres Vorkommens

in den Alpen. 8o Stuttgart, 1864. Albertus Magnus.

Tractatus de Lapidibus. 40 Oppenheym, 1518.

De Mineralibus et Rebus Metallicis libri quinque. 12° Coloniæ, 1569. Albin, Eleazar, A Natural History of Spiders and other curious Insects. 40 London,

1736. Albinus, Peter.

Meissnische Land- und Bergchronik, folio. Dresden, 1589.

Albinus, P. C. See Leonardus, C.
Albmair, l'eodoro.

I Quattro Elementi spiegati in venticinque discorsi. 4° Firenze,
. 1668.
Alcan, Michel.
Essai sur l'Industrie des Matières Textiles. 8o With oblong Atlas.

Paris, 1847. Alchemy.

Arcanum der anderen Universal-Medicin, &c. (MS. in German.) Artis auriferæ quam Chemiam vocant, volumina (tria] quæ continent

Turbam Philosophorum, aliosque antiquissimos auctores. 3 vols.

80 Basileæ, 1610. Alchymistisch Sieben-Bestirn das ist sieben schöne und ausser

lesene Tractätlein vom Stein der Weisen darinn der richtige Weg zu solchem allerhöchsten. Geheimnüss zu kommen hell und klar

gezeiget wird. 8° Hamburg, 1675. Fortresse (la) dorée d'Hermes. To which is added, Commantaire

de Jean Valchius, philosophe, sur le Livre du Petit Paysan touchant ces mots : Mais en peu de mots scache de plus que qui

bien comprend l'origine des métaux. (MS. in 80.) Hermetical Triumph; or, the Victorious Philosophical Stone : trans

lated from the French. To which is added, the Ancient War of the Knights : translated from the German. 8° London, n.d.

[The name of the author of the first treatise in Latin is contained in the Anagram : Dives sicut Ardens S * * *.]

Another edition. 8° London, 1723. Hermeticall Banquet, drest by a Spagiricall Cook, for the better

preservation of the Microcosme. 8° London, 1652. Medicina Metallorum, das ist gründliche Wissenschaft die geringen

Metalle zu reinigen und zu verbessern . . . . Transmutatio

Metallorum, &c. 4° Leipzig, 1723.
Révélation de la Parole cachée par les Anciens, ou la Généalogie de

la Mère du Mercure des Philosophes. (folio MS., without name or
[At the end is J. H. Vierort's Last Will and Testament, an alchemical
work, 1672 ; Excerpta ex Illustr. Edv. Generosi Innominati, 1562 ;

Diaphoron Korndorfferi, in German, &c.]
Secrets Revealed ; or, an Open Entrance to the Shut-Palace of the

King, containing the greatest treasure in Chymistry never yet so
plainly discovered. 80 London, 1669.
[The anonymous author claims to have discovered the Philosopher's Stone

at the age of 23.]
Alder, Joshua. See Transactions—London : Ray Society.
Aldrovandus, Ulysses.
Ornithologiæ, hoc est de Avibus historiæ, libri xii. 3 vols. folio.

Bononiæ, 1637-46. (Colophon date, 1640.) De animalibus Insectis, libri vii. folio. Bononiæ, 1638. (Col.

1644.) De reliquis Animalibus Exanguibus, libri iv., post mortem ejus editi,

nempe de Mollibus, Crustaceis, Testaceis et Zoophytis. folio.

Bononiæ, 1642. De Piscibus, libri v., et de Cetis, liber unus. folio. Bononiæ, 1638.

(Col. 1644.)

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