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This CATALOGUE OF Books has been arranged chiefly according to the names of the respective Authors, but it has been found convenient to group certain portions

under the following headings:—

Agricultural Surveys.
Exhibitions, Industrial.
Geological Surveys.



Mines and Mining.
Museum of Practical Geology.

Science and Art Department.
Transactions of Academies, Scientific Societies, &c.

(Mus. P.) and (Murch. P.) refer to the Museum and Murchison Collections of Pamphlets.

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Abbot, Charles.
Flora Bedfordiensis; comprehending such Plants as grow wild in the
County of Bedford. 89 Bedford, 1798.

Abbot, H. L. See Humphreys, A. A.

Abbott, George (jun.)
An Essay on the Mines of England. 89 London, 1833.

Abel, Clarke. Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that Country, in the years 1816–17. 4° London, 1818.

Abel, F. A. See Exhibitions, Industrial—London, 1871.

Abercrombie, John, and Mawe, Thomas.
The Universal Gardener and Botanist. 4° London, 1778.
Abich, H.
Ueber die Natur und den Zusammenhang der vulkanischen Bildungen.
4° Braunschweig, 1841.

Vergleichende chemische Untersuchungen der Wasser des Caspischen Meeres, Urmia- und Wan- See's. 4° St. Petersburg, 1856.

Ueber das Steinsalz und seine geologische Stellung im Russischen Armenien. 4° St. Petersburg, 1857.

Beiträge zur geologischen Kenntniss der Thermalquellen in den Kaukasischen Ländern. Lief. 1. 40 Tiflis, 1865.

Geologische Beobachtungen auf Reisen in den Gebirgsländern zwischen Kur und Araxes. 40 Tiflis, 1867.

Etudes sur les Glaciers actuels et anciens du Caucase. Partie 1. 80 Tiflis, 1870. Academies. See under Transactions of Academies, &c. Accum, Fredrick. A Practical Essay on the Analysis of Minerals. 120 London, 1804. A Practical Treatise on Gas-light. 3rd edition. 8° London, 1816. Acerbi, Joseph.

Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the years 1798–99. 2 vols. 4° London, 1802.

Achard, Franz Carl.
Analyse de quelques Pierres Précieuses. Traduit, &c. par J. B.
Dubois. 80 Paris, 1783.

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Achenbach, Heinrich
Die Berg-Policei-Vorschriften des Rheinischen Haupt-Berg- Dis-
trictes. 89 Köln, 1859.
Das Französische Bergrecht. 89 Bonn, 1869.
Das gemeine Deutsche Bergrecht. Theil 1. 89 Bonn, 1871.
See Journals—Zeitschrift für Bergrecht.

Achiardi, Antonio d'.
Coralli Fossili del Terreno Nummulitico dell’Alpi Venete. 49 Pisa,
1867. (Mus. P.—T.)
Mineralogia della Toscana. Tomo 1. 89 Pisa, 1872.

Ackner, M. J.
Mineralogie Siebenbürgens. 89 Hermannstadt, 1855.

Acland, H. W. Report on the Transfer of the Radcliffe Library to the Oxford University Museum. 89 Oxford, 1861.

Acosta, (Padre) Joseph de.
Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. 40 Madrid, 1608.

Actonian Prize. See Jones, T. W. Lowne, B. T.

Adam, W.
The Gem of the Peak; or, Matlock Bath, and its Vicinity, &c. 129
London, 1845.

Adams, Andrew Leith.
Wanderings of a Naturalist in India, the Western Himalayas, and
Cashmere. 89 Edinburgh, 1867.

Adams, Arthur. Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. “Samarang,” under the command of Captain Sir E. Belcher, in 1843–46. By J. E. Gray, Sir J. Richardson, A. Adams (editor), L. Reeve, and Ad. White. (Contains a Memoir on the Spirula, by Prof. Owen.) 4° London, * 1848–50.

See Adams, H. Adams, Arthur, Baikie, William Balfour, and Barron, Charles.

A Manual of Natural History for the use of Travellers. With remarks on Geology and Meteorology. 120 London, 1854.

Adams, C. B.
Monograph of Stoastoma, a new genus of new operculated Land
Shells. 89 Amherst, Mass., 1849. (Mus. P.—26.)
Monograph of Vitrinella, a new genus of new species of Turbinidae.
89 Amherst, 1850. (Mus. P.—26.)
Catalogue of Shells collected at Panama; with Notes on their
Synonymy, Station, and Geographical Distribution. 40 New
York, 1852.
See Geological Surveys—United States: Louisiana.

Adams, George. An Essay on Electricity. 5th edition. With corrections by W. Jones. 89 London, 1799. Adams, Henry and Arthur. The Genera of Recent Mollusca ; arranged according to their Organization. 3 vols. 80 London, 1858.

Adamson, -
Histoire Naturelle du Sénégal,—Coquillages. 4° Paris, 1757.
Adcock, Henry,
Patent Modes of raising Water from Mines and other deep Places.
8° n.p., 1840. (Murch. P.-72.)

The Geodesy of Britain; or, the Ordnance Survey of England, Scotland, and Ireland. 8° London, 1859. (Mus. P.-26.)

Adet. See Journals—Annales de Chimie.

Adhémar, J.
Révolutions de la Mer. Déluges Périodiques. 2nd edition, 8°
Paris, 1860.

Admiralty. See Maps. Reports.

“Adventure,” Voyage of the. See Cook, Capt. J. King, Capt. P. P.

Aeby, Carl August.
Die Schädelformen des Menschen und der Affen. 4° Leipzig, 1867.

Ueber die unorganische Metamorphose der Knochensubstanz dargethan an Schweizerischen Pfahlbautenknochen. 89 Bern, 1870.

AElianus, Claudius. De Natura Animalium, Libri XVII. Graece et Latine, cum animadversionibus C. Gesneri et D. W. Trilleri, curante Abr. Gronovio. 2 vols. 4° Londini, 1744.

Africa, South.
The South African Diamond Fields, and the best Route to them, from
Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay. 89 Port Elizabeth, 1870. (Mus. P.

Agassiz, Alexander and Elizabeth C.
Seaside Studies in Natural History. Marine Animals of Massachusetts
Bay.—Radiates. 89 Boston, 1865.
Agassiz, Louis.
Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles. 5 vols. (in 2) 49, and 5 vols,
(in 2) oblong Atlasses. Neuchâtel, 1833–45.
[Review.] 8° London, 1835 (Murch. P.-34.)
Rapports sur les Poissons Fossiles découverts en Angleterre. 89
Neuchâtel, 1835. (Murch. P-107.)
Monographies d'Echinodermes Vivans et Fossiles. (With additional
Monographs, by Ed. Desor and G. Valentin.) 4° Neuchâtel,
Catalogus Systematicus Ectyporum Echinodermatum Fossilium Musei
Neocomensis, secundum ordinem ** dispositus. 4° Neo-
comi Helvetiorum, 1840. (Mus. P.-L.)
Etudes critiques sur les Mollusques Fossiles. 4° Neuchâtel, 1840.
Letters on Glaciers. (Private copies.) 4° 1842. (Mus. P-5.)
Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens Nomina systematica Generum
Animalium, tam viventium quam ossilium. 4° Soloduri, 1842–46.
Monographie des Poissons Fossiles du Vieux Grès Rouge, ou Système
- Dévonien (Old Red Sandstone) des Iles Britanniques et de Russie.
4° With oblong Atlas. Neuchâtel, 1844–45.

Agassiz, Louis—cont. Nomenclatoris Zoologici Index Universalis, continens nomina systematica classium, ordinum, familiarum et generum animalium omnium, tam viventium quam fossilium. 4° Soloduri, 1846.

Nouvelles Etudes et Expériences sur les Glaciers Actuels, leur Structure, leur Progression et leur Action Physique sur le Sol. 89 (With Atlas.) Paris, 1847.

Lectures on Embryology. Read before the Lowell Institute. (Newspaper Report.—Imperfect.) folio. 1848-49.

Matériaux pour une Bibliothèque Zoologique et Paléontologique.
folio proofs. n.d. or pl. -
Bibliographia Zoologiae et Geologiae. (Ray Society.) 4 vols. 89
London, 1848–54.
Lake Superior; its Physical Character, Vegetation, and Animals;
with a Narrative of the Tour. By J. E. Cabot. -8° Boston, 1850.
Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America:
Monographs 1–2. 4 vols. 40 Boston, 1857–62.
Methods of Study in Natural History. 120 Boston, 1863.
Geological Sketches. 120 Boston, 1866.
The Structure of Animal Life. 89 New York, 1866.
Glacial Phenomena in Maine. 89 Boston, 1867. (Murch. P.—47.)
Address delivered on the Centennial Anniversary of the Birth of
Alexander von Humboldt. 89 Boston, 1869.

De l'Espèce et de la Classification en Zoologie. Traduction par Félix Vogeli. 89 Paris, 1869.

See Costa, O. G. Geological Surveys—United States:
California. Miller, Hugh. Morton, S. G.

Agassiz, Louis and Mrs. Louis.
A Journey in Brazil. 89 Boston, 1868.

Agassiz, Louis, and Gould, A. A.

Outlines of Comparative Physiology; touching the Structure and Development of the Races of Animals, living and extinct. Edited by Thomas Wright. (Bohn's Scientific Library.) 89 London, 1851.

Aggravii Venetiani.

Aggravii Venetiani, &c.; or, the Venetian and other Grievances; together with a proposal for raising the Price of Tin in Cornwall and Devon, according to the policy of the Venetians. 1st part. 40 London, 1697.

Agricola, Georg. De ortu et causis Subterraneorum; de Natura eorum quae effluunt ex Terra; de natura Fossilium; de veteribus et novis Metallis; Bermannus, sive de re metallica dialogus; et interpretatio Germanica vocum rei metallicae. folio. Basileae, 1546.

De Mensuris et Ponderibus Romanorum atq, Graecorum, lib. v.; de externis Mensuris et Ponderibus, lib. ii.; ad ea quae Andreas Alciatus denuo disputavit de Mensuris, brevis defensio, lib. j.; de Mensuris quibus intervalla metimur, lib. j. ; de restituendis Ponderibus atq, Mensuris, lib. j. ; de Precio Metallorum et Monetis. folio. Basileae, 1550.

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