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Austen. See Godwin-Austen.

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A Guide to the Geology of the Isle of Purbeck, and the South-west
Coast of Hampshire. 8° Blandford, 1852. (Mus. P.-1.)

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The Mines of South Australia; including also an account of the
Smelting Works in that colony. 89 Adelaide, 1863.

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scriptions of some recent and fossil allied genera. 49 Bristol, 1821; London, 1844.

Speeches delivered at the Australian Anniversary Dinner, in London,
January 26, 1858. [Contains Sir R. Murchison's speech respecting
his predictions concerning the Discovery of Gold in A.
8° London, 1858. (Mus. P.-8.)
Australian Colonies, and the Gold Supply. (From the Quarterly
Review.) 8° London, 1860. (Mus. P.-44.)
Auteroche. See Chappe d'Auteroche.
Essai sur la Théorie des Volcans d'Auvergne. 89 Riom, 1802.

Aveline, William Talbot. See Geological Surveys—British Isles.
Avicenna. See Geber.
Aymard, Auguste.
Essai monographique sur un Nouveau Genre de Mammifere Fossile,
trouvé dans la Haute-Loire, et nommé Entélodon. 8° Le Puy,
1848. (Murch. P.-77.)
Essai de Classification des Mammiferes Fossiles, trouvés dans les
Calcaires Miocènes du Puy. 8° Le Puy, 1849. (Murch. P.-15.)
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The Origin and Distribution of the Black Cotton Soils of the Indian
Peninsula. 8° Edinburgh, n.d. (Murch. P.-71.)
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The Natural History of the Quadrupeds of Paraguay and the River La
Plata. With Memoir, &c., by W. Perceval Hunter. Wol. 1. 89
Edinburgh, 1838.
See Naturalist's Library—Mammalia.
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Histoire Geographique, Politique, et Naturelle de la Sardaigne.
2 vols. 89 Paris, 1802.


B # * *.
Traité des Pétrifications. 40 Paris, 1742.
Mémoires pour servir à l’Histoire Naturelle des Pétrifications dans
les Quatre Parties du Monde. 4° La Haye, 1742.
Another copy. [Identical (title-page only excepted) with the
Paris edition of the same year.]
B., F. A.
Ensayo Historico-Natural de los Minerales y Minas de España. 89
Madrid, 1843.
B., L.
Des Montagnes de la Terre. 89 Paris, 1827.
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Beschreibung eines neu erfundenen Geblăses. 8° Göttingen, 1794.
(Mus. P-F.)
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Sketch of the Philosophical Characters of Dr. Wollaston and Sir
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Table of Logarithms of the Natural Numbers from 1 to 108,000. 4th
impression. 4° London, 1841.
On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures. 4th edition. 8°
London, 1846.

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See Exhibitions, Industrial—London, 1851. Science and Art
Department. Sheepshanks, Rev. R.

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The Gold Fields of South Africa, and the way to reach them. 89
London, n.d. (Mus. P.-44.)

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Primitiae Florae Sarnica: ; or, an Outline of the Flora of the Channel
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See Journals—Annals and Magazine of Natural History.

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Die Kander im Berner Oberland. Ein ehemaliges Gletscher- und
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Narrative of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great
Fish River, and along the Shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the
years 1833–35. 8° London, 1836.

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Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning; or, the Partitions
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De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum libri novem. Editio nova.
89 Lugd. Bat., 1645.
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Oxon., 1813.
See Childrey, J. Liebig, J.

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The History of the Agriculture of Norfolk. 2nd edition. 8° London,
Bacon, Roger. See Valentin, B.
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Ueber das Bessemer'sche Verfahren, Roheisen in geschmeidiges
Eisen umzuwandeln. 89 Hagen, 1857. (Mus. P.—23.)
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With oblong Atlas. Königsberg, 1824.
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berg, 1828–37.
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Abschmitten der Abhandlung : “Crania Selecta,” &c. 4° St.
Petersburg, 1859.
See Burdach, K. F.
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Das Eisen. Seine Geschichte, Gewinnung und Verarbeitung. 89
Leipzig, n.d.
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Tables des Logarithmes des Sinus, Cosinus, Tangentes et Cotangentes.
40 Paris, #; ?]
Baier, Joh. Jak.

OPTKTOTPAEIA Norica, sive Rerum Fossilium et ad Minerale Regnum pertinentium, et in Territorio Norimbergensi ejusque vicinia observatarum succincta descriptio. 4° Norimbergae, 1708. Baif, Lazare. See Bayf. Baikie, R. Observations on the Neilgherries; including an Account of their Topography, Climate, Soil, and Productions; and of the Effects of the Climate on the European Constitution. 89 Calcutta, 1834.

Baikie, William Balfour. See Adams, A.

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Historia Naturalis Orcadensis.-Zoology. Part 1. 8° Edinburgh,


Bailey, J. See Agricultural Surveys—Cumberland; Northumberland.

Bailey, J. W. See Geological Surveys—United States: California.

Bailey, L. W. See Geological Surveys—New Brunswick.

Baillie, Thomas. See Maps—New Brunswick.

Baily, Francis.

Experiments with the Torsion Rod for determining the Mean Density

of the Earth. 4° London, 1843. See Cagnoli, A. Baily, John.

Central America; describing each of the States of Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. 8° London, 1850.

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Figures of Characteristic British Fossils. With descriptive remarks.
Vol. 1. 89 London, 1875.
See Geological Surveys—British Isles: Ireland.

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The Flora of Yorkshire. 80 London, 1840.

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On the Serpents of New York; with a Notice of a Species not hitherto
included in the Fauna of the State. 89 Albany, 1854.
See Geological Surveys—United States: Colorado River ;

Baird, W. See British Museum—Zoology. Transactions—London:
Ray Society.
Baker, Henry.
An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Polype. 8° London,
Baker, T.
A Rudimentary Treatise on Land and Engineering Surveying.
(Weale's Series.) 12° London, 1850.
Rudimentary Treatise on Mensuration ; comprehending the Elements
of Modern Engineering. (Weale's Series.) 120 London, 1850.
The Principles and Practice of Statics and Dynamics. (Weale's
Series.) 12° London, 1851.
Elements of Mechanism, elucidating the Scientific Principles of the
Practical Construction of Machines. (Weale's Series.) 12° Lon-
don, 1852.

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Lithologia Meteorica. oblong. Barcelona, 1854.

Baldracco, C.

Cenni sulla Costituzione Metallifera della Sardegna. 8° Torino,

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