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Aldrovandus, Ulysses-cont.
De Quadrupedibus Solidipedibus, volumen integrum. folio. Bononiæ,

1649. Quadrupedum omnium Bisulcorum historia. folio. Bononiæ, 1621.

(Col. 1641.) De Quadrupedibus Digitatis Viviparis, libri iii., et de quadrupedibus

Digitatis Oviparis, libri ii. folio. Bononiæ, 1645. Serpentium et Draconum historiæ, libri ii. folio. Bononiæ, 1640. Monstrorum historia, cum Paralipomenis historiæ omnium animalium.

folio. Bononiæ, 1642. Musæum Metallicum in libros iv. distributum. folio. Bononiæ, 1648. Dendrologiæ, naturalis scilicet Arborum historiæ, libri ii. folio Bononiæ, 1668.

[These works are arranged in the order in which they originally appeared.

Only the first three were published during the author's life, the others being edited from the materials left by him, by the various men whose names are given on the respective title-pages.]

See Naturalist's Library-Mammalia. Alessandrini, Antonio. See Journals-Nuovi Annali. Alexander, Capt. H. The Soils of East Suffolk, considered geologically. 8° Woodbridge,

1840. (Mus. P.-1.) Alexander, J. H.

Iron Manufacture of Maryland. 8° Annapolis, 1840. Alexander ab Alexandro,

Genialium dierum, libri sex. 2 vols. 8° Lugd. Bat., 1673. Alexis of Piemont. The Secrets by him collected out of divers excellent Authors, and newly translated by Willyam Ward. 8° London, 1559.

[First part imprinted by H. Sutton, Goth. Title missing, but the binder has prefixed the title to Part 2, 1560, printed by Thom. Kyngston. In Part 2, Riemont is given instead of Piemont. Part 3 is wanting. A

portrait of Alexis is pasted on fly-leaf.] Alger, Francis. See Jackson, C. T. Phillips, W. Algeria. Exploration Scientifique de l'Algérie, pendant les années 1840-42. 11 vols. 4° Paris, 1844–50. Botanique. Par Bory de Saint-Vincent et Durieu de Maisonneuve.

3 vols.
Géologie. Par. E. Renou.
Minéralogie. Par M. Ravergie.
Physique Générale.—La Méditerranée, et Magnétisme Terrestre. Par

G. Aimé. 2 vols.
Zoologie.- Animaux Articulés. Par H. Lucas. 4 vols.
- Mollusques. Par G. P. Deshayes. 2 vols.
- Reptiles et Poissons. Par A. Guichenot.

Allan, Robert.
A Manual of Mineralogy, comprehending the more recent discoveries

in the mineral kingdom. 86 Edinburgh, 1834. Allan, Thomas. An Alphabetical List of the Names of Minerals, at present most

familiar, in the English, French, and German Languages; with Tables of Analyses. 8° Edinburgh, 1808.

Allan, Thomas-cont.
Mineralogical Nomenclature ; with Synoptic Tables of the Chemical
Analyses of Minerals. 8o Edinburgh, 1814.

2nd edition. 80 Edinburgh, 1819. Alldridge, W.J. The Goldsmith's Repository, containing a concise elementary treatise

on the art of assaying metals. 8° London, 1789. Allen, Joel Asaph. See Geological Surveys-United States : Terri

tories. Allen, John. History of the Borough of Liskeard and its vicinity. 8° London,

1856. Allen, Thomas. A History of the County of Surrey ; comprising every object of

topographical, geological, or historical interest. 2 vols. 8° Lon

don, 1831. Allibone, S. Austin. A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American

Authors. 3 vols. 40 Philadelphia and London, 1859–71. Allies, Jabez. Observations on certain curious Indentations in the Old Red Sand

stone of Worcestershire and Herefordshire, considered as the

Tracks of Antediluvian Animals, &c. 8° London, 1835. Allman, George James. See Carus, J. V. Transactions—London :

Ray Society Allnutt, Henry. See Meteorology-Dublin. Alloys. Livre d'Allois en Or et en Argent pour les Maistres Orfèvres de

Paris. 8° Paris, 1696. Allport, Douglas. Collections, illustrative of the Geology, History, Antiquities, and

Associations of Camberwell and the neighbourhood. 80 Camber

well, 1841. Alopäus, Samuel. Kurze Beschreibung der in Russisch-Kaiserl. Carelien befindlichen

Marmor- und andern Stein-Brüchen, Berg- und Stein-arten. 8°

St. Petersburg, 1787.
Alpinus, Prosper.

De Rhapontico disputatio. 4° Patavii, 1612.
De Plantis Exoticis libri duo, studio et opera Alpini Alpini fil.

4° Venice, 1629.
De Balsamo dialogus. 40 Patavii, 1639.

De Plantis Ægypti liber, cum observationibus J. Veselingii : accessit • de Balsamo liber. Editio altera. 4° Patavii, 1640. Alston, Edward R., Gray, Robert, Cameron, Peter, Ramsay, James, and Stirton, J. Notes on the Fauna and Flora of the West of Scotland. 8° Glasgow,

1876. Althans, Carl Ludwig. Grundzüge zur gänzlichen Umgestaltung der bisherigen Geologie.

80 Koblenz, 1839. (Murch. P.-114.)

Alton, Edouard d. See Carus, C. G. Journals—Zeitung für Zoo

logie. Pander, C. Alton, Edouard d, and Burmeister, H. Der fossile Gavial von Boll 'in Würtemberg ; mit Bezugnahme

auf die Lebenden Krokodilinen nach seiner gesammten Organisa

tion Zoologisch geschildert. folio. Halle, 1854. Alvarado y de la Peña, Santiago. El Reino Mineral, ó sea La Mineralogia en general y en particular

de España. 8° Madrid, 1832. Alvarez de Linera, Antonio. Descripcion del Criadero de Nikel de Carratraca. 8° Malaga, 1851.

(Mus. P.-36.) Amandus, Cælestinus.

Dissertatio medico-chemica de Aquis Destillatis. 40 Jenæ, 1720. America, South. See Castelnau, F. de. Amoretti, Carlo. Della Raddomanzia, ossia Elettrometria animale : ricerche fisiche e

storiche. 8° Milano, 1808. Viaggio da Milano ai Tre Laghi-Maggiore, di Lugano e di Como,

e ne' Monti che li circondano. 4th edition. 8° Milano, 1814.
Amouroux, —-. See Armengaud.
Am Stein, G. See Switzerland.
Anca, Francesco.

Paleoetnologia Sicula. 4o Palermo, 1867.
Anca, Francesco, and Gemmellaro, Gaetano Giorgio.

Monografia degli Elefanti Fossili di Sicilia. 4o Palermo, 1867.
Anciola, Antonio L. See Geological Surveys-Spain.
Ancona, Cesare d. See Geological Surveys—Italy.
Anderson, Benjamin.
Narrative of a Journey to Musardu, the Capital of the Western Man-

dingoes. 12° New York, 1870.
Anderson, Charles. See Buch, L. von. Werner, A. G.
Anderson, Rev. James. See M’Crie, Rev. T.
Anderson, Rev. Dr. John.

The Course of Creation. 8° London, 1850.
Geology and Revelation. 8° Edinburgh, 1854. (Murch. P.-99.)
Dura Den. A Monograph of the Yellow Sandstone, and its remark-

able Fossil Remains. 8° Edinburgh, 1859.
Primeval Man. 12° Edinburgh, 1861. (Murch. P.-67.)
Andersson, Charles John.
Lake Ngami ; or, Explorations and Discoveries during Four Years'
Wanderings in the Wilds of South-western Africa. 8° London,

1856. Andrae, Carl Justus. Erläuternder Text zur geognostischen Karte von Halle a/S. 80

Halle, 1850. (Murch. P.-20.) Die geognostischen Verhältnisse Magdeburg's in Rücksicht auf die

Steinkohlenfrage. Ergänzungen von C. F. Schöttler. 8° Magdeburg, 1851. (Mus. P.--22.)

Andrae, Carl Justus-cont.
Bericht über eine im Jahre 1851 unternommene geognostische Reise

durch die südlichsten Punkte des Banats, der Banater Militairgrenze

und Siebenbürgen. 4° Halle, 1854. Beiträge zur Kenntniss der fossilen Flora Siebenbürgens und des

Banates. folio. Wien, 1855. Vorweltliche Pflanzen aus dem Steinkohlengebirge der preussischen

Rheinlande und Westphalens. Heft 1-3. 4° Bonn, 1865-68. André, -

Théorie de la Surface actuelle de la Terre. 8° Paris, 1806. André, George G.

A Practical Treatise on Coal Mining. 2 vols. 4° London,1875-76. A Descriptive Treatise on the Machinery, Tools, and other Appliances

used in Mining. Part 1-10. 4° London, 1877. Andréossy, — See Egypt. Andrew, Thomas.

Geological and Archeological Papers. 8° Northampton, 1875. Andrew, W. P. Tramroads in Northern India, in connection with the Iron Mines of

Kumaon and Gurhwal. 8° London, 1857. Andrew, William. Constitution of Nature. Theories intended to unfold Nature and her

Operations. 8° Milwaukee, 1863. Andrews, E. A. See Dictionaries—Latin. Andrews, G. H. Rudimentary Treatise on Agricultural Engineering. (Weale's Series.)

3 vols. 12° London, 1852–53. Angelin, N. P.

Palæontologia Scandinavica. 4° Lipsiæ, 1854.

Palæontologia Svecica. 4° n.p., 1852. Angell, John. Elements of Animal Physiology. (Buckmaster's Series.) 80 London,

1866. Anger, Louis.

Die Verwerthung der Braunkohle. 80 Weimar, 1863. Ångström, A.-J.

Recherches sur le Spectre Solaire. 40 Upsal, 1869. Ångström, C. A. Ueber Gesteinsbohrmaschinen. Übersetzt von B. Turley. go

Leipzig, 1874. Anschütz, Johann Matthäus. Ueber die Gebirgs- und Steinarten des kursächsischen Hennebergs, &c.

8° Leipzig, 1788. Ansiaux, Lucien, and Masion, Lambert. Traité pratique de la Fabrication du Fer et de l’Acier Puddlé. 2 vols.

8° Paris, 1861. Anson, Lord George. See Thomas, P. Walter, R.

Ansted, David Thomas.
Geology ; introductory, descriptive, and practical. 2 vols. 8° London,

The Geologist's Text-book. 8° London, 1845.
Geology as a Branch of Education. 8° London, 1845. (Mus. P.-8.)
Coal-fields of India. 8° London, 1846. (Murch. P.-40.)
Facts and Suggestions concerning the Economic Geology of India.-

Coal-fields. 8° London, 1846. (Mus. P.-43.) The Ancient World. 12° London, 1847. The Gold-seeker's Manual. 8° London, 1849. An Elementary Course of Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical Geography. 8° London, 1850.

2nd edition. 80 London, 1856.

2nd edition, re-issue. 8° London, 1856-69. Non-Metallic Mineral Manufactures. (Lectures on the Great Exhi.

bition.) go London, 1853. Scenery, Science, and Art; being Extracts from the Note-book of a

Geologist and Mining Engineer. 8° London, 1854.
Descriptions of Remarkable Mineral Veins.-Account of the Cobre

(Copper) Lode of Santiago de Cuba. 8° London, 1856. (Murch. P.
[This contains the “Introduction ”—not published by the Geological

On the Decay and Preservation of Building Materials. 80 London,

1860. (Murch. P.—66.) The Physical Geography and Geology of the County of Leicester.

folio. Westminster, 1866. Ansted, David Thomas, and Latham, Robert Gordon.

The Channel Islands. 8° London, 1862. Anstie, John. The Coal-fields of Gloucestershire and Somersetshire, and their

Resources. 8° London, 1873. Antes, John. Observations on the Manners and Customs of the Egyptians; the

Overflowing of the Nile; the Plague, &c. 40 London, 1800. Anthracite. Antracite o Carbone di Cava, detto volgarmente Carbon Fossile.

Compilazione fatta per ordine del Governo. 8o Firenze, 1790. Comparative Views of the most important Anthracite Collieries in

Pennsylvania. 8° 1835. (Mus. P.-29.) Antic. See Bosc d'Antic. Antipoff, Captain. See Meglitzky, Captain. Antisell, Thomas. The Manufacture of Photogenic or Hydrocarbon Oils, from Coal and

other bituminous substances capable of supplying burning fluids.

8° New York, 1859. Antonielli, Enrico. Annuario Statistico delle Provincie Italiane, per l' anno 1872. 89

Firenze, 1872.

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