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Costello, Dudley. Faint Heart never Alison's History of Europe. Vol. VII.

won Fair Lady: a Modern Story. New-Book Notes by Monkshood,

Chap. I.-A Teacher of Languages. 465

II. Monsieur Perrotin finds a Almanacks, German, for 1858, 38

Friend and hears a Love Story. III. An Illegitimate Drama, 299

Monsieur Perrotin's Patroness. Annual Dissertation, Our, 1

IV. - Lovers. V. - Mother and Architect, Life of an, 103

Daughter, 5. VI.-Mrs. Scrope's

VII. Autumn, An, in Wales, 69

Plan, and what came of it.
How the Adage was first applied.

VIII.-Which has Won? 124. IX.

- How Monsieur Perrotin taught Bells, The, of Fontainebleau. No. III. French in England. X.-A Home.

Napoleon Ballads. By Walter Thorn XI. - The first taste of Sorrow. bury, 24

XII.--Help, 267. XIII.- A Change Béranger, Autobiography of. New of Scene. XIV.-The Abbé's Gou

Book Notes by Monkshood, 209 vernante. XV.-Vox-et præterea Bheel Tribe, The, of Candeish, 29 nihil. XVI.-The Angel-Chorister, Bhopal, A Visit to. Indian Reminis 425. XVII. - First Love. XVIII.

cences. By a Madras Officer, 475 - The same Complaint-under a Blanchard, Thornbury, and Wilber different Aspect. XIX. - Immorforce: Recent Poetry, 530

tality, 535. XX. - A Likeness. Bogumil Davison, 524

XXI.-A Discovery. XXII.-An Brighton, A Day with the Brookside Emissary. XXIII. A Message, Harriers at, 48

551 Brookside Harriers at Brighton, A Day Count Horace's Sporting Exploits, 176

with the, 48 Byrom, John, Remains of, 594 By-ways of History. Protesters who

D. were never Protestants, 182

Danneker to Ariadne. By W. Charles

Kent, Author of " Aletheia,” 194 C.

Dawison, Bogumil, 524
Candeish, The Bheel Tribe of, 29 Day, A, with the Brookside Harriers at
Canton, The French in, 403

Brighton, 48
Causes, The, of the Indian Mutiny, 60 Death, The, of the Tigress, 381
Circus, The - Our Popular Amuse- Delhi, From, to Cawnpore, 642

ments. By Materfamilias, 57 Derby Ministry, The, 331

2 x


Diamond Bracelet, The. By the Author Havelock. A Dirge, 168
of “ Moat Grange,” 580

Heiresses. Part the First, 231. Part
Dissertation, Our Annual, 1

the Second, 365
Drama, An Illegitimate, 299

Henry Spicer, Esq. Queen Stork, 151,

307. Lady Lester's Smile, 384

Her Majesty's Theatre, 651
Eagles, The Parting with the, 1814. Horace Walpole

Again. Mingle-Mangle
No. IV. Napoleon Ballads. By

by Monkshood. Retrospective Re-
Walter Thornbury, 362

viewals : VIII., 352
Exhibition, The, of the Royal Academy How is India to be Governed ? By
for 1858, 441

Henry Tremenheere, Esq., 111

Faint Heart never Won Fair Lady: a

Imperial Paris, 617
Modern Story. By Dudley Costello. Indian Mutiny, The Causes of the, 60
Chap. I.-A Teacher of Languages.

Indian Reminiscences. By a Madras
II. - Monsieur Perrotin finds a

Officer. A Visit to Bhopal, 475
Friend and hears a Love Story. III.

Into Spain, 25
Monsieur Perrotin's Patroness.
IV. Lovers. V. - Mother and
Daughter, 5. VI.-Mrs. Scrope's Kent, W. Charles, Author of "Ale.
Plan, and what came of it. VII. theia.” Danneker to Ariadne, 194.
How the Adage was first applied. The Lord Protector's Ghost. A
VIII.-Which has won ? 124. IX. Ballad, 243. “Leontius.” Addressed
-How M. Perrotin taught French in to the Author of “The Story of
England. X.-A Home. XI.-The Rimini,” 578
first taste of Sorrow. XII.--Help, King, the Schoolboy. No. V. Napoleon
267. XIII.- A Change of Scene. Ballads. By Walter Thornbury, 499
XIV. - The Abbé's Gouvernante.
XV.–Vox-et præterea nihil. XVI.

- The Angel-Chorister, 425. XVII.
-First Love. XVIII.—The same

Lady Lester's Smile. By Henry Spicer,
Complaint—under a different Aspect.

Esq., 384
XIX.-Immortality, 535. XX.-A

“Leontius." Addressed to the Author
Likeness. XXI. - A Discovery.

of “ The Story of Rimini.” By W.
XXII.-An Emissary. XXIII.-A Life of an Architect, 103

Charles Kent, 578
Message, 551
Ferrari's Guelfs and Ghibelins. New- Lord Palmerston. 'A Piece of Political

Lion's Breath, The, 601
Book Notes by Monkshood, 259
Financial Operations, French, 246

Patchwork. By Pêle-Mêle, 221
French Financial Operations, 246

Lord Protector's Ghost, The. A Ballad.
French, The, in Canton, 403

By W. Charles Kent, 243
From Delhi to Cawnpore, 642

Lucknow, The Defence of, and Oude,

German Almanacks for 1858, 38

Mademoiselle Rachel, 140
Ghost, The Lord Protector's.' A Ballad. Marriage, Rushing Headlong into, 338
By W. Charles Kent, 243

Memoirs, Guizot's, 501
Ghosts, Modern, 32

Michelet's History of France in the
Glimpses of Harem Life, 508

Seventeenth century. New-Book
Greek Bride, The, to her Dead Lover. Mingle-Mangle

by Monkshood.
Notes by Monkshood, 566

By Mary C. F. Monck, 315
Guizot's Memoirs, 501

trospective Reviewals : VII. - St.

Evremond, 78. VIII. Horace

Walpole Again, 352

Ministry, The Derby, 331
Harem Life, Glimpses of, 508

Modern Ghosts, 32

Monck, Mary C. F. The Greek Bride Recent Poetry: Thornbury, Wilber-
to her Dead Lover, 315

force, and Blanchard, 530
Monkshood, Mingle-Mangle by. Re- Remains of John Byrom, 594

trospective Reviewals: VII. - St. Reminiscences, Indian. By a Madras
Evremond, 78. VIII. Horace Officer. A Visit to Bhopal, 475
Walpole Again, 352

Retrospective Reviewals : 'VII. - St.
Monkshood, New-Book Notes by. Evremond. Mingle - Mangle by

Autobiography of Béranger, 209. Monkshood, 78. VIII. – Horace
Ferrari's Guelfs and Ghibelins, 259. Walpole Again, 352
Alison's History of Europe. Vol. Royal Academy, The Exhibition of the,
VII., 465. Michelet's History of for 1858, 441
France in the Seventeenth Century, Rushing Headlong into Marriage, 338

Napoleon Ballads. No. III. By Walter

“ Salons" of Paris, The, 283
Thornbury. The Bells of Fontaine- Season the Second. By the Author of
bleau, 24. No. IV.-The Parting

“ Too Much to Wear,” 196
with the Eagles, 1814, 362. No. V. Secret Witness, The, 45

- The Schoolboy King, 499
New-Book Notes by Monkshood. Spicer, Henry, Esq. Queen Stork, 151,

Spain, Into, 25
Autobiography of Béranger, 209.

307. Lady Lester's Smile, 384
Ferrari's Guelfs and Ghibelins, 259. Sporting Exploits, Count Horace's, 176
Alison's History of Europe. Vol. St. Evremond.
VII., 465. Michelet's History of

Retrospective Re-
France in the Seventeenth Century,

viewals : VII. Mingle-Mangle by

Monkshood, 78
Night of Tumult, A. By the Author
of “Too Much to Wear,” 316


Thanatos Athanatos. A Medley, 169,

293, 398, 519, 610
Oude and the Defence of Lucknow, 414 The Diamond

Bracelet. By the Author
Our Annual Dissertation, 1

of “Moat Grange,” 580
Our Country Quarters. By Onida, 481

The Lion's Breath, 601
Our Popular Amusements—The Circus. Theatre, Her Majesty's, 651
By Materfamilias, 57

Thornbury, Walter. Napoleon Ballads.

No. III.—The Bells of Fontaine-

bleau, 24. No. IV.— The Parting

with the Eagles, 1814, 362. No. V.
Palmerston, Lord. A Piece of Political

-The Schoolboy King, 499
Patchwork. By Pêle-Mêle, 221

Thornbury, Wilberforce, and Blan-
Paris, Imperial, 617

chard : Recent Poetry, 530
Paris, The “Salons” of, 283

Three Hundred a Year. By the Author
Part and Counterpart. By William

of “Rushing Headlong into Mar-
Pickersgill, 628

riage,” 449
Popular Amusements, Our-TheCircus. Tigress, The Death of the, 381
By Materfamilias, 57

Too Much to Wear. By the Author
Protesters who were never Protestants.

of “Midnight Doings,” 87
By-ways of History, 182

Tremenheere, Henry, Esq. How is

India to be Governed? 111
Quarters, Our Country. By Onida, 481

Queen Stork. By Henry Spicer, Esq., Wales, An Autumn in, 69
151, 307

Wilberforce, Thornbury, and Blan-

chard : Recent Poetry, 530
Rachel, Mademoiselle, 140

Witness, The Secret, 45



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