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But by our friendship I entreat

This kindness at thy hands,
That thou by no means violate,

True constancy's chaste bands.

Although thou wed her as thy wife,

Yet know 'tis in my name,
Let her remain a virgin pure,

I do request the same,
Because my heart she has in hold, ,

And love her as my life,
Away, begone, thou know'st my mind,

Leave me to end this strife,

Prince Lodwick now is on his way,

And Alexander he
By fortune's aid the Spaniard slew,

And set the Princess free,
Lodwicke in Alexander's name,

Receiv'd in Hungary
The crown, and likewise in the church

His wife received he.

But every night between them twain,

His naked sword he'd lay, Such constant friendship at that time

His heart and thoughts did sway,

[blocks in formation]

Prince Alexander came himself,

Then Lodwicke took his leave, Of Alexander, his dear friend,

Which did him not deceive.

The Queen in heart was vexed sore,

That she so long should lie,
With him that was her husband dear,

And not love's pastimes try,
Unto a lord she made her moan,

And they did both agree
To be reveng'd upon the king,

And poison'd he should be.

The poison took not full effect,

But brake forth on his face, That he a leper did appear,

And then in great disgrace They kickt and spurn'd him from the court,

Thus in most shameful manner, He was compel'd to beg for food,

That lately liv’d in honor.

To Lodwick's court he did repair,

Thus like a leper poor, And for relief he did entreat

At his friend Lodwick's door,

A ring he sent unto his friend,

Who well the same did know,
And came in love to greet his friend,

Willing to ease his woe.

Quoth Alexander unto him,

Kind friend there is no way
To ease my pain unless that thou

Thy loving babes do slay,
What is 't but I'll do for thee,

Quoth Lodwicke by and by,
To ease my friend of this great pain,

My pretty babes shall die.

For which he to the cradle

goes Where they were fast asleep, And with a knife he lets them blood,

His promise for to keep : And with their bloods he washt the sores,

From Alexander's face, Thus he like to a loyal friend

The path of love did trace.

Thus Alexander being cleared,

Of all his torturing pain,
Lodwick unto his Queen made known,

How he his babes had slain,

This news did grieve her at the heart,

But straight she runs to see, Whether it was so or no,

It prov'd the contrary.

For both the babes she found alive,

As God would have it so,
Which did revive her drooping heart,

Now joys exceed all woe,
King Alexander being well,

To Hungary he goes,
And Lodwick, his beloved friend,

To overthrow his foes.

The victory they soon obtain'd,

And took the Lord and Queen,
And doom'd them to such cruel deaths,

As yet had not been seen,
King Alexander again was crown'd

By help of his good friend,
Their griefs to joys converted were,

Their pleasures did transcend,




Her fear she should never be married.”

To the tune of—I marry, and thank ye


Alas! I am in a rage,

And bitterly weep and cry, Because I'm nineteen years of age,

Yet cannot be married, not I.

No gallant regards my moan,

For love I am like to die,
It grieves my heart to lie alone,

Yet cannot be married, not I.

Mine eyes do like fountains flow,

As I on my pillow lie,
There's none know what I undergo,

Yet cannot be married, not I.

There's Margery, Sue and Kate

Have husbands with them to lie, Yet none regard my wretched fate,

Yet cannot be married, not I.

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