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This wonderful thing

Which straight did bring Amazement to him there,

Of such a page

In any age,
Quoth he, I did not hear.

At Magrum then, in Germany,

Their lord did see them married, From whence unto the town of Rye, In England were they carried.

Where now they dwell,

Beloved well
Of neighbours far and near,

Sweet Margery

Loves Anthony,
The pride of Leycestershire.

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You maids and young men warning take

By these two lovers kind, Whoever you your choice do make, To them be true in mind :

For perfect love

Comes from above, As may by this appear,

Which came to pass

By Sussex lass
And the lad of Leycestershire.




* The pleasant History of Alexander and Lodwicke, who

were so like one another, that none could know them asunder; wherein is declared how Lodwicke married the Princesse of Hungaria, in Alexander's name, and how each night he layd a naked sword betweene him and the Princesse, because he would not wrong his friend.”

To the tune of Flying Fame. [From the Pepys Collection.]

The Emperor of Germany

A turney did ploclaim,
When many princes of renown,

Resorted to the same;
Amongst the rest Prince Lodwicke,

And Guido, prince of Spain,
Prince Alexander likewise came,

Great honors to obtain.


The Emperor's promise was to give

To him that won the day, His only daughter as his bride,

The story thus doth stay,

The champions entered the field

With carriage stout and bold, Lodowicke of France most manfully,

Whose armour shin'd like gold.

Prince Alexander was the next

That entered in the field, And like a champion stout and bold,

He did advance his shield : The haughty Spaniard with the rest

His valor there did shew, But Alexander by his strength,

Gave him the overthrow.

The valiant Prince of Hungary,

Brave Alexander he, From all the champions in the field

He won the victory, Thus he by valor did obtain

The princess from them all, But yet in Hungary she liv’d,

That had his heart in thrall.

The Emperor his promise kept,

And to the conqueror gave His only daughter for his wife,

Whom Lodwick most did crave,

For love had so inflam'd his thoughts,

And set his heart on fire,
That fór to gain the princess' love,

"It was his chief desire,

This Alexander was so like

· To Lodwiek prince of France, That he so lately had overthrown,

By fate and fortune's chance,
None could distinguish them aright,

Or know one from the other,
In shape, stature, and countenance,

As if they had been brothers;

Which bred such love betwixt them,

As could not be divorc'd, Yet fortune's frown, and fickle chance,

Asunder them enforst; Prince Alexander


his friend The Emperor's daughter free, Which he before had won in field,

By manly chivalry.

The envious Spaniard being vext,

And tortured in his mind, He and the devil devised how

To cross these lovers kind,

He to the Emperor accus'd

The Princess of base lust, And vow'd with sword for to maintain

These accusations just,


Prince Lodwick being thus accus'd

By Guido prince of Spain,
His friend, prince Alexander then

This combat did maintain:
And sent his friend prince Lodwick

To Hungary with speed,
There in his room for to possess

The high imperial weed.

Friend Lodwick, Alexander said,

Go thou to Hungary,
Against the Spaniard I'll maintain

Thy cause most manfully,
The King I understand is dead,

Go then, and in my place Possess the crown and dignity,

And all the royal grace.

That they will there bestow on thee,

Let it not be denied ;
His daughter likewise in my name,

Make her thy wedded bride,

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