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To a daintie new.note, which if

you can hit, There's another tune will as well fit.”

To the tune of, the mother beguild the daughter.

(From a black letter copy printed for the Assigns of


Although I am a country lass,

A lofty mind I bear-a,
I think myself as good as those

That gay apparell weara,
My coat is made of comely gray,

Yet is my skin as soft-a,
As those that with the chiefest wines-a,

Do bathe their bodies oft-a,
Down, down derry, dery down,

Heigh down a down a down a, A dery, dery, dery, dery down,

High down a down a dery.

What, though I keep my father's sheep,

A thing that must be done-a, A garland of the fairest flowers

Shall shroud me from the sun-a,

And when I see them feeding be,

Where grass and flowers spring, Close by a crystal fountain side,

I sit me down and sing-a.

Dame Nature crowns us with delight,

Surpassing court or city, We pleasures take from morn to night,

In sports and pastimes pretty :
Your city dames in coaches ride

Abroad for recreation,
We country lasses hate their pride,

And keep the country fashion.

Your city wives lead wanton lives,

And if they come in the country, They are so proud, that each one strives

For to outbrave our gentry. We country lasses homely be,

For seat nor wall we strive not, We are content with our degree,

Our debtors we deprive not.

I care not for the fan or mask,

When Titan's heat reflecteth, A homely hat is all I ask,

Which well my face protecteth,

Yet I am in my country guise,

Esteemed lass as pretty,
As those that every day devise,

New shapes in court or city.


every season of the

I undergo my labour,
No shower, nor wind, at all I fear,

My limbs I do not favour,
If summer's heat, my beauty stain,

It makes me ne'er the sicker,
Sith I can wash it off again

With a cup of Christmas liquor.


At Christmas time in mirth and glee

I dance with young men neatly, And who in the city like to me,

Shall surely taste completely, No sport, but pride and luxury

In the city can be found then, But bounteous hospitality

In the country doth abound then.

In the spring my labour yields delight,

To walk in the merry morning, When Flora is (to please my sight)

The ground with flowers adorning :



WI Close

X. I si


We plea

nymph trip over the plain,

cer, she turned again, Your cit

as a young man should do, Abroad

answer was, Sir, I love not you. We coun And ke

she seem'd in every part, Safram’d by Nature's art,

cauty soon allured me to woo, And if t

answer was, Sir, I love not you. They are so

her all the sweet of love, We country

whatever her mind might move, For seat in a lover true, We are contar answer was Sir, I love not you. Our debto

I her how I would her deck, I care not fored with gold, with pearls her neck, When Tita

To whom


heart I have vow'd so true, But her answer was, Sir, I love not you.

My sweet, and dearest love, quoth I,
Art thou resolv’d a maid to die,
Of such a mind I know but few,
But her answer was, Sir, I love not you.

This is the pleasant maying time,
This is the pleasant golden prime,

will come and make you to rue, That e're you said, Sir, I love not you.

O do not thou my suit disdain, ,
Nor make me spend my time in vain,
But kindly grant a lover's due,
Yet still she said, Sir, I love not you.

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