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Where yet

Quoth he, that blessed place is heaven,

thou must not rest, And those that do like Princes walk,

Are men whom God hath blest.

Then did he turn me round about,

And on the other side.
He bad me view, and mark as much,

What things are to be spied.

With that I saw a coal-black den,

All tann’d with soot and smoke, Where stinking brimestone burning was,

Which made me like to choke.

An ugly creature there I saw,

Whose face with knives was slasht, And in a caldron of poison'd filth,

His ugly corpse was wash'd.

About his neck were fiery ruffs,

That flamed on every side ;
I ask'd, and lo! the young man said,

That he was damn'd for pride.

Another sort then did I see,

Whose bowels vipers tore,
And grievously with gaping mouth

They did both yell and roar.

A spotted person by each one

Stood gnawing on their hearts, And this was Conscience, I was told,

That plagued their envious parts.

These were no sooner out of sight,

But straight came in their place,
A sort still throwing burning fire,

Which fell against their face.

And ladles full of melted gold

Were poured down their throats; And these were set (it seem'd to me)

In midst of burning boats.

The foremost of this company

Was Judas, I was told,
Who had for filthy lucre's sake,

His lord and master sold.

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For covetousness these were condemn'd,

So it was told to me :
And then methought another rout

Of hell-hounds I did see.

Their faces they seem’d fat in sight,

Yet all their bones were bare,
And dishes full of crawling toads

Was made their finest fare.

From arms, from hands, from thighs and feet,

With red hot pincers then,
The flesh was pluck'd even from the bone

Of these vile gluttonous men.

On coal-black beds another sort

In grievous sort did lie,
And underneath them burning brands,

Their flesh did burn and fry,

With brimstone fierce their pillows eke,

Whereon their heads were laid, And fiends with whips of glowing fire,

Their lecherous skin off flaid.

Then did I see another come,

Stab’d in with daggers thick, And filthy fiends, with fiery darts,

Their hearts did wound and prick.

And mighty bowls of corrupt blood,

Was brought for them to drink, And these men for murder plagued,

From which they could not shrink.

I saw, when these were gone away,

The Swearer, and the Liar,
And these were hung up by their tirgues,

Right o'er a faming fre.

From eyes, from ears, from navel and nose,

And from the lower parts,
The blood, methought, did gushing run,

And clodded like men's hearts.

I asked why that punishment

Was upon Swearers laid; Because, quoth one, wounds, blood, and heart,

Was still the oath they made.

And therewithal from ugly hell,

Such shrieks and cries I heard,
As though some greater grief and plague

Had vexed them afterwards.

So that


soul was sore afraid, Such terror on me fell : Away then went the young man quite,

And bad mé not farewell.

Wherefore unto my body straight,

My spirit return'd again, And lively blood did afterwards

Stretch forth in every vein.

My closed eyes I opened

And raised from my swound, I wonder'd much to see myself

Laid so upon the ground.

Which when my neighbours did behold,

Great fear upon them fell, To whom soon after I did tell,

The news from heaven and hell.




The Wooing in the Wood, being a pleasant new

Song of two Constant Lovers.”

To the tune of—The North Country Lass.

[Black letter, for the Assigns of T. Symcocke.]


HEN Flora she had deckt The fields with flowers fair, My love and I did walk abroad,

To take the pleasant air.

Fair Phoebus brightly shin'd,

And gently warm'd each thing, Where every creature then did seem

To welcome in the Spring.

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